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  1. Whipping is supposed to become available the moment you find a dom. Don't know why it wouldn't, the same register script is run both when you find a dom or a fellow slave. Another case of something in this blasted cursed mod only working when it feels like it again There is a cooldown after being whipped before you can be whipped again. Basically you have to wait for the health debuff to wear off (about 10 minutes). The buffs it adds last longer and you can beg to be whipped again while you have them.
  2. I didn't modify the quest objects that contain all the follower recruit/dismissal dialog, so this mod shouldn't effect your ability to dismiss followers. Unless Deviously Cursed Loot changed something of that quest object, but I don't believe it does.
  3. As far as unusual controllers go I actually enjoyed using this infamous thing as a child: Granted I never wasted my time with that goofy red disk in the middle. I directly used the ring as a d-pad.
  4. This actually happened to me last year, but I thought it would be amusing to bring up. One time when I liberated Whiterun for the Stormcloaks Jarl Balgruuf malfunctioned and decided to just start slowly following me wherever I went. I would just be minding my own business and turn around to find him there, giving me this look of eternal disappointment. Here he is before I finally ditched him for good, way out by the guard outposts to the far northeast of Whiterun's territories, still glaring at me for overthrowing him:
  5. Yeah, I see that little pink meter. We know what you did to him, succubus
  6. You miss understand. I was just saying maybe the developers didn't flesh out the male version's romantic options as much due to the female version being intended as the "true" version. Though come to think of it I seem to recall a friend of mine hooking up with the Handmaiden, so maybe its just tricky to get laid in that game. Unlike KOTOR 1 you at least have to watch your actions in game more carefully due to the respect meter the followers have. As for as the female romance options I remember if you play your cards right Atton eventually expresses his love for you which you use to turn him into a Jedi in the process. Mira ends up making fun of you the next time you talk to her for "glowing" and wondering if you and Atton "plugged in the power cable". Don't remember what I did to get the Disciple. I know the romance events in that game are as simplistic as KOTOR 1 so don't expect much more than a couple lines of dialog expressing their love and a kiss.
  7. I ended up off camera banging both Atton and the Mical the Disciple in my KOTOR 2 playthroughs. Mira even makes fun of you a bit afterwards. So I know at least the female Exile can romance and get laid. Then again she's the canonical version so maybe the male version is a dead fish.
  8. That's the timer. A random number between MinDays and MaxDays is picked as the timer when a rule is first enacted. 1.0 = 1 game day. If you see a rule that doesn't have MinDays & MaxDays set it is a permanent rule that is endlessly enforced as long as you are a slave.
  9. MrEsturk

    [SUNSAKUKA] Friday Entry No. #33 Exotica & Bannanette

    Wow, those ball gag pics are hot
  10. MrEsturk

    "What are you playing" thread

    Meh, they could do worse, like some FF15 character just because "its the newest one".
  11. MrEsturk

    "What are you playing" thread

    Ultimate Smash Bros. Haven't owned a Smash game since the Gamecube era, but got a Switch new in the box for 40$ off on EBay. I've unlocked Little Mac up to this point. Happy I've got Zelda, Zero Suit Samus, Ice Climbers, and Simon unlocked at this point but still a long way to go to unlock the whole roster. Also: I play with items on (low). I make no apologizes and couldn't care less that "That's not the way they do it in the tournaments.". As George Carlin would put it the tournaments are as boring as watching flies fuck because they ban everything interesting and unique about the game. Not interested in watching two dudes spam evasion moves while on the least interesting stages of the lineup. EDIT: Got up to Solid Snake. If you're having problems defeating a character to unlock I've found King K Rool has a real knack for knocking the AI on its ass. At least for the unlock battles.
  12. Added one more update: - Ankle Shackles (Fetters) and Butt Plug rule added. The butt plug rule is designed to be compatible with any plugs that use equipment slot 48, such as this one. - The Master should no longer be able to pimp you to the submissive follower. Other followers may still decide to buy your services though - The Pony Girl rule now has a cooldown time between sex. So no more getting bent over every 3 seconds if the RNG gods are in a cruel mood - Pimp Master sex events originally would be flagged as rape when the vanilla no sex rule was also active as a work around. This of course would cause the animations to be aggressive/violent and add to your raped counter. A new work around has been implemented that doesn't do that. - Added some changes suggested by Renfrya to tweak the buggy dialog quests. Hopefully this will make them work properly for more users, but no promises. CK truly hates me when it comes to trying to create dialog quests - Changed the No Armor penalty to damage your magicka instead of your magicka regeneration rate. It was never meant to damage your regeneration rate. I'm not sure what even causes it to behave like that. I never meant for it to damage the player's magicka rate in the first place, only their magicka but incorrectly set it. If the new update doesn't fix it maybe try finding some other spell or effect that changes your magicka rate. Maybe that will correct it. Other than that I have no idea what could be done. There's a Quest Alias for "est_XDFFDom_Quest" that handles all that, but the values changed won't take effect in an existing save. And now for some good news and some bad news: The bad news is I'm going on my break from modding Skyrim for a while. Its a busy work season for me (The shipping industry is busy in December? Never!). Plus some other games I've wanted to try are out. So now seemed like a good time to bow out. The good news is fellow LL member coffeeink has expressed an interest in expanding this mod, so I'm turning it over to them. So the mod isn't dead, it will continue being worked on by coffeeink. Just under new management if you will. I'll still be around the forums just hanging out. Coffeeink said they be looking over the mod over the weekend and I wish them luck. Give them a chance to get set up and in their groove before you start bombarding them with too many requests/bug reports/etc, eh?
  13. Kreia was awesome. Bastilla on the other hand... there was just something about her I found insufferably annoying. Played male but had no interest in romancing her because I just couldn't stand her. So I hated constantly being forced to team up with her and killed her in the end. Which somehow gave me the lightside ending due to how bottle-necked your final choices were.
  14. As glebbus13 said new MCM menus can sometimes be extremely sluggish to pop up. Sometimes its almost instant. On a few rare occasions I've had one take up to 10+ minutes to appear. You can just upload them directly here in the comment options.
  15. Beautiful girls. The bestiality ruined it for me though.