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Skyrim mods that don't fit in any of the existing categories

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  1. Immersive Whiterun

    TES V Mod - April by Kylie X (Teaser Trailer) 2018

    Whiterun is supposed to be the center of trade and commerce, but the food they had was lacking so I decided to add more objects, foods, etc. I also added more decoration, new characters, fully voice acted and much more.

    This mod adds more immersion to Whiterun! I plan to pimp out every single hold in Skyrim.

    Adds more Immersion to Whiterun
    2 New Exotic Dancers (Fully voice acted)
    New Quests
    Sexy Time 
    This mod gives a new look to Whiterun
    Adds tons of new objects to Whiterun
    New trees and plants for Whiterun
    New Food, Watermelon, Melt In Your Mouth Baked Sweets etc.
    Bannered Mare Looks Like a Player's Club Now
    Red Wine contains a visual effect
    and much more

    1. Skyrim Thugs
    Roxan & Rosalinda are free lancers in Whiterun trying to survive making a quick buck doing what they do best, some thugs took advantage of them, send a message to the thugs.
    2. Sexy Time With Roxan
    You can find Roxan in the bannered mare. 
    3. Sexy Time with Rosalinda
    You can find Rosalinda by the entrance.

    Voice Cast
    Rosalinda "Exotic Dancer" - by Shirley Tao, Taoxue
    Roxan "Exotic Dancer" by Ashley 

    Credits/hall of fame
    Lor Modders' Resources by LorSakyamuni
    CD Projekt & Oaristys- Modding resources
    Tamira - Modding resources, tropical plants, palm trees, flowers, etc
    Stroti - Modding resources, Aladdin's lamp etc.
    MJY - The Author of the mysterious Island, Modding resources. Thank you MJY.
    Blackflag & Hyperactivechild - Landscape Textures
    Melt in your mouth sweets
    (If I missed any mod authors or artists, please let me know and I will update)



  2. Project Hippie - Cities and Towns Upgraded

    Adding Trees, Trees & More Trees to fill More Life into the Cities & Towns of Skyrim & making the World of Skyrim look better
    Hey man! So like, Skyrim used to be filled with trees, man but then, like, they mostly got cut down and other horrible things. So, like, I'm
    going around Skyrim with my bag of seeds and I'm giving back to mother

    So you should enjoy this mod, man. It'll make the whole place beautiful again, man.



  3. Hearthfire Dungeon Addon

    Hearthfire Dungeon Addon
    Ever wished your Hearthfire home had more storage space?  Maybe a little extra storage space.  Or maybe what you were really hoping for was a place to keep all those slaves, naughty followers, captives, and other NPCs you've collected and have lots of options to play with them?  Well wait no longer because that is exactly what this mod gives you.
    The Hearthfire Dungeon Addon adds a large dungeon space to each of the cellar of Heathfire homes you can build in Skyrim.  The space branches off the main cellar, first adding a small storeroom where you can keep extra books, loot, ammo and other items.  Further down it adds a large main room where you can display and play with slaves and NPCs.  In this area you will find many activator icons allowing you to install and swap various ZAP furniture options (more than 40 options are included) as well as three different bed style, or just pack them away to make room for your own options either added with console commands, Display Model, or whatever other furniture placing mod you wish to use.  From the main room you can enter the upper grotto pool area where you can sit and relax in a natural cave.   Or head down to the prison room where your slaves can sleep, or keep them in kennels, the choice is yours.  Finally there is the lower grotto where slaves from the prison can bathe and relax after a hard day of being played with (and you can watch them from the upper grotto).
    The space includes many other features.  In the storeroom you will find an Elder Scroll display case where you can store your Elder Scrolls.  There is an arrow ammo storage display that changes according to the type of arrows you have stored in it at the time giving you a visual reference as to what types of arrows you have.  There are book cases, weapon racks, chests and strong boxes to keep various other odds and ends.
    If you happen to be a vampire, your crafted coffin now has a new location in a hidden room that only becomes revealed after crafting the coffin.
    The pool area include the oft used feature of stripping naked those who enter, but there is the additional feature of being able to turn this function off (look for a basket containing clothes by the entrance to the upper grotto, just click it and the clothes disappear out of the basket, if the clothes are gone the script is off, if the basket is full the script is on).
    Torch sconces through out the space allow you to dynamically adjust the light levels to whatever suits your personal taste.  Just place or remove torches in the sconces to turn on or off additional lighting.
    Additionally, in the main hall there are some new furniture options as well.  You can now freely swap the dining room table set with an alternate chair set or large furpile bed set or just pack them all away.  The controls for this are on a shelf just above where the main room workbench appears.  Also, I made some of the main room items on the mantle static so they aren't constantly being knocked around.  All interior cells now have COC markers so if you use console COC commands you appear at the entrance where you should.  Cell ownership is set to the player and I adjusted the interior fog (greatly reducing it).
    Installation is easy, either use your favorite mod organizer or manually install the esp and bsa file into your data folder, there are only two files so its easy to keep track off.  Enable the mod in your load order and go.
    NOTE:  You do not need the (Loose) version, download that only if you want to peek under the hood and see how the scripts work.
    Uninstall with your favorite mod organizeer or just delete the esp and bsa file from your data folder, save and then use a save game editor to clean scripts beginning with BYOHD_ from your save game and you're done.
    ZAZAnimationPack (version 8.0 or higher)
    Recommended Mods (NOT required but this mod works well with them):
    PAHE (Paradise Halls Enhanced)
    Home Sweet Home
    Interactive BDSM
    And You Also Get A Slave
    I'll Take the Display Model
    Sexy Bandit Captives
    SE Version:
    None for the foreseeable future.
    Known Conflicts:
    PAHE Lakeview Cell Addon (this mod will cause the pool water to not look correctly IF it is placed after the Hearthfire Dungeon in your load order.  If you wish to use this mod, make sure it is placed BEFORE the Hearthfire Dungeon Addon in your load order) If you are using my older version of this mod previously shared in my Prettier Bandits support thread, make sure you remove all torches and fully uninstall that mod before installing the new version or you may get some odd torches issues.  
    In Game Usage:
    Install the mod into a new or existing save game. Craft one of the Hearthfire Homes, build the cellar, as soon as the cellar is built the dungeon is there (fully functional) Have at least 20 torches in your inventory (40 will be enough for the full dungeon) Head down to your new dungeon and use the torches to adjust the lights the way you want. Activate whatever furniture options you like, you can change them as often as you want. Explore and enjoy!  
    CPU - for scripting lessons, scripts, patience and encouragement
    Ed86, Musje and Valcon767 for additional scripting advice
    T.ara for advice on some of the furniture placement and options
    Psalam, Karlpaws, Donttouchmethere and Valcon767 for being a great bunch of beta testers, making lots of suggestions and generally helping make this mod what it is.
    Stalactites are by Leodoidao available at Nexus
    Future Plans:
    Change Log:
    ---- 9th July, 2019
    Removed SE version due to problems with markers.
    ---- Version 1.4 24th June, 2019 ----
    Fixed missing script references for both loose and packed LE versions.
    --- Version 1.3 SE 7th June 2019
    Uploaded the SE version.  Conversion provided by Fred200.
    ---- Version 1.3 21st Sept 2018 ---
    More minor clean up and tweaks
    Removed some left over dirty edits from the mod's construction
    Changed the dungeon gates to not reset.  If you leave them open they should now remain open until you close them.
    ---- Version 1.2 17th August 2018 -----
    Minor clean up and tweaks
    ---- Version 1.1, 23nd June 2018 -----
    Removed a duplicated interior tower from Winstad Manor (update is safe to install over existing installation)
    ---- Version 1.0, 22nd June 2018 -----
    Uploaded version 1.0 of mod



  4. Let's dance again

    Let's dance again is a dance mod for Skyrim.
    Useless but very fun.

    Based on the Mod Dance Toghether. Do not worry, it's not a copy, it's completely rebuilt.
    Let's dance again is standalone, means it is compatible with DanceTogether - see note.
    Both mods can therefore be used simultaneously.

    Why did I create the mod?
    Because I was tired of replacing the animations and music in Dance Together.
    RealClone is a bad boy - he has done too many dances.

    I will not make videos of the dances.
    On the YouTube channel of RealClone you can find the new dances. Almost all are included.
    If a dance is missing, I probably did not see it - or it was not good for my ears.
    I also have to test and 5.3 hours are a long time ... and my ears have to endure that.

    This "dance" is not included.

    1. Because it is not really a "dance"
    2. Because I want to use it for the tutorial. From A-Z

    Yes I write a tutorial on how to add dances etc.

    For this I take this "dance".

    Tutorial is coming soon.
    Tutorial is done

    - 96 dances with 5.3 hours music are included
    - support for max. 256 animations/dances (could be increased without much effort)
    - support for max. 12 dancer inclusive the player
    - create your clone as dancer (with your outfit) - see note 2
    - 3 formation lists for customize + default formation (as backup)
    - remove weapons, arrows, shields and torches if you wish
    - define your hotkeys for volume, dance cancel or free cam (is used during the dance!)
    - compatible with Dance Together (see note)
    - support for expressions, free cam, 8 animated cameras (see note), toggle AI, Menu, Mod notifiaction and collision
    - of course Google English ??

    Install (manual)
    Unpack the Archiv. It's a 7-zip file.

    Copy all folders and files in Data of the Mod to your Skyrim\Data directory.
    See note!

    Run FNIS for User
    Start the Skyrim launcher and open Data files.
    Scroll down and check, if the Let's dance again.esp is activated.
    Close the Data files and Skyrim Launcher and Start Skyrim with the SKSE Lauchner.
    In game (not main menu) wait for a message like " MCM registerd 1 new Mod"
    Open the MCM of Let's dance again and enable the Mod. All Spells now available.
    Have fun...

    Uninstall (manual)
    In game open the MCM of Let's dance again and disable the Mod.
    Save and close the Game.
    Deactivate the Let's dance again.esp in Data files (skyrim launcher)
    Delete all folders and files installed by the mod.
    Run FNIS for User.
    If you already use DanceTogether AND have special camera animations installed,
    then do not install the following folder and the files contained in the folder:

    Meshes\actors\character\ _1stperson
    This is unfortunately a shared resource.

    Note 2:
    If you have a HDT hairstyle, the clone will not be displayed.
    Reason - NPC's do not support HDT hairstyles!
    Wigs, clothes etc. are no problems. If so - the problem is in the HDT XML. No matter if SMP or PE
    SKSE 1.7.3 Papyrus Util FNIS (6.2 or newer) SkyUI (4.1 or newer)  
    SKSE Team - SKSE fore - FNIS SkyUI Team- SkyUI exiledviper and meh321 - Papyrus Util frankc4 on 3dm for Dance Together realclone for all new dances, support and test PeterForFun for support, ideas and test Myself, for stupidity of so much work (i need only 20 dances)  
    You can NOT take money for the mod - no matter how.
    You should pay attention to the credits and not offer as your work.
    That's all.




  5. NiOverride High Heels - Sneaking Crawl Patch

    A simple patch for ousnius's NiOverride High Heels - NIOVHH Fixes mod that adds sneaking as one of the situations that disables the NiOverride High Heel boost effect. This patch is useful for certain custom sneaking animations, such as crawling, since the heel effect just causes the character to float off the ground when entering the crawling/on knees type animation.
    NiOverride High Heels - NIOVHH Fixes: This patch only replaces one script used by NIOVHH. You will need to download and install NIOVHH for it to work.
    ousnius: For creating NIOVHH of course
    MrEsturk: For creating this patch
    Being that this patch is a mod of another modder's work you may not host it on other sites.



  6. DJ Red's Log Cabin

    Skyrim Mods - DJ Red's Log Cabin (Cinematic Trailer) 2018 ?
    DJ Reds Log Cabin is a unique house mod. Many gamers requested a cozy home.
    I will add download links to media fire and upload the mod to this website as well. Thanks for your patience and for the supporting my channel and mods. Appreciate the support.
    I got exclusive permission from Tamira and other mod authors and artists, spoke to them personally, the resources are exclusive so you will have to attain permission from Tamira.
    Future Plans
    More unique house mods stay tuned

    DJ Red Rad - Creator, editor, coder, scripter
    CD Projekt Red Oarsistys - Modding resources
    Stroti, Tamira (Modding resources) 
    Ga- Knomboe Boy



  7. USLEP UnPatch

    since USLEEP is not getting updated anymore i think now would be a good time to try and undo some of it's smeg ups.
    (and i'll start off by saying that it has one "E" too many in it's abbreviation)
    only people that are actually trying to get 2 Dawnbreakers will encounter this "bug" so there was no need to fix this at all.
    i'm sure that was done on purpose to make the Ebony Blade work on them, you know THE SWORD THAT FEEDS OFF OF BETRAYAL!!!
    that just means she got a lot better at using two-handed weapons since she lost her one-handed Grimsever.
    unpatched the "LvlAnimalForestPredator" (000F826D) in the caves beneath Helgen, USLEEP removed it's enable parent and it was messing up the part where you had to sneak past the bear by adding extra creatures to the area. (problem found by EinarrTheRed)
    the Skyforge and khajiit merchant chests have been moved back to there original locations.
    because only people that are actually trying to cheat would even know where to find them anyways, so why bother?
    unpatched the "Totem of the Moon" werewolf Perk, so you can now summon multiple werewolves again.
    "Ill met by moonlight" quest exploit restored (not tested)

    patched and/or repatched:
    but it's so dull that it can't even cut a paper bag, i'm sure Mephala would let you sharpen it.
    and they made the sword slower as well which makes no sense at all because it has a thinner blade then all the other two-handed swords.
    BOOOO!!! Madesi needs the gold (but to hell with Grelka she is a bitch, and Anoriath is a dead man walking anyways so i skipped them for now)
    Madesi's Dialogue about his name:
    they still have not fixed this right, where as i have had it truly working right for years in one of my own mods.
    dresser and chest in Hjerim:
    the "Noble Chest Drawers" (00016778) that is in the bedroom was placed super badly (in front of the shelves on the right side of the room) and it needed to be moved (uslep did not move it far enough for my likeing, and it has the wrong enable parent), so i moved it to be behind the bed.
    another error that was not fixed at all is the chest (000E0E51) that was part of the Butcher quest, it gets removed from Hjerim when you "clean up the murder mess", there is no need for it to be removed at all and it leaves a empty space behind.
    unique Leveled items:
    i made it so unique Leveled items are no longer Leveled, they will always be spawned/rewarded as there most powerful variant.
    Note: does not work for unique items that you have already gotten.
    Dawnguard Rune Axe (loosely based on Trothminbonboicksenfavette's idea https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90334? )
    replaced the Axe's enchantment with a edited copy of Dawnbreaker's Enchantment to prevent the original enchantment's script from killing save files.
    EinarrTheRed's navmesh edits:
    -44,-5  Wilderness - adds missing navmesh near Dead Crone Rock.
    -44, -4 DeadCroneRockExt02 - connects new navmesh to existing navmesh island.
    -29, 28 Wilderness - adds missing navmesh on wall at back of Fort Hraggstad.
    -29, 27 FortHraggstadExterior05 - connects existing tower navmesh to new navmesh.
    -28, 28 FortHraggstadExterior04 - connects existing navmesh to new navmesh.
    Updates one NorWoodDoorLoad at Dead Crone to ensure the door link works properly.
    EinarrTheRed's "DefaultCreatureSandboxEditorLocation4000" fix:
    Animals should now have the option to run off across tundra to escape the player or NPCs rather than being determined to stay on roads.
    other fixes i throwed in, or based fixes on:
    Bigger Pelagius' Hip Bone by Gojirex https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68449?
    Argonian Sneak Tail Twist Fix by Callak https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32949?
    Argonian Decapitation Fix by Chilean Wolf  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22624?
    Cultist Mask Decapitation Fix by pauderek https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50447?
    Esbern BUG FIX by SirGhaz https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65670?
    Werewolf Footsteps Repair by amra0 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/67564
    Shrouded Cowl Fix by Dee Twenty https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5611?
    Archmage Privacy fix by maximluppov https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57238?
    Dawnguard Summons Absorb fix by Thivus https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22105
    dragon aspect shout frost fix by hubrismandibles https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66100?
    Ghorza gra-Bagol Investment Fix by George1 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/9194
    Hired Thugs Fixed by RJinthematrix  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73811?
    Vampire invisible Shield Fix by johnwayne1930 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/21755?
    Necromancer Amulet Correctly Renamed by Mcchuggernaut  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57724?
    Return to Grace Amulet of Talos Fix by Ritaku https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30769
    Riften jail visual bugfix by Zaflis https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8560
    Riften jail secret escape route fix by Dxcufgb https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17282?
    Real Silent Moon Enchantment Fix by falco99  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84981
    Ulfric's Bracers Fix by FrogF https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76074
    Werewolf Bleedout Fix by ColonelCorn https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61244?
    Yngol Barrow Button Fix by OfftheRails https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12937?
    Throw Voice Dialogue FIx by oldcyder https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57093?
    useful list of mods/fixes that i don't have permission to use (at least not yet anyways), or i'm not sure about yet:
    Skyrim Supplemental Patch
    FXdustDropRandomSCRIPT by steve40
    LvlPredatorScript by steve40
    dunBluePalaceArenaSCRIPT by steve40
    Dragonborn DLC Spamming FIX for DLC2PillarBuilderActorScript by Xerperious
    Dragon Bleed Bug Fix - FXDragonBloodDamageScript by Taka2nd
    Critter - Simply script fixes by ReDragon2013
    Flora Respawn Fix by bluedanieru
    note: it edits one of the same scripts that "Critter - Simply script fixes" edits, so i don't know if that would be a problem or not.
    Unbound Dremora fixed by SourGrape
    Ash Pile Expiration by Christopher Grabowski
    The Wolf Queen Awakened and Grimsever Return FIX by Lonti84
    note: less of a problem now because the DLCs let you go past level 81.
    Bard Quest Fixes by Soltaris
    Dragonborn Dragon Soul Absorb Fix by joshuagt
    Reanimate Disintegration Fix by SSL  
    Ash Guardian Bugfix by flexcreator
    Werewolf script/Vampire Lord fix by ShooD
    Nightingale Hall Portal fix by George1
    MS11 Blood on the Ice Non-start Fixed by mrjentipede
    Skyrim Shadow Striping Fix by forum42087
    Hearthfire Plant Dawnguard's Yellow Mountain Flowers fix by someshta
    Palace of Kings Rugs Fixed by GrandBulwark
    Lip sync delay fix by TDOGH
    Miraaks Mask Fix by LoveAlice
    note: i'm not sure if this one counts as a bug or not
    Wiseman303's Critter Fixes by wiseman303



  8. Run Dragonborn RUUUN! (Legendary)

    (Read change Log for info on the New updates Choose between Mages Delight or 11-19-2019)   (Sometimes Running means Surviving)
    Mods that go well with RunDBRunn: Sexlab Defeat: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/286-sexlab-defeat/ Death Alternative:https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/45894 Deadly Dragons: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3829         If you do not have the DLCs the go here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5419-run-dragonborn-ruuun/       !!!!Read the description!!!!

    (Skyrim's difficulty system was made the quickest and laziest way possible, as you increase your difficulty in game, all that really happens is your weapons do less damage, and the enemies does 2x damage(actually enemy stats do not change thru the vanilla system), RunDBRunnn allows your weapons and armor to use the damage/protection the weapons/armor stats show(on Adept difficulty), while increase the enemy levels to "legendary" status!

    With this mod, the enemies do not scale, they are already at the level they will always be at whether it is level 10, level 130 or level 500, so you will meet enemies with this mod early in the game that you cannot beat yet,
    ( this mod doesnt hold your hand and make it easier for you just because your a lower level) which in my opinion adds a better feel to the game
    ( why should every enemy get stronger just because your character did? That seems like a flawed design in the game to me, ,so now if your level 80 that level 10 bandit will still be a level 10 bandit, but the level 250 bandit will still be a level 250 bandit, whether you are level 1 or level 100! 

    Every group of bandits will be random, EXAMPLE: in a group of four there could be a level 10, level 50, level 30, and level 200, so just because the first shot with an arrow did a one shot kill on that enemy, does not mean its now ok to rush in "swords a blazing"!

    0 scripts, can install and uninstall at any time  
    Werewolves will appear now and then when least expected  
    Giants have up to 15,000 hp  
    Most Enemies have just as much, if not more stamina then you, so they can chase you down  
    Un-leveler, yes you can now meet an enemy that is level 100 at level 1 (ebony warrior is no longer the only badass in Skyirm  
    bandits carry more than garbage weapons, the can be found with glass bows, ebony great swords and more, right from the start, killing them and taking them from them will be awhole other thing  
    Think you are the only mage that can use spells like firestorm, blizzard, and lightning storm? (shakes head) not anymore! (Higher level enemy mages)  
    a few bandits can shout  
    This goes beyond bandits, drauger, spiders, the days of one hit kills on a giant are over  
    most enemies do not level up with the PC, they are already at that level, ranging from level 10 to level 500 (higher ranked enemies)  
    no more running head on into a bandit camp without consequences  
    Now mods like SUBMIT, DEFEAT, DEATH ALTERNATIVE, will always matter  
    has you get to higher levels , much harder enemies will appear  
    not all enemies are tough, some are still weak bitches  
    Did not touch the vampires in Dawnguard due to killing the NPCs in Towns, there are Dawnguard mods out there that will alter that  
    Did not touch dragons...that's what the mod Deadly Dragons is for  
    Should be compatible with everything, only thing altered is encBandit01Template and similar files  
    Optional 3x leveling file is also script free Recommended to use LOOT to sort load order, but if you do not use LOOT then RunnDBRunn esp and Leveling3x esp need to be low in the load order but if you use the mod ORDINATOR, both esps should be right above that in your load order  
    Reasons for this mod:
    As already stated, Death Alt and other mods now are always in play, no matter how strong the Dragonborn gets You need to learn to make stronger Armor you will need stronger weapons sometimes,  you get beat down in defeat or DA, you will have to find a more strategic way to get to the one who robbed you Shield's now become important along with wards  you now have a challenge when you going on a radiant quest to retrieve a stupid amulet sometimes you really do have to run!


    Skyrim.esm and all DLCS


    mod manager or just drop it into your data folder and activate the esp file

    should be lower in the load order, or even at the bottom, above bash patches thou

    if you don't see the stronger enemies right off, its in the Skyrim game, sometimes things will not change until there is a cell reset, I have my game cells reseting every 144 in game ours, after time you will meet them
    Low in load order but if you use Ordinator, place right above Ordinator in load order
    If you have another mod that alters bandits and enemies, this is still compatiable, just put this esp below the esp you already have that deals with enemies



    should not be any conflicts




  9. Snuggly Serana

    Serana won't cuddle with you when using Campfire? This mod fixes that. Now Serana will cuddle with you as she should.
    What does this mod do exactly?
    All this mod does is create a new package for Serana to use. It attaches to her mental model. Otherwise, it basically functions exactly the same as it would for any other spouse with Campfire, except it also now works for Serana.
    The only real difference between this mod and how Campfire works with other spouses is that Serana can snuggle with you before you are married. The conditions for this are:
    If Serana is part of the PlayerMarriedFaction or PlayerCourtingFaction (pre-emptively added by this mod for future features). If you have Amorous Adventures installed AND have completed the quest line Chasing Echoes. If you have Serana Dialogue Edit installed, Serana will snuggle up to you if your relationship value is 50 or over (she admires you). If it is lower than 50 she will not snuggle up to you. This applies whether you are single, married, courting (not implemented yet), or have completed Chasing Echoes. This value will overrule all other conditions. This mod has been specifically configured to work with AFT, no patch is required. Initial testing with EFF seems to not require a patch. I need to test this with a new game, but it appeared to work for me after installing it without any modifications to this mod or EFF. It would be great if someone who uses EFF regularly can confirm this.
    You DO NOT NEED Amorous Adventures, Serana Dialogue Edit, AFT, EFF or anything else to use this mod except for an up-to-date Skyrim with USLEEP and Campfire - Complete Camping System from Chesko to use it.

    Install the mod as you normally would, due to it's dynamic nature of interacting with mods, load order shouldn't matter since it's only real dependencies are esm files. As with any mod, you should probably do a clean save beforehand. Once it is installed however, save your game again and reload it immediately after, you won't need to restart Skyrim, just reload right after you saved it. The main script for this mod will not fire until it is part of your game and initiates with a OnPlayerLoadGame event.
    CONFLICTS: If you actually have another mod that alters Serana's Mental Model (DLC1NPCMentalModel - the QUEST not the script), then you will run into a conflict. I am not aware of any other mods that do this, so I doubt you will run into it. However if you do, then it would be easier to just move this mod before the other mod in your load order, include this mod's ai package in her mental model for the other mod's DLC1NPCMentalModel quest (since I have no idea what the other mod does and the edit I make is very simple, this is likely the easiest and best method for making them compatible). If you're not sure what I mean, load just dawnguard.esm and this mod into TES5Edit, compare the two mental models, the changes are very easy to see. Apply those changes to the other mod.
    Recommended Mods
    Serana Dialogue Edit
    Marriable Serana
    I would personally recommend loading Serana Dialogue Edit after Marriable Serana in your load order and allow it to overwrite Marriable Serana's Dialogue edits. I am very thankful that we have Marriable Serana, but it would be nice to have another, more simple replacement for this at this point imo.
    I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure that Marriable Serana adds Serana to PlayerMarriedFaction, which is how this mod checks to see if you're married to Serana. If for some reason you are having issues with getting Serana to still lay down, then you can force her into the faction by opening your console, clicking on Serana, then type:
    AddFac C6472 1
    This will add her to the proper faction, then married or not, she should still lay with you (unless also using SDE and it's limitations). This is something which I might want to change, it's a difference from Campfire. However, if you're using a mod that permits you to marry more than one person, leaving this spouse check in this method would probably be advantageous, so unless it becomes an issue or someone complains about it with a good reason, I'll probably just leave the 'spouse' check as it is, even if it is different from Chesko's (which I won't deny is more accurate, but more limited).
    Other Mods that Compliment Nicely

    Seranaholic or any other replacer of preference
    Vampire Lord Serana
    Queen of the Damned
    Serana Hood Fix
    Wardrobe Manager
    Serana Immune To Dawnbreaker Friendly Fire
    Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
    Immersive Citizens
    Amourous Adventures
    Spouses Enhanced with Serana Addon
    Shared Serana Dialogue
    Marriable Serana and Serana Hood Fix will conflict - They both modify DLC1_NPCMentalModelScript. I simply used the Marriable Serana version, and basically ignored the hood fix completely, but did use it as a reference, in the end I went with a much simpler modification and simply removed the hood check entirely. Finally, you will need a mod to access her entire inventory to remove her hood in game like AFT. I think I used Wardrobe Manager last time I did this.
    I would LOVE to hear about any other mods you guys are using that would compliment this or improve this list. Serana goes from annoying to cute and enjoyable to have around with this list imo, I'm always searching for more to add to her 'repertoire', so would absolutely love to hear about anything I'm missing.



  10. Sexy Sound Replacers

    Download the content and look for the .wav files to listen.
    Simple LevelUP sound replacer. Clean and sexy versions in download.
    This is a very simple sound fx "mod" which adds a new folder to your data/sound/fx folder.
    Manually put the " ui " folder in your data/sound/fx - or extract and zip the version you want to use in your game (sexy or clean) and use mod manager.
    Delete " ui " folder from your data/sound/fx folder.
    Aradia's Mushrooms
    Aradia made some wonderfull mushroom replacers and one of them is for the Nirnroot plants. 
    My sound replacer contains with and without melodic sound effect versions.
    1- Download and replace the textures and meshes in your data folder with Aradia's Mushrooms.
    2- Download the sound replacer and place the chosen version in your data/sound/fx/itm/ingredient/ folder.
    (you might want a backup for your nirnroot, but idk why would anyone want to hear the default version.)
    Delete the .wav file from the ingredient folder or use a different sound replacer from nexus.
    (I'm not a professional sound engineer so don't expect too much, but I'm always open for new ideas, so let me know what else could use some sound works. Except sexlab)



  11. Cinema in the Highland Park

    -------------Great news,from Chines 9dm commity, friend had test out how to stop playing:

      Alt+Tab Go out to desktop, will Stop the Playing
     Go back to Game, can choose film again.           The projector was temperoly located in the yard of Highland Park, can play video like game start video, full screen, can not stop.
    The sample video are three MVs,
       Loving of Kangmei, Zoo Topia and AOA Miniskirt.
    The video was put in the dir data\video, use the in-game bik format, convert with RAtools.
    Here are the scripts used for playing:
     Scriptname DVHPProjectorControlPanel extends ObjectReference 
    {ObjectReference}Message property DVHPProjectorControlMessage AutoEvent OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef)  int ibutton = DVHPProjectorControlMessage.Show()  If (ibutton == 0)
        elseif (ibutton == 1)
        elseif (ibutton == 2)
        elseif (ibutton ==3)
       return                                endif  endEvent with messagebox in the pictures, anybody can edit it without permission, just a projector model, an activator and a script with prepared films, and can seperate out.  
    Baidunetdisk: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1pR-aV6Z1zPDasBsT2m_HaA   and with the little 7Z size file here in this site on the download page, was the script edited, that can stop the video play with hitting the "ESC" key.   ----------------------update 2 Baidunetdisk: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1vGXtbXtpUiolLLiR_6BLHA
    Use this update, should rename the old film name in the data\video,or the old file can not be played.
    film1.bik rename to Love of KM.bik
    film2.bik rename to ZooTopia.bik
    film3.bik rename to MiniSkirt.bik   Add three new sample film, and edited the esp and script, now point to the projector, the file name will show.



  12. Battle Music Replacer : SC V

    This mod change all combat music in skyrim, including boss music.
    Combat Music:
    Hilde Theme - Daybreaker
    Patrokolos Theme - Sword of revolution
    Siegfried Theme - Till fate writes my epytaph
    Zwei Theme - Sleepless an untamed Beast
    Raphael Theme - Blood Thirst Concerto
    Boss Music:
    Astaroth Theme - Chainless Disaster
    Nightmare Theme - Pavor Nocturnus
    Aeon Theme - Brutal Instinct
    Delete these files

    Located at Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\Music\



  13. Dovahkin's Wolf Pack Den

    Do you like caves and love to live in them, but also like luxury as well? Do you like cave home mods but wish you could take your family to live there? Do you play a beastess, or do you use untamed? Then this mod might just be for you.
    Dovahkin's Wolf Pack Den
    This is a player home that is in a cave and is located just outside of Riverwood on the south side. Faendal is your next-door neighbor. This player home works with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions and has 6 beds for the young ones. There is also a follower barracks with 5 beds for them there. You have a nice front yard sharing space with the Riverwood community. Future updates planned will bring the Riverwood community to your doorstep campfire for some socializing. Already, any children from Riverwood might join in on a game of hide and seek with your kids. If you play a beastess roll or use the Untamed mod like I do, then this would also be a wonderful home for you and your pack. I already have a start with 3 essential and named wolves living within the cave that are friends to the dragonborn. On top of these three wolves, there is a 4th black wolf that is an actual follower with the Female Young Eager voice type, and if you really get into your beastess or untamed rolls, you can even marry her. An observatory deck with a nice sized pool made from the remnants of an old Snow Elf ruin sits atop the mountain home overlooking Bleak Falls Burrow, Riverwood, even Whiterun and Dragonsreach can be easily viewed from the serene location.
    This is still a work in progress and is considered to be in Beta. More features are planned in the future such as Alternate Start scenario, etc... There are still landscape work that needs to be done. I plan to move one of the trails leading down to the Riverwood gate just slightly to please the NPCs but re-navmeshing it afterwards takes time. I decided to release a version of it now for testing and advice. Or so people can just have fun with it like it is. It is already a pretty cool place. I used some resources from the Celestial Eden Mod on the Nexus, 3 statues from JackGA, and a custom Dibella Statue from the Dibellan Sisterhood mod. This would also be a pretty cool home for a Dovahkin who is a part of the Dibellan Sisterhood.
    Unfortunately for some, this requires all DLCs. I used assets from all DLCs. Especially Hearthfire, as this home is Hearthfire Multiple Adoption friendly. You will need to cast the Bless Home spell on the master bed. It also works with Spouses Enhanced available here on Loverslab, but is not required. Just cast the Lover's Sanctuary spell on the master bed after using the Bless Home spell. You shouldn't even need to use the MCM option to add the bed to Sexlab.
    Have fun and let me know what you think. This has been a learning project as not only is this my first home mod, but also Hearthfire Multiple Adoption friendly. It created some challenges. Even following the directions. First times are always mysterious.
    Caution: This is being placed as "Non-adult" but beware, even though the vanilla Dibella statue is already partially nude, the one from the Dibellan Sisterhood that I used in the décor of this mod is more detailed. Still, I could see a whole lot more if I went down here to the local museum and shoved my way through all of the school kids that are there on a field trip.



  14. Skyrim Bookstores

    Adds Book Stores to the major towns. Something I missed seeing from Oblivion and Morrowind was finding bookstores in the various towns. Each bookstore sells the Cheap and Common book set, so do not expect skill books or anything potentially borked, only for roleplay value. The owners are highly paranoid of thieves, so very few books are on display

    This mod also adds skill magazines similar to the ones you would see from Fallout.

    Hope you enjoy.

    What is added:
    -5 bookstores, one in each of the major towns
    -Skill magazine for each of the skills, duration 5 hours.

    Known bugs:
    None at this time

    Known incompatibilities:
    -Thievery Overhaul - Download the Shenk Overhaul version and use this instead of the normal version.

    Additional credit:
    Adventure Time Journyman of Ooo - skill magazines idea
    karrakaz - bug fixes and suggestions
    Shadow_Dragyn - Whiterun Owner name change suggestion

    Revision History:
    -Fixed Markarth Book Store navigation errors and store behavior.
    -Added gold to each of the owners, now you can actually sell to them.
    -Fixed Solitude Book Store navigation errors and store behavior.

    -Added skill magazines:
    Insights into The Best Defense - Heavy Armor
    The Potent Editions - Alchemy
    Daily Manipulation - Alteration
    Tips on Daedric Creations - Conjuration
    Snippets on Tricking The Eye - Illusion
    Poke-and-Prod Weekly - One-Handed
    Healer's Digest - Restoration
    The Daily Block - Block
    Shadows Hide You Chronicles - Sneak
    The Morning Berserker - Two-Handed
    Horse Salesman Pitch Daily - Barter (Speechcraft)
    Methods of Brute Magicka - Destruction
    Practice on Embedding Magicka - Enchanting
    Security Edge Daily - Lockpicking
    The Hunting Enthusiast - Marksman
    The Apprentice Journey - Smithing
    Smooth Moves Practice - Pickpocket
    Talking Weekly - Persuasion (Speechcraft)
    Swift Dodging Chronicles - Light Armor

    - Interiors have Navmeshes
    - Stores will now lock
    - Solitude location is different, more believable
    - Whiterun owner's last name is now more realistic
    - Riften owner has a husband now
    - Solitude/Markarth owners have daughters now
    - Each interior was redone to look more like a bookstore

    -Fixed face bugs

    -The initial release

    If you want to make your own variation, you are free to do so. It would be nice to credit me in your variation if you use this as your base.
    Special Edition Note:
    This mod hasn't been ported over yet.  I want to overhaul the mod before releasing it over on Special Edition.



  15. Alex's Guardian Stones Overhaul

    Hello being tired of Nexusmods ive decided to upload on here instead so im sharing stuff ive made for myself initially.

    This mod here adds Archery to the Warrior Stone, Onehanded to the Thief Stone and Alchemy to the Mage stone. Additionally, there are versions available in which instead of 20% faster skill leveling, its 50% and 100%.
    To install, you can use Nexus Mod Manager or install manually.
    Also works in Special Edition. No scripts in here so you wont have any issues uninstalling/reinstalling/changing versions.



  16. No easy Money

    This is my approach to counter the imho broken economy of skyrim and bring it to the other extreme. This mod does the following:
    Less Gold in loot:
    - greatly reduce gold drops from enemies by 90 %
    - even more reduced gold in chests, urns and purses
    Less Loot for Quests
    - reduced quest rewards ca. 90 %
    Modifying buy & sell:
    - Selling Prices are nerved down to 0,1 % (this means selling an item worth 1000 gold, would just bring 1 Gold)
    - Buying Prices are roughly increased by three times
    Why did i change these values? Because i hate how easy you pile up a huge amount of money. Still with 4 economy related mods together (hardcore economy, less gold, reduced rewards and some own sellprice mod) + several money sink mods, i was never havin money problems except at level 1
    I began with reducing the amounts of gold from bandits as an additonal mod for the aforementioned 4 ones and was relativily happy. Then i added one random dungeon generator and the chests there contained up to 250 gold and the monsters sometimes even more. Just leaving the gold in the chests was not a good solution so i checked the mod in CK and found out that it uses vanilla lists. This was were i began to make my own mod so i could uninstall 4 other ones which didnt fulfill what this mod does (i hope).
    Selling had to be erased from the game, because its not balanceable. Some armor mods have way too high selling prices. For example I remember one bikini armor mod which could be sold for 240.000 Gold. My Mod cuts that down to 240 gold. Maybe you know that WT Tribal cloth armor. Base price is 5000 Gold. In my mod you only get 5 G. I also wanted generally to get rid of getting rich by looting tons of armor etc.
    We have all these nice mods with prostitution, regular jobs, arena fights etc. Now these matter to not only have money for the living but also to pay repairs (see loot and degradation)  taxes etc.
    Here just an example what happens on a day for a level 13 Archer with this mod:
    Gone from Embershard Mine to Bleakfalls Barrow and delivered the golden claw to Lucan Valerius. Ending in the tavern.
    Gold found in Embershard Mine: 40 Gold
    Gold found in the tower before Bleakfalls Barrow: 5 Gold
    Gold found at the Bandits outside Bleakfalls: 0 Gold
    Gold found in Bleakfalls Barrow: 181 Gold
    Gold as reward for the golden claw: 60 Gold
    Total amount of Gold found: 286 Gold
    Sounds too much? Now add some needs:
    Costs (just as an example for comparison):
    Meal at Sleeping Giants Inn (1 Alto Wine 129G, 1 Ale 54G, one Cooked Meat 54G): 237 Gold
    Bed for a night: 50G
    Total amount of costs: 287 Gold
    You see, without doing more for my income i would have lost 1 Gold. Luckily i found enough arrows so i didnt have to buy these too.
    Recommended to use with money draining mods like
    Loot and Degradation https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/55677
    iNeed https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51473
    Simple Taxes https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57239
    Further Recommendations to earn money:
    Jobs of Skyrim https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25020
    Prostitution mods from Loverslab
    Slaverun (the tasks for free etc)



  17. jh_people2.esp USLEEP patch

    This is a patch to NPC 85 (jh_people2.esp) to make it more compatible with USLEEP.
    This fixes packages, crime factions, vendor problems, and possibly some other minor issues.
    Basically i got sick of having to carry over the USLEEP fixes to NPC85 every time i made a merge patch, so i tried to "fix" NPC85 itself to
    be compatible with USLEEP.
    Using TES5Edit i adjusted NPC85 to match USLEEP in regards to factions, packages, vendor keywords, scripts (room rental, vendor, and dead body cleanup).
    I think i got all of those type changes that USLEEP made to the same npcs that NPC85 overhauled the looks on (i may have missed something).
    it needs USLEEP and NPC 85 of course.
    Install NPC 85 first then just overwrite the esp with this one.
    If i missed something, changed something i should not have you can either drop me a note, or just adjust it yourself.
    Credits - The USLEEP team and the creators of NPC 85
    Permissions - follower permissions of USLEEP, and NPC 85 for their assets, for my modified esp do what you want with it.
    you must have the original mod NPC 85, and USLEEP for this to do anything at all.
     edit begins
    original mod link redirects to link that was here previously.
    original mod is the one this is for.
    due to operator making a dumb mistake (copying the page i was redirected to instead of my bookmarked site) i caused some confusion.
    i am SORRY for the confusion
    this is for the orginal mod (which i cannot access anymore ...for some reason my bookmark takes me to the Intergration version which is NOT the version i made this for)
    please accept my apologies for the confusion and if you are using the Integration version do not use this patch.
    the file has not changed just some edits to the main page



  18. Knockdown Immunity

    Formerly known as: Who Knocks Down the Fucking Dragonborn
    Why is the Dragonborn being shouted down a mountain while not being able to knock down a stinkin redguard?
    So simple simple story, I got sick of getting knocked down in combat and I couldn't find a mod that stops that from happening so I made one myself. It is a simple .esp that keeps your character from falling when getting Fus Roh Dah'd by draugr or being knocked down period. But you can still knock down others OH YES.
    I added a few keywords to a few key places. With some trial and error I can finally go toe to toe with the greybeards.
    Is the name too boring? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Also thanks to Bethesda for making a huge ass game that I can dink around in.



  19. Skyrim Suspense Soundtrack

    Skyrim Suspense Soundtrack

    Short Description
    Adds a collection of suspense- and ambient music from three other games: Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines, Nightmare Creatures, and Tomb Raider Legend.

    Detailed Description
    This mod adds 21 new and immersive ambient music tracks to the city music, castles, and dungeons. The tracks where picked from three other games: Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, Nightmare Creatures, and Tomb Raider Legend. This music adds to the original music. If you use the excellent Additional Music Project mod I've included an ESP that will add to the AMP music.
    The following music tracks are included:
    Dungeons, Caves, Forts, Ice Dungeons
    AmbienceCreepy01 (Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines)
    AmbienceCreepy02 (Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines)
    AmbienceCreepy03 (Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines)
    AmbienceCreepy04 (Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines)
    AmbienceCrypt (Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines)
    AmbienceDangerousPlaces (Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines)
    AmbienceDisturbedAndTwisted (Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines)
    CombatDisturbedAndTwisted (Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines)
    AmbienceGothik01 (Nightmare Creatures)
    AmbienceGothik02 (Nightmare Creatures)
    AmbienceGothik03 (Nightmare Creatures)
    AmbienceGothik04 (Nightmare Creatures)
    AmbienceGothik05 (Nightmare Creatures)
    AmbienceJapanDeep (Tomb Raider Legend)
    AmbienceJapan02 (Tomb Raider Legend)
    AmbienceJapan03 (Tomb Raider Legend)
    Towns, Temples, Houses, etc.
    AmbienceManor01 (Tomb Raider Legend)
    AmbienceManor02 (Tomb Raider Legend)
    AmbienceJapan01 (Tomb Raider Legend)
    AmbienceJapan03 (Tomb Raider Legend)
    CombatJapan01 (Tomb Raider Legend)
    Boss Combat
    CombatJapan02 (Tomb Raider Legend)

    The mod is compatible with any mods that don't modify the above mentioned Music Type entries. If you use the Additional Music Project mod please use the included SkyrimSuspenseSoundtrackAMP.esp instead of SkyrimSuspenseSoundtrack.esp. Put SkyrimSuspenseSoundtrackAMP.esp after AdditionalMusicProject.esp in your load order.
    Additional Music Project: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/28951
    To my best knowledge all included music is free for distribution. Please contact me if you have objection about the used music.

    Music Credits
    Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines OST: Rik W. Schaffer
    Nightmare Creatures: Frédéric Motte
    Tomb Raider Legend: Troels Brun Folmann



  20. jBS2BG - BodySlide to BodyGen Converter/Generator

    jBS2BG - BodySlide to BodyGen Converter/Generator
    This is a rewrite of the original one that can be found here, rewritten in JavaFX to have better layout and functions.
    Credits to shoka for the original guide and converter.
    Requires Java 8 installed.
    If you don't know how to use BodyGen, check out the bottom of the description for a guide.
    As of v1.1.0, inverted sliders are calculated differently, so instead of zeroing all sliders, a new neutral preset is required for building the base body, armors and clothing.
    Use the following presets for building your base bodies and outfits.
    CBBE: -Zeroed CBBE-.xml
    UUNP: -Zeroed UUNP-.xml (This is already included in the UnifiedUNPPresets.xml in BodySlide, but just in case...)
    (Remember to check the UUNP checkbox in jBS2BG if the imported XML preset is for UUNP)
    Clams of Skyrim: Zeroed Clams of Skyrim + Settings.7z
    Touched by Dibella: Zeroed Touched by Dibella + Settings.7z
    CBBE SE Settings: CBBE SE Settings.7z (For RaceMenu SE using CBBE SE base body)
    BodySlide - For creating XML presets. RaceMenu - BodyGen. TES5Edit - Optional, for retrieving a list of NPCs from different mods/masters.  
    This is a GUI program for generating RaceMenu BodyGen INIs from BodySlide XML presets. With this, you could just add your BodySlide presets and target NPCs
    through the user interface and generate the "templates.ini" and "morphs.ini" required for BodyGen instead of writing the INIs manually.
    BodyGen is a feature in RaceMenu for assigning different body morphs to every NPC in the game.
    Check out some documentation on BodyGen here.
    Important Note:
    Once a character is morphed in-game, reassigning a different preset to it by changing the "morphs.ini" will not work.
    To solve this, you need to clear your save's skse co-save file where the morphs are stored. You can use this tool for that: NetImmerse Override Cleaner
    Fallout 4 Support:
    I've been informed that it works with Fallout 4's LooksMenu BodyGen.
    Just modify the "settings.json" so that it looks like this:
    { "Defaults": { }, "Multipliers": { }, "Inverted": [ ] }  
    Changes from the old one:
    Now written in JavaFX instead of Swing, which allows awesome looks and styles. The old one was written on a whim which resulted in poor UI layout. This one's window is now resizeable. Confirmation prompts for some actions. The NPC list is now viewed in a table that is sortable and filterable. Some other improvements.  

    Generate templates and morphs INI. Save and load your settings to and from a .jbs2bg file (json file) that can be shared to anyone since the data of the presets are stored in the file so the external XML and text files that were used are no longer required.  "Edit SetSliders" allows you to set the weight or even set the range to which a SetSlider will randomize. Table views for NPCs are sortable and filterable for easier management. BodyTypes of Skyrim JSON conversion.  
    For this guide, I'll be using CBBE body as that is what I mainly use.
    Also, this guide will be assuming that you already have both BodySlide and RaceMenu installed and that you know how to use BodySlide.



  21. Gharzal

    Before We Go Any Further I Have To Apologize For My Typing, I'm Blind In My Left Eye And Capitalizing The 1st Letter Of Each Word Seams Help Me Read My Own Typing.
    Now That's Out The Way, On To The Good Stuff
    This Is Gharzal An Orc Archer Follower I Originally Made For Myself But Thought Others May Enjoy Her Since There's A Distinct Lack Of Orc Follower Mods Out Their. 
    You Can Find Her At The Braidwood Inn In Kynesgrove, You'll Have To Give Her Some Alchohol Before She'll Agree To Follow You Though
    Technical Sidenotes:
    She'll Use Whatever Body Textures You Have Installed, However I Think She Looks Best With Pride Of Valhalla Skin Textures (It's What I Personally Use And What Was Used In The Screenshots) Other Then That She's Completely Vanilla



  22. Dx's Preset - Redguard Mihail - SAM

    First LoversLab upload
    Mihail is a Redguard, made to work with S.A.M - Shape Atlas for Men.

    For the SOS RaceMenu Plugin: There is no direct need to 
    change anything on his Dick in the SAM Menu.
    I edited it in the RaceMenu.

    You can delete that of course or change it if you don't like it!


    RaceMenu by Expired 
    Eyes of Aber by Aberin
    Brows by Hvergelmir 
    ApachiiSkyHair (for Male) by Apachii 
    Ixum's Tattoos by Ixum

    -Highly Recommended-

    Rudy ENB by Rudy102
    XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS by xp32 for the SOS RaceMenu Plugin
    SAM - Shape Atlas for Men + HD Textures from vectorplexus.com
    Younger Geonox Face for SAM from vectorplexus.com
    ApachiiSkyHair natural Retexture by Hein84


    With Nexus Mod Manager/Mod Organizer 
    or manually in your data Folder

    Knowing Issues

    -He might get a missing texture, dunno why this happens 
    (it does happen to me sometimes from different Presets of others)
    -Preset can't be installed with MO for some strange Reason so do it completely manually if you have Issues


    RaceMenu by Expired 
    Eyes of Aber by Aberin
    Brows by Hvergelmir 
    ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
    Ixum's Tattoos by Ixum 
    ApachiiSkyHair natural Retexture by Hein84
    Younger Geonox Face for SAM by Don
    SAM - Shape Atlas for Men by Vector
    Skyrim by Bethesda



  23. MiniNeeds

    MiniNeeds V3.2
    This mod adds a set of needs to the player.
    For each need, you can define how much time you can spend without satisfying the need. If too much time will pass some penalties will be applied.
    You can also define the maximum percentage of the damage applied when a need is not satisfied.

    Each need can be enabled or disabled in the MCM. You can use only the needs you want.
    Warning: also if I tried to test everything it is possible that there are bugs. Report them and I will fix them for the next version
    Water Patch
    A patch to ignore the water level is added.
    Just unzip it and replace the equivalent files in the original mod.
      Installation and Credits
      The mod
      Water bottles
      Food and Drinks from other mods
      Loading/Saving the configuration
      Uninstall a previous version
    Advanced Stuff




  24. The Wilds Plus ENB (download link fixing)

    This is a personal ENB inspired by The Wilds ENB. However, the original author has finished her ENB modding with the final version of The Wilds ENB after 3.0 using v121212 binary. The original - The Wilds ENB was my first ENB and the best Skyrim graphics through the time. It was sad seeing Luna stopped updating and the current ENB binary (by Boris) used is old and a bit outdated that can hardly bear a heavily modded Skyrim these days. Therefore, this MOD is derived from The Wilds ENB as a sort of alternative continuing work to regain its rich graphics in Skyrim and that is why it is called 'The Wilds Plus' (The Wilds+).
    This ENB MOD enriches Skyrim graphics with more vivid and deeper colours as well as tries to stabilize the x32 game to certain extent. The graphic settings are based on the original Wilds ENB 'v1.5s' + 'v3.0 Dark Interiors' while changes and personal tweaks were made through time of the years. It uses the latest ENB binary 0.308, and more importantly its ExpandSystemMemoryX64 (since it is the best way) to better stress your machine running massive MODs with the 32bit Skyrim. Hence, others who wish to use this ENB need to adjust there Skyrim memory patches properly to allow the ENB parameters work.
    NOTE: the most cases is the 4GB memory patch:
    in SKSE, make sure DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB not exceeding 768 [sheoson];
    in Crash Fix, make sure the memory allocate functions turned off;
    PS: these memory patches are really excellent; but they are not needed if you decide using ENB memory method and in this MOD, in reality, the ENB method is far better and stabler as the major memory solution (rendering hundreds of lives engaging in the wilderness without crashing and freezing).
    The ENB Boost is also applied/included in this MOD as a level of customization based on the hardware:
    Quad-Core CPU
    2-4 GB VRAM
    8-16 GB RAM
    Anyone interested in this MOD may adjust Skyrim .ini files to make it work properly as to individual circumstances but it is generally OK if anyone has the hardware suggested above or higher. Make sure bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini [Display].
    For convenience and less confusion, I also included Climate of Tamriel v3.0 (the only version this ENB works) and the CoT Weather Patch in the package because this ENB was built also based on them.
    should be simply download and extract the files to drop them into Skyrim game folder (where TESV.exe locates) and you should see the ENB notification texts on the upper-right corner of Skyrim main menu. No need to worry about the red texts showing the disabled renders since it is ENB Boost for additional performance and MOD flexibility (while not loosing original quality).
    Apart from the required MODs already mentioned above, there are other several to use with this MOD to squeeze out most from the gaming engine:
    Cell Stabilizer by Altimor
    Safety Load by kapear
    Sweet FX Shader by CeeJay
    [modified and included in this MOD]
    SKSE Preloader by meh321 and Sheson
    And others might suggest to try not necessarily and AFTER The Wilds+ ENB works properly for your game:
    ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer by kapear
    Load Game CTD Fix by Utopium
    S.T.E.P by S.T.E.P. team
    and a page which gives very sensible guide for Skyrim ENB stablization. I only remember its title picture says by the whiterun guard: I used to CTD like you...
    1. It is just a personal ENB which is not necessary to be released but happy to be shared simply because it might help/inspiring when someone (including the author) suddenly need it and continue a alternative way of the wilds ENB Luna created. Feel free to use its content but do not re-upload this MOD to Nexusmods.
    2. The required MOD components included in the package would be striped off from the package if request raises. At this time, it is thought to be one-step installation only due to users might be confused and lost with all the components and adjustments needed. However, in the future, there might be a more executable installation to simply specify the individual hardware circumstance (resilience option) .
    3. This ENB is originally designed mainly for beautifying the player especially for females (as like a part of the cosmetics) and carefully adjusted the shadow. Please set fShadowBiasScale in SkyrimPrefs.ini to a number more than 1.0000
    4. Please give this ENB's credit to Cilene.
    5. Thanks for all the developers all the way making Skyrim better world.
    Please do not forget to check out the details in the description and endorse their work.
    further detail will be included...
    Sorry for my terrible description
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part01.rar
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part02.rar
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part03.rar
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part04.rar
    The Wilds+ ENB Pack.part05.rar
    The Wilds+ Only ENB.rar



  25. Riverwood Respite Playerhome +Bathing area

    We're Officially out of beta!....Although i'm by no means finished! Thank you all for your support!
    Nexus link for endorsement:
    Hello Please Endorse If you like the mod!
    Riverwood Respite Is a very cosy Player home that acts as both a functioning player home and also the Ideal Practical "Respite" for your Dragonborn, the home features many things things that will appeal to just about everybody! ...from a beautiful bathing area to a prison....and much more to come!
    Location: opposite the Riverwood Wood mill.
    Bathing area Dungeon (Not shown in screenshots atm) Alchemy/enchanting area Crafting area

    To do:
    Childrens bedrooms Adjust lighting Add more clutter/decoration Add more furnishings to exterior

    ETAC (Patch In the works)


    Am I still working on this Project?....YES
    (I will alter this when I finish working on this mod)
    Screenshot credits:



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