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  1. Decided to give Shantae: Risky's Revenge a try. It was cheap and hard to turn down a Leia slave bikini costume. They tried to pull that "Well you have to beat the game first before you're allowed to use the alternate costume" crap on me: I disagreed.....
  2. We're not disagreeing with you that the characters behaved in an unbelievable manner. I agree that if they behaved in the manner you described it would have been for more believable as well as a lot of pointless tragedy would have been avoided. We are saying because Rian Johnson was in charge he would never have allowed the characters to behave in a realistic manner to begin with. You are proposing logical behavior patterns out of a completely illogical storyteller. That was never going to happen unless a different director had been in charge. But anyways I'm going to stop there.
  3. I think you're missing his point. 27x is stating that by merely being a Rian Johnson movie the characters in TLJ were guaranteed to behave in a stupid, completely unbelievable manner no matter what merely to "subvert expectations". Change any event in the film besides "Directed by Rian Johnson" and he would have just taken the characters in another unbelievable direction that you'll just owe your brain an apology trying make sense of. Being he was the one with final control over the film Star Wars was Johnson's reality during the events of TLJ. Which ensured the characters were going to do moronic things no real person would do because "Let's surprise the audience!" Realistic character behavior was flushed down the toilet the moment he was made director. Characters are nothing but forced plot points when he is in charge as he openly admits.
  4. Hate to be a bearer of bad news, but it wasn't an update at all. I just changed the description to make note that I have stopped modding Skyrim, thus this mod is up for adoption. Unfortunately merely changing a mod's description on this site counts as an "update", thus giving a false flag that the mod has been updated in some way.
  5. I'm just going to leave this here: Thank god they were enlightened enough to paste the womens' faces onto male bodies. Female sexuality is pure evil after all and must be purged from all forms of media to protect our righteous, sharia victorian moral values. (I could have looked at that alone and known the furry community had nothing to do with this, lol).
  6. Yeah, when the PS1 came out console developers were still deep in working out the kinks of optical disk based consoles. Great game library, clunky machine. Mine died just in time for the next generation of consoles to come out so I never bothered to replace it. Plus I adopted emulation early on, beat that fan translated version of FF5 a year before the inferior PS1 port came, hehe. You should have seen how awful PS1 emulation was in its beta days. Ever played SOTN but Richter is a giant rainbow square swinging a chain of smaller rainbow squares?
  7. There were some points in the enslaved questline were you can buy your way out for 10000 gold. Its a dialog option that sometimes appears were speaking to Pike. I'm not sure how to trigger it though. I also get the impression that once you have progressed the slave questline to a certain point fairly early on. Aside from that I believe the only way to free yourself is continuing the quest line until the abolitionist quest or using the debug features.
  8. Oh great, I just read that the Early Access version of Ion Maiden encrypted the .art file, being the devs didn't want people to be able to access the game's art assets until after the official release. So prying it open to get the original title art might be next to impossible. But that won't stop me from getting in-game screenshots of the original title artwork, heh.
  9. Bascially what 27x, plus a lot of other things (just ask the Haitians about all the charity money the Clinton foundation raised for them which then just kind of disappeared). The Clintons are every bit as vile as Trump ever was, only difference is they will wear a mask of professionalism while they fuck you over. Same goes for the Bush family. One glimmer of hope for the future is it appears both the Clinton/Bush political dynasties look to be dying off being none of their younger family members are up to carrying the legacy.
  10. When the Slaver camp outside Whiterun first appears and Bellamy orders you to comply with the new laws respond to him with the line that implies if he touches you then you will beat the shit out of him (Can't remember the exact response, but it starts with "Pah!"). Then Pike will offer you chance to join them. If you have already gone past that point in the quest then you can't become a slaver, only a free woman or a slave.
  11. White Castle: "You always regret eating from us, but we're the only damn thing open at 3 AM so what choice do you have after your job ran into deep overtime and left you starving, bitch?"
  12. Nah, that really isn't issue. If you act like a smug douchebag about, smearing your atheist views in their faces, then the religious will get upset with you. But at that point you starting a flame war with them. If you want to get a hyper-christian American group pissed at you start preaching pro-choice rhetoric. Then again you'll get the same reaction preaching pro-life rhetoric in the liberal strongholds of America. For some reason abortion has become the most partisan, polarized issue in our country...
  13. Well I'm sure the original title will at least be restored as a mod option, using assets from the early access version. I've already backed up my copy and started looking into it, since I did a ton of modding for Duke Nukem back in the day. I've managed to extract the .art, since the main asset file is little more than a zip folder. Hit a bit of a snag though: Ion Maiden's .art file is close to 80 times the size of Duke's .art files! The tools used to edit those files are all from the 90s and early 2000s. The windows based editors aren't too fond of 64 bit OS systems and the original DOS editing tool chokes to death trying boot up an 80 meg file. But I'll keep looking into it. For now I think I just leave the DOS tool on its loading screen and see if it eventually finishes loading.
  14. As another person from hillbilly land, yeah: the forced prayer thing doesn't happen. Even in the deep backwoods that would be a massive lawsuit payout waiting to happen. No one shames me or my many atheist relatives for being non-believers either. Not to mention anti-vaxxing is a bi-partisan phenomenon that is as popular among many smug coastal liberals as it is among bible thumping conservative hicks. Some people fail to realize just because Fox News and the other conservative media outlets are plagued with liars doesn't make the liberal alternatives honest. But America will replace the current clown president with another clown out of the car soon enough. Maybe it will be another liberal clown, like the left-leaning George W Bush with a vagina as the "alternative" we were given in our cruel joke of a 2016 election. PS: take anyone ranting about a presidents golfing with a grain of salt. According to the rival "experts" the last 3 presidents have spent 27 hours a day putting.
  15. Not yet. The only characters that have mods for them so far are Miriam and a few of the female enemies. Mod turnout might be a bit slow compared to a game like Skyrim, since you have to know how to reverse engineer Unreal Engine files to mod the game rather than it being setup to be mod friendly by design.
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