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  1. I got some butt seam problem on the soap animation effect I need perfect soap effect on the butt but now it looks like wearing some invisible anti-soap scotch tape at the side of the butt Any ideas?
  2. All of these are possible. It just needs enthusiasts to write the corresponding json files.
  3. HA 0.1354 is be released at Patreon (all people can see it, no patronage required) https://www.patreon.com/posts/42768253 From now on, updates that don't advance the story will only be uploaded to Patreon. Brawl, dance, drug abuse, making out, blowjob, and masturbation are all implemented. Thank you for playing the mod! If you like the mod, could you support Huan's Patreon?
  4. @Apocolototh I think it might be the mod's problem. When I set the character in showracemenu, I didn't get these headparts like brows, eyes, mouths as options either, except ears. And ears in this mod use Misc slot which is also used by mouth.
  5. It looks like MuST failed to replace the slot with the new headpart. But the reason is unknown. I'll look into this.
  6. Oh, I did got some problem adding headparts for many NPCs and the PC. It could be an issue of MuST itself. Can you upload your papyrus.0.log after you apply your MuST stage? If the log says "must_q,ghp slot -1 for area xxx", then MuST failed to find a proper slot.
  7. I for got to mention that the "area" key of headpart could be "mouth" "head" "eyes" "hair" "beard" "scar" "brows" so In here, you can replace "head" with any string mentioned above. "headparts":[ {"area":"head","saveOriginal":1,"FormID":"00051612","modName":"Skyrim.esm"}, {"area":"eyes","saveOriginal":1,"FormID":"000EE87B","modName":"Skyrim.esm"} ], But in fact I've already showed you an example of all headpart usage in the BeingADoggy_huan_lykaios_random.json
  8. When I load the mod in tesVEdit, I got 05 as the formid prefix because the load order of this mod alone is 05. Other than that I didn't find any other problem. ( I didn't test it in the game). Can you make sure that my lykaios preset work?
  9. The next story for HA is becoming more and more mature in my mind and I think the next update for it would be the next story. Looking forward to it!
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I checked it and found that I forgot to fix it somehow. Please wait for the next version. I'm working on it, and I also want to make some new changes for the mod.
  11. You can play it to know what's the difference. It's not normal. Did you use Twin Plugin?
  12. Die mehrsprachige Lokalisierung erfolgt in einer Version, die größer als 0,72 ist. Sie können bis November warten, um die Version 0.80 zu erhalten.
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