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  1. I eat my cereal plain because I can't stand milk. So maybe I'm doing it wrong. As for sandwiches, what RitualClarity said.
  2. As far as I know no one in my country has been prosecuted by the government for being a prick on social media. They've got kicked off social media platforms, but the feds didn't step in and give them fines/jailtime/etc. And I'd like it to stay that way. As for your first statement I disagree. Wars don't start because some idiot loudmouth was talking trash: wars start when an even bigger idiot with even less self control decides to strike the first physical blow.
  3. I'm glad you don't get to make any laws in my country. Glad the first amendment ensures rules like that can't be put in place here. The idea that a person could be legally prosecuted, much less thrown in a cage, for merely insulting someone they were in a dispute with the wrong way makes my skin crawl.
  4. In all fairness it seems like all of the mainstream political parties in UK were an excuse away from pushing something like this. Same deal as here in the States: the conservative parties will attack porn to pander to the oldworld puritans while the liberal parties attack porn to pander to the radical feminists. So same boat as being a gamer: you can vote for someone who might screw you over at the drop of the hat or not vote and have someone appointed for you that might screw you over at the drop of a hat🤪
  5. Ah yes, Wizards and Warriors🤔 One of the games I owned as child. There are concepts there I could use if I go the platformer route. Such as the non-linear stages involving tracking down keys and enough treasure to bribe off a stubborn, invincible gatekeeper. The treasure chest based sub-item system and the potion of levitation were fun mechanics too. Also pretty impressive the devs were able to get smooth simultaneous horizontal and vertical scrolling on the NES all the way back in 1987. Almost a year before Nintendo themselves first pulled it off with SMB3.
  6. Figuring out solutions to programming problems. For example I've been trying to set up an indie game project using Unity and today I figured out solutions to two the the issues I had with the Unity engine: The first is its built-in RNG system, which IMO is terrible at randomizing small number ranges. So I programmed my own RNG system, based on the system the original DOOM used of all things. Mine's a little more advanced of course, including having a mutation algorithm that shuffles up the seed table whenever its called. But things have been set up to phase out Unity's vanilla RNG system all together so yay. My system should be much better suited for the retro style game I'm trying to make. The other issue was Unity's animation system, which was borderline useless if you want precisely timed out animations (it uses a float based counter, which Unity is just a sloppy mess at performing in general). So I created my own timer that keeps the counter integer based until the final moment, making it much cleaner at making sure the keyframes you want to always display do so. Still mulling over whether I want to make a platformer similar to NES Rygar/Classic Castlevania or a old style Zelda type game (#JustADDThings😝). Anyone have an opinion on that matter?
  7. I don't think they fully understand the full consequences of their petty moral crusade and the long term effects its going to have. For example the whole GamerGate event irrevocably changed my political worldviews to a significant degree. Changing my positions and more importantly, how I vote. And it wasn't the inserting of censorship/agendas into video games itself that turned me. That was annoying but trivial. It was realizing if the mainstream media/status quo were willing to be so openly biased and blatantly dishonest over a topic that stupid: then what else where they lying to me about? And then one starts to notice them pulling the exact same dirty tricks when addressing other topics. The whole tapestry unraveled with one, seemingly insignificant, pulled thread. And just by surfing the web I can tell I'm hardly the only one who's worldview was completely turned on its head by this mess. Its going to be an... experience to see what happens when the white knight spindoctors shielding these moral busybodies realize there isn't any real power or profit to draw pandering to them thus causing the SJW bubble to finally burst to say the least...
  8. I'm just disappointed with the direction the Mortal Kombat series has been going. I used to be a huge fanboy of the series. But after being in the minority of people who feels MKX was a step backwards from MK9 in almost everyway and MK11 looking like it is going to be more of the same with an extra scoop of wokeness I've just lost interest. So I'm a little bummed out about it to say the least. But I guess it saves me 60$ plus DLC fees. Weird year being there is both a MK game and a Star Wars movie coming out I have no hype for.
  9. Or Battletoads, which was nerfed when it was ported to Japan. Konami used to like to make things tougher for their western audiences for some reason too. Most of their 8bit and 16bit library was harder in the western ports (Bayou Billy, Castlevania 3, and Contra: Hardcorps being some prime examples). Now SHUMPs games on the hand... Japan is hardcore on a level this side of the planet could never imagine to compete with.
  10. When it comes down to it there is one truth IMO: target audiences exist and should take priority. A game designed to provide a laid-back, accessible experience for the causal community does not need a hard mode to pander to the hardcore crowd. They are not the target audience. A game designed to be a mountain for veteran gamers to climb as they struggle all the way up does not need an easy mode to pander to low skill players. They are not the target audience. However if you were not designing your game with either of those philosophies then adding a difficultly setting isn't an unreasonable request. A primitive difficulty setting that just adjusts basic game stats is incredibly simple to create.
  11. Been slowing weening myself off the Google tech monopoly. Just switched my browser to Brave. Was already using GoDuckGo for my search bar. And so on. Still on the GMail train and can't see quitting Google Maps anytime soon. But I'm not so much boycotting Google as I am trying to make sure I'm not completely dependent on their sole company for all my online activities.
  12. My character has reached the the Experimenting rank of her Exhibitionist rating. She now is only willing to wear highly revealing clothes at the times she's even willing to wear clothing at all and just in general has plunged into kinky debauchery:
  13. On that note I'd like to also throw in hypochondriacs who don't give a shit about anyone else's health or cleanliness. There are a ton of those assholes at my work: people that refuse to flush the toilet no matter nightmare they unloaded into it, along with using one of the disposable sanitary lid covers when they take a shit but not actually bothering to dispose of it. Then on the way out they are too precious to touch the door handle and its imagined germs: so they used the soiled hand towel they dried their hands with to open the door then leave the disgusting thing wrapped around the handle for the next person to deal with. Because fuck anyone else, amirite?
  14. Just a word of warning: there are some bugs in the auto-undress feature in version 0.6. I already told Skylover37 how to fix them, all are easy fixes. Expect a hotfix up soon. EDIT: He's uploaded the hotfix. Redownload 0.6 if you got it before the fix. Anyways I see that feature, a little donation of mine, is implemented. For those wondering how the auto-undress system works here are the basic notes (hidden under a spoiler tag for those that don't want to know):
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