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  1. Have you tried the settings in the description under Fallout 4 Support?
  2. Version 1.1.2


    jBS2BG - BodySlide to BodyGen Converter/Generator This is a rewrite of the original one that can be found here, rewritten in JavaFX to have better layout and functions. Credits to shoka for the original guide and converter. Requires Java 8 installed. If you don't know how to use BodyGen, check out the bottom of the description for a guide. As of v1.1.0, inverted sliders are calculated differently, so instead of zeroing all sliders, a new neutral preset is required for building the base body, armors and clothing. Use the following presets f
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Sexout SleepingNecro Really? Still no Sexout plugin like this? Well, here it is... This plugin requires Lutana NVSE. In my recent play, I've always had trouble with Spunk's Lust's stat-reducing effects during an exploration. This is a way to get rid of that whenever you're far away from civilization. I've written this plugin on a whim but it should already be stable enough for its initial release... I hope. Description: Allows the Player to engage in sex acts with sleeping and dead NPCs. Sleep assault also works on unconscious NPCs. Necrophilia works by temporarily resurrecting
  4. Version 03032016


    NX Insight Description: An MCM mod that allows the user to view associated NX data of the target reference (Player if no reference under crosshair). NX variables to be displayed are defined inside the INI files located in "Data/Config/NXInsight/SubMenuFolder/INIFile.ini". Requires Lutana NVSE plugin to work. Directory Structure: GameDirectory/Data/Config/NXInsight/SubMenuFolder/INIFile.ini - SubMenuFolder (SubMenu, MCM has a 10 submenu limit, so 10 folders are possible) - INI file (contains section names and NX variables to be displayed)
  5. Version 15022016


    T3FBBR BnB Body Replacer + Rough Outfit Conversions A personal project of mine and also my first conversion, so a lot of you might find this conversion pretty substandard. I was able to make a pretty good conversion after testing a lot of lattices so I decided to push through the whole conversion. Description: This is basically exeter's T3F body converted to have bigger breasts using 2pac4eva7's T3BBR body as a lattice with the help of gerra6's Clothing Body Style Converter then tweaked the mesh in Blender. Plus most vanilla and DLC armors and clothing (103 outfit
  6. Version 1.1.6


    Sexout LoversBed Description: As the name implies, it does the same thing as Oblivion's Lovers Bed, except only with NPCs. Allows sex to occur between sleeping NPCs that are on the same bed or close to each other (Distance: 150). NPCs that are sleeping alone have a chance of masturbating. The player needs to be hidden from the NPCs involved for the act to happen. New in 1.1.0: Match Finder (Requires MCM to enable) When enabled, every 8:00pm - 3:30am, an NPC in the current cell will look for a partner and find a bed to engage in sex. Screenshots:
  7. Version 1.0.2


    RaceBodyMorph (NPC BodyMorph Randomizer) (Could use a better name, but meh...) A simple BodyMorph plugin that I originally made for myself causing me to learn scripting in GECK. Description: Allows randomization of NPC body morphs based on minimum and maximum values for each bones that can be set for each race and gender via the MCM. Use Ctrl+M to quickly access the Activation Menu. Requirements: BodyMorph 1.1.0+, of course. NVSE. NVSE Extender (NX). Mod Configuration Menu - Needed to activate and setup the plugin. Weighted b
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