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  1. Edit the hair xml and adjust or delete shapes and constraints for breasts.
  2. You only need the Shader Typ set to HairTint. But with wig (helmet) it's a little bugy ingame. Because it's not a Headpart.
  3. Maybe you have too many subfolders in the data. The length of the string that Skyrim can read is limited. (The length of all folder names with the deepest hierarchy including the longest file name in the last folder.) And you should let Steam check your files.
  4. The sign means that the nif is missing. If the nif is present, but in the BSA you can ignore the error.
  5. Change the slots of the meshes in Nifskope and the Slots in Armor Addon and Armor in the Esp with CK/TESVEdit.
  6. If there are any in-game problems with the skin, simply report again. Boneweights and fingers are a little tricky.
  7. 1. Import the ring in Outfitstudio, switch to bones, select all bones and right click-> Remove Bones from selected Shapes. 2. Then import the hand nif. Select the hands, right click on hand shape-> Set Reference. 3. Select the Ring again and press F. Now you can adjust the to left hand. 4. If the position is okay, right click on the ring -> Copy Bone Weights. 5. Export the ring as Nif without Reference. Done.
  8. Smaller breasts or longer eyeballs. Seriously, you've installed the right skeleton - XPMSE for example?
  9. I don't see any holes. I see a deformed chest and a big clipping at the hands - because wrong shape and/or skin.
  10. I use Notepad++ and a litle bit brain.
  11. Herr im Himmel. You don't touch no one from this. If you work with the project, OS save the Nif in ShapeData. If you then build the Outfit with BodySlide, BodySlide create the both nif in meshes. Read my post, how do work with a project.
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