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  1. Andy14

    Camera issue after animation

    When this problem occurs, start an animation that forces the 3rd Camera. For example - chopping wood. After that it should work again.
  2. Sometimes a mod is outdated in that sense: Mod x requires Mod a. You already have Mod a installed and install only mod x. But mod x uses version 4 and you only had version 2 of Mod a. (and as so often - in mod description of mod x was just a link and no indication of the version) This is a possible source of error regarding outdated mods. To determine the causes remains only the ability to activate the mods step by step. Not all at once. With command console -> save xxxx you can create manual saves (will not override by Skyrim) xxxx = the name of your save
  3. Andy14


    Great work. High heels in this detail and beautiful gloves are the biggest challenge in modeling - in my opinion. Hats off. That's why I only do boots and simple modern clothes - and they really look - not good.
  4. There are obviously some scripts missing. All messages like: Can not open store for class "xxxxxx", missing file? in your papyrus.log point out. If scripts are missing, this causes further errors and errors in the log. I know neither all mods nor their scripts so I can not say which mod is out of date / or incomplete installed.
  5. Andy14

    HDT Hairstyle issue

    This is not an XML problem - such a nonsense. These are hairstyles - and hairstyles (HDT) do not work for NPC's. Make a wig out of the hairstyle (as a helmet) and it works great with NPC's.
  6. Andy14

    How To Send Kinky Selfies?

    If I remember correctly, you need a smartphone (university) instead of a normal mobile phone.
  7. Often it helps to first import only the skeleton, then the mesh / animation
  8. You can use xNormal. This will allow you to bake normals directly from the mesh (obj). Also supports dds e.g. as input for heightmap etc.
  9. In Bodyslide create a group with group manager and put all your needed outfits in the group. Then you can use your created group. PS: When you create or save a preset, you also have to select your group.
  10. I suspect BreakUndies and associated Esp are the cause. Your log is full of errors from this. Also, many "missing file" errors. Like this: Can not open store for class "BU_ArmorManager", missing file? Missing File = Either incomplete installation - or even possible, outdated mod version, or crap mod. PS Merging reduces the number of esp. But also has disadvantages and reduces your log errors and FPS drop not really.
  11. Camera Moves are realized with 1st person view camera. And that is for the PC. The bug with camera moves with the PC when changing to the third person view, I have fixed. Alternatively, I could use script for the dance to make an exact copy of the PC - as an NPC just for the dance. But there is always problem with HDT. HDT hair (not wig) never works. That's why I removed this feature. Lip sync is possible, but very expensive and not really useful. It would have to be adapted for each song. And it would have to be decided which dancer sings - there can be several dancers. It would also look weird if female NPC have the voice of Joe Cocker or Farkas have the voice of Adele. So lip-sync - no thanks (for now). At the moment I am still writing at a dance location and making adaptations so that Lets Dance and Dance Together are compatible. Then I will ask Real Clone to test the mod and especially to check if the names of song / dance are correct.
  12. It looks as if the shadow is not only on the body, but also on the sword. If deactivating ENB (Shift + F12) does nothing and NPC is not affected, then any mod is the cause.
  13. If you deactivate mods (WET etc.) you have to clean up the save game because the scripts are still active. With Shift + F12 you can disable / enable ENB - deinstallation is not necessary. With Shift + F4 you can clean up the VRam. If after deactivating mods the effect does not disappear - open RaceMenu with console command showracemenu and save your character again.
  14. Skeleton of SOS is outdated. XPMSE Skeleton has all the bones needed. So override the skeleton (after SOS installation) with XPMSE. XPMSE is the extension of xp32 skeleton.
  15. This simple method works only for removing meshes. It is not suitable for partial removal of meshes or even reshapes. I do not think that this was the real question. Outfit Studio is not a full 3D program like 3Ds, Blender etc. - it will not be - and it is not the claim. But there are many ways to achieve an appealing result. Many more possibilities than in the description or old videos are visible. And far more - just delete meshes or create zap sliders. If anyone reminds me, I'll do a tutorial after the holidays (no video). Ousnius will probably find many bugs if he reads the tutorial, but that can only be good. To Ousnius and Caliente Merry Christmas and good holidays