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  1. Sometimes the hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml (the HDT PE default xml) was entered in the Nifs of hands. If gloves equipped, the hand_Nif is replaced and the HDT effect is gone. (However, that does not really explain the phenomenon with HDT shoes) The Nifs are femalehands_1.nif and femalehands_0.nif in folder Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets . The Nifs femalefeet_1.nif and femalefeet_0.nif are in the same folder. The entry is of type: NiStringExtraData Name: HDT Havok Path Data: SKSE\Plugins\xxx.xml
  2. Presumably, your xml is in your hand_nif. But feet_nif?
  3. Black alpha channel is a problem. DXT is an ancient compression of Savage (S3) and can differ in detail in different programs. You should save the normalmaps in RGBA with the programs with which you create the normalmap. Then open with PS or Gimp and save from there in DXT5.
  4. You need the source files of all the scripts that are used.
  5. 2 causes possible in my view. Missing masterfile for one of your new mods. or in enblocal.ini this is true: ExpandSystemMemoryX64 Set to false and test again.
  6. It's the normalmap, the alpha - I'm sure. For example - look in normalmaps of hair, almost completely transparent. DXT3 should only be used for hard transition of alpha-not alpha. There is no soft alpha blending with DXT3. Better is DXT5 or without compression in RGB8A.
  7. T Pose

    You can easily use NSAP with SLAL, ZAZ, etc. with FNIS and easily use it in Sexlab.In the game registration, only one point is important: first register NSAP animations and then other mods like SLAL, ZAZ etc. Reason is, the registration of NSAP resets animations in SexLab. And of course first install SexLab - in Game .;)
  8. Skyrim lag in cities

    Unzip the BSA's from Skyrim and re-pack them as BSA - but uncompressed. It will not always bring much more FPS. Many places are literally littered with triggers. There will always be short-term performance slumps.
  9. Why Are Skin Mods Terrifying?

    Right - although I have not quoted you.
  10. Take all - then I have 2x misread, or not understood. Therefore I said "for example" and not 30 perse. As an explanation for the difference R vs. E (in general), it should be sufficient.
  11. Breast Physics Issue?

    You can not fix it either. It's a Havok physics from Googles/Tools (Sturges I believe). And this is primarily in x and y axis. (Y-axis is your problem) And not really suitable for chest. No proper damping etc. CBBE in BodySlide already has this "physics" and it is reasonably ok. Cherry has - as always - made a skin of beginners, totally exaggerating, no soft balance in the transitions and the result is - as always.
  12. @Skullered With the weight - well observed. :) But - purely mathematically - not the reason. Take all - does not mean - all gold or whatever else was selected, but everything. Everything in the inventory. I do not know from which number - but from 30 (for example) would be the query, whether all or how many - if you press E.
  13. Why Are Skin Mods Terrifying?

    Sorry, but in the point Bodyslide I have to contradict - at least partially. ;) Bodyslide and Outfitstudio was not restricted for Skyrim and not for FO4. There are all possibilities to do something. Nobody restricts you in your creativity or diligence. If you work with the standard meshes (for example, CBBE), there are many more options in FO4's BS / OS than in Skyrim. BS or OS does not stop you from creating new morphs or using completely different meshes. Neither in Skyrim, nor in FO 4. The fact that there are far fewer mods for FO4 and less for BS / OS has nothing to do with BS / OS, but with the game itself. The possibilities of BS / OS are just as good in FO4 - and who uses standards - like CBBE - even better than in Syyrim. If the author of Atomic Beauty or this scrap as Cherry's desaster Skin for Havok - please. It is not a problem of tools (BS / OS) - but awkward craftsmen.
  14. I know the problem with using "Place Everywhere" when collision or snap was disabled while building. But only with turrets.
  15. Do the material files (bgsm) belong to the body? Textures are used in material files. This xxx.bgsm must be used in Nif. Direct use of textures in Nif are only for preview in NifSkope if material files are used. To check and change textures in bgsm / bgem the Material Editor can be used.