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    Did some Mugen work (Death Adder, Eyedol). Also worked on an old massive crossover fangame that was quite popular for a while but fell through. And now here I am indulging my inner pervert with the rather friendly sexual deviants of this community :p

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  1. So this Khajiit Assassin showed up while I was in town. I thought I was his target, but nope. Turns out he had a contract on.... the Rorikstead carriage horse?: I sat back and watched him hack at that horse for two minutes straight. A job's a job I guess....
  2. Heh, there was this cutscene in the game where you were attacked by a group of generic Sith henchmen. I learned the hard way when I tried turning one of them into a unique miniboss enemy, balanced for that point in the game (around the mid-end). That was a mistake.... And don't even get my started on some of the ass backwards systems I noticed they were using in SWTOR. As an amateur game designer/coder it just made me what to tear my hair out that AAA professionals could really be that stupid. Of course they were already in the process of transitioning into BINOware by that point....
  3. As someone who did a little modding of KOTOR 2 and Baldurs Gate 2 it doesn't seem likely. Bioware games, even the classic ones from their glory days, don't tend to be very mod friendly. As brilliant of developers as they were back then if you went to check under the hood of one of their games the way they were structured was... weird... to say the least. Very rigid and bizarrely set up making any sort of modding a pain in the ass.
  4. MrEsturk


    Total miscalculation for them then. This decision is only going to cost them money. Given the fanservice is one of DOA's main selling points its probably going to cost them quite a bit of money.
  5. Quite nice, you actually got an Asian looking face, which isn't easy with Skyrim's tools.
  6. MrEsturk

    Share your sexlab diary page

    The map is Tropical Skyrim, which transforms all of mainland Skyrim into a land of tropics and deserts. The body writing is Corintio's Progressive Slavetats. I've used it in conjunction with Slaverun, in which case you get those tattoos forced on you if you get enslaved.
  7. MrEsturk

    Melodic's things

    Lovely set. I spliced it together with the Elvenia armor set to a nice effect, or at least IMO:
  8. And now there is a grayfaced doppleganger of the Markarth blacksmith wondering the roads aimlessly too, just like the clone of Narri. Strangely she also uses Narri's greeting dialogue lines. A bit creepy really:
  9. On my way to Markarth, tracking a down a runaway slave for the masters:
  10. MrEsturk

    Share your sexlab diary page

    In what is totally not a sad attempt to try to revive this topic my new character has surpassed my former broken savecode character in every way now, including sexual exploits: Been making a point to fool around with more females this time. Given I'm using Slaverun its impressive I was even able to get the male/female ratio to 2:1.
  11. I've made it beyond the point I was at in Slaverun before my previous game bricked and only one major quest away in Wheels of Lull, so things are good. This lovely little fellow likes to trade human hearts for dyes. Not sure what the dyes are for but I had a few spare human hearts on me, so why not?: An independent Skyrim will be much easier to keep under Slaverun's, and by proxy Coldharbor's, influence. So time to aid the Stromcloak rebellion. Strangely they didn't seem bothered at all by the fact that I kept summoning Dremora minions during our campaign for the Jagged Crown: After acquiring the crown I unlocked the heavily secured ancient chest behind the draugr king's throne to discover this ancient treasure beyond treasures. Surely the dead king must have held it as his most sacred possession to be locked and buried away next to him:
  12. Did you try using tfc in the console then moving the camera to them so you can select them and use the kill console command on them?
  13. I know how you feel. My copy of Skyrim seems to HATE Simple Slavery. I had to disable just about every mod I use just to keep it from "out of memory" crashing so I could play test how S_L_U_T_S intergrates into it.