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  1. Have you tried the settings in the description under Fallout 4 Support?
  2. BodyGen doesn't have weight. It'll apply exactly what's in templates.ini. The random range (denoted by a colon), is optional.
  3. That's not how you normally make a preset but if that's how you want to do it, then it's still valid. The values will still be read accordingly. Just use "Edit SetSliders" to set the target weight of the preset.
  4. Experimental NiOverride Helper v3 GDrive link. - Added "Get Morphs" function for listing morphs in the console. - Added "Reset Inventory" toggle. - Inventory swap still occurs on cell NPCs reset sometimes, so I've added some handling for this case. And in the case you might still encounter this, you can just enable "Reset Inventory" and just reset the affected NPCs (using ClearMorphs). - Increased alias array capacity. - Tweaked re-equipping. - Tweaked timings.
  5. You built your clothes with morphs enabled too?
  6. I don't think showracemenu is necessary. They apply to anyone. Anyway, those are just NiOverride function calls I've included that I don't really have any use case for, but perhaps can have a use for other mods. I'll probably make it public once I'm done with the jBS2BG update.
  7. Yeah. And just in case, here's an experimental MCM plugin I've written for SE for resetting NPC morphs: GDrive link, since we still don't have a way of purging morphs in SE. It's experimental, so tell me some issues you might encounter.
  8. You can build their body meshes without morphs enabled. Or you can try not assigning any template on a morph: (I don't know if this works for LE, but it should for SE and FO4) Skyrim.esm|00000007= It would probably work for 3BBB. Try previewing the presets on BodySlide using 3BBB body.
  9. You need to copy "jBS2BG Export NPC List.pas" to the Edit Scripts folder.
  10. Not at all. For starters, have you tried editing the created .ini file in the Data/Config directory? You can set iActChance to 100 and iMinReqDisp to 0 to guarantee an event when two NPCs sleep beside each other. For other settings, you'll have to edit the scripts through GECK. In the script "SOLBVarsScript", under BeginGameMode, set iMaxDetectionDist to 0 to ignore privacy, and iMaxCoupleDist to something higher than 150, so that NPCs would pick other NPCs that are even further from their beds. For MatchFinder, the script name is "SOLBMatchFinderQuestScript".
  11. That's because it has stricter rules, like time and disposition. NPCs won't do it with just anyone and there's also a cooldown, so they won't be doing it consecutively. It wasn't designed to trigger an orgy at every corner you turn, but more like a random encounter kinda thing.
  12. You don't need to start it through Mod Organizer. Just use it like any other application, export the .ini files anywhere you like and move the exported .ini files to the BodyGen directory. Since you're using MO, that would be something like: "Mod Organizer\mods\MyBodyGenFiles\meshes\actors\character\BodyGenData\Skyrim.esm\morphs.ini" "Mod Organizer\mods\MyBodyGenFiles\meshes\actors\character\BodyGenData\Skyrim.esm\templates.ini"
  13. Try adding Skyrim.esm|00000007= in the morphs.ini to prevent affecting the Player. You can delete the .skse co-save file to reset all the morphs. However, I'm not sure if it might cause severe game-breaking problems further in the save. Probably not, but it will definitely reset all skse data to default, e.g. SOS plugins, although it should mostly fix itself. I don't know how much skse plugins store data in that file, but most skse plugins just store their data on a separate file like json or something. So generally, in theory, it should be safe. I might try looking into a script based solution using nioverride functions, but don't hold your breath as I'm still not sure if it'll work.
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