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  1. View File Thread: http://www.loverslab...xlab-defeat-32/ 5.3.0+ : /!\ SexLab Framework 1.61b or newer is REQUIRED. /!\ You should disable the option "Disable Starting Teleport" from SexLab, it conflict somehow with Defeat and will slow down and break some feature of Defeat. /!\ Funnybizness Animation Pack Highly recommended to be played with Defeat. You can use SexLab Animation Loader mod to register his animations for easy use. (SLAL version of the animation pack) /!\ If you are stuck in the MCM menu after checking an animation list you'll need to press the modifier key (left shift by default) again. -------------------- What is this mod? Defeat aim to give more combat outcomes and alternatives to death, whether the player is the victim, the aggressor or not even involved. (NPC vs NPC) ----- Player as victim --- Knock down way The player can be knocked down in combat, three ways for this to happen: - Bleedout Will set the player as essential, though the player WILL die if the aggressor is not valid. On bleedout enter when the player's HP reach 0 it will starts a Defeat scene with the last aggressor that hit the player. Highly imcompatible with other mods that deal with the bleedout event such as Death Alternative and can conflict with the normal Defeat knock down ways, you might want to disable at least the health threshold knock down way. - Wound The player can be knocked down on hit using a health threshold. - Exhaustion An aggressor will try to grab and choke the player if his stamina value is low, you can the chance on hit and choose if the aggressors can grab you only from behind. - Stun The player can be knocked down by power attacks hits, you can set the chance on hit and the stagger level at which a weapon can knock down the player. --- Knocked out The player can set a chance for the player to be knocked out instead of knocked down, if knocked out, the player won’t be able to resist the first sexual assault and the follower will automatically be knocked down. Has the priority over knocked down and Auto Resist. --- Auto resist The player can set a chance for the player to automatically resist a sexual aggression attempt. (Only sexually interested aggressors) Has the priority over knocked down. --- Scenario When the player is knocked down in combat, 3 different scenarios can happen (MCM): - All down If followers are present when the player is knocked down, they all need to be knocked down as well before the scene continues. Followers can be knocked down with the NPC vs NPC settings or when entering bleed out. (If NPC vs NPC is disabled for example.) When the remaining followers are still in combat you can try to fill the struggle bar to get up before they are defeated. - Original Your followers will be knocked down at the same time as you, hostiles NPCs will then come at you. - No transition You will get instantly sexually assaulted and the fight will continue. (No threesome or multiple animations if multiple aggressors.) --- Resist The player has the possibility of resisting a sexual assault attempt, to do so you need to press and hold your strafe left or right hotkey until you see the struggle bar appear and then you need to alternatively press strafe left and strafe right hotkeys to fill the bar, if you manage to fulfil the bar before the aggressor get you (5 seconds), you will make a resist move that depend of your first main resist skill chosen in MCM then you’ll get on your feet and the combat will restart. You can choose two skills in MCM that will determine how hard the struggle bar will be to fill, depending on the level, the gender and the two highest skills of the aggressor. You can resist every sexual assault attempt during a scene but there will be an additional penalty if you have been sexually assaulted already. --- Resist mid SexLab scene Press down both resist keys during a SexLab scene then press the keys alternatively to try to push away the aggressor using your remaining stamina, the goal is to not reach 0 stamina or the resist attempt fails so you might want to do it slowly to let your stamina get back up but not too slowly because there is a time limit of 15 seconds. --- Collateral If there is multiple aggressors, followers can be assaulted too (Depending of the NPC vs NPC settings for allowed genders and strip options) If a follower is sexually assaulted during the aggression scene, he will enter in a trauma or an exhausted state, you will then need to get him on his feet by using the Revive option. (Activate Key or Action Key) or wait for them to get up by themselves (MCM settings), when the player changes cell the follower exits his state automatically. --- Surrender (Surrender Key Default: K) 3 features: 1 - Surrender In combat you can use the hotkey to try to surrender to your enemies. Surrender to humans If you surrender to a human, the nearest aggressor will come to you and a dialogue will start. Those may vary corresponding to the aggressor and the settings in MCM (Pages “Player as Victim” and “NPC vs NPC” (for followers)) If the dialogue leads to a sexual assault attempt against the player the same rules as if the player was knock down applies, meaning you can resist. Surrender to humans - Conditions that matter for the dialogue: Has the player been already a victim of this aggressor? Change the dialogue if you surrender to a NPC that sexually assaulted you already. Is the player has a weapon? Check if the player has weapons equipped. The aggressor will make you throw your weapon on the floor. Is the player dressed? Check if a torso piece is equipped. Change some dialogues, increase the chances of sexual assault. Is the aggressor interested by your gender? Depend of the gender settings in MCM (Page “Player as Victim”) The aggressor has a chance to sexually assault the player. Is the aggressor among the evil factions? NPCs that are in evil faction will not let the player run away without giving anything. (Evil factions are listed in MCM, page “Post-Assault”.) Is there a witness? Important condition that you can disable in MCM (page “Player as Victim” option “Witness”.) Normal NPCs will not react the same way if there is a witness around, of course it does not count the NPCs that are in the scene. (The aggressors, the followers and the player.) Evil factions don't care if there is a witness or not. Is the aggressor moral? A NPC is considered moral if they are unaggressive or met the settings in MCM (Page “Player as Victim” options “Morality” Those NPCs will react almost the same as the evil faction except when you succeed a persuasion or a bribe. The Aggressivity, morality (MCM) and relationship the player (MCM) are checked. Is there a potential aggressor? Check if among the aggressors there is someone that might be interested by more than the gold and if the aggressor you are talking to isn’t interested by your gender he might let the interested aggressor do his thing, you can also propose your followers in this case. Is the aggressor interested in one of your followers? One of the aggressors might want one of your followers, in this case you can sacrifice yourself instead of the follower, the aggressor needs to be interested in your gender for this to succeed, and this is a persuasion. You can also sell out your followers if you want to keep your gold or avoid the worst yourself, the outcome is random. (He can choose to accept or choose to punish the player.) Surrender to creatures You can surrender to a creature the normal way but you can also hold the Modifier key to take a submission pose to “invite” the creature, if the creature is sexually interested you won’t be able to resist during the scene. 2 – Player/Follower prostitution & proposal You can propose paid or free sex to any NPC by pressing Surrender Key, it will open a dialogue tree, see Player/Follower as aggressor¨ Handover and prostitution for more details. 3 - Come over here You can ask a NPC to follow you for 20 seconds by targeting him from afar (not at a dialogue distance) and pressing Surrender Key, the player needs to be at least at 1500 units from their target, you can cancel the following by pressing Surrender Key again. ----- Post-Assault After the player has been assaulted, depending of the aggressor and his faction, different events can happen, each event has its set of settings. Events are separated in 3 types: (Base) Base event types are simple event that can happen by default or before another event. This include: - End of the scene This is the default event that will happen if no other events are chosen After the aggression scene you’ll need to fill the struggle bar to get up (or wait a few seconds if resist is disabled) and run away, when you are far enough the aggressors will become hostile again. (If they were hostile before the scene) - Robbed The player is robbed of all his gold and valuables (above a MCM configurable gold value) and a quest to track your robber down starts. This event can happen before another one triggers. This Event can trigger before any other event other events can still be triggered after Robbed. - Jailed If the last aggressor is a guard, the player is sent to jail after the scene. - Death Alternative Triggers Make OnBlackout events from Death Alternative trigger, including Defeat’s ones. (To be set in DA’s MCM menu) (Misc) - Left For Dead The player and his followers will black out and get up somewhere in the wilderness. - Rescued The player and his followers will black out and get rescued by an adventurer and wake up in an inn. - Simple Slavery For the Simple Slavery mod to trigger. ----- Player/Follower as aggressor --- Knock down mechanics & commands Default hotkey for the Modifier key: Shift Default hotkey for the Action Key: G Default hotkey for the Activate key: Your Activate hotkey - Marking Pressing Action key will “Mark” your current target, while Marked a NPC can be knocked down by bash and unarmed attacks every 2 seconds depending of their resistance (MCM configurable), if the target is unaware of your presence any bash/unarmed attack will knock them down. You can also order your follower to act on the Marked target (See Registering follower for orders and follower orders). - Knock down 3 ways to knock down a NPC: 1 - Pressing Action key while undetected and with your weapon sheathed, will choke and knock down the target. If witness intervention is enabled, a witness can stop you from choking your target and send the alarm. This method is silent, you can choke a NPC beside his friend and remains undetected as long as they don’t see you choking their friend. 2 - Bash attack or unarmed attack while undetected and out of combat on a Marked target. 3 - Unarmed hit or bash attack from the player on a Marked target during combat, followers unarmed/bash attacks do count. - Trauma/Exhausted/Flee The victim of a sexual assault will enter in one of those 3 states depending of MCM settings, while in those states the player can interact with them with the Action Key. - Knock out Bash attack or unarmed attack when a NPC is affected by a defeat’s state. - Yield Weapon out, undetected, press Action key on a NPC from behind. The victim can get out of his yield state if the player enters in combat or gets out of the sight of the victim. - Kill Weapon out, press Action key and hold. - Menus options If the target is bleeding out /knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up you can use Action key/Activate key for a menu to appear: /!\ IMPORTANT: Using the Action key/Activate key on a Bleeding out target will stop them from recovery of their bleeding out state and will put them in a knocked down state. Inventory Opens the inventory of your target. Rob Opens a submenu where you can choose what equipped piece of armor you wish to steal on the target. Rape Will make you sexually assault your target. More options will appear for a tied up NPC. Rape with player Available if you use Modifier key and Action key to give an order to your registered follower to take actions on a knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up NPC. Tie up Use to tie up your target during a configurable time in MCM. Tie options Opens a submenu where you can choose to change the pose, Gag/Ungag, change the device used, tighten the links or permanently tie your target. Untie Will free the tied up target. Untie & rape Untie and abuse the tied up target. Put in a sack Put the victim in a burlap sack, press Action key to release the victim wherever you want. The victim keep the state they were in. (e.g A tied up NPC stay tied.) Feed Available for vampires, give you the ability to drink on a knocked down/trauma/exhausted target, the target enters in an exhausted state afterwards. Revive Used to remove any Defeat’s state on an affected NPC or to get a bleeding out NPC on their feet. - Registering follower for command Aim a follower, hold Modifier key then press Action key. The follower remains registered until you register another follower. Also adds a line of dialogue that allows you to prostitute the registered follower if you speak to a NPC with Surrender Key (Default: K) (See Player/Follower prostitution & proposal) - Follower command Every follower commands are done by holding Modifier key when pressing Action key, the target will automatically be marked. - Out of combat the follower will try to sneak up on the target and choke them. - Hold Action key for the follower to sneak up on the target and attempt to kill them. - If the Marked target is bleeding out /knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up a menu similar to the one of the player will open you will be able to give more orders to the follower. (See Menus options) - Taunt You can taunt your target when your weapon is out, aim the NPC you want to taunt then press Action key, you can also make your follower taunt the Marked target by holding Modifier key and pressing Action Key. (Only in combat for followers) - When in combat, the taunted target will target the player or follower the taunt is coming from if they were targeting another NPC/Creature or follower. - (Only for the player) Out of combat taunting someone will reduce your relationship with the target by 1, when the relationship with the target it is at -2, the target will attack you. USE WITH CAUTION: the target will be attacked by guards and such. Note: The target is always marked before you can taunt so you’ll have to press the key twice. - Rescue A NPC that is about to get assaulted can be rescued by the player, two ways to do it: - Weapon out, press Action key on the victim and use the revive option. - Weapon out, press Action key on the aggressor when they are walking toward their victim to push them away. - Other Action key effects Cheer: Close to the target and weapon sheathed, aim a follower involved in a sex scene then press Action key/Activate key, will perform a cheer animation. Masturbate: Weapon sheathed, sneaking, hold Action key during 1 seconds then release. Necrophilia: While sneaking Action key/Activate key on a dead NPC. --- Handover and prostitution When you capture a NPC and get them out of the bag if they are tied up a new dialogue line will appear when you talk to the NPCs around (the player has to be at least at 1500 or less units from the victim) - Market value Each NPC you capture will have a market value determined by bonus/malus multipliers based on the level of the NPC: Level: (Level * Level multiplier, default: 2 * lvl) Gender: If the customer is sexually interested by the prisoner (NPC vs NPC settings) > +/- (Level * Gender multiplier, default: 10 * lvl) Unique: If the prisoner is unique > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 20 * lvl) Faction: If the prisoner among a faction wanted by the customer’s one > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 30 * lvl) Silver Hand <> Companion Vampire <> Vigilant Of Stendar Thalmor <> Imperial Imperial <> Stormcloak (<> Means works both sides) Pure: If the NPC is virgin (SexLab stats are automatically send to the NPC when the value is checked.) > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 25 * lvl) The handover and prostitution values are calculated based on the market value: handover = Market value / 2, prostitution = Market value / 10 You can modify every multiplier to your liking with the option Set multiplier values in MCM, those values are saved into the export/import function of Defeat, you can also simply use the default button of MCM to reset the values. You can check the value of the NPC under your crosshair using the MCM option or the option “Check value” if the tool section of the option menu (0 by default), note that if you haven’t any NPC under your crosshair it will display the value of the player The value may change depending of the customer, when this function is chosen the player is considered the customer.) - Handover You can hand over your prisoner if you talk to a particular NPC: Victim Customer Bandit/Forworn > Guards Silver hand > Companion (circle) Imperial <> Stormcloak Vampire <> Vigilant Of Stendar You can only handover one NPC every 6 hours. (MCM to change it if you want.) The prisoner will disappear and it is not possible to handover unique NPCs for obvious reasons. - Prostitution You can prostitute your prisoner to any NPC for gold, their value are determined by their market value divided by 10, you’ll have to wait until they are done to get paid. Note: If Relation matters and/or Morality matter are enabled, the NPC you are talking to will call for guards or even attack you if they know somehow the prisoner (family etc.) or have a high morality. - Player/Follower prostitution & proposal The player can prostitute themself to any NPC, the same market value is used but the target may react differently depending of the target and the option enabled. (They won’t attack you for example.) To ask a NPC under your crosshair use the Surrender Key (Default: K) of Player as victim feature (as such, the feature needs to be enabled for this to work), it will open a dialogue just for this, you will have options for paid or free sex. To prostitute your follower you need to register them first. (Aim the follower, hold Modifier key then press Action key.) No particular conditions except witness and gender combination. You can also be a part of the sex scene, the prostitute value of the player will then be added to the reward. You can also ask for sex to any NPC, this will have impact on NPC you know such as your wife/husband, housecarl, hired follower etc. ----- NPC vs NPC A NPC can decide to attempt to sexual assault/Rob or kill his defeated foe when his life drops below a health value. You can set the health threshold and the chance on hit as well as some other MCM settings. Creatures can be allowed too. /!\ Creatures must be allowed in the SexLab Framework MCM menu. /!\ ----- SexLab Menu Controller UIExtension is needed for this to work. Default hotkey for the Modifier key: Shift Default hotkey for the Option Key: 0 You can access the SexLab menu controller by pressing Option Key when the player is involved in a SexLab sex scene or by aiming a NPC involved in a SexLab sex scene. Pressing Option Key will open a menu where you can choose from all the animations that are playing in this current scene. Holding Modifier key and pressing Option Key will open the stage selector. For more options use my mod SexLab Tools -------------------- Requirements Last versions of these mods are REQUIRED : SexLab Framework 1.60+ SKYUI SKSE 1.7.3+ FNIS Do no forget to download and install the creature pack under optional files. -------------------- Installation /!\ NEEDED: Run FNIS tool to register the animations. /!\ NEEDED: Make sure to delete any previous version of Defeat (scripts etc…). Use a mod manager to install the installer, Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer will do, Mod Organizer being strongly recommended. If you choose to install it manually, don’t, download and use a manager. -------------------- Uninstallation To do for every save you wish to uninstall the mod from. 1.) Click on mod status in the MCM menu to uninstall the mod. 2.) Close the menu. 3.) Wait until you see the notification. (should be really fast if not instant) 4.) Save. 5.) Quit the game. 6.) You can now delete the mod’s files. 7.) Run FNIS tool. -------------------- FAQ Q. Is it safe to upgrade to a new version without doing anything? A. It is always recommended that before uninstalling a mod and installing its new version you should make a clean save but I try to make my mod so it can be upgraded without uninstalling it, though if I say in the change log that a clean save is required you need to do it. Clean Saving: http://arwenevecom.ipage.com/Skyrim/Skyrim-Tips.htm#Clean_Save Follow these steps: 1.) It is generally best to go to an interior cell, and smaller cells are best. An interior cell is apparent because you have a loading screen when you "open" the door from the outside (such as when you enter most buildings). 2.) Save your game to a new save slot (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game. 3.) Uninstall the mod. 4.) Start the game and load your last saved game. 5.) After the game full loads, make a SECOND new save (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game. 6.) If you're upgrading the mod that you uninstalled, you can now install the new version. 7.) Start the game and load your previous saved game. 8.) Just to be safe: make one more new save (do not overwrite an earlier save). 9.) You have a cleaned save? Ok let’s clean it a little more with Save game script cleaner and you will not forget to endorse the mod of course. (See screenshot at the end of the post) Your save is now fully cleaned from Defeat. Q. Why is there some spelling/grammar mistakes? A. English isn’t my first language, if you see some errors or a sentence that could benefit from a better formulation please let me know so I can fix it. -------------------- Incompatibilities Mod that deal with OnHit events can cause problems. As for player as victim, Defeat’s knock down mechanics can enter in conflict with Death Alternative’s ones, but keep in mind that they can be disabled and Defeat can start through Death Alternative, Death Alternative’s knock out scenarios can also start after a Defeat’s scene, it’s just a question of right settings of both mods. -------------------- Recommended Devious Capture By Ms Leeches Zaz Animation Pack By Zaz & Xaz Death Alternative By BralorMarr EFF - Extensible Follower Framework By Expired - Very good mod to handle multiple followers (Defeat handle up to 5 followers.) UIExtension By Expired - Menu framework I use for animation selection & stage selection, this mod is already included in Extensible Follower Framework. Free Death Camera By gp160 - Cool mod to remove the useless camera effect when the player dies, also work on ragdoll, go endorse the mod it did not get enough attention imo, the guy has some good ideas for mods. Funnybizness Animation Pack By FunnyBizness - Highly recommended to be played with Defeat, use SexLab Animation Loader to register his animations for easy use. Break Undies Plus by thegooglyman - Will break the compatible armor progressively during a struggle phase and break the armor upon Defeat’s strip function. -------------------- Credits & thanks Ashal for creating the SexLab Framework and answering my questions about it. Cmod for Sexis Defeated mod which served this mod as a base. Camila and Meowcakes for the logo. Cyndi for the body bag meshe. AwfulArchdemon for the spell check. CGi for his help with translations, the installer and the German translation. Aravis7 for the French translation. Expired for his UIExtension mod. (And all his mods really ^^) Xaz & Zaz for the Zaz Animation Pack, used some of their (nice) resources. Germanicus who helped me as a beta tester and moral support. Cotyounoyume for some of his animations from Estrus. Arrok for his resist animation. FunnyBizness for his animations. -------------------- Change log ​
  2. View File This is not a official conversion but i do have permission from Goubo, but i digress for this is only a simple conversion so it may have issues but i highly suggest you download the converted funnybiz mod, pick and choose what you want when you install. But if you do have a issue ill try and help the best i can but i have limited knowledge Enjoy and oh yeah SLAL se will help. Credits go to Goubo for creating this mod and allowing me to upload it. Original mod:https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/286-sexlab-defeat/ converted funnybiz :https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5716-funnybizness-slal-packs-se/ Requirements: Sexlab Framework SE1.63 beta: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/91861-sexlab-framework-se-163-beta-2-april-5-2018/ Skse: http://skse.silverlock.org/ Sky ui: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12604 fuz ro doh se: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15109 you should get this anyway most of these mods use it zaz for some anims : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/93745-zaz-animation-pack-80-plus-for-skyrim-se/ choose between cbe hdt and uunp scroll down a little to see the mega downloads Submitter DD99 Submitted 03/30/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires Sexlab Framework SE 1.63-BETA 1 , SKYUI, SKSE SE, FNIS,Fuz Ro Do'h SE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  3. View File Long long ago, in a Galaxy Far Far away, JosefGrey and eventually Pandaman began working on a Skyrim Version of the much loved Break Undies mods from Oblivion. I really enjoyed the mod but felt that there could be a bit more depth and especially more armor. So I began looking of ways to extend the mod, and after lots of testing and coding, I present to you: Break undies Plus Features: Break Undies (Modified) Any Armor created for Break Undies, will lose Armor health as it's wearer takes damage. When the Armor health reaches a certain percentage, that piece of armor is replaced with another piece which is visibily damaged. Damage is determined using a formula similar to Skyrim's Vanilla Calculations: If the target is hit by a melee attack, damage dealt to the armor is calculated based on the highest of the attacker's Weapon or unarmed damage versus the target's armor rating. If the target is hit by a spell, damage dealt to the armor is calculated based on the magnitude of the spell modified by the attacker's destruction skill vs the target's magic resist. Bigger Hits will cause armor to degrade faster. Damaged Armor can be repaired by sitting at a Blacksmith's Forge or Armor improvement Table, and can also be repaired on the fly using Armor Repair Kits which are crafted at Tanning Racks. What's that you say? You don't have any Linen wraps? No worries! BU+ comes with a recipe which allows you to turn 3 tundra cotton into 1 linen wrap. I have moved away from the mesh overlays used by the original Break Undies so each item piece (body, feet, hands, head) have their own slot. They can be enchanted and tempered as normal, but damaged armor will lose its tempering as it takes damage. I am looking into away of holding on to the tempering when repaired. The Elven Dress,Noble's Dress, and Dragon Crown Sorceress sets is crafted at tanning racks. The Elven Archer is crafted at forges with the Elven Smithing perk. The Eisenplate is crafted at forges with the Steel plate perk Shanoa Set (Called Glyph Master's Armor) can be crafted at forges with Glass Smithing perk The Rogue Armor Set can be crafted at forges using Leather Smithing The Crimson Twilight Set can be crafted at forges using Ebony Smithing [NEW]Multiple Stage Paths I have implemented support for multiple stage paths. Properly set up meshes have the option to branching off into 1 or more different damage states paths Heavenly Body If this MCM option is selected, the player character will receive +10% bonus to all skills learned while toggled, but prevents the her from equipping Any piece Body, hands, or feet armor which lack the "BU_Equip" Keyword string. Clothing Salvage If Heavenly Body is active, a desperately nude PC is given the option when equipping some pieces of vanilla clothing to fashion it into something that will fit them. There is a 50% chance of this process to fail, destroying the item. The chance to fail is reduce to 25% if the PC has a dagger in their right hand. Be warned, the flimsy makeshift clothing made in this process can only sustain so much damage before it falls to pieces, and has a 50% chance of falling to pieces when removed as well! Player Nude/Shy - Will be implemented in next version INSTALLATION: Requires: FNIS 6.0+ SKSE 1.7+ SKYUI 5.1+ BodySlide 4 Papyrus Util HDT Compatbile Skeleton (use bodyslide if you want to remove HDT) Instructions: Download BreakUndiesPlus6.0.2b.7z Install with your preferred mod manager or extract to the Data Folder UPGRADING: If you are upgrading to 6 you will want to do a fresh install of BUP USE: Any BU+ armor equipped will automatically begin working once installed. Use the MCM menu to manage settings KNOWN ISSUES: If trying to salvage, item will be destroyed regardless of the choice to attempt or not COMING SOON: More Outfits! - I am taking requests as well. I am an amateur designer so they will be conversions of existing armor. [Always in Progress] Cleaner Code! - I have no doubt that this mod may have caused your PC to explode in a big fiery ball visible from space, and for that, I am sorry. I will streamline it as I become more competent with Papyrus. [ON-GOING] Other things which escaped me as I wrote this! CREDITS: All of My Patrons - Thanks for supporting me as I continue this project! JosefGray - For making the original Break Undies for Skyrim Pandaman - For his work on his Break Undies Framework Stratovarius - For it's (?) amazing Cover animations Goubo - For his help with NPC Polling Cadmus - For The original cover script Armor Creators - For their awesome armors that I am fiendishly destroying. All of the people who made the original meshes - Feel free to yell at me for ruining your armor! FEEDBACK: PLEASE provide any feedback for any errors or problems you encounter so I can make this better. In particular, please let me know if you have any issues with: Armor Damage: Does the armor degrade too slow? Too fast? Armor Set changes: Do you notice any issues with damage stages not carrying over properly when swapping? Armor Appearance: Do you think the meshes could degrade better? CONTACT: Please send me a message if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Submitter thegooglyman Submitted 12/06/2014 Category Armor & Clothing Requires FNIS 6.0+, SKSE 1.7, SKUI 5.0+, BodySlide 4 Special Edition Compatible  
  4. View File This is a patched version of Deviously Helpless which should now work correctly with PapyrusUtil v3.2 and Sexlab v1.6+. I have tested it both with SL1.59c with PapyrusUtil v3.2 and also with SL1.61b The earlier patch I posted in the DH thread had a problem with the Bandit approach, in that the player had to move next to the bandit before the sex attack would trigger, which I have now corrected by changing some of the conditions. There is still the slightly annoying bug (which was also in the old v1.15d version) when after the event has finished and the player is released, the attackers will follow the player. As before you just need to stop once or twice and the attackers will stop following. Deviously Helpless was created by Srende the mod is all his work not mine. I have not made any other changes nor do I intend to as I consider the mod to be in a finished state and I'm not one for "gilding the lily" for its own sake. It is also has quite complex scripts so making changes would probably need a complete rewrite. It is technically backward compatible but if you're using SL1.59c stick with DH v1.15d which you can download from the original Deviously Helpless page rather than using this, as there's absolutely no point. It's not perfect but if you like DH and SL1.6+ hopefully you'll find this useful Credits: Srende - for writing the mod in the first place DocClox - for the initial work on priorities Kimy, Inte and Skyrimll for answering some of my dumb questions (apologies if I've missed anyone) Requirements are the same as before but here's the list: SexLab SexLab Aroused Zaz Animation Pack Devious Devices - Assets Devious Devices - Integration Submitter Slorm Submitted 03/29/2016 Category Combat Sex Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  5. Stress and Trauma View File Stress and Trauma Overview: This is a lightweight mod that simulates Stress through combat and Trauma by violation through non-intrusive visual effects only, no status effects are used. Description: All options, that can be changed and/or turned off are marked with an "(MCM)". SAT uses a simplistic approach to simulate Stress and Trauma. The aim is to alter only the feel of the game, not the gameplay itself. Therefore only visual effects are used, no "hidden" status effects, buffs or de-buffs. The effects are subtle and easy to ignore for some time, but still aim to make the game feel diffrent. SAT introduces two new values into the game, Stress and Trauma, ranging from 0 to 100. While these values rise the mod applies increasing visual effects at values of 10 (MCM), 33 and 66. The lower threshold can be adjusted in the MCM and serves as a "grace period", so the values don't have to sink down to zero until the effects to stop. Trauma: The Trauma effect adds a recurring, pulsating, circular blur to give a feel of flashback and anxiety. Trauma points are gained by being violated (i.e. the player is the victim of an aggressive animation). The gain values differ depending on the animation (anal, oral, vaginal, beastiality) and can be adjusted individually. There is also the option to set Trauma gain for consentual animations, too. Once the lower threshold is exceeded, Arousal will be blocked (MCM), because the character is taumatised. Trauma can be reduced by drinking alcohol or Skooma/ Sleeping Tree Sap (MCM). Apart from that, Trauma sinks over time by a daily rate (MCM). For that the player can't have sex or can't be violated (MCM) for a number of days (MCM), before the Trauma value starts to fall. Example: By default, you can't have sex for 2 days for Trauma to start sinking, after 3 days of no sex the reduction will be 20 (default daily rate), after 4 days of no sex the reduction will be 40 and so on. Stress: Stress adds an increasing tunnel vision and, at high values, short flashes of double-vision. Stress is gained in two ways: 1. Time spent in combat. Every 10 in-game minutes of combat generate 1 point of Stress times a multiplier (MCM). 2. Damage taken. Every 10% of health lost generate 1 point of Stress times a multiplier (MCM). Stress can be reduced by drinking alcohol or Skooma/ Sleeping Tree Sap (MCM). Stress, too, sinks over time by a daily rate (MCM). The Stress reduction starts directly after leaving combat, without any waiting time. Stress is also reduced when having sex (MCM). Not when being violated, being the violator is okay. Arousal: At Arousal values of 50 and 70 surreal, colorful effects appear in irregular intervals (MCM). Also Arousal is linked to the Stress value and rises, but doesn't sink, with it (MCM). This show the effect of the adrenalin that has build up over a long fight. The linking can also be enabled for up to 4 follower (MCM). Violation: When the player is violated a light blur flashes up every 0.5 seconds for the time of the animation (MCM) to underline the horror of the act. Requirements: Sexlab Framework 1.62 Sexlab Aroused or Aroused Redux Personal Note: You can't imagine how much I cursed making this mod... My original plan was to used a purple filter for arousal, strong desaturation for Trauma and bright red flashed in violations. But than I had to learn the hard way, that ENB says no to Imagespace Modifiers (the name of the filter in CK)... No colors, no saturation changes... The only thing that did work were diffrent kinds of blurs. At first I was so disapointed that I wanted to drop the mod, but since it was basically finished I decided to not give up and changed all visuals to use blurs. And I'm rather pleased with the outcome ChangeLog: 07/11/2018 Initial Upload Submitter Guffel Submitted 07/11/2018 Category Combat Sex Requires Sexlab Framework, Sexlab Aroused/ Aroused Redux Special Edition Compatible No  
  6. https://youtu.be/D-LdV4DFLhI?t=1321
  7. View File Before we begin, if you do not have at least consistently 40 FPS, this mod is not for you. A high framerate is required to keep up with the scripting demand of this mod. Dark Souls Combat is a mod for Skyrim meant to bring core elements of the combat system of the Soulsborne series (the Souls series and Bloodborne) to Skyrim. Previous work has focused primarily on the numerical aspect of this series' combat system - stamina regeneration or damage, for example - or has been stunted by a lack tools to manipulate the animation engine at the time of their development. Dark Souls Combat is meant to focus on delivering improvements in terms of new and appreciably apparent mechanics from the Soulsborne series that have not been attempted yet or attempted with this sort of depth. This mod is designed for combat to be played in third person. Courtesy of er hong. A demonstration of some parries and ripostes (as they occur in v1.5+) is shown at 1:26. Courtesy of Shinji72. A review of the features of this mod. Courtesy of theDeModcracy. Features multiple mods, but has a review of the features of this mod at 5:00. Five of the most fundamental mechanics from this series are brought to Skyrim: Poise System This entire mod was built off of my Poise System mod (effectively, this mod renders Poise System obsolete). The poise system of that mod is largely left intact with some minor improvements. This mod's poise system is primarily based on the rules governing the poise system of Dark Souls, with some differences to better suit the already-present mechanics of Skyrim. Poise is calculated as the total weight of worn items, except for shields and weapons if equipped. Poise is damaged when one is hit by an unblocked weapon, unarmed attack, or arrow or bolt; magic does not damage poise. Power attacks will do more poise damage than regular attacks, by default. Poise damage from weapons is based on their weight. This is all configurable in the MCM. Once an attack causes one's poise to reach 0, a stagger will ensue. Subsequent hits may cause subsequent staggers - a stunlock. The maximum stunlock combo can also be configured. Over time, if one is not hit, poise can recover; the amount and update time is also configurable. The poise feature can be disabled by setting the poise damage multiplier options in the MCM to 0. The poise system extends to other NPCs in addition to the player, and to creatures as well. Critical Hits If, during the beginning of an attack, an actor is hit with a shield or weapon bash attack, the actor will enter a parried state, indicated by a downed animation. During this temporary state, on the next hit, the actor will take double damage, in the style of Bloodborne. If that hit strikes their front, a riposte animation will play. Ripostes are deadly; they can do large amounts of damage. Using the power of Fore's New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS), we can integrate killmove animations that won't automatically kill. In this way, it is possible to execute a riposte animation that does massive damage to NPCs, but does not outright kill them. The damage dealt is configurable in the MCM. It is calculated based on the executor's One-Handed or Two-Handed skill, depending on the weapon used for the riposte. Though now disabled by default, ripostes to creatures are not supported by this feature; they will automatically kill. Parries and ripostes may be executed by all NPCs. When an actor is struck in the back with a power attack, the actor will also enter a downed state, in the style of Bloodborne. In this state, the first strike against the actor will also do double damage. If the actor is an NPC and the strike hits their back, a backstab animation will play, killing them. Backstabs can be initiated and executed by NPCs also. Roll Mechanics Using the power of FNIS, we can bring an equally powerful roll/dodge system to Skyrim. Previous work on dodge mechanics has relied on developer animation events, restricting both the animation itself as well as the time for dodging. Dark Souls Combat brings a roll system that is meant to complement the poise system. Roll weight is considered equal to the player's poise, in addition to any weapons, shields or torches that may be equipped. Roll weight is divided into three categories: fast, medium, and fat. The fast roll weight affords a greater invincibility time (time in which the player cannot be struck by any hit, as a method of simulating the dodging of an attack) as well as fast speed of rolling. The fat roll weight allows a much smaller amount of invincibility time and longer times to roll. Note that the invincibility time is not the entire duration of the roll animation. The medium roll weight lies somewhere in between. Roll weight thresholds are based on maximum stamina. The threshold for mid-rolling is by default maximum stamina divided by 4; the threshold for fast-rolling is half of that. Rolling can only occur if your weapons or magic are out. Rolling/dodging will prevent a poise break, but only fast rolling/dodging can escape a poise break stagger. In the style of Dark Souls 2, rolling can cancel a attack if it is executed early in the attack animation. Rolling can also break out of poise breaks. A poise break can be broken out of towards the end of the stagger. The window for this decreases with increasing roll weight. By default, 50% of the stagger must play before a fast-roll can break out, 65% for a mid-roll, and 80% for a fat-roll. Rolling is four-directional. Quickly pressing and releasing the roll key (by default LAlt, the default sprint key; configurable in the MCM) while moving a certain direction initiates a roll in approximately that direction (forward, backward, left, or right). Pressing and releasing the roll key while standing still results in a backstep. In the style of Dark Souls, backsteps afford no invincibility time. The rolling feature also supports gamepad-users, such as myself. Remember to customize your roll key for gamepad! Rolling can be disabled by setting the Roll Key in the MCM to a key you will not use. Stamina Usage Normal attacks now require stamina and attempts to swing a weapon with no stamina will stagger. The stamina consumed is a function of the today weight of items equipped in either hand. This applies to bows as well. Stamina does not regenerate while performing most weapon combat actions. There is also a delay on stamina regeneration after rolling and bashing, and critical hits will fail when Stamina is 0. This helps prevent the infinite roll- and bash-spamming that was previous possible. To balance this, stamina regeneration is increased by default for the player. You will notice your stamina usage to be very similar to what you would see in a Souls game. This entire feature can be enabled or disabled and customized in the MCM. Counter Damage While attacking, enemies will take 50% more damage when struck by the player. In the same vein, while the player is attacking, he will take 50% more damage as well. This is known as counter attacks in Dark Souls. While I really do hate features that are solely based on numbers and add nothing in the way of visible mechanics, the above is only half of this feature. Dark Souls 2 added a second dimension to counter damage compared to its predecessor: a counter also will do more poise damage to an opponent. In that style, this mod allows counter attacks to deal 50% more damage to poise. This is of course a comparatively minor feature, but one worth mention nonetheless. Requirements SKSE 1.06.15 or later FNIS 5.5 or later SkyUI 4.0 or later (optional for mod configuration) Installation Install the above requirements. Install this mod's files from the download package. The ESM version is recommended for users. Generate behavior files with FNIS, using its Generate FNIS for Users. Enter the game, and optionally configure this mod at that time. Remember that this mod is meant to be played in third person. The roll mechanics do not work otherwise. "Updating" from Poise System Use the "Uninstall" option in the MCM menu. Save, then uninstall the mod. Reload the game with the save and wait for the Poise System MCM to disappear. Save again. Follow the Installation instructions above. Adding Sounds to the Experience Certain combat sounds can be played while performing certain actions in this mod. All sound files played should be located in Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC You can add sounds that will play during a Fast Roll, a Medium Roll, a Fat Roll, a Parry land, and a Backstab initiation. Remember to convert them to XWM files using a program such as MultiXWM. Fast Roll: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\LightRoll.xwm Medium Roll: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\MedRoll.xwm Fat Roll: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\HeavyRoll.xwm Parry land: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\ParryLand.xwm Backstab initiation: Data\Sound\fx\BB_DSC\BackstabLand.xwm This is entirely optional; you may wish to add sounds for all of these events, some of them, or none of them. Note that there are direct audio extracts from Dark Souls on the internet, if that is what you are looking for. Updating Uninstall the previous version. Install the new version. Re-run (regenerate behavior files with) FNIS. Enter the game and select in the MCM the "Reset" option, under the "Uninstall" page. Uninstallation In-game, select the "Uninstall" option, under the "Uninstall" page. Uninstall the mod. Rerun FNIS. Installation (for Roll-Only version) If a Full version is currently installed, perform an uninstallation procedure as described above. Install the Roll-Only version following the steps described above for the Full package as well. Updating to ESM versions If an ESP version is currently installed (this includes all versions prior to v1.4.3 as well as the v1.4.3 ESP versions), perform an uninstallation procedure as described above. Install the one of the ESM versions following the steps described above. Thanks egocarib, for a fundamental component of the script used for the poise system Fore for giving me suggestions on working with some of the newer aspects of FNIS canderes and Reena, for guiding me through editing animations WorshipTheSatan and urielmanx7, for invaluable testing and suggestions GIF images made with ezgif.com Bugs/Other Issues First and foremost, this mod does use running scripts, necessary for the poise element of this mod. There are certainly mods out there much more script intensive than this, so on the grand scale, it's not that bad. The fact is that if you really want to change the way your game is played, you need a healthy dose of scripts! There may be animation issues. It happens; sometimes, and I'm sure you've seen this in un-modded Skyrim, you may see some NPC or creature animating strangely, and it can happen from this mod too. The most common issue (which is actually not common at all) may occur after a roll/dodge. The player character may finish the dodge with their weapons/magic still out but not in the normal combat stance, but rather appearing in a non-combat stance. This can be easily fixed by rolling/dodging again, or by entering first person, unreadying and then readying your weapons/magic again, then re-entering third person. The same issue can occur after a riposte. NPCs may also suffer from this after being downed for a riposte or backstab. However, this is uncommon, but of course a natural side effect of making ambitious leaps with animations. Depending on how many scripts are already running, staggers from the poise system may be slightly delayed by a split second. In the same vein, rolls may be less responsive, especially if magic is equipped. The stamina usage feature does not affect the dual-wield normal attack yet. Version History v1.0: - Initial release. v1.1: - Added a bit to the backstab and riposte scripts to help to reduce the likelihood of a victim not drawing their weapons. Not something you can fix entirely, but this will help a little. v1.2: - Further edits to help decrease the likelihood of borked combat stances from NPCs in the backstab and riposte scripts. - Decreased the length of the parry window against NPCs. - Fixed a part of the poise/roll mechanics script that was generating many repeated errors. v1.3: - Backsteps are now considerably faster at all roll weights. Previously, there was no advantage to backstep over backward rolling. - Rolling/backstepping can cancel attacks if they are executed early in the swing (prior to the "preHitFrame"). - Weapons, shields are torches that are equipped now also count towards the roll weight. - Counter damage feature added. - Roll Feature-only version added v1.4: - MCM option-set roll thresholds removed; replaced with a formula based on maximum stamina. - Ability of fast-roll to automatically break out of staggers removed; replaced with specific timings to roll out. v1.4.1: - Allowed rolling earlier after the swing of an attack, immediately after the HitFrame animevent. - Set Actors or Races with the ImmuneParalysis to have virtually infinite poise. I felt that if the developers didn't feel it was appropriate to paralyze these Actors and Races (or perhaps didn't even include the data necessary to properly do so), it would be hazardous to allow staggering, even if it was not necessarily game-breaking. Notable races include the Wisps, Magic Anomalies, and Werewolves (since that playstyle would include having no intrinsic poise yet requiring close combat this change makes sense). v1.4.2: - Improved rolling feature. Previously, spamming the roll key would actually cause significant script delays; this has been mitigated, though it is still not a good idea to try to spam the button. A sort of queuing feature has been added so that a roll can flow nicely into another roll if you tap the button towards the end of the first animation. v1.4.3: - Edits from v1.4.2 added into the main packages. - .esm version added. .esm (master plugins) are believed to exhibit better script performance than .esp. v1.5: - Ripostes on humanoids no longer force the riposted actor into a ragdolled state afterwards. The bug where riposted NPCs cannot attack afterwards is largely resolved. - Stamina use on attacks that previously required no stamina, and stamina regeneration delay during attacks, bashes, and rolls. This prevents the infinite roll-spamming that was possible previously. It also punishes bash-spamming with a larger stamina regeneration delay. Normal attacks with 0 stamina will stagger the player. - New MCM options added to customize stamina usage. - By default creature ripostes are disabled. There is a new MCM option to enable/disable this. v1.5.1: - Stamina cost for attacks now calculated as intended. - Ripostes and backstabs will fail if stamina is 0. v1.5.2: - Script optimizations based on the suggestions and advice of Borgut1337, FBplus, and WorshipTheSatan. This version features much greater stability than previous versions, but much more work potentially remains. - Option to disable rolling entirely added to MCM. - Creatures no longer have a delayed death when they have been parried but subsequently killed normally, while the Creature Riposte option is disabled. - Creatures not explicitly supported by the mod's poise feature have poise automatically calculated based on maximum health and stamina. v1.5.3: - Weight calculations for rolling weight class and stamina consumption on attack were not being run as intended due to changes made in v1.5.2. This has been corrected. - Further script optimizations for improved stability. Permissions Please do not reupload, make a derivative work, or use assets from this mod without my permission. Submitter TheDriedFinger Submitted 08/05/2015 Category Other Requires SKSE 1.06.15+, FNIS 5.5+, SkyUI4.0+ (optional) Special Edition Compatible  
  8. View File Combat Strip Lite v1.3.0 Brief Intro Mod that enables the player character to get stripped during combat! Immersive Intro Being frozen for centuries in a pod and then abruptly having to adjust to a post-nuclear wasteland has introduced some interesting side effects to Nora's skin. When struck really hard, her skin will become bruised and inflamed, to the point where she can't wear clothing for some time! Careful not to get hit often, because otherwise, your poor Nora might have to explore the Commonwealth naked! Details Introduces chances for the player to get stripped during combat. When being stripped, the player will also get "damaged/bruised" on that particular body part, which will prevent clothing/armor from being worn on that body slot. Ways to get stripped during combat (further explained later): 1) Player's health reaches zero (Invincible-until-stripped mode) 2) Unlucky hits: when hit below a certain health threshold 3) Power and bash attacks 4) Attacks from certain race Stripping is progressive, and body damage can stack up to 6 times. At damage stacks 1 & 2, player's arm armor will get stripped. At stacks 3 & 4, leg armor will get stripped. At stacks 5, head and chest armor will get stripped. At stacks 6, body/clothing will get stripped (completely naked at this point!). After the 6th stack, any subsequent strips (well, theres nothing more to strip now) will instead increase the recovery time. You will get punished for being naked! (Note that these are the defaults and can be changed in MCM) The mod offers 3 ways for the player to heal from the damage so that he/she can wear clothes and armor again: 1) Heal over time. This healing is real life time. So waiting or fast traveling will not speed up the healing 2) Stimpacks 3) Sleep Features Invincible-Until-Stripped mode This mode makes the player invincible until he/she has reached damage stack 6 (fully naked). After reaching stack 6, the player will lose the invincible status, and can be killed. In this mode, the player will get stripped and receive damage stack(s) when taking any hit that brings his/her health down to 0. The mode also has a feature where the player will get healed when being stripped (if you want to mimic having extra lives). The heal amount can be adjusted or disabled altogether in MCM. This mode is disabled by default and can be enabled in MCM. Unlucky Hits When taking hits below a certain threshold, the player has a chance to get stripped. The health threshold and chance are both customizable in MCM. But wait, Nora's got some good luck, too! Unlucky hits may strip her, but it can also heal her for certain amount. This heal amount is customizable in MCM (can also be disabled). WARNING: Be conservative with the health threshold. Since this can be triggered by ANYTHING, such as damage auras, poison, etc, it is recommended that you set the health threshold low (probably below 30% ish). Otherwise, you might find yourself getting stripped often by weird, unexpected things... of course unless you want that. Power and Bash Attacks Beware of melee attacks! Chance is customizable in MCM. I personally set this to 100%. Since ferals tend to use a lot of power attacks, that means I basically get stripped when being hit by a feral. Those nasty perverts... oh wait. Attacks From Specific Races You can set a flat chance where any attacks from certain races can trigger a strip. Races are divided into 4 categories: Ferals, Human, Animals, Mutants. WARNING: Just like unlucky hits, this can be triggered by ANYTHING. It's recommended that you set the chance to low (or even 0) for races that's known to have DoT effects or damage auras that ticks frequently (like Feral Ghoul's radiation damage aura). This feature is more BETA, since I can't figure out how to separate out DoTs and auras. Recovery The player will automatically recover from damage over time (real time). The time-to-recover value is customizable in MCM. Also, by default, the player only recovers one stack at a time. That means if the recovery time is set to 60 seconds and player is currently at damage stack 5, after 60 seconds, the player will recover to damage stack 4. Then stack 3 after another 60 seconds, then 2 after 60 seconds and so on. The MCM lets you change it so that player fully recovers instead of recovering one stack at a time. Stimpack recovery can be customized in MCM. You can customize the amount of stacks it recovers, or disable stimpack recovery. You can also enable/disable recovery from sleep. If enabled, sleep recovers all stacks (unless you were interrupted and woken up from sleep) Customize Armor Slots If you have custom armor/clothing mods that use different item slots, or want the armor pieces to be stripped in different order, you can customize what item slots get stripped for each damage stack level. This setting can be found in "Advanced" page of MCM. The slots can be 0 - 28. Refer to Biped slot documentation if you are not sure which slot is for which body part. Requirements F4SE (Optional) MCM Installation Manual installation or NMM, whichever you prefer Uninstallation If you turned on Invincible-Until-Stripped mode, make sure to turn that off before uninstalling the mod. Otherwise, your character will be left invincible (you can probably fix that using console commands, maybe). Custom Sound Replacer By VaderHater: Sound replacer - Original female grunt sound with ripping sounds overlay FAQ Is this compatible with combat surrender type mods, like VP Violate & RSE? Yes, in fact it works really well (at least for me :P). I personally use invincible-until-stripped mode and set the damage to 6, along with RSE's combat surrender. When my player's health reaches 0, she gets stripped naked, gets raped (by RSE), and is forced to stay naked for some time post-rape. Adds some more consequences to getting defeated in combat. Is this compatible with Devious Devices? Yes. Devious devices items will not be stripped on strip events. However, the player will still receive damage stacks, which means when you get those devious devices removed, your character still needs to heal before he/she can wear armor on that body part. How will this work with power armor By default, strip events will not happen when the player is in a power armor. But you can change that in the MCM. An exception to this is if you are using invincible-until-stripped mode and the player's health reaches zero, then player will get stripped. Does this work for male players? Yes. But you might want to turn off the strip sound. Currently, when the player gets stripped, the mod will play a female grunt/moan sound. You can turn the sound off in MCM, unless you dont mind your dude moaning like a girl when getting stripped. Can I create my own sound for this mod for males/different female/dog/cat/____ (and also upload)? By all means! If I like it, I'll even add a link to it here for recommendation. What are the "!Damaged __" items that show up in my player's inventory? Those items are for display purposes only. They show up in the inventory when the player gets damaged. It just helps you know which body parts are currently damaged. When the player recovers, those items will be automatically removed from inventory. Hope you all enjoy! Submitter twistedtrebla Submitted 02/17/2018 Category Sexual Content Requires F4SE
  9. View File So you somehow ended up stuck in an armbinder and are now wandering around Skyrim in it. What's preventing all the bandits from taking advantage of you when you can't resist? What it is If enemies see you coming too close to them helpless, they'll just straight up rape you instead of even bothering to attack. This is based on what Devious devices you're wearing. A bunch of them are selected by default to trigger the attacks when worn, but I suggest changing those to your own preferences. Followers are in danger as well. All the nearby enemies will take turns, and there's no early escape. However, once satisfied, they will let you go. There is a short grace period of random duration to give you a head start on running away. Same enemies also won't try to rape you again for 15 minutes from the initial attack trigger. There's also an option for the attackers to remove worn chastity belt, but that only works on the two ones that come with Integration, not with belts from any other mod. Optionally, it can be set to be removed only if the attackers your you have the correct key. For the attackers to have keys, I recommend installing Devious Devices - For the Masses as well. Features Enemies taking advantage of you when wearing Devious Devices ... with the specific items customizable through the config ... also configurable to only happen when unarmed Follower will get used as well Vibrations from worn plugs startling you enough to drop equipped weapons Gold stealing during attacks All of the above can be turned on and off individually through the config. There is also an option for attackers to steal a couple of random items from you, this however is slightly more dangerous and potentially gets you stuck in some quests as it might remove quest items as well, for that reason it's only possible to enable through console: set WD_StealGear to 1 It can be disabled again by setting the value to 0. There's also an Italian translation available, thanks RockMic! Requirements SexLab SexLab Aroused Zaz Animation Pack Devious Devices - Assets Devious Devices - Integration Suggested mods These go nicely together with Helpless, mainly by requiring or forcing you to wear the items that then trigger Helpless. Remember to check their requirements as well. In no particular order: Devious Devices - For the Masses Quick as you like Skyrim Bound Devious Captures Submit + Devious Devices Captured Dreams And other mods in this list. Troubleshooting & reporting issues If you you're having trouble with the mod, or just reporting issues, you can ask for help in the thread. Remember to include your papyrus log of the events with issues. For help how to find your logs, see this thread. Thanks to Min & Zadil for Devious Devices Ashra XIII for the original idea and testing MixedupJim and Bane_master for ideas Huili for Russian translation Veladarius for Captured Dreams integration Slorm for testing Coopervane for the banner Changes - 1.15d Workaround for crash at the end of Draugr scene with latest PapyrusUtil Inescapable armbinder will now stay that way after a scene Wrist ropes no longer count as cloth to improve compatibility with PetCollar Compatibility with Captured Dreams updated for its latest version 1.15c Support for 4-way animations in human scenes Fixed torches not getting dropped on weapon drop events Fixed spells getting automatically equipped (and staying equipped) after a weapon was dropped Fixed armbinder selection after draugr scenes not respecting the style preference Fixed armbinder getting half-equipped after scenes Fixed weight bonuses having wevy wevy slight health regen Fixed enemy item theme selection not always working 1.15b Support for other mods to initiate drop weapon events Prevented scenes from starting while transformed into a werewolf Added support for boots, both as trigger and equipping Added Broken oar grotto bandits as valid rapist faction bug fixes 1.15 Added option to restrict fast travel based on worn devices Added options to select preferences for devices carried by enemies to equip onto the player Added toggle for allowing enemies to carry & equip blindfolds, won't affect those carried by the player Updated API functions for suspending scenes work from mod events Fixed some dirty edits Fixed harness trigger selection Like you say, when you're helpless, you're pretty much screwed. The point of the mod then is to replace being figuratively screwed with being literally screwed. Repeatedly. - Mud Submitter Srende Submitted 03/07/2014 Category Combat Sex Requires SexLab, Devious Devices - Assets & Integration, SexLab Aroused, Zaz animation pack Special Edition Compatible
  10. Mod that allows for a character to present them self in various ways (Spread Legs, doggy position ass shake, standing ass shake, breast massage) after an arousal check is passed sex combat could begin using stamina to deplete the aggressors or switching the animation to one more favorable for you(aggressor can try the same if stamina is higher). I think this mod would work well with SLSO support because it already does and handles some of the things but in different ways. Female benificial positions could be : blowjob, anal to a lesser degree, handjobs and titfucks. Male beneficial positions could be:cunnilingus and fingering First thinking of this mod I had mainly female characters in mind but I also play as a futa, so switching the characters positions between aggressor and suppressed would also have to be added as well. If during the first arousal check the enemies are too low, a speech check with some sexy lines could be another way to coerce your victim into you. Finally if in one of the standing positions what if after they put their weapon away if you melee them you can immediatly turn the tide and become the aggressor with a stamina lead over them(from being knocked down) I wrote all this very tired and very still much bogged by hw so I hope this is coherent. edit- final point, sexlabs already tracked ya could be used to create a sex stamina bar to edge your opponent to increase their cum load or pregnancy rate (SGO 3 comparability) also, either from a perk in the speech tree or a power: dirty talk button triggering your characters voice in one of the three settings(mild,med,hot) depending on your skill in the speech tree and increasing your partners closeness to orgasm. if you’re in the victim position and use the dirty talk depending on the aggressors attitude to you either:speed up animation(not change to next stage), switch to more aggressive animation(if you angered them) amazing edit 2: if you have enough perk points invested and are fucking some dude/dog/whatever in a non aggro cowgirl position you can jump off and move away to another position and if you have enough sex stamina pose as well.(raising their orgasm bar and lowering sex stamina bar) In this sequence all actors are forced to walk (or crawl) towards their destination. If you are in missionary and attempt this a sex stamina bar amount is needed to walk away/ if aggressor sexstamina bar is high enough cause struggle to key mash out of, both players crawl away if you win but with a head boost over them. If possible, walking and crawling should take stamina to move with crawling being less but slower and walking being more but faster. The longer you delay them the more their sex stamina goes down eventually leading them to be mindbroken for the rest of the session. However if they recover enough stamina they can run and pin you down at great cost to them but out of lust. Mindbroken sex partners can be fucked however the winner wants and their sex stamina stays at 0 for the duration.
  11. Simple Sadism & Masochism, a Combat Arousal Mod View File Welcome to yet another Feliks mod Release, Simple Sadism & Masochism Requested by @Yuni and @bathoz Note: Latest version probably needs a clean save, if upgrading from 2.x. Or at least a save after uninstalling 2.x Now with NPC support! What does this do? This mod allows both the player and NPCs to be flagged as Sadists and Masochists, gaining arousal as they deal and take damage respectively. It's very lightweight and shouldn't impact performance at all. Aren't things that apply scripts to people around you terrible for performance? Yes! If they use a cloak to do so, Simple S&M does not, it instead uses a system to reset a number of quest aliases to fill with actors near the player, this does not cause a large script load or any noticeable performance drops! How does it work? With the help of a few tricks in papyrus to determine when the player is in combat and to find people near by it simply does some math based on how much damage was done, and then increases the exposure on either the giver or the taker (or both) based on math that is almost entirely configurable by you, the user! I think I found a bug? Yeah you probably have, while the latest release has been tested by myself there's a very good chance I missed something. I have found that SLA tends to behave a little bit strangely if an actor does not have any stats in SLA yet (for instance, on a new game) so if something isn't quite right select them with the SLA tool (N by default) and it will be forced to seed basic stats. Installation requirements: An updated and legal copy of Skyrim The latest update of Sexlab and Sexlab Aroused SkyUI PapyrusUtil (Should be included in Sexlab) Optional: Sexlab Defeat. MCM Breakdown: Future Plans: Cause an actor at full arousal to orgasm when hitting (sadist) or being hit (masochist) with a configurable chance. Anything else suggested in the thread Submitter Feliks Submitted 03/06/2017 Category Combat Sex Requires SkyUI, Sexlab, PapyrusUtil, Sexlab Aroused and it's requirements. Optionally Defeat Special Edition Compatible No
  12. View File You and your companions get violated by or violate humans, ghouls and synths, if losing/ winning in combat. 150+ lines of dialogues thanks to contributions by Karma199696, Vauria, sophiextime and others. Plus perversion and exhaustion mechanics. Also serves as a framework for triggering forced sex scenes for other sex mods: Four-Play Kidnapped Click on Follow this file above to keep up-to-update with the latest versions of Violate. Requirement: Four-Play - read my installation guide Highly Recommended: Vinfamy's Control Panel - allow you to surrender + give you a bunch of customization options Four-Play Community Patch (requires 2.0+ for aggressive animations and correct victim role to be picked) Optional Integration (i.e. you don't need them for Violate to work, they just add more content if you do) Devious Devices (requires Violate 2.4+) - please read Kimy's requirement list and installation guide carefully. If you have Devious Devices installed (completely optional), at te start of each violation, you and your follower get locked up in random devious devices. The keys to unlock these are with the violator that stole your stuffs. Violate will detect the presence of "Devious Devices.esm" in your game and turn on this optional integration automatically. No DD installed = no integration, just normal Violate as usual. If you have DD installed but DO NOT want it to be integrated with Violate, use console command (will add to Vin's CP eventually): set FPV_Global_DD to 0 Installation: With a mod organizer or extract into Data folder No need to do the quicksave > load thing like previous versions. I implemented a mechanism to auto-upgrade from previous version of Violate in a save, but if possible, use a clean save. Permission: All comments and feedbacks welcome! Submitter vinfamy Submitted 04/01/2017 Category Other Requires Four-Play
  13. Corsayr

    Day in the life

    I stand looking at the bandit weapon drawn. Circling with him slowly scanning the horizon to make sure he is alone. He doesn’t charge in right away which seems odd, usually they rush right in. Almost like he is sizing me up, but more likely he is just scared. My fame is starting to get around, and many of these would be attackers are getting the message that you don’t want to mess with the dragon born. He carries a 2-handed club like many of them seem to do, they like the power. But it’s a slow weapon, and I’m not that worried. Finally he makes his move coming at me, instead of the usual power attack he starts with a jab right into the center of my shield. It pushes me back a little. I try a swing at him but he parries quite easily and kicks me hard in the stomach. I lose my breath from the kick, and I’m almost unable to get my shield up in time to block the swing of his hammer as it comes around at me. Already off balance the blow staggers me. I take a wild swing at him but he dodges and rolls under my slash attack. I try a back hand swing but he parries that and hooks the head of his hammer on the far side of my wrist as the shaft stops my blade. With a quick twist my sword goes flying. I panic I try to spin around with my shield to slam him but he saw it coming a mile away, and simply catches my shield with his hands. He dropped his hammer to catch my shield? He knows this fight is over… He yanks hard on my shield spinning me with it and I am tossed to the ground as my shield is pulled from my arm. I am face down on the ground now, out of breath, unarmed. It seems like forever as I try to struggle to my feet but it really isn’t but a split second till he is on top of me. At least I managed to get on my back. My hands reach for his face but he catches my wrists and struggles to push my arms down. I am stronger than he expected but not strong enough and I am not winning this arm battle. I thrust up with my knee hoping to catch him off guard… I don’t he was waiting for that. The move allows him to get his knee under my hip and use it to spin me over onto my front. My legs are no longer much use in this but I continue to thrash around with them anyway. He shifts his weight to pin one of my arms under him as he moves to use both his arms against my only free one. I feel my gauntlet pulled off and a metal ring goes around my wrist with a familiar click sound. Suddenly my other arm is free, my excitement quickly fades as I realize he let it get free so he could grab it. Everything I have I put into trying to stop what is coming next but it all comes to nothing as the other gauntlet is pulled from my hand and my heart sinks and I hear…. Click. That moment when you realize your arms are now locked in cuffs and he is free to use his arms for whatever he wants. It takes him no time at all to reposition himself still pinning me down but now facing my legs. I thrash wildly but there is nothing I can do. One by one my legs are caught, and my boots are removed. My legs are now totally bare… naked and kicking. He ties a rope around them, and I’m no longer able to do much more than just beat them up and down against the cold ground. I hear myself shouting at him, threats, “just wait till I get out of this” that sort of thing. He just stands up and looks down on me. I try to roll over but he places his foot on my back stopping me. He kneels down and his hands are now around my head forcing something in my mouth, something metal. As it pulls tight the ring stands up and forces my mouth open wide… painfully. I have no more words, just whimpers. This is the first time I feel the tears start to well up in my eyes. But I fight them off… he’s not going to get the satisfaction. But it is hard to stop the tears, I can’t fight back anymore. My words were my last bit of defiance and now they are gone too, I have no more weapons. I feel the tugs at the straps to my breastplate, and the loose feeling as they are freed. My weapons gone and now my only defense falls away from my body. All that is left is my tunic. A sheer silky bit of cloth between me and what’s next. I hear the dagger come out of the sheath, and wait for the cold feel of the steel on my throat, this is it I think, this is how it ends. But that feeling never arrives as I am rolled over onto my back instead. “Idiot!” I think to myself, this is a long way from over. With one quick pull of the knife my tunic is separated down the front. It’s not long before the tatters of it are pulled free from my body leaving me totally naked laying on the ground before him. He stares at me like he just opened a present on the Winter Solstice Day, and it sickens me to see him and see my body naked before him. So I look away. I look up so I can’t see his face, or glimpse my own naked body. I realize I am crying now, and I try and choke it back. I try to take my mind someplace else, were I am alone and safe. But then with a SMACK! I am back. Away in my mind I hadn’t realized he rolled me onto his lap. But there I am naked over his knee like a little child getting ready to get what is coming to her. Another Smack, I scream in pain and humiliation. My mind can’t take me away from the pain, I am in the here and now. Laying naked over his lap I can tell he likes it when I cry out, and this is not going to be quick. Blow after blow I am reduced to sobbing uncontrollably all dignity all resistance gone. All hope… Gone. I lose track of time, it seems like this is all my life is now, but there is always more. I am on my knees now facing him. He is standing before me this time it isn’t my nakedness I notice… but his. He grabs my head and pushes himself into my mouth. The ring prevents me from stopping him, like I said I have no more weapons. But I force myself to stay limp I’m not going to help get him off he is going to have to do all the work himself. He moves one of his hands to my nose and pinches it shut... I begin to choke from the lack of air. As my throat constricts to gasp it grabs his penis and messages it sporadically. He has done this before, this one knows how to use me to get what he wants. This thought sinks in as he alternates letting me breathe and making me choke on him. I am his plaything, a toy he pushes a button I pleasure him. The hot mess fills my mouth and throat and I choke trying to swallow it, he has plenty for my mouth and more than enough to for my face. Holding my hair he lifts my gaze up to meet his eyes so he can admire his handy work. He releases me and I go limp, I am sobbing as it all fades to black. I don’t know how long I am out… It had to have been a while. It’s still hazy and like a dream but it seems like I am face in the dirt ass in the air on my knees. I can feel him behind me, his hands on my hips. It just happens, no warning, no foreplay, he is in me. Not the hole he is supposed to use either. The smaller dryer one. Skin tears from his size, the pain is unreal. I hear screaming…. It’s me. “You weren't expecting that, were you!” he says. The pain is so bad I hardly notice the extra pain of his body slamming against my raw bottom still sore from the spanking… yesterday? Earlier? I don’t even know how long this has been happening to me. I want to pass out but that screaming keeps me awake. My screaming. It all goes black again. I wake up slowly, the dark blurs they turn to bright blurs then turn back to dark ones again. Finally I hear talking, I don’t understand what they are saying. The blur is bright but not too bright, like fire. A torch I see a torch on the wall to my left. Where am I? I try to move my arm but it won’t budge. I am standing against a wall. My arms pinned to my sides by the walls of my tiny cage. There are more people here, I feel tears welling up again. “No more” I hear myself whimper. One of the blurry figures looks up at me, but they say nothing. My focus begins to return, and I can see now. The others with me aren’t attackers or more rapists. They are prisoners… Just like me. This is a cell. Who is talking? What are they saying? The words are so fast it is hard to tell they are in the common dialect. Finally I recognize a word, and it chills me. “Sold!” I feel myself starting to sob again, and I fight it back. They finally come for me after what seems like an eternity. The voice tells the big man, “She’s finally awake, good. Can’t wait to see the price she fetches! Get her to the block.” The big man opens my cage and slings me over his shoulder like a sack of grain. The block is a stage in a room full of people. Chains hang from the ceiling and I am hung from those chains. It’s not long before I hear that word again. “Sold!” This time I lose the fight, and start sobbing. The blackness that comes is from a hood being placed over my head. No reason to stay awake for now, need my strength. I dream that I am home in Whiterun, in my own bed. The dream is broken by a voice. “You’re awake my thane! Drink something.” I recognize the voice and the face. It’s Lydia! I feel the cool moisture as water soothes my raw throat. “I thought you were dead for sure, but I had a man watching the auction houses just in case. You’re safe now, sleep.” Yes sleep, I don’t want to wake up from this dream.
  14. View File When your character gets defeated in combat (or gets caught while running around naked) this mod will stop combat and play one of the selected scenarios. Since there's no SexTec, no MCM, and F4SE is in very early stage, this mod has a very limited functionality. When we get all this stuff, my plan is to make a simplified version of Death Alternative with some Sexlab Defeat/Submit and Deviously Helpless features (check Skyrim section if you don't know what I'm talking about). Surrender conditions: Low health Crippled Caught without a weapon Surrender scenarios: Lose all items, move to some random location with a quest to recover your gear. If you "die" again without recovering your gear, quest just expands. Move to some random location (no quest, no items lost). Pacify enemies for a few seconds to let you heal and escape. What does "Essential player" mean? If you chose the "low health" surrender condition it makes your character immortal. You still take damage but you can't die, similar to some important NPCs. Unfortunately it means every time your health hits 0 you have to wait ~12 seconds lying on the ground before you can continue. I hope there will be some way to fix that in the future. - Fixed, but camera is still freaking out. Known issues: UPGRADING FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS DOESN'T WORK, START FROM A CLEAN SAVE IF YOU WANT TO TRY THIS MOD Settings menu is kind of clunky, it will be replaced later when mod configuration menu comes out When you surrender in Far Harbor you move back to Commonwealth Damage over time doesn't trigger any events It's WIP, so don't install it on your 100 hour save. Credits: This mod takes a lot of ideas from these Skyrim mods: Sexlab Defeat (Goubo) Sexlab Submit (dkatryl) Deviously Helpless (Srende) Death Alternative (BralorMarr) If you want something similar in Skyrim, check them out. Mod Review by VatiWah: http://youtu.be/5WIsV5us_3k Full changelog: Submitter shakrum Submitted 05/07/2016 Category WIP / Beta Requires
  15. Hey guys! After a month of constant screenshotting, I have finally made it. A scene a day every day! It went very well, though I did miss a week when I went home for Thanksgiving. However, it worked out, and I managed to get the final shot done on November 30th! Expect a lot of content rolling out these next few weeks now all the way to the conclusion of chapter three! So how will this work exactly? Though there are technically only two acts left in his chapter, there is going to be 8 or 9 total entries. Some of the parts will be quite long, some will be much shorter than normal. Just keep in mind that though they are divided, they are to be considered a full act. So let's cut my little pre-spiel and get right into this. It's time to begin: The Hunt. Previously on: The Frost of Ages Act Six Index:
  16. Hey guys! Welcome to part 2! Make sure you have read the previous part! You can find the link to it in the act seven index spoiler at the bottom of the page. Let’s begin. Previously on: The Frost of Ages: Act Seven Index: Author's Note:
  17. Hey guys! Welcome to Chapter Three's Conclusion! Make sure you have read the previous parts! Seriously. You can find links to them in the act seven index spoiler at the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading my story. After this though, it will be a long time before The Frost of Ages continues. I want to work on my other stuff, like my mods, my tumblr, and other stories maybe. I'm also considering bringing back "The Girls", but we'll see. This isn't me saying I will be inactive. Quite the opposite. I am going to really try and increase my activity. It just won't be here on LL since this blog isn't the best place for updates on my mods or random, fun screenshots. So once again, thank you for supporting this year long journey. Let's do this! Previously on: The Frost of Ages (I recommend reading this as it acts as a smooth transition into the first section as well as a reminder for A LOT of information) Act Seven Index: Author's Note:
  18. View File Read this first before asking question in the thread. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/48940-goodbye/ This mod does not appeal for violence or rape. Mod author is strongly against rape and supports freedom of individual to handle his\her own body. If you have SexoutSubmit or SlaveCollection installed - Free all NPC and delete these mods from your load order before installing Unethical Deeds. NEW version of NVSE is required (Updated on 21 April 2015) http://nvse.silverlock.org/ This mod is result of merging SexoutSubmit and Slave Collection, as well adding new features to it and fixing a couple of old bugs. What does it do: Player as victim Player as aggressor Enslavement Companion sex Forced talk FAQ For modders Thanks NepoznatiNN for participating in betatesting! Double thanks to LouiseH for making new dialoges and participating in betatesting! Thanks dkatryl and Goubo for their mods for Skyrim! Thanks ChancellorKremlin for making new dialogs and text for MessageBoxes! Thanks 7KeysCurtain for suggestion of Forced companion faction and for making new dialogs for slaves! Thanks OneWayVector for making new dialogs for slaves! If you plan to make translation for this mod - please notify me first. 99% I'll say yes but still you need my written permission to translate this mod or host it on other sites. This mod or any part of this mod are not to be used in any way to earn money, even via donations, patreon and so on. Submitter Guest Submitted 05/25/2015 Category Combat Sex Requires FalloutNW, Sexout >=2.6.85 (optional), NVSE 5.0 Beta 1
  19. View File Sex gives you Sanguine's Favor which you can use to increase some of your combat stats. This should make a "dominant" playthrough a little bit more interesting. This mod includes: Assault & Surrender Very basic version of SexLab Defeat, totally optional, turned off by default. +Assault: Press a button and rape the enemy if their health is below the threshold. Also works with creatures. +Surrender: You get instantly raped if your health gets below the threshold. How to make it work with SexLab Defeat: SexLab Leveling settings: Surrender - Disabled How to make it work with Death Alternative: SexLab Leveling settings: Surrender - Disabled (DA) Blackout after sex - Enabled (If you want to see Death Alternative events, instead of just standing up like nothing happened) Death Alternative settings: OnBleedout Event Settings - SexLab Leveling Surrender - Enabled How to make it work with both Death Alternative and SexLab Defeat: SexLab Leveling settings: Surrender - Disabled Death Alternative settings: OnBleedout Event Settings - SexLab Leveling Surrender - Disabled Stats Stats you can increase. +Armor Rating +Attack and Spell Damage +Reduced Spell Cost +Resists to Fire +Resists to Frost +Resists to Shock +Resists to Poison Spells and Perks +Sex with enemies kills them Can turn it on/off. It doesn't care if it's your ally, which is useful for some combat mods that don't set aggressive flag. Use the button in debug menu if you can't cast spells but need to turn it off (bound, in armbinder, etc). +Sex with enemies kills them AND fills one of your soul gems +Masturbate to heal +"Cum armor" Similar to Oakflesh, but applies SexLab's cum shader. Increases armor and resistances. +Being naked increases Speech +Unlock spell with 5 levels Achievements Another way to increase stats/get points/perks. Not much there yet. In the future I'll try to cover some events from SexLab Solutions. To make it work with SexLab Solutions unpack Solutions.7z and replace files. To make it work with Creatures just enable creature animations in SexLab. Settings +Option to go first person after sex +Turn sex victims into ashes (when sex damage is turned on) (might be very slow after group sex) ... Requirements SexLab 1.59c Compatible mods SexLab Solutions >3.1.2 Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life Compatibility Base mod (stats and abilities) shouldn't conflict with anything, unless there is a mod that removes every single spell from your character. If you enable "Surrender" in the options, it will make your character essential. Assault shouldn't conflict with anything. Read about compatibility with Death Alternative and SexLab Defeat in "Assault & Surrender" section above. Known bugs Surrendering near allies might lead to your character getting raped by them instead of enemies. Surrender doesn't work if your character was damaged by damage over time effects (poison/burning). Assaulting sleeping draugr is a bad idea. You don't get attacked during the Assault (that's intentional). For modders Available favor is stored in global variable "SexLabLeveling_XP", total favor in "SexLabLeveling_XP_Total". So if you want to know what current favor is, do something like this: GlobalVariable Property SexLabLeveling_XP Autoint CurrentFavor = SexLabLeveling_XP.GetValueInt() If you want to increase favor: GlobalVariable Property SexLabLeveling_XP AutoGlobalVariable Property SexLabLeveling_XP_TOTAL Autofloat Increment = 5.0SexLabLeveling_XP.Mod(Increment)SexLabLeveling_XP_Total.Mod(Increment) Submitter shakrum Submitted 02/05/2015 Category Combat Sex Requires SexLab 1.59c Special Edition Compatible  
  20. View File Created most one handed animations to look more like a BADASS DRAGONBORN instead of the average human scared to be cut. Submitter Funnybizness Submitted 05/08/2017 Category Animation Requires FNIS...I think. Special Edition Compatible  
  21. View File Informationen ____________________ Weitere Übersetzungen von Svorge findest du: HIER Weitere Übersetzungen von Svorge für SKYRIM findest du: HIER Weitere Übersetzungen von mir für Loverslab fndest du: HIER Bitte vergiss nicht die Übersetzung zu bewerten und ein Kommentar zu schreiben! Solltest du eine Frage haben, scheue dich nicht sie in die Kommentare zu schreiben. Danke und viel Spaß beim Modden Installation ____________________ 1. Original-Mod herunterladen und installieren: HIER 2. Wenn der Mod zusätzlich noch andere Mods benötigt, müssen diese auch installiert werden. Die Informationen dazu stehen auf der Original-Mod Seite. Für gewöhnlich gibt es dort einen Bereich: Requirements. 3. Meine Übersetzung herunterladen und installieren. Dafür gibt es zwei Möglichkeiten: Du kannst oben rechts auf den Link DOWNLOAD (NMM) klicken oder die Datei über DOWNLOAD (MANUAL) manuell herunterladen. Lädst du sie manuell herunter musst du sie noch per Drag&Drop in deinen Mod-Manager ziehen und aktivieren. Solltest du Probleme mit der Installation oder Bedienung der Internetseite haben, gibt es hier ein tolles Tutorial auf Youtube: Tipp: Ich empfehle nach der Installation LOOT drüber laufen zu lassen, um die Ladereihenfolge zu optimieren. Kontakt ____________________ Ich: Loverslab Svorge: Steam Nexus Forum Credits ____________________ Vielen Dank an Svorge für die Hilfe und das Design Vielen Dank an den Orginal-Mod Autor für diesen großartigen Mod! Vergiss nicht auch ihm ein ENDORSEMENT zu geben! Vielen Dank an mcguffin für die Bereitstellung des Übersetzungstools: sseTranslator Vielen Dank an das Team von nexusmods.com Vielen Dank an das Team von Bethesda Submitter T4y Submitted 12/28/2016 Category Combat Sex Requires SexLab Defeat Special Edition Compatible  
  22. I was wondering if some mod here already has this functionality, or if anyone's planning on adding this? I think the game's perfectly set up for it, with frequent fights between opposing factions, raiders attacking scavengers, etc. With rape content already in the game in regard to the player VS NPCs, it feels downright unimmersive that a group like the pack, for example, would settle for just killing their opponents.
  23. Replace stagger animation with "a fall on the ground then a stand up animation"?!!
  24. Guffel

    Stress and Trauma

    Version 1.0.0


    Stress and Trauma Overview: This is a lightweight mod that simulates Stress through combat and Trauma by violation through non-intrusive visual effects only, no status effects are used. Description: All options, that can be changed and/or turned off are marked with an "(MCM)". SAT uses a simplistic approach to simulate Stress and Trauma. The aim is to alter only the feel of the game, not the gameplay itself. Therefore only visual effects are used, no "hidden" status effects, buffs or de-buffs. The effects are subtle and easy to ignore for some time, but still aim to make the game feel diffrent. SAT introduces two new values into the game, Stress and Trauma, ranging from 0 to 100. While these values rise the mod applies increasing visual effects at values of 10 (MCM), 33 and 66. The lower threshold can be adjusted in the MCM and serves as a "grace period", so the values don't have to sink down to zero until the effects to stop. Trauma: The Trauma effect adds a recurring, pulsating, circular blur to give a feel of flashback and anxiety. Trauma points are gained by being violated (i.e. the player is the victim of an aggressive animation). The gain values differ depending on the animation (anal, oral, vaginal, beastiality) and can be adjusted individually. There is also the option to set Trauma gain for consentual animations, too. Once the lower threshold is exceeded, Arousal will be blocked (MCM), because the character is taumatised. Trauma can be reduced by drinking alcohol or Skooma/ Sleeping Tree Sap (MCM). Apart from that, Trauma sinks over time by a daily rate (MCM). For that the player can't have sex or can't be violated (MCM) for a number of days (MCM), before the Trauma value starts to fall. Example: By default, you can't have sex for 2 days for Trauma to start sinking, after 3 days of no sex the reduction will be 20 (default daily rate), after 4 days of no sex the reduction will be 40 and so on. Stress: Stress adds an increasing tunnel vision and, at high values, short flashes of double-vision. Stress is gained in two ways: 1. Time spent in combat. Every 10 in-game minutes of combat generate 1 point of Stress times a multiplier (MCM). 2. Damage taken. Every 10% of health lost generate 1 point of Stress times a multiplier (MCM). Stress can be reduced by drinking alcohol or Skooma/ Sleeping Tree Sap (MCM). Stress, too, sinks over time by a daily rate (MCM). The Stress reduction starts directly after leaving combat, without any waiting time. Stress is also reduced when having sex (MCM). Not when being violated, being the violator is okay. Arousal: At Arousal values of 50 and 70 surreal, colorful effects appear in irregular intervals (MCM). Also Arousal is linked to the Stress value and rises, but doesn't sink, with it (MCM). This show the effect of the adrenalin that has build up over a long fight. The linking can also be enabled for up to 4 follower (MCM). Violation: When the player is violated a light blur flashes up every 0.5 seconds for the time of the animation (MCM) to underline the horror of the act. Requirements: Sexlab Framework 1.62 Sexlab Aroused or Aroused Redux Personal Note: You can't imagine how much I cursed making this mod... My original plan was to used a purple filter for arousal, strong desaturation for Trauma and bright red flashed in violations. But than I had to learn the hard way, that ENB says no to Imagespace Modifiers (the name of the filter in CK)... No colors, no saturation changes... The only thing that did work were diffrent kinds of blurs. At first I was so disapointed that I wanted to drop the mod, but since it was basically finished I decided to not give up and changed all visuals to use blurs. And I'm rather pleased with the outcome ChangeLog: 07/11/2018 Initial Upload
  25. ther1pper

    Chapter 45: Rebirth (2/9)

    “You're going down” Part 1: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5769-chapter-45-rebirth-19/ Part 3: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5777-chapter-45-rebirth-39/ Part 4: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5784-chapter-45-rebirth-49/ Part 5: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5910-chapter-45-rebirth-59/ Part 6: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5911-chapter-45-rebirth-69/ Part 7: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5912-chapter-45-rebirth-79/ Part 8: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5930-chapter-45-rebirth-89/ Part 9: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/entry/5948-chapter-45-rebirth-99/