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  1. In the next update, massage will be available for the player when the quest is not running. There will be more dialogues between you and Aeri, to let you know Aeri better. There will be more dialogues between you and danica, to let you know danica better. You might be able to give Aeri clothes. And more improvements.
  2. I just kinda sort it out. It seems that removing the condition constraint in the package will fix the issue. Don't know why but worked. 0.1322 (8/4/2020) logicPack: Make some more changes to the logic, now the Aeri not moving bug should be fixed. Some other tinkering.
  3. Ahh, it's so strange, I got the Aeri not moving issue too, even when I'm not using the cooking pit. So weird, it was working before.
  4. Ah, so apparently I forget to unregister update when you skip the goat game.
  5. Use the new hotfix, that I mentioned. The panel has a "HotFix" button. CLick it, and select "Fix Aeri don't move". This hotfix will teleport Aeri.
  6. Yeah there is. You can punish or be punished with Spanking animations
  7. I used RegisterForSingleUpdate, so why did the function get called twice? I didn't get troubles at the massage player scene. The player gains control after she get dressed.
  8. hmm, untill now you always have the choice to not get laid. It's weird, did you install UIExtention?
  9. The reason why Aeri is not moving, is the fact that the player is using the cookingPit. I didn't expect that. Because if you walk into the house but don't go too far, you should sit at the table just like Aeri did. If you are using the cooking pit, the AI package of Aeri fails. I'll improve the AI package by not using "Eat" AI. (I didn't realize that eat AI can use cookingPit) So next time when some friend get some issues, you can describe what is your character doing, and other NPCs, other than the problematic NPC. Any information helps.
  10. 0.132 logicPack (8/2/2020) Fix a bug when sleeping with Aeri. Add a new hot fix for Aeri not moving at the farm house. Note: the story ends at DragonReach, where you get a messagebox telling you the story ends.
  11. You did point out that I made some mistakes on the sleep function. Thanks. Sometimes I accidentally change correct codes into wrong codes ...
  12. what do you mean the scene stacks? Can you explain your words?
  13. Ok, since more than one people got the issue, and I don't know what's wrong, I'll test it by playing the quest again.
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