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  1. We have pretty differing definitions of quality, but you do you.
  2. It's not a port of anything from LE. There is no LE version I could possibly give you. You just gotta find an LE mod that does the same, sorry to disappoint.
  3. Nope, not my skillset. I do not use Bodyslide - as I said, if a tool is universal, quality suffers. So I don't use it. Also, don't be lazy and just use Google. Why would I make something that somebody else has already done - https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/100218
  4. It may be because back in the day there were no animations for female werewolves (and still there are only a few), so there is an option in MCM to turn into male werewolf for sex scenes to work. And there was a trigger to replace meshes on the fly. Check it in game - if it works as intended then all is good.
  5. Yes, try contacting the guy who ported it to SSE. You can find his name written in the CREDITS section of the description. Maybe he will be able to help.
  6. Short answer would be, that some people prefer things clean and tidy. If something is unnecessary, we remove it. On the other hand there are messy people who surround themselves with chaos My other guess would be that people are used to Oldrim and prefer the menu as it was before. In Oldrim there was no Mods menu. Simple as that.
  7. Well, first of all it's called "beta". So expect things to be unstable. Also, it's Skyrim, so expect everything to be unstable. Also, if it's the old version that you downloaded from somewhere else, then it might be a good idea to ask for help there. Also, as far as I know, male and female werewolves use the same textures. If you mix this mod with some other mod that deals with werewolves, expect incompatibilities.
  8. The title says "pre-rework"... which means anything older than 2.0... Anyway, if you think the files I already have here for download are missing something, feel free to send your files over.
  9. Yes, it's incompatible. And saying things like "not gonna test it" on a modding forum is a sure way to make people dislike you. This is modding - we do stuff and test it. What are you even doing here?
  10. You're welcome ❤️ I had the same problem, that's why I made this thing.
  11. Not really, I can't. I got kicked out of Nexus - specifically for mentioning Loverslab. You can still find my profile there, same name, but I'm banned for life. I don't think Nexus deserves my efforts. I can safely mention Nexus here. You can't mention Loverslab there. I'm not a fan of censorship.
  12. I'll add it to downloads, if that's ok with you.
  13. I remember that some mods make women into male werewolves because of some SexLab bullshit not having animations for female werewolves... SSL Werewolves also does a similar thing, but doesn't mess with meshes. I'd check that. If it's not that, I have 1 more idea. I remember a bug where a script changes Aela into a male werewolf and all I needed to do to fix that was to recompile the script with Mighty Beasts (or SSL Werewolves) switched on. Maybe it's a similar problem, but caused by MT or HDT WW. Try disabling those mods and see if the problem persists. If it's not that, I have no idea.
  14. I'd rather avoid gossipping about other modders' lives, so here's the short version: 1. the original author needed out of modding life 2. he did so and deleted the mod completely 3. mod users got very sad about it and reached out to him, so he allowed us all to reupload the mod as we see fit
  15. Yes, skse64_launcher.exe does *mostly* the same thing, but in a less neat way. You see the ugly console window for a split second, for no reason. My mod is in improvement on that. However, this is old story now. I discovered that Bethesda completely fucked up how mod order works, so you need external tools to prevent re-sorting anyway. My mod you see here just makes the launch nicer. You are better off launching the game through Mod Organizer anyway, so my mod is no longer necessary. The only use for my mod now is when you have VERY few mods. Personally - I don't use this mod anymore.
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