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  1. MrEsturk

    Soul calibur 6

    Raphael's trailer has been released: There has been some question whether or not Hwang and Aeon(The official Lizardman) will make the cut or not. Those that made the credible leaks noted both have their the names in the roster data but neither otherwise nearly as complete in the game data as the rest of the roster. Keeping my fingering crossed that the supposed big news that is supposed to be unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend will reveal one of them and put my worries to rest.
  2. MrEsturk

    I get bored of male characters in RPGs

    I usually play female characters for certain personal reasons. Also I absolutely hate that "spunky teenage pretty boy" arch-type most JRPGs are obsessed making the main character so having a female gender option in those games is always a very welcome addition. I recently figured out how to mod my friend's Nintendo mini to play all nes/genesis/snes emulated roms and trying to find RPGs that don't shoehorn you into that arch-type from that era is a royal pain in the ass. In regards to that outfit theposhmudcrab posted a pic of, it is quite modest just as they said. Those calling it practical here are sorely mistaken though. You'd exhaust yourself in 10 minutes trying to move around in that much plate + chainmail not to mention anyone with a polearm or axe could easily hook you by those ceremonial style shoulder plates. You'd be better off taking your chances with a just useless bikini. Modest doesn't automatically equal practical.
  3. MrEsturk

    Soul calibur 6

    Soul Calibur now resorting to piracy:
  4. MrEsturk

    Soul calibur 6

    Some screenshots of Raphael and Cervantes have been leaked. It also shows which slot is reserved for created characters: https://www.eventhubs.com/imagegallery/2018/aug/31/reported-cervantes-and-raphael-leak-soul-calibur-6/1/ It also appears there are 4 select slots still left. I'm guessing Tira, Lizardman, and Hwang will all get one, so I wonder who the final character will be? UPDATE: The Japanese official site has posted updates on the features of create-a-character. Some things of note include being able to use the guest character styles this time (So you can make a CaC that fights like Geralt, couldn't do that with previous SC guests), other players' created characters will appear as AI opponents in some game modes, and the features of the body sculpter (looks like I'm getting my breast slider, lol): https://sc6.soularchive.jp/mode/creation.php Just drive it home by officially revealing Hwang and I'm sold Namco.
  5. MrEsturk

    [SUNSAKUKA] Friday Entry No. #26 Nimiel, Ambra & Eliel

    Ugh, what is it about those heart collar chokers?
  6. Bump. I guess probably the most disappointing questline I've done is the Slaverun enslaved main questline. After the Riften quests it went so off the deep end into uber-hardcore content it ceased to be erotic in any way to me and became an endurance test to get through until I finally gave up. It become all about animal piss, vore, hardcore incest, cannibalism.... I just wanted a crazy bondage adventure about enslaving the women of Skyrim, not listening to the slavers talk in length about how awesome it was going to be when they put my PC on a spit and ate her flesh. Yeah I know you talk them out of it in the end but.... no, just no. I draw no kinkiness from such things and didn't feel like sticking around to the likely end where I'm guessing I'd have to watch a cutscene of them going Texas Chainsaw Massacre buffet on some NPC.
  7. A couple of quick tips that might save you some headaches: - If you try to convert an outfit with HDT boob/butt physics to a non-HDT body the game will crash. Same thing with any outfit that uses HDT cape/cloth effects. Outfit studio hates downgrading HDT physics or adding in new ones not present in the chosen body's template for some reason. Haven't found a workaround for this myself. - A lot of tutorials will tell you to use "copy bone weights". Normally you won't need to do this if you're just making minor tweaks or converting a body. In fact its more likely to just cause minor headaches when it is unnecessary. However you will need to copy the bone weights on any outfit parts that cover the breasts/butt if you're converting a nonHDT outfit to an HDT body. - Always remember to backup any outfits you already made tweaks to if you decide to go for another major round of editing on Its really easy to mess something up and leave it saved that way.
  8. You definitely need to do that. It opens up a whole new world of costumes. All those costumes that aren't compatible with the body type you use suddenly become options with only about 5 to 30 minutes of tweaking once you get the hang of it. Well besides the ones that use an insanely proportioned body where trying to scale it back to the default outfit studio body proportions simply isn't worth the trouble. Bart...... I really, really hate that little bastard.
  9. You'd have to tweak the glasses mesh in Body Slide's Out Studio or open it in a modeling program like Blender. CK won't do a thing for you in this case.
  10. Those guys show up to mug me all the time while I'm in werewolf form. Never gets any less amusing: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/images/683314
  11. MrEsturk

    Soul calibur 6

    A fairly credible leak suggests the rest of the main roster will be: Cervantes, Raphael, Lizardman, and Hwang. Main thing that makes it seem credible is they named Azwel in the leak despite it being from over two months ago: Judging by screenshots in June of the select screen that may or may not leave room for one more character, depending on whether or not Tira uses an official roster slot.
  12. MrEsturk

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    So does this qualify as lesbian sex or masturbation?
  13. MrEsturk

    Soul calibur 6

    Interesting personality. He sounds like if the devil found humanity just too damn entertaining to wipe out thus devoted himself to preserving them to be his eternal playtoy. Yeah it this point if we get a Hwang or Cassandra reveal I'll likely be a dumbass and preorder, even though I swore I'd never do that again after I got burnt by MKX.
  14. MrEsturk

    Soul calibur 6

    Guess we got our final boss reveal:
  15. MrEsturk

    "What are you playing" thread

    Been enjoying it so far. I'm only at level 11 and just got to the wind stone caves. Hit up the wine a bit too much last night and had to give up on trying to solve the air vent puzzles until I was a bit more sober I really like that you get to choose your characters at the beginning. That teenage pretty boy arch-type that JRPG devs seem to love so much is my least favorite type of character to play in video games so I prefer JRPGs that let you be something else. I prefer more of a Conan/Astaroth/Nightmare type when I pick a male character.