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  1. Andy14

    PSD to DDS Converter

    With Gimp you can open psd and save it as dds with the dds plugin. Both Gimp and the dds plugin for Gimp are free.
  2. Andy14

    can some one help me

    It seems that the idle marker is wrongly positioned for the bed furniture.
  3. The humanoid races all use the skeleton and the same animations. The benefit of the races (beyond the Skill bonus) is the ability to automatically use the right skin textures, the right meshes for hands, feet, hair, etc. That's why you do not need countless magician robes as nif. (as an an example) All races use the same nif, even independent of the magician class (color variants and enchantments). The color variants of the robes are assigned as textureset in the ArmorAddon directly to the mesh (in Model Data), the race-specific skin of the body (or feets, hands) as SkinTexture with the TextureSet of the race. The race(s) itself is also set in the Armor Addon. Armor Addon: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=ArmorAddon&oldid=50208 The Armor itself uses only all Armor Addons in Models and a race (mostly DefaultRace = Playable). By default, only the first ArmorAddon will be displayed in Models. Click on "Show All" to see them all. Armor: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Armor Back to the topic (above was only for completeness): Whether it makes sense to create a race for a custom follower, I can not say. It may be better to assign a standard Skintexture and meshes (vanilla races) to the Custom Follower. And the variant without Bodymesh (which I have described) requires the same body-nif (as from the PC) or at least the same mesh/shape and must be made for both sexes.
  4. If your follower has a own race then you can create an additional Armor Addon Form for that race and use a TextureSet there. In Armor Form then the normal Armor Addon and the race-specific Addon must be used. But that's not really necessary. The Bodymesh as part of the armor is unnecessary in 95% of all cases. Create the nif of the armor WITHOUT bodymesh and assign meaningful slots to the meshes of the armor (not 32). If you convert the BSDismemberSkinInstances to NiSkinInstances (3 mouse clicks) then the Nif is even neutral and the slot editing has to be made only in CK in the Armor Addon and Armor. Meaningful slots: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Skyrim_bodyparts_number (see the Free body slots)
  5. Andy14

    Noob need help with blender

    You do not need a blender for that. This is super easy to do in this case with Outfit Studio and even with Nifskope (not so easy). Do you use Outfit Studio? If it really needs to be with Blender: I recommend Blender 2.79 and work with Wavefront (obj) instead of Nif. The creation of Nif-files and creating the skin I would do with Outfit Studio. Likewise the import / export of the obj files. By the way: To ask questions and to want to learn is not something to be ashamed of.
  6. Andy14

    SkyUi not installing?

    Did you install SKSE - I mean the right version for Skyrim, not for Skyrim SE?
  7. Andy14

    Noob need help with blender

    What do you want to change actually - I mean on the original nif?
  8. Andy14

    Noob need help with blender

    The following was wrong / not set in almost all NiTriShapes. BS Num UV sets must be 4097. Has Normals have to be yes Has Vertex Colors should be yes. I have everything set and then for every mesh: Face Normals and Update Tangent Space Here are your nifs: New_Ribbon15Full_0.nif femalebody_0.nif I have seen that in the original also Alpha Propertie is used. Since you did not give any texture, I left it that way.
  9. Andy14

    Noob need help with blender

    Upload the nifs of the body and garter and textures so that I or others can check. Probably only wrong settings in the Nifs.
  10. Andy14

    slight problem

    Very well described.
  11. Andy14

    Noob need help with blender

    After only 9 hours bump is invalid. Why do you use 2.49 (I think) and not 2.79. Is there any compelling reason to work with this?
  12. Andy14

    Extended Skeleton DEV Thread

    Then would be a request, could you use the walking animation of Dragonfly (also for the Bones for the breasts - I think, it is not better - as animation). Did you really use a Skyrim skeleton? Big, very big cinema, really impressive. Then you really have a lot of work to do - Respect, I would not do it (for Fo 4). Since you've written something pretty on the ToDo - great respect. When it's done - not a word to the interns of Bethesda. (Psssssssssst) If that gets done - oh my god - finally a real skeleton - no matter if the tits wobble, finally a solid job. A solid work. Thanks for all involved. I know, animations are really a lot of work - take your time in the world. No hurry - fast is good and good is careful. Thanks again to all involved.
  13. This does not take long and works without typing the names. I have 20 packages with 1209 animations in KW - it does not take 2 minutes. For this you need a structured folder structure. For me, all animations are in the folder Animations. When I set up KW: I switch to the Animations folder with ALT + Tab, select the first package and press F2 and then CTRL + C. (F2 is for rename, the name is marked automatically, so CTRL + C can be used to copy the name) Then with ALT + Tab back to Sims3 and CTRL + V in KW. The same with the next package.
  14. Andy14

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    Correctly recognized - it is not a thread of Fallout 4. And with this order, it never becomes something.
  15. Andy14

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    I did not play the beta, but only watched about 8 hours of streams/videos (in the same piece by the same person). Although I'm not a fan of online games I have to say that FO 76 is a positive surprise. And for a beta even very positive. If the price of 60.00 EUR would not be and there is the possibility of "censorship-free" mods (private server) - maybe I would even play an this online game.