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  1. If the author has made no mistake, the mod is without additional textures and folders - but uses the existing textures.
  2. Instead of loading a huge mod like KS Hairdos, it would have been enough to only use the nifs from KS Hairdos that you really need. All you have to do is create the hair and hairline in head parts. But another question. Can you use the previews and animations in Actors? In Actors right click on the Follower-> Preview and then the animations with Run Havok. If not, I would point to a problem with nif, texture, or too many animations.
  3. In enblocal.ini [Global] this Line: IgnoreCreationKit=true Deactivate everything that is possible in the CK Menu-> View. If no scripts need to be compiled: temporarily rename the source folder in the scripts folder before starting CK.
  4. We're talking about the CK. Load the Skyrim.esm, change an armor and try to save the Skyrim.esm - with CK. Have fun trying to save an esm with CK. CK just wants to know the name of the new ESP from you.
  5. By adding do you mean creating as an actor or placing in the 3D window? Hopefully ENB is disabled for CK.
  6. I think the double name in the dialog line (screenshot) is meant.
  7. Language barriers are probably necessary in order to recognize the obvious.;) Actually sad.
  8. The post was deleted because valuable resources were wasted on it. This is namely reserved for Skyrim CTD questions and mods with copyright infringement. In addition, the questioning of rules such as opposition and thus political.
  9. First Page -> Top Left or here But be warned, the mod is pretty out of date
  10. Does it disappear or become unequipped?
  11. I didn't talk about loading a lot of plugins in the game. It is logical that IDs appear multiple times. This can and should be cleaned up with TESVEdit or xEdit. I spoke of creating new forms in the CK and here it is not possible to assign the ID multiple times. The formid is assigned automatically and has nothing to do with my statement.
  12. Which mods have you installed? It is in the Plugins.txt. You can find the file in YourAccount \ AppData \ Local \ Skyrim. And SKSE is required for almost all mods and so - start Skyrim using SKSE.
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