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  1. Here's another. The ID listed in CK is only for you the human. The game doesn't give a damn what you change that too, its mainly for your reference. If you do change it however it will ask you if you want to create a new actor record, that literally makes a whole new actor. But if you click No it will then give you a popup as to how many references in game are using that actor and do you want to proceed, if you click yes you've changed the ID of every instance of that actor in the game. What does that mean, well... nothing really. You could for example make a mod that changes the ID of EncBanditDog to EncBanditStupidDog and its still the same dog and everything in game regarding that type of dog will still work exactly the same. See that ID is just an alphanumeric name for us humans cause we don't do so good with strings of numbers. The BaseID of EncBanditDog is a number, in this case 00054AE3. That the game VERY much cares about cause that's how the game actually identifies every single actor, prop, script, etc in the game. Change that and you'll screw up all kinds of stuff (and you'd need something like TESEdit to change it, CK isn't set up to do that). Changing the ID in CK does count as an edit and means whatever is in that actor record will now override anything loaded before your mod, something else to keep in mind. But other than that its a harmless edit you can use to help you identify stuff. I did this a LOT in Prettier Bandits when I made all the female bandits, adding PB_ in front of the ID as a prefix so I could better track the stuff I'd changed (and new stuff I'd created, I made hundreds of new actors). But the original female bandit actors that I'd changed their ID still have the exact same BaseID that the game actually cares about... so as far as Skyrim / TESV is concerned in game, my PB_EncBandit01BretonFMage is the same actor as EncBandit01BretonFMage. The prefix (and in fact the entire alpha numeric ID) makes no difference to the game engine at all... its all about the BaseID. So why add a prefix or things like that? Makes it easier for you to find your stuff when editing. In Prettier Bandits you can just filter with PB_ and you get every single actor record I edited or added (or should, I might have missed a few, I'm only human after all 😉) So for anyone, including myself, who needs to dig into what I changed or added, that makes it easier to find. Also, its not case sensitive, but caps can help make it more legible.
  2. I think in a way you've described the inverse of a mod I'd like to see. Rather than allowing a follower to become progressively dominant, I'd like to see one going the other way with the follower becoming progressively submissive. But both mods would seem to function on a similar core idea, that the progression isn't immediate (so it'll frustrate the instant gratification crowd), its heavily dependent on player choices to encourage the progression, and it includes a lot of story or at least elements that would aid role playing a story out of it. I could probably write dialog for either mod (or maybe the two combined into a single mod meaning a follower could go either way) and maybe work out most of the internal logic, but I couldn't code it.
  3. Some notes from a recent attempt to play through the mod. First off, you mod does NOT like Alternate Actors. I tried that so I could switch from my character (male) to a female follower for the chaurus stud stuff, etc. and while I got the chaurus stud part to work, after that it seemed like it broke everything else in your mod, the brood cave never opened up, the portal to Blackreach wasn't there, etc. So word to the wise for anyone else, that mod does not appear to offer an option for playing through this mod. Plus I also discovered Ordinator doesn't much like AA either. Okay... that said, I can't offer much of a bug report because of that. Do have a few suggestions. Could you add a dialog option so that when the player gets to the chaurus stud stuff, they can instead ask a female follower to do that? Since some of us play male characters who we don't want to watch getting butt fucked by... anything... this would be a nice alternative. SexLab Solutions did some of this, it was a nice feature. One other suggestion, maybe add some benefits to the parasites like adding buffs. Maybe one type increases magicka regen, another stamina or health regen. You've already implied face huggers could grant immunity to poisons. That creates some incentive to get infected for players. Removed dead ones have alchemical properties, maybe some could be used in crafting or enchanting. Throw in the option that someone infected with a parasite might occasionally produce more off them, and you've got an incentive for a player to want to infect followers / NPCs with these things as a way of farming alchemical and magical resources. That could open up an alternate way to start the quest line and provide an alternate motive for someone wanting to play who is exploiting the parasites and NPCs. Just some ideas.
  4. Like I said, it sounds like you've gotten some unneeded facegen from somewhere, could be a mod you tried and it didn't uninstall properly, I don't know. Call it an educated guess.
  5. LOL, something like that. I don't think I want to give spoilers away, some of what I added I was trying to "add" to the story being told there. Hopefully everyone will find the humor in it. It should only up the difficulty if you're low level. Otherwise they aren't much of a threat... unless you consider ghostly boobies enough of a distraction to be an problem. 😋 Yeah, its going to be probably 6-8 months or work so... next Spring maybe? But the upside will be better looking bandits with KS Hair, and more variety. I think the additional level groups makes good sense, they'll include upgunned male bandits as well even if I don't overhaul their appearance (which I'm not planning to cause as I mentioned, nobody seems the least bit interested in that). I could add more steel plate, nordic and ebony armor to the leveled gear for the higher level groups. I wouldn't use glass cause, I dunno... doesn't seem "bandit-ish" to me. Granted, given looting and stuff you could make a good argument for bandits wearing bits of Imperial, Stormcloak, Glass, Elven, and pretty much anything they can get their hands on. So... maybe the odd item from other factions might not be a bad idea, just not a full set on one guy. Good points to ponder. Enchantments are an option for higher level gear. I hadn't considered some of the other mods and play styles you mentioned, good points to keep in mind. I want this mod to be as broadly useful as can be while staying lore friendly, so if i can accomodate various play styles, I'm happy to do so. Witches are a faction that really need not just more level groups but a complete overhaul. For those that don't know, in vanilla Skyrim there are just two level groups in the witches faction... the lower level group are called witches and the 2nd higher one are called hags. That's it, their level progression stops pretty early. Each level group is split into 3 groups by elemental magic (storm, fire and frost), there are no necro witches which seems like a natural fit (especially if you read much ES lore). I might consider correcting a lot of that and adding at least 3-4 level groups to that faction. Forsworn have six level groups, but in vanilla Skyrim they only use the first five. PB currently uses all six (I included that when I added the Forsworn to the mod). Warlocks are an oddity in that they have seven level groups, more than any other and yet their top end on levels isn't as high as the Forsworn, so that probably needs fixing as well. Most magic could do with some tweaks, I don't mean changing the spells, but rather changing what spells they have and setting up combinations... for example, I can force a caster to cast both a cloak spell and summon atronach spell at the same time... the spell effects are vanilla as are the conjured atronachs... they just now always do both together (and no more constantly recasting cloak spells). It makes NPC caster seem a little more intelligent, mainly by forcing them to do something sensible and restricting them from doing a few stupid things. But tweaks like that can make them more of a challenge just because they're making better use of their magic instead of hiding behind a rock casting 50 cloak spells in a row. Changes like that are very lore friendly and so I've no issue with making them. One thing I've considering doing, is rebuilding how my template system works. If I do, then what I could *possibly* do is make a bunch of just naked NPCs, duplicates for each voice type (I dearly wish I could edit that separately, it would make my live SO much easier and allow me to offer so much more variety... but alas... ) and then use those as the base NPCs for various bandits, warlocks, etc. Part of the reason voice type matters is that different NPCs use different voice types. For example, female warlocks use the condescending unless Nord in which case they use the Nord voice or Dunmer in which case they use the Dunmer voice. So if I make female warlocks I need base NPCs that have the correct voice type. Bandits use specific voice types, same for witches, Vigilants, Forsworn, etc. I could use other voice types but then you wouldn't hear them say stuff, because not all voice types have the right recorded dialog and I want to avoid "silent movie NPCs" if I can (I think being able to hear them mutter, talk, shout, etc is part of both immersion but also warning you may be about to get an axe to the skull and you should duck). So... once I have the base NPCs, I could use templates to turn them, if they have the right voice type, into the various encountered NPCs. That would mean more variety... and less. What I mean is, if I have 100 Nord females of a particular voice type, they could all be encountered as witches... but also as warlocks, bandits, Vigilants and so on. So within each faction you'd get more variety but it would also mean you'd see them repeat in other factions. I don't know that that matters to anyone, just pointing it out. If I add more base NPCs later, I could add them to each faction and keep expanding each faction that way. I'm currently looking into what would be involved in doing this and then I'll do some testing. but it seems the best way to go.
  6. Long as I'm posting, might as well share a progress report. The short version is... there hasn't been much progress. 😕 I was really hoping I'd figured out a way to use a few base NPCs, dynamically add hair color and change voice type and that would have allowed me to make literally tens of thousands of NPCs out of about 800 base figures and KS Hair. That would have meant a smaller mod but so many NPCs you could literally go an entire game an not see the same one spawn twice. Unfortunately, its looking like a no go on both. There is a way I can dynamically add hair in game when the NPC is spawned (actual hair mesh, not a equippable one, I thought about having hair that just gets equipped but its BAD for not equipping stuff so... no), but it has a habit of end up with grey face... sometimes, its been very frustrating. That might be a possibility still for the future if I can ever figure out how to eliminate all the issues. But changing the voice types just doesn't work, its baked into the traits and that's linked to the base body and face stuff so its all or nothing, in this case that means nothing and that one really buggered the whole idea. That means I'm back to my current method of building NPCs which means basically every different NPC has to be done separately and the facedata exported for each one, which means as I add more and more NPCs this mod will keep growing in size, if I do everything I'd like... it'll easily hit 3 GB in size. We'll see. I may think of something else, some other way of reducing that a bit, still working on it. That's the bad news... but there's also some good news. The good news is I'm going to set aside some time to start the KS overhaul... soonish. It'll take months to do because now I'm stuck redoing over 1,200 NPCs. Also, I don't just want to swap the hair, I want to work on the face sculpts. I had considered trying to do face sculpts in Racemenu, you can get some *really* nice results that way which you've all seen in various custom follower mods. But its also too time consuming and just doing 1,200 NPCs in CK is going to take long enough (here's the math, if I spend only 10 min on each one that's about 12,000 min of work or 200 hours or if I spend 8 hours a day (which I can't) that'd take 25 days of constant work). Reality is its more like 20-30 min on each one... its gonna take awhile. Some won't take as long because they were done more recently and are already pretty good, I think some of the Vigilants and the Forsworn turned out pretty nice on the face just need newer hair. But almost all the bandits, warlocks, and witches which were done a long time ago when I was less skilled need to be overhauled. If you want an idea what I'm hoping the end result will be... well... take a look at Immersive Wenches (and just that mod), Koz did that with just CK (not Racemenu) so that's where I'm headed in appearance, at least as a goal (but to be clear, just quality of appearance is all I'm talking about. None of the special powers, custom spells and stuff; this mod doesn't do that). While I've kept the various NPC encounters pretty vanilla as far as stats and abilities go, I'm looking into adding some new level groups to the bandits and other factions. What does this mean? Well, means I got even more NPCs to make... ugh. But, what it means for you is you get stronger bandits when you reach higher level. How things work in Skyrim goes something like this. When the game spawns a bandit it pulls from a leveled list. In that list there are bandits that can spawn when you are level 1, then it bumps up when you hit level 9, then again at level 15 and so on until about level 26 or 30 (give or take, some factions like the Forsworn go as high at level 50)... and then that's it. These are collectively called "Level Groups". Once you get higher than that level, there aren't any stronger bandits because there are no more level groups beyond that. But there could be. It just means adding new level groups that can spawn when you are... for example, level 40 or level 50 or level 60 (that would be 3 groups). Each group, for a faction, may have anywhere from 6-50 NPCs in it; witches don't have many, bandits have the most and warlocks are fairly large as well (which means more variety for you guys). I can add more level groups and I've been thinking of doing so, the game uses them fine in tests and it makes bandit camps and stuff a lil more challenging a bit deeper into the game because they get higher level bandits, but its not unbalancing and doesn't wreck the game or immersion (things I want to avoid). So that's another option I'm seriously considering. Higher level groups can also have more perks (perks make a big difference in how tough a NPC can be, a level 16 archer with no perks isn't very dangerous, give that same archer some good bow perks and suddenly they can really hurt you, all without changing anything else about their stats, level or gear... perks make that much difference), which will make them tougher without getting nuts or giving them super powers. I could give the mages some better spell combo's so they cast and summon things a lil more intelligently at higher level, even make them summon two atronachs instead of one and things like that. Nothing that isn't part of vanilla Skyrim, just... more like it should be I guess. I'm also tinkering more with the appearance of some of the Unique NPCs I recently added to the mod (want to try an make them look even better) and I'm thinking of adding Eisa Blackthorn to the list. I'm open to suggestions on others. I'm also willing to maybe do something more special (as long as its lore friendly) with certain factions, like for example the cultist at the Nightcaller Temple, or maybe something more creative with witches. Just don't expect anything too extra-ordinary, one of my boundaries for this mod is to keep it lore friendly, but long as it fits ES lore, I'm open to ideas. I'm also investigating setting the Orc marauders that inhabit Cracked Tusk Keep so that they respawn. Oh and I did a few tweaks with the ghosts in Yngvild. They will remain "ghostly" even if you enslave them with PAH now (this part is already in PB, and all ghostly NPCs were changes this way). They have appearances based on existing PB templates / NPCs (though its not easy to see since they're ghostly). They're all nude now by default cause the guy creating them is a perv (I may or may not be talking about the NPC in game 😋) There are a few extra ones in the main room. This stuff will be in the next release. So that's the news for now.
  7. PB does do a few males now, the male vilgilants (I redid the entire Vigilant faction group), but other than that no it doesn't do other males. Nobody has ever had any interest in the guys. My guess is you had some old mod that did a lot of loose face gen and that got left behind. If you really want to clean things up, you can. Go into that same facegen mesh and texture folder in your main Data folder where you installed Skyrim. Delete any loose files there, nifs and dds files. Now for some mods you may need to reinstall any updates to the facegen, you'll have to figure those out one at a time. PB no longer has loose files so nothing to worry about there. Once you've copied back the loose facegen from mods you actually use, you should be good to go and that should get rid of the other grey faces you're seeing. I can relate to having lot of old files, same here. I learned to clean stuff out out of necessity, never hurts to tidy up a bit (well, almost never hurts, I have managed to screw things up a few times that way!). Glad PB is showing up the way it should now. Enjoy!
  8. I'm not familiar with BFB and what it does and I'm only passingly familiar with OBIS (I don't use it, I have looked at it in CK a bit so I know more or less what it does). OBIS would only be a facegen issue if at all, lot of their stuff doesn't (or didn't when I looked at it) mess with the facegen. I took a quick look at BFB and I'm not sure why it would conflict, it modifies the skin texture, eyebrows and so forth, that shouldn't be an issue (I use different skin and eyebrow and eye texture replaceers and I made the mod so that it should be compatible with almost any of them). So that puzzles me. I'm also not sure why a hair mod would affect it, since I replace the hair with various Apachii hair anyway (which soon as I can find the time to do a complete overhaul Apachii will be completely replaced by KS Hair). Since you aren't sure which mod it is, I'd try just re-exporting the facegen method and see if that does it. My first guess is it will. An you're welcome, happy to help when I can. I'm not an expert but I don't mind passing along what knowledge I can.
  9. Wolfshrike, you're actually the first I'm aware of that's getting it that wide spread. Question: Do any other mods you are running have loose facegen data? If so, that's your problem. Here's why that could be the issue. PB has all the facegen packed into a BSA, makes it easier to install and uninstall as there's no loose files to deal with. Loose files will always override anything in a bsa. So if another mod is changing the facegen for common NPCs, you'll get grey face because the loose facegen doesn't match what my mod is looking for. If that's the case, you can solve it yourself in one of several ways. You could identify the loose facegen data from the other mods and delete it. Probably the easiest thing to do is uninstall the mod. Then go in and remove any facegen changes in the "Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceGeom/Skyrim.esm" folder (just delete the entire folder) and the same for any in the "Data/Textures/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/Skyrim.esm folder". Just the loose data for whatever mod is conflicting. Then reinstall the mod and reload your game. That should eliminate the conflict as now there's no loose files to override the PB bsa. If you don't want to do that, then you can open PB in CK. Go to the Actors/Actor folder in the Object Window. Set the filter to "PB_" This will give you all the NPCs modified by PB. Select all of those and then press Cntrl+F4. On the pop up msg window, click Yes. Then go make a sandwich while it works (depending on how fast your computer is it may take it up to a half hour or so to finish). You just re-exported all the facegen as loose data so it now overwrites everything else, that too will eliminate the conflict. (You can do this with my mod because all the face gen was done entirely inside CK, so it can rebuild it at anytime.). I can't think why else those mods would conflict with mine. But the widespread grey face suggest there is something conflicting with the facegen information for PB and loose data from another mod is the most likely culprit. If that doesn't work then this will take a much deeper dive to figure out.
  10. Still haven't had time to check into this, but its on my to do list. Someone else had reported another bug awhile back involving the switches on the walls. I was finally able to reproduce the bug and so now I can sort of see what is happening though I'm puzzled as to why its happening... it shouldn't be. Apparently its something entirely undocumented. I'm puzzling over how to possibly solve it, only thing I can think to do is rebuild a lot of the wall switches and change how they're placed.
  11. Interesting. That tells me something though, sounds like the coffins I placed in the cubby aren't being enabled when they should but everything else is. I'll look into it when I get the chance, should be an easy fix.
  12. Thanks for letting me know. That was one part of the mod that was not thoroughly play tested. Turns out neither I nor my beta testers at the time liked playing vampires. I'll have to look at what went wrong. Did the entrance to the cubby hole where the new coffin show up? It should be along the wall with a banner hanging over the hole in the wall.
  13. Hehe, I recall us hashing out those conditions quite a bit.
  14. Strange. Two possibilities come to mind. This is a LE only mod (we never could get the SE version working properly), are you on a LE set up or SE? Second, maybe a ZAZ update broke something? I haven't updated recently to check.
  15. 😋 Right now my goal is to get the bulk of the location and NPCs in and a bit of scripting stuff to make it broadly compatible with appearance replacers. I've done an overhaul of all the NPCs appearance (male and female, KS Hair used) but I'm not as good as some like Bijin or Emerilada and I know people will want to be able to use those kinds of mods so I'm working to include that option. Breezehome has also been completely overhauled (as well as relocated) and is now MUCH nicer, that won't be compatible with mods but I think I've done well enough people won't want to use anything else and this will let them shrink their load order a bit. By the time the mod is finished I'm hoping to have maybe as many as 80 side quests, with some chained together to form mini-quest lines. Already mentioned is the example being able to restore some of the history and monuments in Whiterun and raise morale causing Whiterun to be more festive and begin celebrating some lore based festivals (ES lore has quite a lot of them to pick from). Another idea will be a short quest line to help a refugee family build a new farm outside Whiterun which they will move into. I'm also putting in content aimed at different character builds, there's stuff to support playing a mage, stuff for fighter builds, stuff for thief builds (and some planned content that is only available if you join the Thieves Guild). My end goal is not just to make the mod lore friendly but lore immersive by re-introducing lore from previous ES releases. There is still a LOT left to do, ...and miles to go before I sleep. So yeah, more features. 🤪
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