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  1. So update time: I've been continuing to work on the mod as time and RL allowed and its progressing nicely and really taking shape. So much so I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The current version of the mod features some significant improvements and some things I hadn't expected to do but got talked into. One of those things was rebuilding the interior of the Bannered Mare. Now to be clear, I'd not really intended to do much here. I'd pushed out the back to make room for a couple more beds so Sinmir and Uthgerd had a place to sleep and that was
  2. @t.ara has helped with some custom furniture and custom markers, helping me understand how some of that works so I could make some things. I like her stuff too. Coincidentally, I just sent a new build out to my beta-testers and once they give that a green light I'll be posting another progress update here.
  3. Regarding Camp Redfox. I've noticed MBC places a number of camps on top of already existing World Encounter spawn points, so I don't think it was coincidence. I think the mod author was trying to force interaction, mostly fighting between whatever spawns and the camp. What often happened for me at Redfox was dead bandits and a powerful warlock with a captive. Regarding the new camps I'm creating. One of the nice things about moving the camps into SBC is that it removes some restrictions on me with what I can do. One of the main restrictions I had before was I could not do any
  4. I hadn't heard about or kept up with the changes to the SE version. As Blackbird noted, the mod author has refused to respond or communicate with me at all, including an offer to just give them my patch and let them incorporate it or do whatever with it (less headache for me to be honest). I don't plan to do an SE update because, given the complications, I wish I hadn't done the patch at all at this point. That said, and hopefully Blackbird won't have an issue with a bit of a spoiler... @RomulusAugustulus What could be done is I could strip out the disabled old stuf
  5. Unfortunately, no. I know the stairs you're talking about, and they exit the lower pool out towards either end and basically go nowhere. Unfortunately those steps, the wall and the pool are all one mesh so I can't easily flip them. To do what you want I'd have to cut the mesh apart in Blender and rebuild them. I'm working on being able to do things like that because there are other meshes I want to edit and new stuff I want to add, but due to RL work I haven't had time yet to finish learning to do that. Turning those steps wasn't on my to do list, but its not a bad idea if it becomes poss
  6. We've been collaborating on SBC too. I can't say anything, but... there's extra goodies in the new version of SBC. Its definitely going to be worth the wait.
  7. Thank you so much for this, will be following and probably asking a lot of questions soon. I know Blender pretty well but up til now had never been able to export anything I make to Skyrim and I have a project now where I need to be able to make and export some static meshes, so this is perfect timing! 👍
  8. Tried this out for the first time. Overall nicely done mod but I had two issues. First, I kept having problems with it crashing upon entering the Temple of Dibella main room. I suspect this was a memory issue. Generally after the crash I could reload from a save point to get the game running and then load a save point just before entering and was then able to enter the room without problem. The other issue I had was towards the end. I had corrupted all but the last shrine and was attempting to get Marianne bound to the pole. Once it got to her very last line of dia
  9. New guy here, and I'm by no means an expert on this but its something that I've wrestled with and gotten feedback on in my own writing. So, I'll share some of what I've learned for what it might be worth. So first question, do I feel its required or does it add something? Well, both. I think many times you're trying to fill in the space. You have a scene and just describing mechanically what's happening over the length of the scene gets both awkward and stale and its difficult to keep it interesting to read. So, I throw in some oooh and ahhhs and other stuff to help
  10. Its possible. Its not easy. Modifying the existing rooms gets complicated because of the way Bethesda built the Hearthfire homes... they're a bit of a mess inside and its time consuming to figure out what prop sets are parented to what. Bethesda didn't use Xmarkers as enable markers, instead they use a particular furniture item that is part of each set being enabled. That makes selecting or changing things difficult because you have to sort through and find each one. Then there's the scripted system which involves a temporary item that is added and removed from your inventory w
  11. You're welcome, didn't take me long. Oh if I hadn't axed some ideas, we could have really blown out the whole Battle for Whiterun. But like I said, that's really beyond the scope of this mod and would be better in a full overhaul of the CW (which I think badly needs to be done and I'd be happy to share some ideas if someone was doing that). On the other hand one of the things I am planning is to later include some content to repair damage after the battle. You know, it probably would not take that much to move that house over one cell, fix the navmesh and there
  12. Okay, did a quick load in and test... so much for optimism. It does conflict. At first it didn't look too bad. But then I got closer So my fence runs right through their stable and they added some hills that spill over into the adjacent cell where most of the pasture is. I don't think there's any way I can work around this, they take up so much space (3 cells and about a half dozen more with dirty edits) that the only think I could do is move the pasture entirely and I've no where else nearby to move it too. 🙁 If it had been one cell over to the Wes
  13. Correct, and we're going to lengths to ensure the CW will still play out correctly*. That means NPCs still go hide in their homes during the battle, including all the new NPCs I'm adding. New barricades in front of the new buildings and businesses. So things don't happen, Severio Pelagia, Nimriel and Gloth no longer die as a result of the battle and Severios old house (which is now a a new shop, Jucanis Imports) no longer gets destroyed. We'd discussed some possible "enhancements" to the battle but I axed those because I felt they were ideas that better belong in a mod that overhauls the C
  14. Okay, I got some screen shots of some of the new stuff, particularly the fortifications. Before I get the the pics, a word about how this developed and what I was trying to do. Also, some history. If you look at ES Lore, turns out Whiterun has been an inhabited location for more than 4,000 years going back to the Merethic. That's a long time and its created layers of history. I was looking at the walls around Whiterun and I felt like they didn't really convey that very well. After some discussion with my development team, and @karlpaws in particular (we're both love
  15. Not on the conversion, and there's not much related to @t.ara stuff in the core mod (T.ara did help with me with modifying some furniture for Breezehome though, nothing BDSM related, just some new seating). @Blackbird Wanderer was actually the one who did the test conversion and I have to say the mod looks even better in SE. Load times are faster as well (with more memory there's not as much texture swapping going on). That's another thing I've been working on when time allows, reducing the number of new textures used and re-using existing WR textures where I can to cut down on memory use a
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