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Download the content and look for the .wav files to listen.


Simple LevelUP sound replacer. Clean and sexy versions in download.

This is a very simple sound fx "mod" which adds a new folder to your data/sound/fx folder.
Manually put the " ui " folder in your data/sound/fx - or extract and zip the version you want to use in your game (sexy or clean) and use mod manager.
Delete " ui " folder from your data/sound/fx folder.


Aradia's Mushrooms
Aradia made some wonderfull mushroom replacers and one of them is for the Nirnroot plants. 
My sound replacer contains with and without melodic sound effect versions.


1- Download and replace the textures and meshes in your data folder with Aradia's Mushrooms.

2- Download the sound replacer and place the chosen version in your data/sound/fx/itm/ingredient/ folder.
(you might want a backup for your nirnroot, but idk why would anyone want to hear the default version.)


Delete the .wav file from the ingredient folder or use a different sound replacer from nexus.


(I'm not a professional sound engineer so don't expect too much, but I'm always open for new ideas, so let me know what else could use some sound works. Except sexlab)

What's New in Version 1.0.0


- LevelupSFX_V2 (different voice without background)
- Aradia's Mushroom Sound Replacer.

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