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  1. Yeah, they need a few good meals. LOL One nice thing I've discovered is the mod author included Bodyslide info, so you can open the custom body in Bodyslide and adjust it to suit you, export and copy the updated body into the mesh folder. I've been altering some waist lines, they're looking much healthier now! Enjoy!
  2. Okay, here's the same mod in loose form as a 7zip file (ironically loose its about 35% the size of the same mod in BSA format). Its all the same files I built the BSA from so if dropping this in solves it then we know it was your game just not reading all the data from the BSA. If that's the case I don't know what to tell you, I've heard of that happening but never had it happen to me. I don't know what causes it other than "ask Bethesda". 🥴 Prettier Bandits v9.1 (loose) MEGA
  3. Okay if its a Thalmor added by PB and not just one updated from the original group, then there shouldn't be anything overwriting that (shouldn't even be possible). So that leaves two possibilities, either somehow the data didn't get packed in or else for some reason your mod isn't reading the data from the BSA for any of the Thalmor. Since you tested this in the past and didn't have this issue, my best guess is for some reason its not reading the data from the BSA. I'll zip up the loose files in a bit and send you a link. It's puzzling because the Thalmor haven't had any further changes for a very long time, curious.
  4. Link to the update posted in the support thread.
  5. Okay gang, Fred just posted this SE update to me so I'm reposting here for you guys to try out. Let me know if it solves the visible idle markers issue and if there are any other issues. If things generally work I'll re-open the SE mod page, but it needs a thorough testing because if there are any issues I can't fix them myself and that makes trying to provide support impossible for me. If it works okay, don't forget to thank Fred200, he has stuck with working on this. EtR_HearthfireDungeonAddon SE v1.4 (Loose).7z
  6. So you're volunteering to convert the mod? 😏 Fred was working on it, if he wants to try that and repost for testing we can give it a whirl. The problem for me is that whatever anyone does I have to take their word for it since I can't even test the conversion currently. If it doesn't work, there's pretty much nothing I can do since I can neither see the problem nor directly work on it.
  7. And that was the issue, those idle markers being visible. Seems we could never completely eliminate it, some people saw them and some didn't and I never knew why, much less how to solve it. I currently don't use SE and so can't do the conversion myself, so I have to rely on others for that which can get awkward when there isn't good communication. I've left standing open permission for someone to convert the mod to SE if you can reliably solve the issues, but if you do the conversion I'll point people at you to give support on it because I can't. I don't mean that to sound grouchy, its just fact, I can't support it because since I don't currently even have SE installed its not possible for me to give any support on a SE version. These days I'm struggling to find time to work on my existing mods and making time for SE just isn't possible for me right now. If someone does manage a conversion, keep in touch so we can work together on any updates I may do to the mod in the future (there may be at least one, if I can ever track down what's causing a bug I was finally able to reproduce). Thanks for the compliments on the mod.
  8. Apparently naked followers is a thing, found some follower mods today that add whole batches of followers by a modder on Nexus, Toki7, that are pretty good. Bit skinny for my tastes but the face sculpts are pretty good. One mod adds 18 followers scattered about Skyrim, and the other adds 21 followers and then he's got some loose follower files so just from that one modder there's more than 40 custom followers... and most of em start out naked already LOL I was looking it over cause I figure once you get this new feature I'll just take some of those files and merge them, alter it so they all start in a holding cell somewhere and then pull them into SBC as new captives. BTW, and I have 50+ new captive slots? 😏 On origin stories, what sort of back stories are you looking for? By that I mean categories. I was originally thinking just new back stories that would fit adventurer / mercenary types to fit their original purpose as followers. But other stuff is cool too if we're expanding in that direction. So give us some categories of back story ideas you'd like and see what the fans come up with.
  9. Not sure. Three possibilities come to mind. First is that maybe the game just isn't reading the data in the bsa. I've heard that can sometimes happen, glitch in the TES engine but I don't know much about it. Second is that somehow all that data is just missing, I'll double check tonight but it should be in the BSA (facegen doesn't have handy file names, just numbers so manually checking and matching specific files up is a bit of a pain). Third is that you have some loose data that is overriding the BSA. Any loose facegen data for those NPCs from any other mod would override the BSA regardless of load order (and you shouldn't need to put PB at the end of your load order, it should be fine higher up). Because of the lack of easy to read file names on the face gen, that stuff can be really hard to track down. But couple things you can check, look in your Meshes > Actor > Character > FaceGenData > FaceGeom > Prettier Bandis.esp folder, that folder should either be empty or not exist, we used to have that when all the facedata was loose but the bsa makes that folder obsolete. Same in your Textures > Actors > Character > FaceGenData > FaceTint > Prettier Bandits.esp That folder should be empty or not exist (you can safely delete both folders). If that clears up some or most of your problem then that was it. The harder part will be tracking down the NPC data in the Skyrim.esm folders because some of the PB data resides there as well (because its facegen data for the NPCs originally from Skyrim.esm that got their appearance updated, keeping track of all this stuff on my end is just sooooo much fun 🤪). That's about all that I can think to suggest for now. I'll look through the BSA and double check things. The change in the esp should not be causing the issue, its essentially the same esp and all the NPCs are unchanged from before. The only difference is I removed the race file info which was only still in there as a left over from the hoops you have to jump through to add custom hair colors to the NPCs when creating them (its only needed then and serves no function after the NPC is made). At worst you'd have NPCs with default brown hair (Skyrim defaults to med brown hair if the actual hair color is missing) but it still wouldn't affect the face textures (facegen).
  10. There have been attempts and so far they haven't gone so well. I don't use SE so for now I cannot do it myself nor test it. I do eventually want to convert all my mods to SE but can't give an ETA on when that will be. In the meantime, if someone wants to take a try at it and I can get confirmation from at least 3 other people that its working then I'll repost it. That's really about my only condition at this point, I want confirmation any conversion is working so we don't go through the confusion again.
  11. Mine was not designed to deliberately exclude the player, so no, you aren't doing anything wrong. Most I've seen don't affect the player as the assumption (I would assume LOL) is that the player will undress or change outfits when and how it suits them. The auto-strip functions were mainly created for NPCs because getting them naked was always the problem (Skyrim wasn't really designed to have NPC outfits removed and it takes a little "trickery" to make it work). On mine, the only other bit is to keep in mind that the the NPC undress function can be turned "on" or "off" by "activating" the little clothes basket. I did that because not everyone wants NPCs undressing and I was trying to make the whole dungeon as customizable as I knew how at the time. Glad you like the mod, it was a fun project to create. I think I've pretty much finished with it, though I have come across one issue with it that I've never been able to resolve that I'd like to figure out and correct.
  12. ^^ What Karl said. I'll be updating the front page with the patch soonish, was looking at a couple of other small things before I did so. The above patch removes the edits to the races entirely as they were an unnecessary and left over from the mod creation process. If that clears up the issue with Requiem, please let me know. I'm trying to keep track of all these issues and whether they've been resolved or not.
  13. Random events would be perfect, I like surprises. Wasn't even thinking of the player getting a cut or anything, I'd rather be one of the tippers (these ladies are working for tips and tips alone so lets get some septims in those.... ummm... loin clothes. Okay so my old club barks don't work so well in Skyrim. LOL). Some funny dialog, commentary by various NPCs. Maybe Hulda with some humorous comments about how she isn't running a brothel, or Mikael making some smarmy comments, Mila running up in the middle of it with "Did you know some plants grow better..." and then Carlotta drags her out of the tavern. Have fun with it and make us laugh! If we could come up with some ideas for the temple assignments, the Jarl's court and those staying in the player's home, could be a lot of fun.
  14. Would probably be the simplest thing to do. An yeah, the guard jobs have been fun. Still hoping for a "dancing for tips" for the tavern gals.
  15. You're right, I did miss that. A is easier for me to suggest solutions to, I just need to go back and re-examine the story method Blackbird used. As you may recall, last time I tried writing a back story it was more of a Verb Noun Verb type but that's not really the method Blackbird is using. But as general suggestions for back stories (since this would be for custom followers who are presumably adventurers of some sort): I'd been hired by a traveling merchant and we were attacked by bandits on the way to <insert randomly selected city> I was working with some other adventurers, we'd just finished wiping out a nest of Falmer, when we came out we were ambushed by some bandits I had been poking around some old Nord ruins looking for treasure when I got caught in some sort of trap. Turns out my "rescuers" had other plans, they made me put these bindings on before they would release me. It was either that or starve. I'd signed on with what I thought was a merchant, turns out it was a set up from the start. We made camp and I was going to take the second watch, but when I woke up I was surrounded by bandits. I never had a chance. I was in the Reach fighting some Forsworn when I got captured, next thing I know they traded me to some bandits for some weapons and supplies. Bandits put these bindings on me and kept me as their camp toy. I heard some talking, saying they were going to sell me to some wizard. It was supposed to be just one frost troll, turned out to be three of them. I'd have been dead... or worse... if these bandits hadn't finished them off. I was too weak to resist when they put these bindings on me. Could have met a worse fate I suppose... though... now that I think about those trolls... oh Divines... what's happening to me?!? As for outfits, biggest problem there is all the custom body types. Most are CBBE or UNP but with custom sculpts and things, that may be a tough one to solve. You could for them to use the default body type maybe, but then people would complain about losing the custom appearance.
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