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  1. Big fucking problem. Whenever something is done with the racemenu CBBE bodyslide plugin that fucking happens and i really need to know how to fix it. I Uninstalled everything else execpt bodyslide, cbbe, and racemenu and it still fucking happens reddit was no help and this is just........ dumb. I can see through anything (not just on lydia but on my own character as well) if i dont touch the bodyslide sliders its fine however some of the mods i have on here requierd that and a slight change will cause see through wrists. Sometimes the front of the chestplate would be transparent (yes bare tiddy) and you can see the chestplate through the back (didnt take any screenshots) some wierd twilight zone shit. but anyawy help me please.
  2. Welcome to the thread for my UUNP Bodyslide armor conversions. Here you will find links to everything I've converted so far, and I will continue to update the list as I release more. Please report any issues that may be present, such as clipping, stretching, etc. You are also free to make requests, although I will probably only accept those that I take personal interest in. Many of my conversions come with a custom ESP. This is usually to add crafting/tempering recipes, or to fix errors such as statless equipment or missing models for certain player races. Some of my conversions have heel systems that require NetImmerse Override. If you already use RaceMenu then you don't need to install NiO separately. Part of my conversion process is removing HDTHighHeel dependency and replacing it with NiO. ALL CONVERSIONS REQUIRE ORIGINAL MOD, UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED. My conversions do not contain prebuilt meshes, meaning if you want the new UUNP meshes you must build them in Bodyslide. Always overwrite the original mod with my files, to ensure maximum compatibility. ------------------------------------- Changelog: ------------------------------------- Armor Conversions List: For a folder with all my conversions, click HERE: MEGA | Google Drive Currently in the process of adding preview images to all of the conversions posted.
  3. 3BA Bodyslides for Devious Devices 4.3 AIO. View File Bodyslides for the current Devious Devices SE Beta (4.3) and the 3BBB Amazing body. Requirements: Devious Devices SE Beta 4.3 and all it's requirements. 3BBB Amazing body Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Make sure that you choose the CBBE option for the bodyslides during the Devious Devices installation as only the armour that required updating for the new bones was changed. Instructions: Install with favourite mod manager If you use one preset for your body. 1. In bodyslide batch build the "Devious Devices 4.3 AIO 3BA - ALL" group This also includes the CBBE parts where a conversion was not necessary (boots, armbinder, collars, gloves etc). No other groups should need to be built in bodyslide If you use two presets, one for naked, the other for outfit/pushup, 1. Batch build the naked preset with "Devious Devices 4.3 AIO 3BA - ALL" as above. 2. Change to your outfit preset and batch build "Devious Devices 4.3 AIO 3BA - Outfit (Pushup)" group , overwriting. Todo: Short Term Some items still need converting (the yoke being one). Fix any weight or clipping issues reported (for clipping let me know the model and the preset you are using) Long Term I'm not happy with some of the straight jacket weighting so might redo those. Done in release 1.0.1 Add More Sliders for Feet to the DD shoe and boots items Credits: Kimy and the DD team without who these wouldn't exist. Acro748 for the 3BBB Amazing body Ousnius and Caliente for giving us the tools to be such complete perverts. Pfiffy for all of his conversion work. The SE scene wouldn't be where it is without it. (just don't mention SetVehicleFixPlugin.dll) The LL community. You're all a bunch of wrong-uns and the main reason I'm still playing this damn game. Submitter Grummkol Submitted 02/29/2020 Category Adult Mods Requires Devious Devices SE Beta 4.3 , Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 4.9.1, 3BBB Amazing Body Regular Edition Compatible No  
  4. User ACIES33 has made nice conversions, you can find them HERE You can find other conversions HERE Please also check this thread of KoolHndLuke HERE UPDATE 02 apr 2018 Ok this is not really about CBBE, but... I am working on a beta new version of The Skeleton, compatible with CBBE too. Without going in deep details, it should be the most compatible skeleton: Sexout, CBBE, Nexus mods (with recent Xilandro's diagonal movement), Ragdolls, etc. It *IS NOT* fully compatible with BodyMorph. The reason is I am rewriting BodyMorph entirely from scratch and it'll use different bones. I didn't try it, but I think it still will work for most of the morphs, only some won't work. I also removed compatibility with Malos resizer, to restore the functionality of the IK on the legs. If you want to test it, this is the package: <skeleton removed due to weird random issues reported, need inspection> If you don't like raised / distorted corpses, please install some havok bouncer (i.e. the ragdolls.esp with the Ragdolls mod) UPDATE 18 mar 2018 - Added conversions: Arcade Gannon + Veronica (Druid outfit) + Metal Armor + Metal Armor Mark II + BoS Scribe + 1950 spring outfit - Yet another version of the damn Business Suit... this time it should work! UPDATE 18 feb 2018 - Added conversions: Combat Armor + Mark I + Mark II; Vault Suits (Normal, Dad, Armored, Security, Lab); Boomers - New version of Business Suit - Added the updated ESP that adds all the converted armors when the game starts, under the section named Test - NOTE: I cleaned the double folder of Merc 03, now it's called with the original name again. IMHO, if you already installed a previous port package and you don't want to risk mixing or confuse folders, before installing the new port package go inside ...\SteamApps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data\Tools\BodySlide and delete ShapeData and SliderSets, then extract the new one. Unless you already created something on your own with OS, then be careful and make copies of your work. UPDATE 17 feb 2018 - Corrected 1st person issue, see AppleJam Skeleton, 17 feb 2018 update - Added Lingerie and 3 raiders armors - Corrected CTD caused by Merc Adventure 03. NOTE: I didn't overwrite the broken one, I added a "b" on the end of the good one. So, when you'll generate outfits, you'll see Wastelandblablabla03 and Wastelandblablabla03b: only use the second one. -Description- This is a NV port to let the wonderful CBBE - BodySlide - Outfit Studio (by Caliente and Ousnious) work in Mojave. It's a very alpha, meant for testing. For the very fews that don't know what it is about: > CBBE is a very famous high poly body for Skyrim and FO4. > BodySlide is a program for Windows which allows to customize that body in the way you prefer, then it allows you to use it in game, along with any converted armors and clothes, properly remodeled. > Outfit Studio is the program which allows to take an armor and convert it to work with Bodyslide. Here's a picture that explains pretty well what I mean: The port consists of a bunch of meshes, worked in Blender, and 20+ OS conversions to try in game. It's also rigged to be compatible with BodyMorph, even the lowerbody (which wasn't working previously). Warning This is a body / armor replacer, which means it'll overwrite your body and (some) armors. And let me repeat: it's just an alpha stage, it is neither complete nor precise, it's mainly intended for test. Install > Download and install BS/OS for FO4, ver. 4.4.1+ You can find it here, don't forget to thanks them. Install it with your mod manager, or extract Tools folder under \Fallout New Vegas\Data. > Eventually, you can make a link for the exe on your desktop, to launch it in an easier way. To do that, navigate in its subfolder \Fallout New Vegas\Data\Tools\BodySlide then create the link for BodySlide x64.exe, but still do not launch it. > Download the port package here, install it with the mod manager or manually extract the content as usual. Overwrite when asked. NOTE: every new update package is standalone, you don't need old versions because it already contains them. However I still keep them online. - old version 13 gen 2018 here - old version 17 feb 2018 here - old version 18 feb 2018 here > Last, download and install the skeleton, here, if you still miss it. You will want both the two latest files, extract them and you're good. > Now you are ready to launch BodySlide x64 from the link you made before on the desktop. The first time you launch it, a window will ask which game you want to use and in what folder its installed. Check the path's right and then click Choose Game. > When the BodySlide window will open, click on Settings, on bottom right. Here, you can modify the skeleton with the AppleJam one (skeleton_BoMo) Now you are ready to use BS and create the body you like. Note that the naked body is CBBE Body; ignore CBBE-NV-HH, it's just a body used to make some high heels outfits. When you've finished, you can Batch Build with the button on bottom left, just don't forget to untick the CBBE-NV-HH List of conversions 1950 style casual (prewar outfit) 1950 style spring (prewar outfit) 1950 business style suit Arcade Gannon Benny outfit Cass outfit N° 4 Great Khan outfits Leather armor Metal armor + Mark II Miss Fortune N° 3 prostitute outfits N° 3 wasteland settlers N° 6 wasteland mercs (NOTE: n°3 adventure merc causes CTD no more) Wasteland doctor N° 3 raider armors Lingerie N° 2 Boomers N° 3 Combat Armors: Normal, Mark I & Mark II N° 5 Vault Suits: Normal, Armored, Dad, Security, Lab Veronica outfit Known issues > Some neck seam, a good necklace will help with this > Some hand seam > Bad weight on long skirt in 1950s casual > Some armors lack meat caps for dismembering > Overall quality could be definetely better, actually "it just works" > Do you experience weird textures? see the section at the end of the post Test This is a small script that will add to the player all the armors converted till now, it's the one I use to test them in game. You can download it HERE (update 18 mar 2018). Credits Ousnious and Caliente - everything Junkacc - texture and knee problem KoolHndLuke - conversions and testing Imperfection - testing and patience Z0mBieP00Nani - conversions Perms Armors are vanilla; CBBE / BS is from Caliente and Ousnious, I just ported it, so you won't obtain any perms from me and instead you should ask the original creators. Or you can join and lend a hand to finish the work if you want, we'll be grateful. Weird textures CBBE uses its own UV map, which is different from vanilla, or Type 3/6/Any. So, if you are not using the provided textures, you'll see bad textures in game. On the other hand, there's a nice pro: textures from Skyrim and FO4 could be easily ported. In the example below there are two different textures, both for Type x, when loaded on CBBE body, there are some peculiar things you can easily spot, like pubic texture on belly, or some dark shade on the shoulders, or some blur behind the thighs: How to debug this: > Check Archive Invalidation. If it's active, then unflag it and then toggle it again. REPEAT: CHECK-ARCHIVE-INVALIDATION. > Check if you really installed textures, look at the image I posted under spoiler above, on the third point under Install; double check the files, the sizes, the folders, be sure that you are really using the provided textures. > If both the previous points are OK, then I can only think to some mod changing to a specific custom texture path / file, i.e. some custom races. Unfortunately I can't do much for that, the only thing I could actually think about is providing a ESP to check where the race comes from, I'll attach it to this post (aaaTestRace.esp), just load it on your load order and you'll see two message boxes, like this: Here's the ESP: aaaRaceTest.esp
  5. Haku Wedding Dress Bikini CBBE View File Description: CBBE Haku Wedding Dress Bikini v 1.0.0 ====================== CBBE Bodyslide conversion for Haku Wedding Dress Bikini: Source link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B07woU1epxJMd0VOTnJlN2E3SzQ/view UUNP Bodyslide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qYjrDjGrDVyz8cCMxJTTdiWRRJPU7Zh_/view Changes Made: -Conversion to CBBE Bodyslide -Added Zaps Install/Uninstall: ======================= Install as normal with mod manager or manually Acquistion: ======================= Utilize AdditemMenu and search "IcyHaku" I am unsure who the original creator is of this mesh, but thank you. Submitter NIND (jimmyyu) Submitted 03/07/2020 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 4.9+ ; CBBE; HDT physics Special Edition Compatible  
  6. This is an updated version of this wonderful thread. The OP of that thread has deleted their account, which means the main list can no longer be updated. As a result, many links are dead, and many more outfits have been converted since the last time the OP was updated. In this thread I hope to catalog all SSE CBBE conversions. The last thread was also used as a hub for conversion requests, which I hope to move to this thread as well if there is still demand for that sort of thing. Legend [P] - Physics support, typically breasts / butt [3BBB] - 3BBB support, but that could also be 3BF, CBBE SMP or older 3BBB bodies. [CP] - Cloth physics, any physics other than the body [C]- A collection with multiple armors. Colour variations are not listed with this tag I cannot check every set manually, so many tags may be missing. Let me know if you spot any. If there is more information you would like to see tagged, let me know and I'll consider it. Concerning Google Drive links: these can often be unusable due to the download cap imposed by Google. I am aware of this, and I will try to find alternate options where possible. If you have a better link for a Drive download, please share (with permission of the author). Change log October 27 2020 July 28 2020 July 4 2020 June 3 2020 May 24 2020 May 17 2020 May 14 2020 May 12 2020 May 11 2020 May 10 2020 Converted outfits 9204 DR Alicia [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] 9204 DR Aris [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] Ahrianas cute Armored Down Jackets [P] [Nexus] Alyn Shir Armor [P] [Nexus] The Amazing World of Bikini Armor [P] [C] [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [C] [SunJeong] Amiella Outfit v2 [P] [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [Google Drive] Ancient Nord Chainmail [P] [Nexus] Another Vampire Leather Armor [Nexus] Apachii Divine Elegance Store [P] [C] [Nexus] - BS are available only for version 1.8 Aradia Lingerie Dress [P] [skyrim-beautification-project] - just search for Aradia Lingerie Dress Arshes Nei [P] [Nexus] Ashara Elven Knight [Nexus] Ashara Imperial Outfits [Nexus] Ashara Princess of the Woods [Nexus] Ashara Romantic Outfits [Nexus] Ashlander Apparel [P] [Nexus] Away - Come Away [P] [Nexus] BabyDoll Outfit [LoversLab] BD's Armor and Clothing Replacer [C] [Nexus] BDO Ranger La Medellin [LoversLab] BDOR Hamshin by Team TAL [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] BDOR Mueburus by Team TAL [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] Bewitching Clothes [P] [Nexus] Bikini Ascend [P] [LoversLab] Biscuits Layered Bikinis [P] [Nexus] Black Sacrament Armor [P] [Nexus] Black Talon Armor [LoversLab] Blackened Steel Armour and Weapon set [P] [Nexus] Blades Hakama [Nexus] Bless 0022 [P] [SunJeong] The Book of UUNP [P] [C] [Nexus] Bosmer Ceremonial Armor [Nexus] C5Kev's Epic Black Rose Armor [P] [Patreon] C5Kev's Witch Elf Armor [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] Ceremonial mage armor [CP] [Nexus] - has SMP for clothes, but no breast physics Chain Armor [P] [Nexus] Chain bikini and heels gloves stockings [Nexus] - stockings and gloves have visible clipping Chakaru's 1001 Nights [P] [Nexus] - minor clipping on breasts Chevaleresse II Armor [P] [Nexus] Chevaleresse III Armor [P] [Nexus] CiceReal Placer [P] [Nexus] - Female Cicero replacer with armor included COCO 2B Wedding Outfit [P] [Nexus] COCO Ahegao Tshirt [P] [Nexus] COCO Bikini Collection [P] [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [dcinside] - uses uniboob COCO Bloom Youth [P] [CP] [Nexus] COCO CheongSan [P] [Nexus] COCO KDA AHri [P] [CP] [Nexus] COCO KDA Kaisa [P] [Nexus] COCO LaceBody [P] [Nexus] COCO MiYo Suit [P] [Nexus] COCO MS Shirt [P] [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [dcinside] COCO SINoALICE Snow [P] [CP] [Nexus] Common Clothes [C] [Nexus] Converse shoes [Nexus] Courser X-92 Power Suit [Nexus] - probably not suited for small breasts because even with zeroed sliders it looks more like Bombshell Crazy Magician Glass Robe [P] [Nexus] - has some strange flickering Crimson Twilight Armor [Nexus] / [P] [CP] [Nexus] - has SMP for cloth Crimson Twilight Armor [Nexus] Daedric Bikini [Nexus] - has only butt physics Daedric Chainmail [P] [Nexus] Dark Envoy [P] [Nexus] DCR - King Crusader Mega Pack [Nexus] DDWardrobe - Gothic Prince [P] [LoversLab] DDWardrobe - Ritual Wrappings [P] [LoversLab] Deadly Assassin [P] [Nexus] Dem Dark Passion [P] [LoversLab] DEM v2 Mistress [P] [3BBB] [Arca] Demon Hunter Armor Plus [P] [C] [Nexus] - basically V1+V2+additional color variants Diamond Luxury BabyDoll [P] [Nexus] Diana Vampyre's Fancy Dress [P] [C] [Nexus] Divine Crusader [Nexus] Dizzy Set Bunny Suit [Nexus] DM BDOR Caroxya by Team TAL [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] DM BDOR Vedirdate by Team TAL [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] Draconic Bloodline [C] [Nexus] - the skirt has some weird stretching when you crouch Dragon Lilly [P] [Nexus] Dragonbone Barbarian [P] [Nexus] DragonPlate Brazen [P] [Nexus] Dress short [CP] [Nexus] Drow Ranger Armor [P] [CP] [Nexus] / [P] [CP] [3BBB] [Arca] - you can only pick 1 color variant in FOMOD DX Black Widow Outfit [P] [Nexus] DX Celes Rogue Armor [P] [Nexus] DX Celes Tarot Outfit (Witch of the Black Rose) [P] [Nexus] DX Crimson Blood Armor [P] [Nexus] DX Emporium [P] [3BBB] [C] [Nexus] DX Gwelda Red Riding Hood Outfit [P] [Nexus] Dyeable Stockings [Nexus] Ebokini [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [Arca] Ebonscale [P] [Nexus] - Ebonscale - mail is bugged, use the armor. 3BBB download is missing Ebony Battle Armor N Weapons [P] [3BBB] [Nexus] Eilhart Dress [P] [Nexus] Eisen Platte Armor [Nexus] / [Nexus] - by docteure / [Nexus] - color replacers Elven Witch Outfit [P] [CP] [Nexus] Elvenia [P] [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [Nexus] Emperors Wardrobe, The [P] [Nexus] ESO Altmer Armour [Nexus] / [P] [CP] [3BBB] [Arca] - CP is a bit weird though Extended Witch Dress [P] [Nexus] Fall From Grace [P] [CP] [Nexus] Fashion Clothes [P] [C] [Nexus] Fate Scathach [P] [LoversLab] Female Vampiric Knight [Nexus] Fiona Armor [P] [3BBB] [Nexus] Greek tunic [P] [CP] [Nexus] GRIM Bowsette [P] [Nexus] GRIM Bowsette Bodysuit [P] [Nexus] GRIM Elven Medium MK1 [P] [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] GRIM Vampirella [P] [Nexus] GRIM Wednesday Addams [P] [Nexus] H2135's Pirate Series2 [P] [CP] [3BBB] [Patreon] - Coloured variants require patreon access Hentai China dress and Hana Dress [P] [Nexus] High polygon armor replacer [C] [Nexus] Highheels Dress outfits [P] [C] [Nexus] / [P] [C] [3BBB] [Google Drive] Horus [P] [Nexus] Hunting Grounds Outfit [P] [Nexus] Immersive Armors [C] [Nexus] Immersive Nature style Light Armor [Nexus] - doesn't work with SMP - CTD Imperial Investigator [Nexus] Inner Wear Set [C] [Nexus] Inpou [P] [Nexus] JinhuaCat Outfit [P] [CP] [Nexus] Justice Glass Armor [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [Nexus] Justice Scaled Horn Armor [Nexus] Justice Stalhrim Armor [Nexus] Kaer Morhen [Nexus] Katarina Armor and Weapon [P] [Nexus] Keo's Skimpy Outfit Replacer [Nexus] Keos Armor - Forsworn + Leather [P] [C] [3BBB] [LoversLab] Kitten [P] [Nexus] Kozakowy's 1660 Gown [Nexus] Kozakowy's Black Corset Dress [Nexus] Kozakowy's Steampunk Outfit [Nexus] KURESE Gloria [P] [Nexus] Lady Jasmine [P] [3BBB] [Nexus] Leather Clothes [P] [Nexus] Leere Armor [Nexus] Legendary Armor - Bikini [P] [Nexus] Legendary Armors by DeserterX [P] [Nexus] Les Sucettes Outfit [P] [Nexus] Lich King armor [LoversLab] Light and heavy shiny Catsuits [P] [Nexus] Light Blades Armor [Nexus] Light Elven Armor [P] [Nexus] The Lily - Armour Mashup [Nexus] Lind's marksman garb, alchemist and spellslinger outfits [Mega] Lingerie Set [P] [3BBB] [Nexus] Lolita Dress [P] [LoversLab] Lustmord Vampire Armor [P] [Nexus] Luxury Collection [P] [C] [LoversLab] / [P] [3BBB] [C] [LoversLab] Mage Dress [P] [Nexus] Mage Robes [P] [C] Nexus] Mandu [Nexus] Mara's Thief Armor [P] [Nexus] Marvelous Attire - 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skirt uses feet slot NewMiller Strange Piercings [P] [C] [3BBB] [dcinside] Newmiller's Succubus Bikini [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] Newmiller strange dress [CP] [Nexus] Nezzar's Ult Lingerie Collection [P] [C] [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [C] [Nexus] Night Gowns [P] [SunJeong] Nightshade Armor [P] [Nexus] Ninirim Collection 6.0 [P] [CP] [C] [SunJeong] / [P] [CP] [3BBB] [C] [LoversLab] - only some have CP Ninirim Sister Outfit [P] [CP] [3BBB] [LoversLab] - also included in the ninirim collection NM Fancy Tartan [P] [Nexus] NM Succubus Bikini [P] [Nexus] Nightshade Bodysuit [Nexus] Noblesse Oblige and Noble Dress [Nexus] Nordic Crusader Armour [Nexus] Nova Bodysuit [Nexus] Nsut Mei Dress [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] Ocean's Allure [P] [Nexus] Oracle knight Armor [Nexus] / [3BBB] [Arca] Osare DressArmour [P] [Nexus] Osare GothicLolita [P] [Nexus] / [P] [CP] [3BBB] [youtube] Osare Knee Socks 2nd [Nexus] Osare Maid Outfit [Nexus] Osare OnePiece [Nexus] / [P] [Nexus] - physics version available on request Osare Panties [Nexus] Osare SchoolUniform [Nexus] Ov Assassin Armor [P] [Nexus] Pampas Set [P] [C] [Nexus] / [P] [C] [3BBB] [Google Drive] Peacekeeper Armour [P] [Nexus] - only butt physics PeroPero Armor Pack [P] [LoversLab] Project Vindictus Vol.1, Remastered [P] [C] [LoversLab] / [P] [3BBB] [C] [LoversLab] Pyro Mage Armor [Nexus] R18PN Romaje Armor [Nexus] Ranger Armor [P] [Nexus] / [P] [3BBB] [Nexus] Raven's Luxurious Seduction Mashup [P] [Nexus] / [P] [3BA] [Arca] Red Sonja Armor [P] [Nexus] - BS files don't seem to be working Ranger Armor [P] [Nexus] Redtox's Black Vipers Will [P] [Nexus] Remodeled Armor [C] [Nexus] Remodeled Daedric Armor [P] [Nexus] RGB LED Outfit [P] [Nexus] Ritter Armor [Nexus] Rogue Armour HD [Nexus] Rogue Sorceress Outfit [P] [CP] [3BBB] [Nexus] RT Bikinis [P] [C] [3BBB] [Nexus] Ryder's Dragonfly Robes [Nexus] SC - Halamshiral Ballgown [Nexus] Scarlet Dawn Armor [P] [Nexus] Schwertleite Armor [Nexus] Scouter Corset [P] [Nexus] Selene Outfit Set [P] [Nexus] Seraphine Outfit [P] [3BBB] [Nexus] Shanoa Armor [Nexus] Simply Clothes [P] [Nexus] Skin-Tight Dragon Wear [P] [Nexus] Slave Leia Renewal [Nexus] Sleek Steel Replacer [Nexus] Slooty Vault Jumpsuit [P] [Nexus] Sovereign's Slayer Armor [P] [Nexus] Sovngarde Steel Armor [LoversLab] Spice Gear Collection [Nexus] Succubus Outfit [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] SunJeong's Kimono [P] [3BBB] [LoversLab] Sylvanas Queen of the Forsaken Armor [P] [Nexus] Tera Armors Collection [P] [C] [Nexus] Tera Rogue Armor [P] [Nexus] Tera Succubus Armor [P] [LoversLab] Thalmor Viceroy Inquisitor [P] [Nexus] Tinker Goth [P] [C] [Nexus] Treasure Hunter's Garb - Light Armor Mashup [Nexus] Triss' Dress [P] [Nexus] Truly Light Elven Armour [Nexus] / [P] [3BA] [Nexus] Truly Light Glass Armour [Nexus] Tsuntsun Armor [Google Drive] Tyris Flair Armor [P] [LoversLab] Undies [P] [Nexus] / [P] [3BA] [Nexus] Vampire Dark Knight [P] [Nexus] Vampire hunter chain cuirass [Nexus] / [P] [Nexus] Vampire Hunter Outfit [LoversLab] Vampire Leather Armor [Nexus] Var Attre Armor [Nexus] Veil of Death [P] [C] [3BBB] [Nexus] Velvet Robes and Cloaks [Nexus] Volkihar Knight [Nexus] Warhammer Sorceress Robes [Nexus] Wayfarer's Coat [P] [Nexus] - requires manual edit in xml file to make it work in bodyslide Weird dress5 [Nexus] Witch of the Wild [Nexus] The Witcher 3 Female Armours [P] [C] [Nexus] XN String Bikini [Patreon] Zekamasi Cosplay [P] [Nexus] zzjay's Wardrobe [C] [Nexus] Conversion requests The previous thread had a large number of requests posted in the comments. If people still have requests, I would like to gather those in this section in order to provide an overview of what still needs to be done. If you have any requests, post them below! SexyBikiniTop [kp4068] - [Request] Temptress of Flame [Nexus] - [Request] Dementia Outfit [Mega] - [Request] Lei Fang and Christie [Nexus] - [Request] Tentacle Parasite [Nexus] - [Request] Akali's Garb [LoversLab] LoL Syndra [LoversLab] MSE Cowgirl [LoversLab] BDO Ranger New Cloth [SkyrimModsHighlights] - [Request] Sexy Ninja Armor [LoversLab]- [Request] Distiguished Rogue [Nexus] - [Request] PeroPero Mage Robes Replacer [Gomapeopero] - [Request] 55accessory 10 Piercings 2Earings [LoversLab] - [Request] HDT Piercing Sets [LoversLab] - [Request] PeroPero Vanilla Outfit Replacer [Gomapeopero] - [Request] MBO armors [Mediafire] - [Request] Ves (Witcher 2) Outfits [Nexus] - [Request] Aradia Leather Harness [Nexus] - [Request] Flawn's Argonian feet [LoversLab] - [Request] Blade and Soul armor collection [LoversLab] - [Request] BD Leather Robe [Skyrim Mods Highlights] - [Request] Aradia Gold Lady [LoversLab] - [Request] NiuNiu [LoversLab] - [Request] DragonSong [LoversLab] - [Request] Ryeonggi Armor [Request] - Download location unclear, see request Sexy Cloth [Nexus] - [Request] Zhaetheria Legend [LoversLab] - [Request] MHW Odogaron Outfit Xing [Patreon] - [Request] Autumn heels and stockings [RPG Russia] - [Request] DeNile Dress [Request] - Mediadire link is dead, see the request Pure Elegance Outfit [LoversLab] - [Request] Spring Slingshot Bikinis [LoversLab] - [Request] Bondage Straps [LoversLab] - [Request] a little sexy apparel replacer [Nexus] - [Request] Zerofrost Valkyrie Armor [Nexus] - [Request] Party Monster [Patreon] - [Request] Black Talon Armor [LoversLab] - [Request] Curse of the Hound [Nexus] - [Request] BHUNP 3BBB ANALHOOK [Babofactory] - [Request]
  7. Arsenic Slave Outfit CBBE LE View File Description: ====================== This is a standalone HDT CBBE rendition of the original mod by Cbbeigloo. Textures and were provided by Arsenic, while the mesh was converted from the original. A functionally nude outfit that leaves room for equipment on the upper body, head, legs and arms. Changes include: Conversion to CBBE Zappable Collar, plugs and Labia Chain Oily Body options added Requirements: ===================== Calientes CBBE body mod installed and running in your game with compatible textures BODYSLIDE/OUTFIT STUDIO HDT CBBE w/Compatible Textures Installation: ====================== Install Either Through Nexus Mod Manager or Normal Extraction Usage: ====================== BUILD ARMOR IN BODYSLIDE FIRST USE ADD ITEM MENU SEARCHING "Arsenic Slave" Complementary Tail GIF: Submitter NIND (jimmyyu) Submitted 02/04/2020 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 4.9+ ; CBBE; HDT physics Special Edition Compatible No  
  8. first, this all mods not have agreed permission so any original modder not want post, then send message to me. and my first language not english.. sorry All mods modified personally (add construct obj, mesh edit, add Gnd.nif, remove parts, texture edit ...) 1. SLBikini UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!nBgwlChZ!HTBe0jFnhzi2Ipaw0fLVYFVvJuiKoKxpm69Jqxd_FRs 2. SPB Ero Heart Bunny UUNP HDT + Bodyslide [patch] https://mega.nz/#!rNhk0B4T!obAWCCKAfMnV4Eye4Cut2I1qp_sXvPpBpvAu2lmFb2c required NIOverride highheels.! 3. ZZStuff Swinsuit UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!bQpHlBQC!UfaG_62LFZ3ibzMuzFnzwxAh59pvpF0sxCt38bjJMJg 4. FF12Fran UUNP HDT + Bodyslide [patch] https://mega.nz/#!nBhGVDDD!OboWlPkwA7_luzo-ro3PTT4vW2NEvHVVcgDUAYKnHf4 required NIOverride highheels.! 5. Sexy One-piece UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!jFp3FYpZ!SOr9olbrIWW1mk5uhYMv54Tba-kiez9_b1PB5Jed6Ao 6. Light Mage Outfit UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!TRI1HLqQ!5fDE0eGA5DcIqRRUc_kXnGnf6ts7V2_ffEY8UAfobuI 7. Ranger's Berne Armor UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!yBJRGZbS!rIu6FHKyiexviW7sUPtdt22acINoev2xfihuzq0dvik required NIOverride highheels.! 8. Tera Monokini UUNP HDT + Bodyslide [patch] https://mega.nz/#!HAhWxJxa!Uoy22z_4zXEsKwwYAdAH0qpydC52bq2D9BEAMo38KyY 9. Hot Panzer UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!OQYGDbyb!CwN-LbcGO3eLZ0TAhkjU2XP2-mYyRPLbuiMxzAX1CH0 10. Ebony Butterfly Armor UUNP HDT + Bodyslide (mashup) [patch] required NIOverride highheels.! https://mega.nz/#!mQ5TzbpZ!AYV-pyI45OXdPcCzSIK0vKz3DbQ8HRgRXpyv-6d_Xe8 11. StoneHeart Outfit UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!SAYGhQoZ!dobW--hTHm6rYsH733dVsLi0XiBDmHGRHjP988PiJCE required NIOverride highheels.! 12. Ranger's Kyrill Armor UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!TZJDESDZ!7sd12jyr-L2v0fboYqK6lgS-5KRs_9uVM2XYueZAGNU (Original Texture) https://mega.nz/#!qAAmzaoI!I6zr6if6QgohhajLjEABkfsrP4RThxF-iiJ9pl2WL6g (Black Retec) required NIOverride highheels.! 13. Katarina Armor - UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!KIZ1gDQZ!Izcwp1xPSGkHeZlO1QEAFlY0o-aoL5N5wgCSQK4SweU 14. Ebon Shroud Alternative - UUNP HDT + Bodyslide [patch] https://mega.nz/#!XJJG2QTA!I5TV-xGL2AYru1llkglLFIy0kYJwVx3N8kiOqhoKJpY required NIOverride highheels, HeelsSound..! 15. S-Outfit, ErobunnyHeart, EbonyButterfly HeelsSound Patch https://mega.nz/#!PZBWHKaD!cxZ4UToWcqEk4DUQ9TcP7Q7RdlqLUTFOJ7mL7GGNsQE only esp files. required HeelsSound..! 16. BladeNSoul GZRY - UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!zBogwboK!Ia-sG9QqM-y2vAIxpy8I3-jxDqUlfJ2LsGveYo4ncFo required Bodyslide 3.1+ (not include stocking[slavetats], heels[ebonybutterfly heels] ) 17. Charming High Heels Extreme - UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!LNI1XKLa!wdfFSS-OqR2C7x-O3M9YglknrsOEF9yV3gJAcITSLRU required Bodyslide 3.1+, HeelsSound, NIOverride highheels (only include light armor type) 18. Lichking Armor - UUNP HDT + Bodyslide https://mega.nz/#!iBJR2ToY!mMmFVH3LFd6WGYK26XRJy7mqVcI4FuKJev7CuUj-gyQ required Bodyslide 3.1+ (1parts armor/Heavy armor) 19. Aradia Secretary - UUNP HDT + Bodyslide [update] https://mega.nz/#!mJ5iUZaK!5JJXrFinxFxm5zG5tp3jQhiEash2KIlkDGWhUKNhK1Y required Bodyslide 3.1+, HeelsSound, NIOverride highheels 20. Kibelius Outfit - UUNP HDT + Bodyslide [update] https://mega.nz/#!3cJDCapT!jSY6TDP8tOI7hccVuo-lMnDAhxtffkZMAnlbUxxDt3I required Bodyslide 3.1+, HeelsSound, NIOverride highheels thx
  9. All-In-One HDT SMP 3BBB Skyrim Setup View File All-In-One HDT SMP 3BBB Skyrim Setup Download Links Skyrim LE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fru0JWuMIzyTQx0YGr6Sh3XcZrAFotqA/view Skyrim SE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SEydbBFpsztglCRuW2MswkrcZhY1aSJm/view CBBE SMP Ground Collisions Skyrim 2020-11-13 01-01-00.mp4 UUNP SMP Ground Collisions Skyrim 2020-11-16 03-30-43.mp4 Description: This mod will install HDT Skinned Mesh Physics (SMP) for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (SLE) and will Install an new SMP 3BBB female body, both UUNP and CBBE, for both the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (SLE) and Special Edition (SSE). This mod comes with all the binaries for Skyrim Legendary Edition for SMP to just work and be compatible with HDT-PE. This mod will also include all the xml files for the SMP to work in both SLE and SSE, all the meshes and textures for both versions of Skyrim with UUNP and CBBE, all the necessary Bodyslide files, the Schlongs of Skyrim compatibility patch, and addons such as creature SOS SMP support, floppy SOS (SLE only), HDT weapon slings (SLE only), and SMP Tongues (both SLE and SSE). Physics Support: Breast Butt Thighs Calves Belly Vagina Anus Collision Support: Breast Butt Hands Feet Head Belly Ground Vagina Anus Featured Bodies: UUNPVagina1(COAN) CBBE Maximum SMP Requirements: Skyrim LE: XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE BodySlide and Outfit Studio Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS NetImmerse Override Skyrim SE: HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics) XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE BodySlide and Outfit Studio Schlongs Of Skyrim SE Texture Blend: Texture blending folders, TextBlendUUNP and TextBlendCBBE, the innards are located in the "CalienteTools" folder in you Skyrim Data folder. You need to have Photoshop and all it's necessary plugins for the texture blend: Recommended Mods: Skyrim LE: (SKSE) Havok Fix Skyrim SE: (SKSE64) Havok Fix Demo: Other alternatives for Skyrim Special Edition if these body mods don't work: CBBE 3BBB BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE Credits: All rights reserved to Bethesda Studios for making the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim hydrogensaysHDT - for creating HDT physics into Skyrim Team XPMSE - for the skeletons and animations fore - FNIS Ousnius and Caliente - for Bodyslide and Outfitstudio Vector Plexus - for SOS Submitter DKnight13 Submitted 11/15/2020 Category Models & Textures Requires XMPSE, Bodyslide and Outfitstudio, Add-Item Menu Special Edition Compatible Yes  
  10. View File Clams of Skyrim (COSIO) Devious Devices BodySlide Files This is a conversion of the Devious Devices Assets and Expansion bodyslide files to support Clams of Skyrim (COSIO) body with HDT. This is NOT a mod and does not include any plugins. This is simply a set of Bodyslide files to provide compatibility between Devious Devices and Clams of Skyirm. (If you do not have or do not know what Clams of Skyrim is - you do not need this, bodyslide files for CBBE are already included in Device Devices downloads.) OUTFITS INCLUDED: Devious Devices Assets: Devious Devices Expansion: Note: Nearly all outfits were converted, some notables that have not been converted include the hobbleskirts and full body rubber gimp suits. I have not yet had these converted - the complexity of the skirts with the CosioHD weights is challenging. The gimp suits are not 1:1 sized with a standard reference body and more work will be needed here. If you have a CosioHD conversion of either, please let me know and I will include it here. REQUIREMENTS: (all below, and their requirements) Bodyslide & Outfit Studio Clams of Skyrim Devious Devices - Assets (AND/OR) Devious Devices - Expansion INSTALL: Simply download and install in your Data folder manually, or with your favorite mod manager USE: The files do not replace the original DD bodyslide files. Instead they add new bodyslide projects. As not all outfits were replaced (see above note), it is recommended to first slide all outfits using a CBBE preset, or your CosioHD preset - THEN slide these files, replacing the CBBE files. All CosioHD files are prefixed with 'CosioHD DDA - ' or 'CosioHD DDX - ', depending on which pack you have installed. It is OK to install both packs simultaneously, but I have separated them for users who only use one or the other. ISSUES: I have tested most meshes in game (but not all). If you encounter any issues, please let me know in the comments! CREDITS: The original assets belong to the original authors. Please support their work! Submitter AWP3RATOR Submitted 08/16/2019 Category BodySlide Requires Clams of Skyrim (COSIO), Devious Devices - Assets and/or Expansion Special Edition Compatible Not Applicable
  11. Hello! Posting most of my conversions in 1 thread. Easier to keep track of and to update. Changed most of my conversions to Mediafire links for now. Might add megaupload in the future. Recommended to use AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer When you got to many Armor/clothing Esp's. You can easily Merge them with Merge Plugins ALL OUTFITS ARE CBBE HDT and are for BODYSLIDE. Dont forget that you need to build everything in Bodyslide first. Or they wont show up ingame Alexia CatGarter BDO UnderWear N E W ! ! ! BisPackage Budoka Goddess! Chain Metal Outfit Chinese New Year'2017 Crazy Belle III Dem Collection DOA StringBikini Dragon Priestess Elewin Pumps 2 - High Heels and Stockings Ero Heart Bunny FantasyKini ForestNymph GomaPeroPero Egypt Set GomaPeroPero MiniBikini Set Top and bottom Split U P D A T E D ! Gymnastic Leotard Heroes Regina Honoka Secret Heart ssr Hot Summer KM Bikini Set Kuwa Pantyhose Collection Les Sucettes LH Jewelry Collection Light Mage Outfit Fixed the weights Lust Control Device! LydHeels & Stockings Maid Outfit! Momiji Overalls Nieth Outfit Nise ChiChi Bikini Nyotengy Gust Mashup Pantiesv2 Collection Piggy Outfit Red Roses Outfit SFM (SlimFitMonokini) SLBikini StarFishBikini Summer '16 Superhero Monokini Tifa FF7 Clothes UNPB S - Bikini (CBBE) XN_Sagittarius N E W ! ! ! XN_StringBikini XN_Swimsuit ZZSwimsuits Give me a shout if you find anything wrong with the files or if you find major clipping. Right now im not taking Requests. But if i find something i like. I might convert it. Thanks for checking in and DOWNLOADING
  12. View File Dint999's BDOR Dahlia of the Night SMP SE 3BA This is my first thread on website written by english, so i'm not good at english at all. So apologize for my poor english. This is converting Dint999's Dahlia of the Night from LE to SE and hdt-pe to hdt-smp. This file's body is CBBE and provide 3BBB amazing body. Also, CBBE Uniboob patch applied. Change Log 1.2 Reduce the omg LED 1.1 Fix the 1st Person Arm(Special Thanks to Acro748) Requirement CBBE 3BBB Advanced(3BA; if you want to use 3BBB bodyslide, latest is best) Bodyslide HDT-SMP CBPC Physics Credit BDO Sorceress Dahlia of the Night by Dint999 Submitter em486 Submitted 02/15/2020 Category Regular Mods Requires CBBE, CBBE 3BA, SMP, CBPC, Bodyslide Regular Edition Compatible No  
  13. Greetings citizens of the FO4 Modding Community! Welcome to the Unofficial Fusion Girl 1.75 (and up) Armor and Clothing Conversion Thread! Up until now I have mostly been a Skyrim lewd modding junkie with only limited exposure to Fallout 4 modding. This all changed when I happened to cum across some excellent AAF animations that showed me how amazing Fusion Girl and BodyTalk are! I have reinstalled Fallout 4 and I have committed my undying devotion to Fusion Girl going forward. So without further ado.... First off, a huge thanks and Kudos to the Fusion Girl/BodyTalk/ZeX team for doing the enormously gracious and at times seemingly thankless job of making our waifus and thicc bois beautiful and bouncy! I am sure I speak for most of the community when I say Thanks for everything you do! Team ZeX: ZaZ (Yes...THAT ZaZ) SynthOverBoss (TBOS) Takosako (for the bouncies) Leito86 Vioxsis Trophihunter TyperTM Also- Dagobaking (and the rest of the AAF team!) MrTroubleMaker (for the fine-tuned bouncies and collisions) Apart (modder and conversion extraordinaire) Boceifus (a Coversion Machine!) ...and anyone else I may have missed! Base Requirements for Fusion Girl (You'll need these as well as their dependencies to get started...obviously) Adult Animation Framework ZaZ Extended Skeleton OCBP (Physics) or OCBPC (Physics+Collisions) MTM Physics Presets You should also install BodyTalk3 (because Thicc Bois) I Recommend joining the Fusion Girl Discord Channel With those out of the way Here is a list of currently converted and Fusion Girl original outfits. Keep in mind that not all of these come with the required textures and plugins! In some (or most) cases you will need to download an original mod in addition to the conversion. Read the conversion's description for the details! KEY - Links to Converted Outfit Links to Original Outfit's Author Page (DO NOT BOTHER THIS PERSON ABOUT ANYTHING) Link to Conversion Author's Page Fusion Girl Original Outfit (These are not conversions but originals made for Fusion Girl) Lazman's Female Outfit Replacer - Fusion Girl 1.75 Bodyslide WIP - LoversLab - Conversion by Bazinga Devious Devices 1.0.0 by Kimy - LoversLab - Conversion by Boceifus Shade Assault Armor IV by Whiteshades - NexusMods - Conversion by Boceifus Armored Leotard by Apalmemnom - NexusMods - Conversion by Boceifus Eli Rogue and Steampunk Gunslinger by Elianora - NexusMods - Conversion by Boceifus Cyberpunk Suit by Newermind43 - NexusMods - Conversion by Apart Slooty Vaultsuit by Dixipig - NexusMods - Conversion by Boceifus Retro Swimsuits by Perraine - Nexusmods - Conversion by Cicada3301 Fortaleza by Ralfetas - NexusMods - Conversion by Boceifus WAP - Fusion Girl by TheBottomhoodofSteel - NexusMods - Fusion Girl Original TRS Outfits by HN66S - NexusMods - Conversion by Karna5 Slooty Vault Jumpsuit by Dixipig - NexusMods - Conversion by Nucleic1 Kerrigan Bodysuit by Guffeh - Nexusmods - Conversion by Nucleic1 Cheshire Thee Stallion by Nomadwarmachine - NexusMods - Conversion by Djxavier13 Smashing She-Hulk Leotard by KKY - NexusMods - Conversion by Nucleic1 VTAW Widowmaker by Vtaw - NexusMods - Conversion by Nucleic1 CROSS Vertibird Flightsuit by Niero - NexusMods - Conversion by Apart Tactical Combat Swimwear by Chefs Camp Team - NexusMods - Conversion by TBOS Pink Princess - by ThisMalkavian - NexusMods - Conversion by Fishman1121 Defy by Newermind43 - NexusMods - Conversion by Fishman1121 Fenrir Handler by Vermillion - NexusMods - Conversion by Fishman1121 Sarah's Rage Armor by Jmenaru - NexusMods - Conversion by Fishman1121 CCO Silver Shroud Replacer by GrafPanzer - Google Drive - Conversion by PurpleSnowMan Lordescobar's Moddable Piercings by Lordescobar666 - LoversLab - Conversion by Bazinga Radiation Queen Edition NX2C Sloot Suit by Chic Geek - NexusMods - Conversion by Fireapple Butterfly HighHeels by Icestormng - NexusMods - Conversion by Nebuchadnezzer92 Heavy Metal Boots by Icestormng - NexusMods - Conversion by Nebuchadnezzer92 Heavy Sandals by Icestormng - NexusMods - Conversion by Nebuchadnezzer92 COCO Lace Body by COCO - Daymarr - and SynthOverBoss - NexusMods - Ported by SynthOverBoss COCO Bikini Collection by COCO - Daymarr - and SynthOverBoss - NexusMods - Ported by SynthOverBoss COCO KDA Kaisa by COCO - Daymarr - and SynthOverBoss - NexusMods - Ported by SynthOverBoss COCO 2B Wedding Outfit by COCO - Daymarr - and SynthOverBoss - NexusMods - Ported by SynthOverBoss TERA Cheongsam by TheBottomhoodofSteel - NexusMods - Ported by TBOS Ghann's Revealing Fusion Girl Outfits by Ghaan - NexusMods - Fusion Girl Original Unzipped Vault Suit by Spacepoptart -NexusMods - Conversion by Boceifus Vajazzle by Blutoblutarsky - NexusMods - Fusion Girl Original Unzipped Vault Suit Replacer by Spacepoptart -NexusMods - Conversion by Fireapple Radiation Queen Baggy Tank-Tops Redux by Jmenaru - NexusMods - Conversion by Fireapple Pampas Set by Ralfetas - NexusMods - Conversion by Boceifus If there are any conversions that I have missed, please post them here and I will add to the master list!
  14. SOS- Addon - Horse Penis Redux SSE View File SOS- Addon - Horse Penis Redux SSE DESCRIPTION: Horse Penis SOS SSE Addon for CBBE SE. Azazellz made the support for SOS male bodies and a Version of the Mod for UUNP Legendary Skyrim. Textures looks best with: Fair Skin with goose bumps specular option. Female Dragonic Argonian Textures for argonians. Better Khajiit female body Textures for khajiits. Hairless male SOS textures. REQUIREMENTS: Schlongs of Skyrim SE BodySlide and Outfit Studio (Use your body shape presets to get the best result ingame) XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (Highly recommend to install the racemenu Plugin to change size, thickness and length) Submitter EvilReFlex Submitted 07/29/2019 Category Adult Mods Requires Regular Edition Compatible No  
  15. DRX 3BA Inverted Nipples Bodyslide Preset, body+morphs+3BBBCollisionOutfitMorphs - - ABBA Compatible View File Wont even try to make this post fancy . . . too damn old for that. Veteran Modder and indie game dev but first time LL posting (i haunted Nexus back long ago before my health took an complicated turn). UPDATE: Added bodyslide preview images to post and will point out that higher breast weights (full of milk etc) will make nipples protrude more and earlier without arousal. SLIF can be used to even things out (i tend to use the average calculation method). UPDATE: V1-5 preset now functions in concert with a racemenu preset (this ensures full function of the "flowering" of the nipples during SLA/ABBA morphs)outfits will now have to be built separate to the inverted nipple body otherwise outfits will pinch in and invert as wellload my mod (whichever version you want)build my V1-5 preset FOR YOUR BODY AND ANY PIERCINGS FROM DCL/CD/ETC ONLY in body slide thenBuild your outfit list with my v1-5 Clothing presetenter the game and open racemenuload my racemenu preset (InvertedV1-5) in racemenuABBA may still need some tweaking MY ABBA SETTINGS Nipplesize = -1.60 NippleLength = .30 AreolaSize = .80 NipplePerkManga = 0.00 NipplePerkiness = 1.50 NippleManga = .50 Use SLIF incremental for smooth transitions NOT ABBA INCREMENTAL (i do not use abba incremental and therefor will not provide support in that case) Decided on a whim to pop out of retirement from modding to whip up something i noticed the community hasn't made yet. Inverted nipples bodyslide preset for 3BBB/3BA bodies. Inverted nipples are absolutely gorgeous and stunning in almost every way and I have wanted to put them into skyrim for quite some time. thanks to the latest CBBE, CBBE SMP, CBBE 3BBB/3BA, and ABBA it is now 100% possible to include these wonderful nipples along with some spicy "flowering" of them when aroused! (the next to the last image show (via noclip) that the nipples are indeed inverted and it is not a trick of the texture) Enjoy and remember that just because you are a bit atypical doesn't mean there are not those out there that appreciate your natural and unique beauty. The nipples are pretty close to natural (Racemenu CBBE morph tweaks might be needed per individual taste) when not aroused which means they are sunken in, twisted upward (downward makes for weird transitions during active morphs) and towards the back, and the surrounding tissue is compressed inward like an aperture. As arousal increases the nipples (if set to similar or same ABBA settings as mine or to suit your own inverted settings) will twist outward and down some, the nipple will swell, the nipple perkiness will increase, which will finally result in a *mostly* revealed nipple protruding a bit with a nod towards the sky and thanks to NippleManga in ABBA the nipple will retain an atypical and beautiful contour common to *some* inverted nipple owners. requires: CBBE CBBE SMP CBBE 3BBB/3BA 3BA compatible skin (i use The Pure) ABBA Sexlab+Sexlab Aroused/Redux and all of the above's requirements obviously make sure my mod overwrites any body mods. as is it will replace all (or most) vanilla NPCs bodies, if you want player only you will need to use exclusive mod or (as i do) a custom race mod (i use succubus mod myself, if anyone wants my racemenu preset i will happily post it as well you just need to request it) and replace the custom race body with mine (or repack my mod to overwrite your custom race body folders using MO2's virtual folder system). should work with any physics settings so long as its 3ba/3bbb. Install with MO2 or i suppose Vortex would work. The AIO includes: bodyslide preset prebuilt body with tri morph file (overwrite folder structure) prebuilt 3BBB outfit Collision morph files (overwrite folder structure) (with overwrite folder structure you may need to move them to replace your own body files) i included a *ALL NPC* replacer setup as well which should add the preset file for bodyslide and convert all NPCs and Player to my body DRX Inverted Nipples V1 Body-morphs-3BBBCollisionOutfitMorphs Preset included Last is just the preset alone. yes i know the internal folder is oddly named (collision files are called SMP because i havent slept for freaking forever, same for the other mismatch names between archive and internal root folder). HIGHLY recommend using with a milk production mod (milk maid, hentai pregnancy, egg factory, etc). works amazing with Wet Effects and decent with *some* Devious piercings, YPS seems to work great though slavetat/racemenu piercing might be a bit warped depending on settings. This is Version 1 of this and provided that we get more excellent updates on the required mods i will do my best to update this with the next version. Submitter coreoveride Submitted 09/15/2020 Category Adult Mods Requires CBBE, CBBE SMP, CBBE 3BBB/3BA, ABBA, Sexlab, Sexlab Aroused/redux, 3BA compatible skin Regular Edition Compatible No  
  16. Looking online, I did not find an easy way to use BodySlide batch-built vanilla armors for only a given custom race and not other races. I made my own tool to solve this problem. If anyone playing a custom race has time to try it out, I'd like to get your thoughts and feedback! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/42009 This was tested in Skyrim SE, let me know if it does not work in Skyrim LE.
  17. View File About This is a port of Extra Pocket 1.0 If you want more information go to the original mod page but here is a short description mostly copied from the original page This is a relatively simple mod that allows adventuresses to use their biology to their advantage. Female characters can now smuggle a small number of items inside themselves. These items are safe from any prying hands, so guards won't take any contraband, and bandits won't take any gold or keys stored there. However, if you find yourself trapped in a chastity belt, you won't be able to reach in there either. Requirements (Be sure to check each mod for their own requirements.) SKSE64 Racemenu CBBE BodySlide with Racemenu Morphs enabled (The little checkbox near the bottom right in bodyslide.) For UUNP users you don't need CBBE or bodyslide but you gotta change the belly scaling in the mod menu to NIOverride and not bodyslide Compatible/Optional mods SkyUI Sexlab Aroused Redux SE Devious Devices Integrated - Not yet tested Highly Recommended: The Unofficial SSE Patch SSE Engine Fixes Thanks Code Serpent - For making the mod and giving me permission to post the ported version You - For reading this and downloading it (I hope) Changelog: September 24 2018 - Page created Submitter ZEBRACABBAGE Submitted 09/24/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires The description is tiny, just read it Regular Edition Compatible No View File  
  18. Hello, I am trying to copy paste bones from one outfit to another I'm trying to use the import export but it pastes the other models vertices and deforms it I don't know which export to use or in general to copy paste the bones so im trying to copy these bones to these bones any help will be appreciated
  19. View File Bikini Ascend Bodyslide Conversions ---------About--------- At last! Up for your downloading pleasure is a conversion the exceptionally made Bikini Ascend armors by my good pal NiseTanaka. This download contains ONLY just the Bodyslide files, you will need the original mod first and the Bodyslide program second. The download is already NMM ready for ease of installation. UUNP Conversion can be found HERE on the LL or HERE. BIG UPS to ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir for providing a UUNP conversion. THANK YOU!!! ---------Requirements--------- HDT Bodyslide Bikini Ascend by Nisetanaka ---------Credits--------- Nisetanaka for always being awesome. Halofarm for giving Nise-kun a new home for his mods, and for always being awesome too. Caliente for CBBE and Bodyslide ---------To Do Next--------- ??? --------- Permissions--------- Please seek out NiseTanaka on what you can and cannot do with his mod. DO NOT EVER UPLOAD TO NEXUS. EVER. --------- Like the conversion? Then pay me tribute ha ha ha! How you ask? Why not post a screenie of your char in the outfits I've converted, MINUS and thongs or underwear of course lol. It'll mean more to me than some silly like button. ...and remember guys and gals, KEEP IT BOTTOMLESS! Submitter kofman77 Submitted 12/31/2017 Category BodySlide Requires Special Edition Compatible Not Applicable  
  20. SOS- Addon - Futanari CBBE SSE View File SOS- Addon - Futanari CBBE SSE DESCRIPTION: Futanari SOS SSE Addon for CBBE SE. Complete new made with 2k high resolution textures! Prebuild for Curvy CBBE or use your Bodyslide Preset to fit the Schlong to your Body. There are also custom shapes for Bodyslide! Textures looks best with: Fair Skin with goose bumps specular option and no subsurface scattering fix. Sorry no textures for argonians and khajiit (maybe later) REQUIREMENTS: Schlongs of Skyrim SE (Not needed if you use the equippable version) XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended (Highly recommend to install the racemenu Plugin to change size, thickness and length) NOT REQUIRED BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: BodySlide and Outfit Studio (Use your body shape presets to get the best result ingame) Q&A: How to get the equipable schlong? You can craft it at the tanning rack Can I use the Schlong as Sexlab strapon? yeahhowaboutnooo made a >patch< to use the equipable schlong as strapon . No female got the schlong. The possibility is set to 0%, if you want the schlong on all females you can change it in the MCM (Mod Config Menue) How to give a female NPC the schlong? Look at NPC ingame and mark it (default "N"), go to the "schlongs of skyrim" mcm and look if there is the name of the selected NPC and add the addon to it. Will there be a UUNP version? Nope Will there be a vanilla Skyrim version? Nope Will there be a version for vanilla skyrim? Nope and its not allowed to port it to LE! There is a visible gab to the body. The Schlong is pre build to fit to the standard CBBE SE "Curvy" Body, if you are using a other or own BodySlide Presets you need to use the same presets on the schlong. There is a visible seam to the body. The textures are made to fit to the fair skin textures (link above) and for the goose bumps option and standard subsurface scattering textures I uploaded an blender sample file and a video that shows a very easy way to make seamless textures for sos addons! Its not allowed to upload this file on other pages or using it in mod packs! Submitter EvilReFlex Submitted 12/24/2019 Category Adult Mods Requires Regular Edition Compatible No  
  21. View File ===Unified UNP + JaneBod=== This BodySlide addon adds sliders conversions from Fallout 4 JaneBod mod on top of existing UUNP sliders. More than 380 sliders added. Plus 3 slider presets - just for demo purposes. Full list of sliders and categories: ===Installation=== Default. Just extract the contents of the archive to the "Data" folder or use the mod manager. Open Bodyslide and select "Unified UNP HDT + Jande Bod" or "Unified UNP Special + Jande Bod". Use sliders, press "Build" button. For making outfits use "UUNP+JB.xml" as references. For using ingame morphs you should tick "Build Morphs" and then click on "Build" button. ===Bugs and limitations=== Only for Skyrim Legendary Edition. Sliders adden only to "UUNP HDT" and "UUNP Special". CBBE is not supported due low polygons count. Bodyslide may work slow (or freeze for a couple of seconds) during some conditions. This happens because of total amount of sliders. Some sliders may have strange effect, or almost no effect at all. This is due to the difference in the number of polygons between UUNP and JaneBod (JB have much more polys). The names of the slider categories may look a bit strange. This was made for sorting reasons (BodySlide does not have the proper working sorting mechanics for categories). Use ingame RaceMenu morphs with caution! Due of the large number of sliders, morphs can easily fill RAM and cause a crash of the game. ===Requirements=== Bodyslide and UUNP HDT Physics Extensions ===Thanks and Credits=== Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide Nightasy for Jane Bod Version history: Submitter Azazellz Submitted 08/01/2018 Category BodySlide Requires Bodyslide and UUNP, HDT Physics Extensions Special Edition Compatible No View File
  22. I feel very stupid asking this because I asked about DAR literally yesterday but.. here we go again. So... I just realized my Bodyslide is broken. You see, I install and uninstall a lot of outfits and it basically means I'm usually moding skyrim rather than playing it. After installing 2 new cloth mods I was like: "Hey.. wait a minute.... Why aren't these in Bodyslide" Fortunatly I knew how to fix this! Reinstall Bodyslide.. not sure why but that's how I solved this in the past but there's a difference now.. That didn't fix it. the cloth didn't show up in body slide. OK.. I deal with this later. Let's go to the game. Wait.... aaaaaaa Why are some cloth stright up not there. Like as if I'm not wearing them. I batch builded these. Why are they some virsions of them not apearing on the character? Like the red virsion of a cloth doesn't show up but the rest do? OK whatever. I just won't use those specific cloth. Do you guys know about the Taimanin 3bbb remake thingy? The normal parts of that work fine and body slide showing every single part of it working fine. Let's use it in game... oh wait... Why is the extra model missing textures? What is these weird pink ish lined on the normal one? These weren't in the screen shot! The like semi violet solid colors on cloth are a sign of missing textures. Why is body slide showing these working fine but not in game? aaaaa whatever, I won't use the extra virsion. Let's download this new cloth pack and use it in game. Opened up body slide to compare them to the ones I already had and... wait... Why are this things that I already have in game and are working fine missing textures in body slide? I reinstalled body slide and the cloth that had issues a bunch of times but... nothing... absloutly nothing changed. Maybe me swaping mods in and out compeletly destroyed the game? Should I nuke the game and start over? Cause scripts work just fine. just the cloth are having a rough time. I have some other issues with body slide files but they are like a skeleton matching issue which I had even before this so I just leave it for another help request for now, fixing the basic functionality of body slide is more important.
  23. Hey everyone. This is the official sticky thread for the SSE versions of CBBE, BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Please refer to this thread for the old Skyrim and/or UUNP instead! Check out the wiki with documentation and guides for BodySlide and Outfit Studio! Mod pages: - CBBE - BodySlide and Outfit Studio In SSE, each will have its own mod page (like it was done for FO4). Both the CBBE and UUNP for the old Skyrim continue working in SSE but read below. CBBE: The old CBBE will not be ported to SSE, there is a new and better CBBE now. It has more polygons, a different base shape (not the CBBE/UUNP base), same UV and a few more sliders (similar to FO4). There is a "CBBE Body", a "CBBE Body Physics" with breast and butt weights and a "CBBE Body Special" with a 3D labia. You can still use the old CBBE in SSE, it just won't be officially ported or supported, only the new one. UUNP: As of now, UUNP won't be officially ported to SSE. Reasoning: It has so many sliders and is also starting to lack in detail, and I have no interest in working on or having two body types that fight with each other. I'm really happy with the new CBBE myself, it's nothing like the old CBBE, especially once the normal generator is built into BodySlide, and it also has a few more sliders. You can use the old UUNP in SSE by manually installing it to your SSE BodySlide, but there will be no official support for this. BodySlide and Outfit Studio: BodySlide and Outfit Studio for SSE was released (see link above). Make sure to follow the thread if you want to stay up-to-date on either of the three!
  24. Athena Bal Follower CBS PATCH View File Description: Athena Bal Follower CBBE PATCH v 1.0.0====================== CBBE Bodyslide patch for the sexy Athena Bal by Agent Tex and Donegan:https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90800Changes Made:-Added bodyslides with oily body zap for Athena if preferred.Install/Uninstall:=======================-Install the source mod from here:https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90800-Install this patch and overwrite all files-Build body, feet and hands in bodyslideAcquisition:=======================She can be found in the Drunken Huntsmen in Whiterun. She uses ice based magic to take down her enemies and will be handy with the right weapon.Credit to Agent Tex and Donegan for the Follower Submitter NIND (jimmyyu) Submitted 04/15/2020 Category Companions Requires CBBE, xmp32, HDT-PE, Bodyslide Special Edition Compatible No  
  25. Daemon Girl Outfit CBBE Bodyslide LE [NIND] View File Description: CBBE Daemon Girl Outfit v 1.0.0 ====================== CBBE Bodyslide conversion for Daemon Girl Outfit:  Changes Made: -Conversion to CBBE Bodyslide -Restructure of ESP to use Texturesets instead of separate Nif files for Body, Collar, Top, and Lower armors. -Added Oily Body -Changed color of Body and Collar for Blue armor to Grey -Added Mesh Lower and Upper -Added Cutout Lower and Upper Install/Uninstall: ======================= Install manually or with Manager Acquistion: ======================= Utilize AdditemMenu and search "Daemon" Thank you to the original creator of this mod, ODD and the creator of the Character, Ryan Reos Submitter NIND (jimmyyu) Submitted 03/03/2020 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 4.9+ ; CBBE; HDT physics Special Edition Compatible  
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