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  1. Updated v1.1.1: Added checkbox "Omit Redundant Sliders" in the templates for excluding sliders with zero values or 100 for inverted.
  2. INIs generated by the tool should work. If it's not working on NPCs, perhaps your body/outfits morphs aren't built properly? And check if you have BodyGen enabled in your nioverride.ini. Also do it in a pre-BodyGen save or just clean your .skse save file. There's a guide at the bottom of the first post of the thread, it's for CBBE, shouldn't be any different with UUNP though aside from where to get the body/outfits.
  3. It's recommended to just use one type of body mesh, however, you're bound to come across mods that supplies another. So just check UUNP only "if the XML preset is for UUNP", and use it accordingly, e.g. A follower mod that uses a UUNP body... The separate setting is made in case you don't want to mess with or change the follower's mesh. Just assign the UUNP preset to that follower only and nobody else. As for me, if a follower mod uses a UUNP mesh, I just replace it with a CBBE one, including the .tri with its nifs edited to point to the .tri in the standalone follower's folder. Of course if the head textures don't match, I replace that too. Uhh, you can. I also just use one templates and one morphs INI file. You don't have to separate anything. I have NPCs from Interesting NPCs, Inconsequential NPCs and various follower mods into one morphs.ini. I'm just using RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp from BodySlide as my BodyGen directory, loaded at the bottom.
  4. I can't speak for SE but the race morphs are working fine for me. Not sure why it won't for you. Make sure you clean your skse save file when testing, 'cause morphs gets baked into the save once applied. And try to disable then enable an NPC from the console when it seems like they didn't get changed to force update them, that happens sometimes. I've yet to hit any limit with the number of morphs, and I'm at around 3000 NPCs.
  5. It seems like it should now work with the latest RaceMenu SE. You sure it's not something else crashing your game? I don't have SSE so I'm not sure about what CBBE BodySlide preset to use for the base. Maybe just try it yourself. Yes, overwrite the settings.json file in the tool's folder with the one in CBBE SE Settings.7z.
  6. You'll most likely get visually different morphs than the ones in the preset. Huh, I can't seem to find anything peculiar in the files. This only happens in RaceMenu SE, I assume? What happens in the game? Does it work or not or does it just crashes? I'm not sure what's causing this. Try renaming the presets to have simpler names, shorter, no spaces, no numbers, maybe?
  7. Updated v1.1.0: Changed calculation for inverted sliders, should result in a more accurate conversion for both CBBE and UUNP. A new base body is required. BodyTypes of Skyrim JSON conversion support. Separate UUNP settings file, tick UUNP checkbox to mark a preset as a UUNP preset. This means you can have both CBBE and UUNP morphs in-game. Enable/Disable sliders from "Edit SetSliders". Selective Fill Empty. Defaults are now applied dynamically instead of baking it into the imported preset on import. Presets needs to be re-imported to be covered by this. File Chooser preferences are now separated by jar location. File Chooser title bar name for saving fixed. Moved the Templates and Morphs generation to a separate thread to prevent unresponsiveness when processing large quantities of entries. Clear generated templates and morphs text area every time a change occurs. "Edit SetSliders" buttons' text colors makes more sense. As of v1.1.0, inverted sliders are calculated differently, so instead of zeroing all sliders, a new neutral preset is required for building the base body, armors and clothing. Use the following presets for building your base bodies and outfits. CBBE: -Zeroed CBBE-.xml UUNP: -Zeroed UUNP-.xml (This is already included in the UnifiedUNPPresets.xml in BodySlide, but just in case...) (Remember to check the UUNP checkbox in jBS2BG if the imported XML preset is for UUNP) Clams of Skyrim: Zeroed Clams of Skyrim + Settings.7z
  8. "All|Female|Race" will be picked over "All|Female". Put it simply, more specific targets will be prioritized: "Master.esm|XXXXXX" > "All|Female|Race" > "All|Female".
  9. By their body mesh files, the ones you build with BodySlide with Morphs enabled(*.nif and *.tri). As long as they use a body mesh with morphs, then they can be morphed.
  10. Mostly NiOverride data. Actually that's the only thing I know that puts stuff into the co-save. Still be careful though, if your Player character have NiO data applied to it, you'll lose that too. Although the cleaner can exclude the PC from being cleared.
  11. I think it does, not sure, assuming their meshes are morphable, which is rarely the case. I don't think there's an exclusion filter as far as I know. Children uses separate races (NordRaceChild, BretonRaceChild...), so maybe you can try using races instead, "All|Female|NordRace", "All|Female|BretonRace"... There's an actual FO4Edit for FO4: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2737/, you should use that instead of renaming TES5Edit. The .txt file should usually go inside your Edit installation folder, in my case TES5Edit is in my Skyrim folder, so the .txt file is created there. Don't know why it's trying to put it in your system32 folder... Don't spawn a new NPC duplicate, for Skyrim, use NetImmerse Override Cleaner instead. It will clear all morphs in your save. For FO4, I'm not sure how a morph is reset. Maybe it can be done with a script mod, but not that I know of. Does FO4 have a co-save file, just like .skse in Skyrim? If it does, maybe you can just delete it, if it doesn't, I dunno, look around the FO4 or LookMenu forums maybe.
  12. The cleaner should clear the .skse co-save file where all NiO related data are stored. You use the cleaner to allow you to apply a different morph to an NPC, because once BodyGen has morphed an NPC you encountered in-game, those morphs are baked into the .skse file, restricting you from reapplying another BodyGen template to it until you clear it. Since you said your outfits seem to morph fine, while your naked body doesn't, this definitely seems to be a naked body mesh problem. If it is anything other than that, both clothed and naked wouldn't even work.
  13. Well, that's certainly odd... The body should morph with any outfits. Have you tried it without The Manipulator? Could be clashing functionalities, otherwise I'm not sure what's up.
  14. Morph data are neither saved with the body or outfits. It is saved with the NPC itself. BodyGen morphs will apply to both naked and clothed, assuming the meshes have their .tri files. I'm not exactly sure how The Manipulator morphs or affects an already morphed NPC. What persists? I don't quite get it. What exactly is the problem? Perhaps provide some screens showing the problem. Edit: I've read your other posts, looks like it's a problem with your naked body mesh. You sure you built it right? Having both .nifs and .tri in the same folder isn't all that actually. Using NifSkope, check if the path of the .tri is correct inside both .nifs.
  15. That's the old version. This one is a rewrite with some improvements. I see. It doesn't account for paths with multiple copies, I'll keep that in mind. The TES5Edit script doesn't work with FO4Edit? I don't have FO4 so I don't know what changed in the FO4 side of things. But assuming that not much has changed in the structure of the records, you could actually try looking into it yourself. Should be as simple as editing a few strings in the .pas script file.