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  1. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    That could work. The humiliation effect will likely be implemented in phase: Next update it will be disabled simply because I have too much other stuff to clean up. The update after that some very simple outcomes will be added: probably just sex or putting on a restraint. In following updates more complex to script stuff like what you've just suggested will be added. Things like getting pimped out to NPCs that like to hang around the dispatch area (stablehands, guards,etc), getting branded with tattoos or being asked to bang your companion while the dispatch watches.
  2. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    Actually I could probably just fuse that with the flyer idea. You're tasked with distributing a bag goods to the local merchants instead of flyers, which would work better as a repeatable quest idea. Same rules being trapped in your pony restraints naked and sometimes the clients try to talk you into making a little money on the side by demeaning yourself for them(sex, adding more restraints, etc).
  3. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    So it turns out there really was a broken dialog option when you failed a run: [*nods submissively*]. This option did absolutely nothing and boots you back to the default dialog. How I missed that I have no idea, but DOH! My mistake and has been corrected. Tonight I'm going to finish up putting a temporary outcome for the "humilation for ride" option (for now it will just be the sex for ride option it was originally implied to be while I set up something more). Then I'm going to make another public update release since I think its due. It'll be a minor one with mostly fixes (Rapey dispatchers don't pilfer you, fixed broken dialogue options, you actually get debt for failed runs, yoke script updated to DD 4.0, colorable UUNP Livery Tattoo, maybe some other fixes I forgot which is one of the reasons an update is due )
  4. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    I do like the idea of the tattoo. Maybe being forced to remain naked and wear the Livery tattoo for 12-24 hours after receiving your ride. As for the other things they might be ideas for other event, but for the ride humiliation event I was looking for things a bit quicker and more immediate. Any longer term effects being the kind of thing you can still immediately get your ride and go about your business, such as the tattoo idea. The whole point of the ride is to save time. The pamphlets idea could actually make a good separate quest. My thoughts on it: - You agree to pass out flyers to some/all of the local businesses of the local hold. - You can either do it voluntarily for 200 gold, or as a way to clear an arrears debt that is nearly paid off rather than doing another run. - You're required to be naked and wear your S.L.U.T.S. tattoo/uniform while doing the quest. Except the yoke and mittens. Kind of hard to pass out flyers with both a gag in your mouth and your hands completely locked away. There are other methods I suppose but the dispatchers won't be that cruel about it - The quest is only available in the daytime. They would send you to hand out flyers when all the businesses are closed after all. - When giving out the flyers your customers will sometimes offer to "tip" you in return for additional services. If you're doing the quest voluntarily you can refuse or accept to make a little extra money on the side. If you're doing it to clear a debt you're forced to accept their offers while the tip money gets confiscated to go towards your reparations. - You must do the quest in all 5 major holds in order to be to repeat it in any given hold, at which point the cycle repeats. Not a bad idea. Maybe in Riften's case the two gate guards standing close by the carriage driver. I could put in a random chance the driver will get annoyed and lock you back into your bridle and tail plug. I'm trying to avoid chastity wear since the stuff is so heavily over used in most of the other bondage mods on this site. I might make the punishment tail work similar to the "Yoke of Shame" from DCL where there is a cooldown timer before you're allowed to remove it since it wouldn't be locked behind a belt.
  5. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    Regarding the yoke I've already added the infrastructure for being able to chose a yoke, so sure, I'll add that crueler alternative option. As for adding more delivery points I definitely want to do that in the future. I was thinking of adding "minihubs" to the other towns: a guy with a horse that functions as a S_L_U_T_S dispatcher but doesn't provide vanilla Skyrim carriage rides. Adding army/orc camps is a good idea too. But for now I'm focusing on just cleaning up the base mod. I also still haven't fully figured out how the mod chooses delivery points, but I'm working on it. Anyone more savvy to Wrye Bash know what this error means? I did a google search, but couldn't find any coherent answer on what a "VMAD" error is, which makes it kind of hard to attempt to fix it Unfortunately I haven't been encountering these bugs myself so it tough to know what's causing them. Or even if its the mod itself and not just Skyrim pulling the usual unstable bullshit when certain mods are put together in a certain order. But as I decipher the DocClox's scripts I'll keep a look out for any alarm raising things that could be causing these issues. Sorry to everyone experiencing those problems, I really wish I could do more to correct them How do you assign an NPC a specific package via script? I've tried to look it up repeatedly and have yet to find an example that bothers to show where the package chosen is actually specified. An example script would be nice if you don't mind. AN UPDATE ON TRADING SEX FOR A RIDE BACK TO YOUR ESCROW: I'm currently in the process of actually adding this system (much like the threats to fine you DocClox hadn't actually setup this dialogue do anything in his final public build, lol). I've decided I'm going to replace it with a random "humiliation for ride back" option. There will still be 3 sexual outcomes: ponystyle(doggystyle), oral, and anal. But sometimes the dispatcher will make other requests. For now I'm going to add being forced to equip a random nipple ring set as one possible outcome. Any other suggestions? Don't request anything too fancy of course, the dispatcher shouldn't be commanding you to return the One Ring to Mount Doom just to get a ride after all
  6. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    While I have not encountered that bug myself I have a good idea what might cause it. There is a dialogue option ("Easy way or hard way?) that only checks to see the target is a potential rapist and you're in the middle of a haul. I fixed it were S.L.U.T.S. dispatchers are excluded. I also tweaked the pilferage script to make sure (hopefully) that if some other event or other mod causes the dispatchers to go rapey they won't pilfer you (they'll still leave dirt marks on you). An update on the yokes: it turns out the S.L.U.T.S. yoke does use a custom script that is a child of an obsolete parent script. I converted the parent script to the same script used by the DD 4.0 yokes, so hopefully that will get rid of the CTDs Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll just add a UUNP tattoo that can be custom colored instead EDIT: Turns out that was easier than I thought, as DocClox had most of the framework already set up. I just had to make a grayscale tattoo for the system to use. Here is a preview shot (The tattoo is deformed since I use CBBE, but the general idea that it now has a color swapping option is still there): Given that CFTO wholesale replaces the carriage drivers it would likely be a massive, if not impossible undertaking. Probably outside my current Skyrim modding abilities, sorry Wow, that event is even more broken then I imagined. Guess I have a project to go on the to do list. I would like to add some humiliation/sex kind of stuff. Such as getting lashed if you really piss of a dispatcher or get your debt out of control or being pressured to whore yourself to get out of trouble. People keep asking for a cart rider/companion riding the cart to mess with the player, but I'm still learning the scripts DocClox set up, so not sure if I'll be able to set anything like that up or not just yet. As for beast of burden tasks, any specific ideas that don't involve being raped by livestock? I guess just to get it out in the open now: I will not be adding ANY bestiality content of any kind to SLUTS or any other mod I work on. To put it politely I am not into that stuff and have absolutely no interest in spending hours of play testing being forced to watch it. Sorry if that is disappointing, I just really don't want to work with that kind of content. Hope you understand.
  7. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    Yeah the yoke still uses a custom script when equipped. I think I'll remove it and replace it with the script the standard DD 4.0 yokes use (easy enough to set the escape chance to 0%). Unless it turns out the script is required for the cart to work right or something. But I have to go to work now, I'll look at it when I get back.
  8. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Muiri of the Silverblood Inn was always complaining that she wished the men of Markarth would leave her alone. My PC ,despite being still trapped in ponygirl restraints, knew exactly what Muiri was really looking for:
  9. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    There might already be one such reward....
  10. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    I have thought of one more feature of my own: the Quick Run (Probably will have a more immersion friendly name/description in game) Upon choosing a quick run you will get to pick which hold you deliver to. And your money/gear will be waiting for you when you get there. However your base pay will only be 400 gold instead of 500 (250 if you're doing a consecutive run. They get annoyed when paying overtime to choosy ponies). Useful if you were heading to a different hold and decided you want to pony up for the trip, or if you want to get paid to haul some freight back to your escrow (overtime bonuses still apply).
  11. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    I have no idea then. It all works fine on my end. Then again any sexlab event that uses the "quick sex" script call, such as banging a dispatcher to get a ride to the escrow or my Devious Follower volunteering me for sex, doesn't work on my game. Bloody unstable Skyrim...
  12. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    Version 1.01 released: - Rapists will no longer "pilfer" you when you're free and traveling to collect your escrow chest. They might still leave a few dirt marks on you, but those will go away when you collect the chest - Added a "no remove items" option to MCM. When toggled on the dispatchers won't take your items before sending you on a run. I mainly added this because some players were claiming the item remove was causing them issues. The dispatcher will still take all your gold however... - When a dispatcher threatens to fine you for back talking them, they actually mean it now. So be a good little pony and watch you mouth... - Some tweaks/bugfixes to how the easter egg functions were made. That's really odd. It all works fine for me. Are you using a save that had a the original version installed? Heh, I thought that was a type. DocClox's mod has been teaching my Yankee ass more than a few new words.
  13. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    Hmmm... that's the skeleton DocClox recommended in the original mod, so I'm guessing it works. I can't even remember which skeleton I use, but I believe it is the Maximum version.
  14. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    Alright, made the mittens and yoke the finally things equipped, since both interfere with normal item equipping processes. Added a 1 fps delay between each piece too. Sometimes when Skyrim's scripting process gets a little bogged down it will start skipping steps for some reason So that could also be the reason the tail isn't being equipped for you.
  15. S_L_U_T_S Redux

    Yeah, DocClox listed that mod as incompatible. I guess I should list it on my version's description too. Fixed. Funny what a simple "If (Getstage != 20) return endif" line of code can fix . Should be released with a couple of other minor tweaks tonight. Seeing how easy that should be to add, alright I don't believe so, since I build it using the newest version. But I've never tested that so can't be 100% it won't work. She looks so heartbroken