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  1. I just wanted to say that I need to take a break from this mod. I'm currently stuck on ideas and can't get into a flow. I'm now just stressing out about this which makes it worse. I made a list of all bugs reported so far and I'll stay active in the forum. I sorry for the delay and I think I'll continue in a couple of weeks.
  2. You should be able to just talk to another npc via the RDS dialogue. This should than put this npc into the debug.
  3. HOTFIX 2 The overwrite issue is now fixed. I found and simply renamed the conflicting scripts. I looked into is this and found it was a small display error in the MCM. The actual functionality did work though^^ It's fix now. When you are in a dialogue at the point that you can choose an option, you can leave the dialogue by pressing "escape" or "tab" and then open the MCM. Now the debug part should be filled. RDS does adjust the relationship rank corresponding to the npc's affection level. And since level 4 it reserved for "lovers" it can only be reached with an affection of 60+. So a new npc who starts with a high vanilla relationship rank but with a affection of 0 will be reset to rank 0 or 1. You can fix that by manually set the affection. The attraction has to do with the npcs sexuality, which is by default choosen at random. It only affects the arousal during dialogue and blocks sex animations or relationships if unmatching. The flirty options are low in the list of dialogue options. Maybe you're having the display bug, that doesn't show the full list until you hit "arrow down" or "S". The flirt options are in total 4 line starting with "Your look really gives me juicy thoughts" to "Let me tell you what I really like..." Maybe you just overlooked them.
  4. No speech skill is irrellevant. The npcs status does not affect the dialogue tree, since there is only one tree in the game. Only "partner" with you formed a relationship can have diffrent approaches. You can gain rep back by killing wittnesses^^ But I think I will intoduce a solution for that soon. I plan to do it within the next month, so end of November. That is not supposed to happen. Those are 2 scripts that coincidentally have the same name. And the mod you overwrite will break at least partially.
  5. Hotfix I just uploaded a fix version for the broken trait weight slider and purge function. The bugged files is deleted.
  6. You're right, I'm on it. Thanks! I didn't encounter any dialogue breaking off when I played a lot a few month ago. Originally there was a problem with "sophisticated" npc but that was fixed. So I don't exactly know where to start to look for a problem. Everytime a npc sees the player having sex the penalty is added to the witness value of that npc and in a second step the sum of all witness values are subtracted from the reputation. And, yes, when they are killed, they are deleted and the rep is restored. You have a good eye, thanks for pointing that out. The conditions don't work that way. That's an issue. The first block is the normal actor purge, deleting dead actors every set number of days. The second block is the "filtered purge" which is supposed to delete living actors that have never been "used", meaning they have all default values in their RDS attributes. This includes all npc that are "strangers" and who are no wittness of any kind, skipping disabled npc (because other mods might have the npc temporarily disabled). I will get on that.
  7. Update 2.3 The Relationship Update is finally ready! This update nearly drove me mad. I tried to write a complex dialogue tree to cover every eventuality, but it was like playing multiple chess games at ones. In the end I wasn't happy and decided to scrap it all and start over with a simpler approach. If you find any but report them as usuall. And have fun! I'll directly continue with the last planned update and write the contextual aprroaches which should be a smaller and easier in comparison
  8. When your game doesn't even load into the main menu it is most likely a "missing master" issue. That mean one of your mods needs a cetain .ESM installed as requirement, which is lacking. You can go through your plugin list and see if any are marked with an error, maybe in a tooltip. That should show you wants wrong. If you can't find anything, untick all your plugins (not uninstalling the mods) and try to launch, if it works tick the first 5 and try again. Do it until it doesn't work anymore and that you should find the broken mod.
  9. Isn't that the fun part? I'm always just bursting with excitement when testing out new mods for another playthrough. Then I download and install them all into a fresh install with all correct settings. But I keep it like Psalam and strictly install only the mods I intent to use and play, nothing more. So long I could keep it just under the mod limit for some headspace of stuff I forgot or might want later. I usually create a character concept and a (short) backstory of whom I play and what her goals and behaviors are. And than I finally do the character creation and MCM settings, which usually takes me around 2-3 hours. The whole process takes me usually a complete weekend, with test runs in the week or two before. I really enjoy setting up my game, it gives me the excitement of a fresh start
  10. To some extent that will come to Relationship Dialogue System. Partners might follow you when you are cheating and confront you or you might run into your cheating partner.
  11. Now I want to add my bit of narcissism, too 😛 Since I also prefer a non-bondage playstyle, you can take a look at my mods. Relationship Dialogue System is a generic conversion simulater that often leads to sex. And I'm planning to expand it for new features. Dangerous Nights 2 adds a chance for night attacks. And maybe Skooma Whore if you like that kind of stuff.
  12. that will in some capacity be part of my mod "relationship dialogue system" I want to put approaches of different kinds in it, from direct sex requests, to invites to drink to decent courtship. But it will take me some time to get to that part, since I'm currently working on other content coming before it.
  13. Great Pic! Nice body, and good angle! Keep it up
  14. Sound like a good old mod conflict. two or more things are running at once and block each other. Try to load an earlier save and see if the problem was there already. And try to get a screenshot of the message you're getting, that might help a lot.
  15. What you need is the skse memory patch. Your game runs out of ram, that usually happens at some point when you start modding. You just need to add a line to your skse.ini just skip to the part where he starts typing in the editor. https://youtu.be/37xAMUQc1oY
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