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  1. I don't know where the problem is and I don't quote anyone because I don't want to start a personal war. Please, leave the creators of the mods out of this conversation because, first of all, we have the mods we have thanks to them. And secondly, if you are NOT a creator of mods, you do not know the complications behind the mods or why a creator decides to use a framework, the other or both. On the other hand, it seems that some people think that Skyrim is tremendously delicate. In his words, using a certain framework breaks the game. The use of some scripts gives problems to the game. Some theoretically unnecessary modifications overload the game and break it. But all that is totally false. If your game breaks is because are incorrectly configured or because yours modifications are bad installed or because you are using bad conversions in SE. The game admits one billion more things than you can have. Do you have 1500 mods with more than 1000 merges? NO Does your game execute hundreds and hundreds of scripts per minute? NO Then, the problem is not in the game or in the framework or in the scripts or whatever you think. When we configure the game correctly, we install the mods correctly and do the conversions correctly, all the problems disappear. Stop blaming other people for yours problems.
  2. For one side you have: PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest for Sexlab 3.2.8a For the other side you have: PSQ Transformpackage [Fomod] 1.4 PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest is the Main PSQ mod plenty full of scripts, spells, abilities, functionallyties... but not have any Mesh or Texture for the body. PSQ Transformpackage is one the multiple transformation packages for PSQ and only have Mesh and Textures for the body whitout any script, ability or functionality. You must install the two mods. Firts, PSQ, and latter TransformPackage to be able to make a real transformation with Mesh and Textures. Aditionally, i go to say that the TransformPackage have, inside the ZIP file, two batch files to copy your OWN default body model to the PSQ folders. In that way, you can have the same Mesh and Textures from you base body in your PSQ body, normally, giving a better look.
  3. Excuse me... I lost this message... Not, the autosave is not slow. Need exactly the same time than a Normal Save. Look my saves: I need MORE time to make a Normal Save because i must press Esc, Arrow, Arrow, Enter... But as you can see, i can make AutoSaves of 15MB in 1 or 2 Seconds. The problem, as i said, is caused by the BAK files of the AutoSaves. Probably, when the internal structure of the files not match or, maybe, when the sizes are too diferent, the game have problems creating the BAK files. The Hard Disk Ligth start blinking in constant way from 3 to 10 seconds while the game create the BAK file. Deleting the BAK files, normally, solve the problem but other times the problem persist or reappear after 3 or 6 AutoSaves. Years ago, I had this exact problem in my game, in a persistent and unavoidable way, and I create a simple CMD Batch process to delete the BAK files in an automatic way. Use it if your problem persist. borra_bak-public.cmd Open my file with a text editor and change [UserName] by your real user name in your machine. Execute the file before open the game and let it running in the console window. Play your game and, probably, you never go to have this problem again.
  4. Upload one of that damaged savegames, or some of them, or ALL of them.... Make a Zip or RAR... I can examine yours savegames and try load it in my game to determine if the problem is, really, inside the savegames.
  5. That is practically imposible, specially having CTD. Each savegame is stored in a diferent file and only can be modified ussing a savegame editor like ReSaver. If the game can load the savegame yesterday the game must load the same savegame today. Every time you have a CTD you must start the game and all the memory area of the game is cleared. Absolutely nothing can remaing in memory that can cause CTD when load a working savegame. I see in your mod list Crash Fixes and Load Game CTD Fix with Animation Limit Crash Fix LE and, practicaly, if the tools are correctly instaled and configured, you must not have any problem loading savegames. But i see HDT No SMP plus a lot of HDT mods and can be the origin of yours problems. One of the most problematics thing in Skyrim is HDT. Is fantastic, i can not play my game whitout it. But can give a lot of problems when we want load the savegame because need a lot of memory and need make a lot of previous initializations that, sometimes, can not be made while load the savegame. Sometime, I have some recurrent and persistent CTD caused by HDTPhisicsExtension and are a bit hard to remove. When the game load the savegame, HDT must recompute every matematical modification to every mesh of every NPC affect by HDT. If we save the game in a BAD moment can be very dificult load that exact savegame because HDT have a lot computations in processing and, when try load the savegame, we have a sure CTD caused by HDT. Specially, can happend when we save the game with a lot of nearby NPC's arround the Player but can happend having only and exclusively the player. In that situations, try load another savegame in a similar situation, for example, diferent savegames made inside the same building, can be imposible. Is a know problem in the game when load the savegame caused by a mix of coincidences agravated by have a lot of mods + a lot of NPC's + a lot of HDT + ,and that is the MOST important point, +++ save the game in a BAD moment. Note that this can happend when try load the savegame of a New Game started today. The problem is caused by save the game in a BAD moment, while HDT are computing the movement of the hair, clothes, capes, weapons, earring, nekelaces... any HDT element can be the cause and, as more HDT you have, more frecuent can be the problem. But, if you can load the savegame, HDT not have any problem in computing all that elements when the game are running. The only problem is load the savegame. The only workarround i know is Start a New Game, wait some seconds, less than 1 minute, while the game initialize a lot of mods, scripts and quest, and try load one of the problematic savegames. If the problem persist, repeat the operation, but try load another totally diferent savegame in a totally diferent location in a completelly diferent situation... if works, SAVE YOUR GAME, and try load the problematic savegame. If not works, repeat again but try load that savegame that you made one minute ago and try go, with fast travel, to the location or cell of the problematic savegame to discard problems in bad mesh, bad textures, bad npc's... if all look normal try load the problematic savegame again and pray all that you know because i not know more workarrounds. If all that fail can be necesary delete that exact savegame and, probably, some of the savegames make near that savegame. Sometimes, i need repeat the operation up to 5 or 7 times, when i want load that exact problematic savegame. Normally works in the 90% of the situations but not works ALWAYS and, sometimes, i must delete that exact groups of savegames and continue my game from a more old savegame. Another option is disable HDT but nobody want make that.
  6. Make specific test in your game to determine if, really, the problem is caused by the autosaves. Open your game and look the autosave options: If you disable the Save on Wait and yours freezess continue we must search in other side. For other side, if when you disable the Save on Wait the game NOT freeze and ONLY freeze when the Save on Wait is enabled is because your problem is related to the AutoSaves with a 100% security. If you are ussing Mod Organizer you must know that yours SaveGames and AutoSaves are NOT located in Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves MO, normally, store the SaveGames and AutoSaves inside the profile of MO. I have it in D:\Games\MO2\profiles\Default\saves If you are ussing Vortex and you have enabled the management of the savegames with Vortex you must locate the folder with the Vortex profile.
  7. The CPU is the most important component of the machine because change CPU, normally, mean new entire machine or, at least, HALF new machine. Use OLD components in a new HALF machine is not recomended because can affect performance. A new expensive flawless CPU + MotherBoard + Memory can give you a low performance and strange problems caused by the old Video Card or the old PSU or the old super slow hard disk. The components in the machine must be equilibrated. A old Video Card in a new HALF machine not give good performance. A small amount of RAM can low a lot the general performance of a new HALF machine, if you not updgrade memory. With a slow hard disk your new HALF machine can not run as expected. For other side, you always can change the Video Card in a very easy way and upgrade the memory when you whant while preserve the CPU + MotherBoard + Memory but for get a rasonable performance you must a have an old CPU that match the performance ot the new Video Card. For Example: I can put a GTX 1060 whit my I5-4460 because can extract a rasonable performance from it. But i can not put a GTX 1660 because my I5-4460 is too weak for that video card and is a waste of money. The most important thing is have a equilibrated machine.
  8. Everybody need a expensive CPU because, normally, nobody change their CPU. Only a very small group of people sell and buy CPU's by second hand, and is a risk. My CPU, i5-4460, have 6 years now but when i go to change it i go to change the entire machine. Normally, change the CPU mean change CPU + Motherboard + Memory because the socket of the CPU must match the socket in the motherboard and use old memory in a new motherboard whit a new CPU can drop the performance. Only a very small numbers of new CPU's match the old sockets and normally not have good performance. Then, is not recomend change the CPU alone. Buy a expensive CPU is the most normal thing because, probably, you not go to change it in at least 5 years. Then, is stricly necesary buy a good and expensive CPU because when the CPU get 100% the machine slow down a lot. Mi i5-4460 have enougth perfomance for me after 6 years but start giving me very low performance in some games and i know that, probably, i must chage it to play CyberPunk or StarField. Another totally diferent thing is the motherboard. You have selected a very expensive motherboard. Waste more money in motherboard than CPU is not logic and, normally, is not necesary. The only real important diference from a motherboard to another is the number of power converters. You only need a expensive motherboard when you go to make overclock on the CPU because the number of power converters can have a big influence in the stability. If you are not thinking in make OverClock to the CPU you not need a expensive mothertboard. The performance of the diferent motherboards and chipset are practically the same. Take a look to some comparations in the web. Really, the diference in the perfomance of the computer ussing exactly the same CPU, memory and Video card in diferent motherboards with diferent chipset is mimimal. Apart, the selection of the motherboard must be made thinking in what you need. For example: Not select a motherboard whit 2 PCIx16 to put 2 video cards if you not think in use SLI or CrossFire. Not select a motherboard whit integrated Wifi Network when you go to use LAN cable. Not select a motherboard whit 2 Network LAN cable conections if you only go to use one of them. Not select a motherboard whit 3 M2-SSD slots if, today, you only go to use one of them. Making only that selections you can drop the price of the motherbaord to half. Of course, you must have in consideration others parameters when select a motherboard. For example: Probably, you not go to use SLI or CrossFire but with DirectX 12 we can use 2 video cards. If you go to put 2 M2-SSD today can be necesary have another M2-SSD slot free but you always can put a M2-SSD in a slot 4x PCI-xpress of the motherboard because, probably, you never go to fill all the PCI slots of the motherboard. Normally, the people buy motherboards with a cost near half of the cost of the CPU. Talking about memory, i recomend you put 32 GB of memory directly. Yes, is a bit more of money but allow you upgrade to 64 GB of memory when you want whitout any problem. You must look how many memory slots you have your NEW motherboard. Your super expensive selected motherboard only have 4 memory slots. If you fill 2 of them whit 8+8=16 you only can upgrade to 8+8+8+8=32 GB If you fill 2 of them whit 16+16=32 you can upgrade to 16+16+16+16=64 GB Is NOT recomended upgrade from 8+8=16 to 8+8+16+16=48 GB because you can lost the dual chanel. Is a risk configuration where the dual chanel is not totally guaranted and direcly depend of the exact configuration and the exact motherboard and the exact memory chips. Of course, you always can remove yours OLD 8+8 and trow them to the trash to put NEW 16+16+16+16. But why make it? Buy today 16+16 and be sure you always can use it and you never need trow it to the trash. Aditionally, the diferent speeds of the memory have a very low impact in the performance of the machine. In general, is better buy memory of bigger size than memory of bigger speed. Except when you go to use specific programs that make a very intensive use of the memory, like Pinacle Video Editor or Adobe Premiere and similar. As more free RAM you have in the machine better general performance you have. When the RAM run out Windows start ussing Virtual Ram from the super slow hard disk and the performance of the machine drop in a drastic way. Is much better have always free RAM because that free RAM are ussed by the Cache of the Operating System and reduce in a tremendous way the number of access to the Hard Disk and, finally, can increase the life time of the M2-SSD units. As notice, I have 16 GB in my 6 years old machine. Put 16 GB in a new machine is not logic.
  9. That is a normal problem caused by the BAK files of the autosave. I don't know exactly why it happens ... but it happens. Go to your saved games folder, usually Documents\My Games\Skyrim\Saves, and MANUALLY delete all files that start with "auto", including files with a BAK extension. If you have the same problem with quick saves, delete all files that start with "quick", including the file with the BAK extension. It is strictly obligatory that you perform this operation MANUALLY, using Windows Explorer or similar. It is NOT valid delete the autosaves using the game because the game does NOT delete the BAK files. If you use the game, the problem will reappear after 3 autosave or 2 quick saves. Delete the files by hand.
  10. That message mean that the game run out of memory. But that only happend when your game is bad configured. Be sure you have a file called enbhost.exe in the same folder as TESV.exe because is a part of ENB and, when you not have the file enbhost.exe, the Boost functionality of ENB not works and the game consume more mermory as more textures you add. Configure your game correctly and all yours problems go to disapear. Follow the posted guides.
  11. The quest MGR12 is one of unfinished vanilla quest and some people report problems with it. Open the console and type: StopQuest MGR12 The quest CR03 is one of the Companions Radiant and you can complete it or open the console and type: StopQuest CR03 The script that show in the log is phhshplayerscript and i doubt can have any relation to the slaves. I not know a mod with direct dependency from SOS because CumShot have a soft dependency. If you are talking about the diferent types of scholongs, called Smurf Average, Plexus Regular and Muscular, not worry about it, you can disable it whitout any problem. But if you have some specialiced scholongs that really have a hard dependency from SOS you can have problems. If that is the case, better not disable SOS because i can not know what can happend. Your carryweigth is normal, i have double of you but i'm level 140. The number of items in the inventory, normally, is not a problem. I think your problem is caused by the quest Forsworn Conspiracy because, precisely, transfer a lot of items exactly when you have 2 vanilla quest active plus 2 mods whit quest monitoring the inventory. Seems to be a bad mix of coincidences. The only solution i see is stop that vanilla quest, wait some minutes of real time, from 5 to 10 minutes, and save the game. Open it with ReSaver and look how many Active Scripts you have.
  12. You have a gigantic Stack Dump with 13k lines plenty full of mods making OnItemAdded() You have 1049 (requested call) distributed in 260 script from MGR12, SOS, CR03 and PHHSHStorage. The first script come from MGR12 and is a vanilla quest called Bring a Filled Grand Soul Gem to Sergius Turrianus I presume you know what is SOS = Scholongs of Skyrim The CR03 is another vanilla quest called Animal Pelt Collection, i think from The Companions. The PHHSHStorage come from Paradise Hall but can come from Home Sweet Home. Try finish that vanilla quest, MGR12 and CR03, or open the console and type: completequest MGR12 completequest CR03 Revise your installation of SOS. If all look good, disable SOS and start yours game whitout SOS. Accept the message about faulting pluging and play. Theorically, the game must works removing SOS in mid play whitout any problem. You can activate SOS in some days when your problem disappear. If your game not works when removing SOS, probably, is bad configured. But you can NOT remove Paradise Hall or Home Sweet Home. If you disable one of that mods yours slaves can disappear, can lost the master, can be locked in a fourniture.. can happend a lot of unrecoverable things. Make that and tell us the results. Some questions: Did you use the console or other tricks to increase your carryweight? How many items do you have in your character's inventory? Have you transferred a large amount of items from a chest to your character?
  13. Give us your pluging list, your last Papyrus.log and say what manager(NMM, MO, Vortex) are you ussing. How long have you had this problem? 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months? Happend with every shout, including the pure vanila shouts? Maybe only happend with specific shouth from specific mods like Virgin, Untamed and similar? Have you installed new mods recently? Based in your description i think you are ussing special shouts from special mods, likeVirgin, Untamed and similar, and you have script lag. Probably your log can show Stack Dumps or maybe your game is bad configured. The first thing we need is a Papyrus.log
  14. Can i know what problems do you have in your game when use plugings in form 43? Are you totally sure, at 100%, that your problems are caused by the form 43? Have you make detailed and exaustive test to demostrate that the form 43 cause problems? Make a test in your game, please. Add to your current game as many ESP's in form 43 that you can. But add, only and exclusively, the ESP's and remove any other file like, bsa's, mesh, textures... all files. Left the scripts, if you want, but none other file and, of course, enable all the ESP's that you add. Open your game and play it all the time that you want. Save it and open the savegame with ReSaver. Look the pluging list and see how the game read and process every ESP and execute any related script. Do you have any CTD? Any problem? No? Because the ESP can not cause CTD in any way. The form 43 is fully supported by SE. All the problems come from files externals to the ESP like bsa's, meshs, textures, HDT... The problems never, absolutelly never, can come from the ESP.
  15. Read my opinion and a bit of technical data from my posts. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94228-sse-conversion-tracking-feb-2-4577/?do=findComment&comment=2898293 https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94228-sse-conversion-tracking-feb-2-4577/?do=findComment&comment=2899222 Why do you think a lot of people have problems converting mods to SE? Why do you think an expert like Mathor can change their idea in that way? Because that people not know what are making, what make the conversion to form 44 and not know why have the problems. Mathor has learned that the form 44 is fully supported in SE and can not cause any problem of any kind.
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