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  1. I see. Guess those values apply for the default spider skeleton and small, large and giant spider share the same skeleton but with a different scale applied? Seems like all of the Spider rigs from baka have a wrong scale to begin with, so I need to import the default spider skeleton and then eye the scale of one of bakas rigs and scale it to that approximately which I can use as a base for all spiders? Shit maybe I'll just make my own Blender rigs and just use max to export the animations from FBX or something. EDIT: So I did some more testing and apparently the spider small rig is the same size as the skeleton.nif but scaled down to 75%. Actually I'm stupid, it even says so when I select the root bone. How do I properly rescale this now? If I put it back to 100% most of the bones don't seem to change. Not that max proficent sorry... EDIT2: Okay, seeing as how I animate in 2016, export as FBX, import that in 2012 and export as XML from there, I just rescaled the root in the 2012 FBX which worked properly as there are no more constraints I don't know how to disable. Well at least the scale in one direction is correct now lmao EDIT3: Okay, got it figured out now, thanks for the help!
  2. Aww that sucks. Guess into the trash this animation goes. Is there anywhere where I can read up on the exact scales I need to apply to each rig?
  3. Rescale? I never touched the scale in the first place as far as I know. I just assumed that the default scale is the actual ingame scale. Am I wrong? EDIT: Now that you have mentioned it, I scaled it down from the default scale to about 70% of that and it is starting to look pretty close to ingame... The question on why the scale is messed up in the first place remains though?
  4. @factoryclose any idea what I'm doing wrong here? Using your small spider rig, however, while the animation as a whole plays more or less correct, the legs don't reach far enough and generally seem to be displaced. As you can see the legs are not anywhere near the hands ingame. Also they clip through the females legs behind and it seems generally quite messed up I guess. Did I do something wrong somewhere or is the rig the wrong size? I've checked it against the large and giant spider and it is indeed the smallest of them.
  5. Hey cool idea tbh might install this the next playthrough Just a question, is there always action going on at a certain spot, or is there a chance that the action will spawn, or like a cooldown after it happened or the likes?
  6. Just a little tip: When using the pornphile rig, you can use Import -> Replace to get the XPMSE skeleton in. Need to have a nif importer, Import -> Replace, choose the XPMSE Skeleton.nif, make sure to tick Skeleton on the importer and import. Now you can throw SoS or UUNP meshes or whatever at it and get perfect weight painting for the Schlong and all. (Tick import skinning and untick import skeleton when importing meshes)
  7. Mod Events are mainly intended for (soft) inter-mod communication. It is usually not a good idea to use it in your mod internally, as directly calling your functions is of course faster.
  8. Yeah I don't know, running the CK through MO should expose those source scripts needed but that does not seem to be the case here. If everything fails, copy the source psc scripts of SexLab and PetCollar and whatever else it complaims about and paste them into your Skyrim source folder directly.
  9. I'm honestly kind of done with this mod, it was a mediocre idea mediocrely executed, but if all the other stats such as debt rate and the debt times are showing, I would not know why adding the debt would not work. If they are not showing then yes, AFF is probably the problem here. The only thing possibly coming to mind is the maximum debt, which by default should not be at zero, but you never know, perhaps check that in the MCM. May also be worth a try to to blacklist your follower, exit the MCM, wait a couple seconds and then remove him from the blacklist again, as that should terminate all data about him/her.
  10. Yes, the p version is correct as that is the name of the property. Okay, look, open the Quest you are editing, navigate to "Scripts" in the window that pops up, click on the script you compiled and then select "Properties" Once open, click on your p0001classifiedobject Property and on the right hand side fill it. You probably want to select Cell Any and then your item, whatever it is actually called.
  11. Heh, it's the usual culprit. Fill the Property. In the CK, right click the script, Properties, select your Property and fill it with the actualy item.
  12. Awesome, thanks for this! I'd be very much for also tackling the 2nd person lines, if you find the time and motivation for it that is.
  13. You have to call it on a Thread I'm pretty sure. So get the Thread through some SexLab Event, make a sslThreadController variable and then call it on that. sslThreadController myThread = The Thread you got from for example the AnimationStart Event myThread.ChangePositions()
  14. According to the conversion Thread this is useable for SSE out of the box
  15. Nothing wrong with that, albeit a bit overkill imo As for the Update, you could also just roll between hours, which would give you like anywhere between one and two days So for example event OnInit() // Or whatever actually starts your quest for the first time SetUpQuest() endEvent float function GetRandomEvenFloat return Utility.RandomInt(24, 48) as float // Using RandomFloat can give you stuff like 27.3 and the likes endFunction event OnUpdate() SetUpQuest() endEvent function SetUpQuest() // Set up your quest and stages or whatever here endFunction function MyQuestWasCompleted() // Called by a Papyrus Fragment in a dialogue of your Quest or whatever // Terminate your quest properly by setting stages or the likes RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime(GetRandomEvenFloat()) endFunction Also I think Papyrus Scripts are Quest Stage independent I'm pretty sure, if you aren't talking about the Papyrus Fragments you can attach to Stages
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