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  1. You need the source files from SKSE. They are not available in the installer, only in the archive (7zip)
  2. Neither bodyslide nor nifscope. Use Outfit Studio -> right click on the Mesh -> Export as Obj. Import into Blender: Keep Vertex Order Z-axis -> top Y-axis -> front Export the same.
  3. The camera does not work for the player character. Only works for your clone or other NPC
  4. Too bad it doesn't work because I like the idea and the mod. PC surrenders, bandits put away their weapons and PC is tied up. Then nothing more happens. The cause seems to be in the script nade_allegiancequest_qf_scr. Call stacks from the papyrus.log. Shouldn't the function use parameters from the call? Like this: Function Allegiance (Bool value) instead of: Function Allegiance (Bool value = true)
  5. sry https://store.steampowered.com/app/72850/The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim/
  6. No, just the Skyrim.esm. You can save your armor as a new esp afterwards. Or you take this one. I just created it for you to take a few screenshots. Invisible_Armor.esp Here are the screenshots in order - without comments.
  7. Open the NakedBody Armor in CK. Enter a new ID and name - important. Check Slot 32. In Keywords add keywords for armor and for material etc. Determine whether light or heavy armor and the armor value and weight. Since the NakedBody Armor already uses all the necessary ArmorAddons, you do not have to change anything at this point. Under constructible objects you can create recipes for crafting and tempering for your new armor. PS. You should also increase the priority of armor to avoid potential conflicts. And since it is an invisible armor, think about a solution for World / Ground model.
  8. That's right - just like any kind of fetish.
  9. It is Irina's YT channel - whose else?
  10. Right-click an object in Object Window (no matter what type) -> Use Info. When it is used it becomes more and more obvious. There are some things that were planned but never finished. For example the arena in Widhelm
  11. The machine is from Zaz. So install / reinstall Zaz.
  12. I downloaded your Nif and was able to do everything I described earlier. With one exception - the conversion causes the mesh to fly apart completely. May I ask what are you up to in detail? I suspect a replacer or new race? You know you have to recreate EVERY morph that exists for Skyrim for this vanilla head? The race morphs, each face morph (nose, mouth, eyes, etc.), and each facial expression morph. And each one and exactly the same by name. And if it's a replacer for NPC, you have to regenerate each of these NPC heads. I can imagine people telling you you could just copy Vanilla's morphs / tris - mostly forget about it. This ONLY works if the topology of the meshes in the tri files corresponds 100% to the topology of your mesh in Nif. To 100% means - not even the numbering of a vertex may differ. But that's just my guess - hence the question, what do you actually want to do?
  13. If you change the assignment of the children for node 0, this node (3) is empty and standalone and can be deleted. You can see the names of the nodes when you look at your pictures. PS: You can also upload the original head nif (I don't use an SE) and your custom nif here and I'll try to correct it
  14. SE? If not then TriShape and take a look at the hierarchy and the names of the nodes. NiNode 3 is too much and NiNode 0 has a wrong name. Choose NiNode 0 and change the name and correct the children. NiNode 3 should then be left over and can be deleted. Note: With a right click -> Block -> Convert, Nifskope node conversions can be made.
  15. Without dependence on DDI / DDE would be good. DDA and Zaz is okay. And less repetitive whipping scenes would be good too.
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