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  1. In NifSkope rename the 0 NiNode in FemaleHead.nif and the NiTriShape in FemaleHead. Click on Txt in Block Details Port for this.
  2. I don't think you will find a save for the PC that matches the points above. The save should basically be without mods, almost no side missions, etc. I am using Alternative Start. If I want my peace and quiet, I don't trigger the main quest (go to Helgen). But, maybe the mod Skyrim Unbound is something for you. Otherwise you have to complete all quests manually via console. You can also create a batch file for it. However, it is very time-consuming because you have to complete the quests (all) in the correct order. I wouldn't do that because the effort would be too much for me. PS: On the other hand, you can also earn this save yourself. And then save manually in the console with "save yoursavename". These types of saves are not overwritten by Skyrim. Regarding the guilds: You don't have to join the companions or the guilds - it's your decision.
  3. I won't say anything about the textures. But head meshes: 1. Are not slot 32, but 30 2. Do NOT have shader type Default, but FaceTint and then have the shader flags Model_Space_Normals, FaceGen_RGB_Tint etc. 3. Path information is ALWAYS relative to Data. Both for NiStringExtra and for textures. Not such a garbage: d: \ skyrim mod organizer storage \ mods \ cassiecage \ textures \ actors \ character \ cassiecage \ femalehead_s.dds
  4. Skyrim's vanilla resources are packaged in BSA archives. In this case the Textures.bsa (in Skyrim\Data). You can use BSA Extractor to extract the texture from BSA.
  5. Use the previev scale of the bones in Outfit Studio. It's one of the upper arm bones. Scale the bone to see which bone is causing it. In the scaled state, use the Bone Brush to fix it. Deactivate the textures with T and switch on the wireframe with W - this way you can see it better. ALT + Mouse Button = decrease bone weight Mouse Button = increase bone weight SHIFT + Mouse Button = smooth bone weight (for smoothing, a stronger value of the brush must be used) When the UpperArm Bone is corrected, then check the Spine2 at this point.
  6. Import Settings for obj First, open the Properties of the mesh check "Skinned". Then select all Bones (Reference) and ...
  7. I had already answered that. You don't need to bake textures. The skin texture is the one that is installed in Skyrim. Because it matches the texture of the body and the UV of the head. This is also the case for the specular map and for subsurface. Possibly the normal map can be baked again. BUT ONLY when the reshape is ready, the obj eported, the skin (bone weights) is created AND the Nif works AND you create a troll out of the human head. Step 2 comes after Step 1 and not before. And by the way, the video is nonsense. Only the part with the shrinkwrap modifier can be used.
  8. The mesh that you exported from Skyrim (with OS). So the target mesh that you want back in Skyrim
  9. Just a few hints: The export and import of Blender should have the same settings. 1. Open OS -> Import femalehead.nif 2. Export from OS the femalehead.nif as obj. 3. Import the obj into blender: - Keep Vertex Order - Axis Z = top - Y axis = front Position and scale the source mesh (xps) for shrinkwrap, if necessary. Never position or scale the femalehead! Never remove doubles or make triangle to quads! 4. Export as obj from Blender: Selected only 5. Open OS -> Load Reference -> From File: femalehead.nif 6. Load Outfit-> Your obj 7. Right click on obj-mesh-> Properties> Skinned to true 8. Right click on obj-mesh: Transfer Bone weights. Since the vertex order is the same, Transfer can be used instead of Copy Bone weights. If there is an error message with Transfer Bone Weights, you can forget the mesh. Go to step 3. 9. Export the obj-mesh as Nif. Perhaps you should follow these steps to be sure that the exported nif works. And only when it works, start working with shrinkwrap in blender. PS: Your CassieHead.nif has no bones. You didn't set the skinned property in OS.
  10. The launcher overwrites your ini's AND the plugins.txt. If you are using SKSE, use NEVER the launcher without a backup of the files mentioned above!
  11. I am surprised that MME is not yet involved. Bring me 10 bottles of milk (depending on the level in MME) by 6:00 p.m. is a good alternative to a bottle of beer.
  12. That's okay, then I misunderstood you Your imported skyrim head already has the UV for skyrim. And if you export the finished obj from Blender and create the skin (bone weights with Outfit Studio, for example) and export it as Nif, you only need to take over the BSLigthingShaderProperty from femalehead.nif How to paint in Blender with a Image: In the first step I would use the standard textures from femalehead. If the result in the game is not satisfactory, then a new Blender project, import the head and the body as obj, assign materials with the textures from Skyrim. Then project the texture (only diffuse) of xps onto the diffuse of skyrim. Make sure that there is a soft (not visible) transition.
  13. If you want your mesh to work in Skyrim - with morphs (facial expressions etc.) - then keep vertex order and do NOT remove doubles. Remove Doubles is the merging of the vertices at the UV seams - because UV seams are split in Nif. This makes the vertex order obsolete - and the morphs.
  14. He selects the vertices for mouth, neck-seam etc. Then with CTRL + i the selection is reversed. With this reverse selection he creates a vertex group. Shrinkwrap modifierer is only used on the vertex group, so that the neck seam etc. does not deform. If you don't know what texture baking is, watch the video at the end. It is the part in the UV port. Don't be angry, but I think you should practice a little with Blender first and maybe watch a few tutorials on the basics.
  15. The problem occurs when no (i.e. all 0) or an incorrect center of gravity is set for the rigids (breast etc.) in hdt-xml. With sphere shapes, the calculation of the center of gravity on the x, y, and z-axis is always 0.0 This must be set manually. y must be positive and z must be negative. The value depends on the radius of the shape. But y 2 to 4 and z -2 to -4 should always work in general. The x values should be negative (when using angular z and y) for the left side and positive for the right side. If several hdt xml are used at the same time (hair e.g.) then the breast etc. should only be declared as a keyframe in the hair_hdt.xml and the group assignment should correspond exactly to the main_hdt.xml. Also take a look at joins in contrains and angular x.
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