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Seeker! Know you now that you hold in your hands the life's work of the great mage Korneum, often called "The Objectionable", though rarely to my face and always by lesser minds, jealous of my intellect.

--Korneum The Objectionable.

This is a collection of utility spells that make life easier for the average slave trader. I'm going to start simple and get more complicated as I go, so hopefully when RL strikes and I have to concentrate on other tasks, at least there will be something useful here.

There are also some tattoos and there may be misc other stuff as time goes on



I set up a blog entry with the documentation. t's easier to maintain that way.



Slavers_Spellbook_<version>.7z. is the main mod file. Install that in the usual way.

Slavers_Spellbook_slhp.7z has a couple of spells specific to SexLab Hentai Pregnancy. The detect pregnancy and black soul gems and need SLHP's pregnancy faction to work. If you're using SLHP, install this.

slavetats_pahe is a quick hack so that PAHE slaves appear with their new names in the slavetats menu. No more trying guess which of seven Bandits is the one you want to change. Doesn't do anything without slavetats, obviously.

slso_exposure_rate tweaks SexLab Separate Orgasms so it doesn't set ExposureRate to 1 during sex. Means you magically induced nympomaniacs will now fuck like the sluts they are.

pahe_slso allows sex training/discipline to be more effective the more times your slave orgasms. Melt her brain and she'll be much more co-operative.

slhp_display_names gives pregnant slaves their assigned names on the pregnancy list.

Other Mods

These are all designed primarily with PAHE, SLSO and Hentai Pregnancy in mind. But they should be useful for anything that uses SexLabAroused, although the spells are generally designed not to affect the player.

I'll just leave these here.







These are basically all wrappers around SexLab Arousal Redux. You can't do anything with these that you couldn't do with the SLA MCM Puppet Master tab, but this allows for a bit more immersion and roleplaying. Essentially, I was doing this anyway through the MCM interface, and I finally decided to make a nicer way to do it.

Currently you need to add the spells through the console. I have plans for a bit of a quest to get them, but on the basis of "keep it simple", I'm doing the spells first and the quest second. (there is a book in Cronvangr Cave now, but it doesn't seem to work yet. Even when it does it should be considered as a stop gap measure).

If I get all that done, then I have tentative plans for conjured restraints (Bound Bindings), some training enhancers. Maybe a vendor, and some options to turn Convangr into a base befitting a vampire late-sleeping slave trainer.

I'll probably move the PAHE/SLSO patch and the SlaveTats/PAHE patch to this page as well, assuming the respective mod authors don't want to incorporate the code.

(I have no idea if it's SSE compatible or not, so I put "no". Feel free to try it out and see)breeder_norm.pngdimhollow.png






Misc Sex


SexLab, SexLab Aroused

Special Edition Compatible









What's New in Version 0.0.9




Fixed MCM cheat option and spellbook not giving spells. Bound belt mow looks like a bound item and gets a collar and cuffs as well.Probably loads more I've forgotten.




Just a bugfix release. Combines the fixed esp I posted to the support thread with the resources from v0.0.6. If you already have v0.0.6 working, you can safely ignore this release.




New Spells:


  • Discipline: touch range shock spell. Does minimal damage but counts for training. Teach your slave that you can cause them pain with a wave of your hand.
  • Familiar Spirit. Summon the spirit wolf Ulvutukitig to have his way with one of your slaves. Additional benefits from this spell (combat summons and other stuff) are not yet implemented). Be aware that he has a tendency to knock your slaves up, which you may or may not want.
  • Detect Submission. Lights up your slaves in different colors depending on how well trained they are. Red: <25%; Amber 25-59%; Green: 60-99; Blue 100%. No more stalking round the lair firing Slave Info at all and sundry. Now you can see at a glance who needs attention.


To get the new spells, read the book again.


Other stuff:


  • Experimental SSE support. Files are packed into a BA2 archive. I can't test this directly, so let me know if there are problems
  • A patch for SGO ... which doesn't seem to be in the file list at the moment. I'll fix that once I'm done with this.
  • Separate patches for Slavetats 1.2.3 and 1.3.0
  • MCM menu now a bit better behaved. Still a bit vestigial


Bug Fixes:


  • Brand now only clears tats that were applied by Brand. Other tattoos are not affected.
  • Brand no longer renames slaves if renaming is disabled in MCM (Thanks @sidfu for these)


Probably stuff I've forgotten too


  • Fixed the patch archives. It shouldn't happen again.
  • Hopefully fixed the bug that was causing slave names to keep resetting.
  • Decided to version the patches as well as the main file.


My new build scripts put the tattoo files in the wrong place. This should fix that.




We have an MCM: Allows disabling the auto-rename function, adding a custom suffix and/or prefix to the slave number when if auto-rename is enabled, and allows the redefinition of the Slaver's Candle hotkeys.


Apply Brand and Assign Serial have both been replaced by a single Spell - Brand.


We have proper documentation. See above for link.


The livery tattoos are now defined in a json file. You can edit this to reflect your tattoo preferences. A special entry can be used to apply the slave's number as a tat.


The Book has had a makeover. It's still on the table in Cronvangr Cave. Read it to learn the spells,. There's also an MCM cheat option to add a copy to your inventory.


Added json files and book illustrations and other stuff that got left out of the BSA last time.




A ton of new spells:




  • Mandate Nudity
  • (Imprint)



  • Ovulation
  • Extended Ovulation
  • Korneum's Baby Maker
  • Sterilize
  • (Fever Heat)



  • (Body Fever)
  • Her Master's Touch


  • Brand
  • Assign Serial
  • (Mark For Sale)
  • Slaver's Candle
  • Detect Pregnancy
  • Detect Soul Gem



  • Sting!
  • (The Body Electric)
  • (The Master's Displeasure)


Also, Three tat packs: a set of brands to mark your slave, a set of numbers (tastefully set in a heart over the mons veneris) and some for sale brands. These aren't fully functional yet, so they're purely decorative at the moment. Spells in brackets are WIP and may have limited functionaliy.


The Slaver's Spellbook itself, now better known as Opus Korneum is still sitting on the table in Cronvangr Cave. Next release, I'll make you work a little bit to lay hands on it. The Spellbook has an explanation of the spells, as written by their creator, Korneum The Objectionable. With the occasional editoral comment scribbled in the margins from Drevis Neloren.




* Increase Sensitivity - boosts the Exposure Rate in SLA. 

* Carnal Obsession - Boosts the Time Tate in SLA.

* Mandate Nudity - sets a naked outfit on the target. If PAHE is loaded,. it uses that mod's outfit. 

* Slave To The Flesh - sets up an update loop that repeasts every 20 seconds, maxing out exposure, exposure rate, time rate, and it also sets gender preference to bisexual, and then locks arousal.

* Iron Will now sets Exposure Rate and Time Rate to 1




Increase Sensitivity and Carnal Obsession have a feedback loop which drains stamina, and to a lesser extent health from the caster. I've set the parameters quite low, so the spells shouldn't be life threatening, but you might want to save before testing them out.


Mandate Nudity doesn't strip the targets, it just stops them changing back into their default clothes. I might add the stripping code later, but I didn't want to think about safe unequips that respected restraints and DD stuff.


Slave To The Flesh is dead simple to cast at the moment. On the one hand, it feels a bit cheaty making this so easy. On the other hand, it's so useful I'm tempted leave it like this. 


The spells are available from a spellbook in Cronvangr, still. I'll have a bit of a quest in place in the next release or two.


(also uploaded a 3a version that fixes a couple of typos - and is uploaded into the right place this time)


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