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  1. I think problems with tattoos. Too high resolution or too few slots in the nioverrideini - iNumOverlays.
  2. The data folder is in the archive. If you open with 7-Zip: With the left mouse button, drag and drop the data folder onto the hard drive (a directory outside the archive). It will be unzipped automatically. For example: Open with 7-Zip. Drag the data folder into the Skyrim directory with the left mouse button pressed. You cannot unzip it IN THE ARCHIVE. I checked it again this morning - the archive is not broken.
  3. The archive is perfectly fine. But you need 7-Zip to open it, not Win-Rar or Windows-Zip.
  4. Training? Have a look at the overview of the mod, what the state of the NPC is before you put it on the pump
  5. With the standard dialog "You have to do something for me" (or something like that). Then point to the pump and confirm with E.
  6. I would actually not export from Nifskope (as obj) but from OS. There have never been problems with Obj from OS and Blender. The only important thing is "Keep Vertex Order" and the axes. Z = Up Y = Forward
  7. Racemenu After character creation (later in game) you can use console command: showracemenu
  8. while (i > 0) && (Follower || NeedARaper) && (AggressorCount < j)
  9. Check "Keep Vertex Order" at import in Blender. Maybe it helps. And don't use nif for import, but obj. You can export Obj from Outfit Studio beforehand
  10. What is the rest of the dances? The mod has 96 dances and these are all included.
  11. Check "Keep Vertex Order" at import in Blender.
  12. There are several conversions for SE in the threads here. The mod itself is compatible with, but not the animations.
  13. Are you using XPMSE and running FNIS with check the Skeleton Arm Fix?
  14. 1. Load your Nif in OutfitStudio. 2. Delete the hand mesh. 3. Select the Glove mesh -> Change to Bones Tab 4. Select all bones -> right click -> Delete -> From Selected Shape 5. Switch to Meshes tab 6. Import your Femalehand.nif 7. Select the hand mesh 8 .Right click on Hand Mesh -> Set Reference 9. Select the Glove Mesh If the gloves are out of place, use the gizmo (key F) for adjustment and the brushes to change the shape. 10. Right click Glove Mesh -> Properties -> Geometry -> Check Skinned 11. Right click on Glove Mesh -> Copy Bone
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