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    Did some Mugen work (Death Adder, Eyedol). Also worked on an old massive crossover fangame that was quite popular for a while but fell through. And now here I am indulging my inner pervert with the rather friendly sexual deviants of this community :p

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  1. Hello MrEsturk ?  I LOVE what you have done with the Submissive Lola mod!  I hope you will continue it with periodic additions.   Even something in response to the master complaining about not complementing her beauty and other comments the master makes.  Any more interactivity between master and sub would be great. 


    Your additions made this mod 200% better than the original.  GREAT Work!  Thank You!

  2. The Cicero dance was already replaced with the dance animations from Zaz. Mostly anyways: I set the player to still very rarely do the dance as a joke, since Hexbolt8 had already written a humorous dialog of the owner having bemused reaction to the Cicero dance before I replaced it. Kind of a like an easter egg where the player completely flubs the order to dance by not understanding they are supposed to be dancing sexy, not doing a silly jig. Guess you got a bad RNG roll if your player did the Cicero dance. Normally the player will do a different dance. Though most of the Zaz dances are still fairly contemporary which you may still not like.
  3. Just how many times am I going to have to remind Steam that I don't want keyboard commands assigned to my gamepad? I blanked those settings out 20+ times at this point for a reason Steam, please stop resetting them back because apparently you think you know what settings I want better than I do. God forbid I play one of my nonSteam games without having to shutdown the Steam browser first because it insists on doubling up my controller button presses as a bunch of disruptive keyboard input.
  4. Been playing Midnight Castle Succubus. A hentai themed classic Castlevania clone: Funny thing is despite being a bargain bin hentai game being sold on Steam it is actually been pretty good so far. It could almost pass for a high quality NES era adventure game if it weren't for the adult themes. Though I'm really starting to wish these throwback developers would aim for at least Sega Master System color quality rather than their obsession with NES style.
  5. Made Hexbolt8's updates into the official 1.1 update. Also changed his status in the credits to co-creator due to the massive amount of work he has put into it.
  6. Ohhh... concord grapes are in season. Love those things, even with their big annoying seeds.
  7. Yeah pretty much any misstep business decision you could make was made by Sony during the VHS vs Beta wars. Very elitist attitude in everything they did with Beta.
  8. I tried creating replacement loading screen characters, but my replacements all had that blasted gray face bug. And Creation Kit won't let you export the correct face textures with the loading screen models like you can with NPCs. I couldn't figure out how to fix it so I decided to swap them all out with items instead. Got tired of looking at Bethesda's vanilla character designs being they've had some strange obsession with making their characters ugly looking since the turn of the century.
  9. Well in all fairness its a little more complex than just stupidity. During the early years VHS tapes were able to hold several times more content than Betamax tapes. To get that extra space you had to use a format that looked like horseshit but if you were already stuck playing your tapes through a clunky lower class TV of the era you'd barely be able to notice. Video cassette tapes were also rather expensive all the way into the mid 80s, making storage space a lot more valuable. Also there were a lot more options in VHS systems, due to JVC being willing to license out their design to other manufacturers while Sony mostly kept it in house. That drove the cost of VHS machines down much faster than Betamax. Between that and the multiple tape storage size formats VHS won over the working class masses. By the time Betamax caught up the damage was already done. Beta was also stuck competing with Laserdisc, which took a chunk of the rich people/videophile market away from them. These days if you want analog video you'd have no reason to choose VHS over Beta or Laserdisc. But back then it was the poor person friendly format.
  10. All this rambling about Gamestop makes me miss my childhood days when the equivalent was various mall stores like Babbages and Software Etc. All of which at one time in my life were competing stores with competing selection and prices. And had their own unique themes/layouts. Babbages in the 80s always had tons of fun little demos in their stores as well. Sadly all the internet stock photos of those store chains I could find come from the 2000s, long after they were all acquired by a single mega-corporation owner and slowly stripped of their soul. All the online Babbages stock photos look like a damn Gamestop. So my memories are stuck being just that: memories😢
  11. Updated the official version to 1.0 using Hexbolt8's most up to date patch. Seems like a good point to consider the mod no longer a beta, being all the content Hexbolt8 added since 0.95.
  12. Could be worse. Most of my recent dreams have been really annoying. Here's two lovely recent examples: - I dreamed I got a letter from my bank which informed me I was being charged a nondescript 675$ penalty fee to my account. Rather than explaining what the fee was about the rest of the letter was an unrelated sales pitch for a credit card. - I dreamed for some reason that I apparently bought a pet parrot. One of the larger, high maintenance breeds. I spent the rest of the dream freaking out, wondering what on earth could have possessed me to make such a foolish decision or how the heck I was supposed to be taking care of a parrot from now on.
  13. "We know you were just trying to get a little escapism in your life, but first can we take a moment to lecture you on a bunch of stuff you already knew about politics and Corana-Chan?" This year had a few really nice moments for me, but overall I won't miss it when its over.
  14. Updated the official release to match Hexbolt8's patches once again.
  15. Super Ghost's N Ghouls: Waifu edition. Apparently in this version Arthur was slacking off somewhere so one of the princess's chambermaids decided to step up to the challenge. Certainly makes the hero being so clumsy and frail make more sense...
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