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  1. Can you initiate RDS dialogue with NPCs? Try waiting for 24 hours and than just stand somewhere for 3 minutes real time (= one in-game hour). The RDS quests have a inbuild failsafe and restart after themselfs if an approach was triggered but not concluded within a day.
  2. Making every NPC appear in the debug menu shouldn't be too hard. I'll look into it. Unchecking "filtered purge" makes RDS delete less, keeping every NPC except the dead one. And how didn't puging help? It should've cleared the complete list. How are you playing or where in Skyrim were you when you got a full list? Once this version is officially finished I want to make a SE version, which has larger arrays and therefore more room for NPC.
  3. Doesn't matter. These two mods don't touch each other.
  4. I've run the RealVision ENB Quality Preset on way worse specs with no real problems, just barely 25 fps^^ I recommend you simply try it out and see if your game is still playable and if you like how it looks. You can't do any real damage.
  5. Very nice picture! May I ask what outfit that is?
  6. UPDATE NEWS 2.4 This version it a minor fixes and improvements update. Unfortunately the update function of the forum deletes the complete changelog... if someone happens to have a screenshot if the OP, I could recover it... What is new in 2.4? fixed buggy gender recognition fixed stuck dialogue when NPCs demand gold fixed stuck dialogue when asking NPC to get togehter fixed stuck dialogue when NPCs demand sex added: foreplay animations are now not recognized as having sex by witnesses, but the following sex animation still is. adde
  7. I am on it. I'm working on bugfixes and small improvements right now from everything that was mentioned in the thread. I had some delays finding the cause of some bugs, but is coming together now. I plan to release another hotfix this or next week, and the next full update with the contextual approaches only a few weeks later.
  8. You can use RDS as a workaround. When you're mean to NPC they get a negative affection value and RDS lowers their relationship rank accordingly. You can use it you to make NPC hate you in an immersive way. But you could also you the debug menu to just edit the NPCs affection directly.
  9. Hey, really nice work! What is that animation?
  10. In this threat I want to present the concept of a gameplay and story focused slavery mod I plan to write, discuss the features and ask for feedback in general. The main idea is when the PC is defeated in combat, they’re enslaved by the respective group of enemies. There could also be a mechanic that a broke PC has to sell themselves into slavery to pay a bounty instead of going to jail. Also, the mod is planned to be gender agnostic and work with male and female players. You’ll be able to simply toggle the genders that can engage sexually with the PC after your liking.
  11. Awesome clip! What is the guy for a model? He has a cool skin texture and seems to have some black splatter on his shoulder. What are those?
  12. I know, this is completely random and you made your post a while ago, but do you have any more ideas on the different scenarios? I've been thinking about a story focused slavery mod for some time now and I'm now collecting concrete ideas. But I thought more about enslavement by the different enemy factions not civilians like farms and mines. But it makes a lot to of sense and I wonder why I didn't think of it xD So, I'm open for further inspiration.
  13. Great work! Excellent lighting and perspective! My I ask where the "masturating-the-mushroom" animation comes from?
  14. Great work! May I ask where you got the glasses from?
  15. Great work! May I ask where you got the glasses from?
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