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  1. Andy14

    CTD South of Rifton

    https://www.osronline.com/page.cfm?name=analyze And read here:
  2. Andy14

    CTD South of Rifton

    If I'm not mistaken, Unique Region Names is already included in Skyrim Director's Cut. And I doubt that Skyrim Director's cut is compatible with USLEEP. USLEEP 3.011 is already included in the latest release of Skyrim Director's cut on Nexus - or 3.013a in latest release on Elderscrollsportal. My experience (some time ago) with Skyrim Director's cut is consistently poor.
  3. Andy14

    Can you save a mask in Outfit Studio?

    Press Q to show the vertices (and mask of vertices).
  4. Andy14

    CTD South of Rifton

    Have you make a test without these mods: Unique Region Names - Dragonborn.espUnique Region Names.esp This looks like you have in mid game a mod intsalled with different scripts/quests. Maybe USLEEP? It is not recommended to install mods (this size) in mid game.
  5. For blender: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Blender_Source_Tools Export as obj for example and use Outfit Studio for skinning
  6. For me it sounds like colliding mods with cell edits. Examples (the first two are certainly not compatible): - CityForestV2_6 .esp - WhiterunHoldForest .esp - WhiterunGateHouse.esp - Captured Dreams.esp - RealisticWaterTwo ... and so on. Disabling some of these mods and correct load order (realistic water etc.) might fix the problem. PS: To check if the deactivation of a mod (hopefully BSA) was successful use the console in the main menu of skyrim. for example, open console with ^ and enter: coc whiterun You spawn at the honey brewery. If CTD, the cell is corrupted by a mod.
  7. Since these wings also have bones, it is possible. BUT: Since these bones are moved by animation/hkx it's NOT a good idea. So, do not do it!
  8. Andy14

    CTD South of Rifton

    Ich vermute ein Mesh/Skelett Problem - z.b. in einer Rüstung. Wenn TFC funktioniert, wird der Trigger für die Encounter Zone nicht ausgelöst und es werden auch keine zusätzlichen NPC's gespawnt. Merkwürdig ist - trotz der kurzen Liste an Mods - die Map. Irgendwelche Asiatischen Mods installiert?. Und die Aussage das die Papyrus log nicht zur Aufklärung von CTD oder anderen Fehlern beitragen kann, ist absoluter Schwachsinn. Papyrus log ist zwar keine Crash log und enthält damit auch nicht die Absturzursache, aber es hilft bei der Recherche ungemein. I suspect a mesh / skeleton problem - eg. in an armor. If TFC works, the trigger for the Encounter Zone will not fire and no additional NPCs will be spawned. Strange is - despite the short list of mods - the map. Any Asian mods installed ? And the statement that the papyrus log can not contribute to the clarification of CTD or other errors, is absolute nonsense. Although papyrus log is not a crash log and therefore does not contain the cause of the crash, it helps immensely in your research. Edit: PS: Da ich gerade Audio lese - ein altes Problem von Skyrim ist die Audio Bitrate. Es wurde bisher (nach meiner Kenntnis) nie gefixt. Die Audioqualität auf CD/DVD Qualität zu stellen hat schon oft wahre Wunder bewirkt. I'm reading audio right now - an old problem with Skyrim is the audio bitrate. It has never been fixed (to my knowledge). The quality of the audio on CD / DVD quality has often caused miracles.
  9. If you use a HDD, Defrag works wonders - sometimes. But not the Windows defragmentation - eg. Auslogics Disk Defrag.
  10. Andy14

    Outfit replacer script

    Good that it works. Please keep in mind: It only works for followers and normal "non-level" NPC's (citizens, like Ysolda, etc.) It will not work for NPC's who level with the player (except Follwower).
  11. Andy14

    Outfit replacer script

    Outfits are loaded directly (the indirect in levelItemoutfits) upon entering the encounter zone. The player level is used as a trigger. So your script works, but has no effect. You could read the armors in the new outfit and force the NPC with equipitem. However, it is questionable whether it will not disappear again (unequitp) - after zones change or reload the game.
  12. Here is the correction of the cuirass mesh. fix.7z In addition, I have created a new specular map because the leather and the fabric was a bit too shiny. You can change it if necessary. Note: Specular maps in Skyrim (Oldrim) are black / white. I added an extra mesh and used the vanilla chrome cubemap (is included) because the witcher 3 cubemap looks very strange in the CK.
  13. I'll take another look at your mesh and textures. But now 04:00 AM and I'm tired - I'll contact you.
  14. No, most people are looking for answers and solutions, not for problems. And anyone who tries to help is first and foremost a helpful person. Whether his answer is right, wrong, or whatever - it's people who waste their time on other people's problems. And instead of making such a huge outline here - why do not you write [Solved]? Is probably more effort than writing this long text. No idea. But considering how many questions accumulate here, every week for years - and always, always, always the same stupid questions from the same people (I ask, I'm done - I do not care about the rest) - it's easy only annoying. If only one out of every ten would write [Solved] we would have a knowledgebase that Betesdha would be jealous of now. But what is the fact, you have to explain to someone why [solved] would be useful to all. And beyond that, one has to explain why that is. And sorry for my English - I like to repeat it in German
  15. Now I have learned much more than I actually wanted to know. (I will be silent) I wish you much success with your mod.