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  1. zzzsebes


    Version 1.0.0


    5 high quality fetish pictures. I take requests
  2. champagne70

    New erotic careers

    Hello guys I was disappointed that the previous erotica career didn’t work anymore. So i try to create a new one. I m not an programmer. So I based my career on one of Neia (thanks to him/her) and i did new erotica careers. It s without pretension. Please be indulgent it s my first one and even first package. I translate in french and in my basic english. I used google translation for the other languages. If somebody wants to help me for the corrections, it s with pleasure. In fact the career is not only one but 4 different ways with a common start. 4 levels as webcam girl then you will have the choice with 4 different careers (6 levels each time) Domina / hardcore porngirl / fetish girl / escort girl. It’s a beta version. I can’t test all for the moment. I would like to connect the progress with the exhibition and sex competences. If somebody can tell me the codes, I will change that. Some levels have dirty texts. So if you can be chocked, please dont download.:-) So give me some feed-back. I will appreciate. I hope you will like it. Have fun :-))! JM_Careers_erotica.package
  3. View File 5 high quality fetish pictures Submitter zzzsebes Submitted 08/09/2018 Category The Sims 4 Requires View File  

    Eternal Solemates

    Sybille Stentor reminiscences the fateful night in which she willingly submitted and pledged her eternal servitude to Serana. Eternal Solemates She was right... I was getting lazy... I'm bound in a chair with my legs wide open now; my punishment for not cleaning her room properly. It's been a day since I last saw my dear Mistress; Serana... I'm getting really bored as well as horny; the plug she put inside my pussy before she left is driving me insane; I tried squirming but it was no use; I can't cum tied up like this! She told me to think about my actions... I did... though a person can only think about forgetting to dust on top of the wardrobe for a few minutes without dying of boredom. I do love her though; she's my protector, lover and Mistress; I'm lucky to have been take in by her; especially since she has Vampire Lord blood inside her unlike me; I am inferior to her and I enjoy the fact. I will never forget that night she collared me and called me "pet" for the first time... Nor the whipping I received... Serana slowly crawled towards her bound lover as she spoke softly; "That takes care of the door... You can scream as loud as you want now." Serana playfully said as she stopped crawling and met Sybille's eyes. "I didn't say you could turn and face me! Eyes to the wall!" Serena shouted as she pointed to the wall by Sybille's right side; Serena's face of annoyance quickly melted into amusement as she watched Sybille quickly turn her head away; "I.. Forgive me, Mistress." Sybille mumbled as she inwardly cursed herself for her transgression. "Add ten to your tally." Serana sternly stated before she crawled closer to Sybille's feet; her eyes danced all over them; from the familiar toes to the soft soles; "I hope you washed them well like I asked last night..." Serana warningly commented before she leaned in closer towards her soles. Sybille audibly swallowed the built up saliva which had built up inside her nervous mouth prior to answering; "I.. I did wash them, Mistress. An hour before you arrived to be exact." Sybille blurted out in a appeasing tone as she nervously wiggled her toes for a few brief seconds. Serena raised an eyebrow as she sighed; looking up at the back of Sybille's head; "Another ten to your tally. I did not ask you a question." Serena coldly retorted before falling silent; observing the bound female closely. Sybille bit her lip as she lowered her head and shook it slightly; cursing herself for her failure to obey the rules set from prior sessions. The room went quite as the two female's breathing slowly started to rise in tempo as the sexual tension and anticipation built between them; Sybille was more effected by this; she was bound and helpless. Serena was shaking and breathing hard as she lowered her face towards the mouth-watering pair of feet; she moaned as she tried to resist the intoxicating hints of Sybille's feet. Sybille waited for her Mistress but for a minute there was nothing; the waiting, anticipation and her imagination was making both pairs of her lips drool uncontrollably. She loudly moaned in surprised gasp as Serena's warm breathe finally met her soles; accompanied with the sound of loud inhaling . Both of the women's arousal rose as Serena inhaled and savored the sweaty scent radiating from Sybille's feet. "Mhmm.. Sweaty feet.. Did I do that?" Serena chuckled before she shuddered; she felt a long, thin line of nectar slide down her thigh; she subconsciously began to hump the air as she gently kissed each of Sybille's tantalizingly teasing toes. "Oh, Mistress.." Sybille moaned. "Such a sexy pair of feet--" Serena hissed as she shuddered again; her sex was red, swollen and needy for attention; "--I'm going to enjoy this..." Serena hissed again before she opened her mouth and hungrily sucked and licked at Sybille's toes. The effect was felt immediately; Sybille giggled and laughed loudly as she squirmed in her bindings whilst Serena's tongue and wet, warm mouth teased, sucked and tasted her wiggling toes. "Oh, M.. Miss! I.. Hahaha! Mi- Hehehe! Oh.. Mis.. Hahaha!" Sybille laughed as she trembled and heaved as Serena broke away briefly and smiled as her eyes saw Sybille's thoroughly drenched sex; the lines of nectar escaping from her sex were very noticeable. "Tickle slut." Serena playfully said before she grabbed both of Sybille's feet and mercilessly began to lick her soles and heels amidst her tortured laughing. Thirty minutes later... Sybille's body heaved as she drew fast, labored breaths; her body was layered with layers of sweat whilst she blinked away the last fresh tears from her eyes. She had came three times during Serena's merciless foot tickling and tasting session; Sybille moaned weakly as her body spasmed in her bindings briefly; the cold air against her soles felt magnified as she slowly began to recover. Serena smirked down at the lesser female vampire below her before she slowly and softly began to rub one of her own feet against her face. Serena moaned as she felt Sybille's labored breathing tease her soles. "Sniff them, slut... That's how properly looked after feet should smell..." Serena commanded as she pushed her foot hard against Sybille's nose; the series of sniffs and snorts from her subject brought her much joy as she fingered herself to climax. Sybille tiredly smiled as she sniffed at her Mistress's shaking foot; happy to have felt her Mistress's orgasm in some way. "I.. I love you, Mistress." Sybille said in a breathless voice as she shifted her head along Serena's foot and began to kiss and lick her toes. After a few seconds; a glazed-eyed Serena pulled her foot away and sat cross legged as she rubbed at her content pussy. "We're going to try something different tonight.." Serena breathless said as she rubbed her nectar-covered hand against her left sole before she rubbed at her sex again; this time; she covered her right sole with her sex's juices. Sybille's mind was in overdrive as she saw the lewd act; her mind was clouded; lost in lust as Serena's duo of nectar-covered soles approached her face; "Show me just how much you lov--" Sybille descended on her soles mid-sentence. A few minutes later... "Eleven!" Sybille cried out as she gritted her teeth for the next strike; Whack! "Ow--Twelve!" She half-cried, half-whimpered as the whip met her red and inflamed pussy again. Serena gave her a few seconds to recover before the next strike; harder this time; met her subject's sex once more; WHACK! Sybille screamed loudly as she shook; her trembling body on the verge of collapse from the pain and arousal. "Count it or we'll start all over again..." Serena sternly said as she rested the whip against Sybille's painfully inflamed sex. Sybille let out a pained cry before she stammered the next number; "T.. Thirt.. Thirteen.." Serena slowly lowered the whip and stepped forward; embracing the heaving body of her submissive lover; "Seven more to go.. Lean against the table here.. I'll give the last seven to you fast..." Serena said as she felt pity for Sybille's ordeal. Sybille meekly complied as her Mistress bent her over the table and kissed her cheek lovingly before moving back behind her. Serena bit her lip as she tightened her grip on the whip. Sybille trembled as she clenched her teeth and waited for the strikes; they did not come; instead she saw Serena standing beside her; looking down at her with a odd smile. Serena helped Sybille up from the table and held her close; their eyes met in passionate gaze. "You love me?" Serena questioned Sybille as stroked her cheek. "Y.. Yes, Mistress. With all my heart..." Sybille cautiously said as she wondered what her Mistress had in store for her. "Good.. Then you'll have no second thoughts about leaving this place, will you?" Serena asked as she raised an eyebrow. Sybille paused for a moment before shaking her head; pondering where this was going. Serena smiled as she leaned forward and kissed Sybille; her lips parted to her probing tongue as she easily dominated her subject's tongue. The two women enjoyed a brief moment of romance before Serena broke the kiss and revealed what she was hiding behind her left hand; a well-made, leather and metal collar. Sybille let out a gasp as she felt tears slowly start to form in her elevated sense of love and belonging; her mind frantically imagined her Mistress's next words. Sybille did not have to wait long for her imagination to become reality; "A good pet starts with good discipline... I want you to be that pet..." Serena spoke lovingly as she placed the collar around her subject's docile body; the smile and tears of happiness answered Serena's statement and actions perfectly. "I.. I will.. I.. Oh.. Mistress.. I love you.." Sybille cried out. Serena smiled at her as she stroked her neck; "Just one last thing to do... One last choice..." Serena said as she wagged her finger at Sybille. "W.. What would that be?" Sybille said in a semi-happy, semi-worried tone as she imagined a plethora of scenarios. Serena smiled as she held up a enchanted padlock to Sybille's eye-level before placing it on the side of the collar. Sybille breathed heavily as she looked into her Mistress's face; the anticipation was too much. "P.. Please.. Mistress.. I.. I want to become yours.. More than anything in the world!" Sybille cried out as she pleadingly stared into her Mistress's eyes; waiting for her to click the padlock shut. Serena smiled at Sybille before gently grabbing her hand and guiding it over the padlock; "Like I said... One. Last. Choice." Serena dramatically stated as their intense gazes looked into one another's souls. CLICK! The sound of the padlock locking and securing the tight collar around Sybille's neck resounded in the room. Serena embraced her pet lovingly as she passionately kissed her form. The two women's tongues and tits clashed as the moment seized them; a new bond had awakened between them. Serena's hand snaked down from Sybille's hips to her sex. "Oh.. Ow!" Sybille cried out as she broke the kiss and clenched her teeth as she grimaced. Serena grinned at her as she slowly stopped rubbing her pained sex and pointed to the table. "Pet... You still have seven left..." Serena boldly stated; Sybille complied immediately; the aura of supreme authority and confidence which radiated from her Mistress shocked her to the core; pleasantly. "A good pet starts with good..?" Serena asked playfully. "D.. Discipline." Sybille finished as she tensed herself dutifully. A few minutes later... Sybille whimpered as she felt her Mistress's whip gently explore her inflamed, red and raw sex. "Ow.." Sybille moaned as she recoiled away from the whip before quickly leaning backwards and whimpering again. "Shh.. Silly pet... Let your Mistress help you..." Serena coaxingly said as she lowered the whip and moved forwards; her face was now mere inches away from her pet's sex. Sybille trembled as she felt Serena's breathe lace her overly-sensitive sex. Serena gently rubbed Sybille's left sole as her tongue slowly and delicately lapped at her pet's sex; Sybille moaned and let out a small series of giggles as the laughter stemmed the pain from her sex. Serena lapped away at her lover's sex; enjoying the taste and scent as well as the thought that the pussy before her; belonged to her. "Turn over... I have a treat for you, pet." Serena gently spoke. Serena observed her pet as she slowly obeyed; the pained expression and occasional whimpers said it all; she was in pain yet her pussy was wet. "Mhm.. Tell me pet... Why is your pussy drenched in your slut juices..?" Serena coyly asked before grinning at Sybille as their gaze met once more. Sybille bit her lip as Serena slowly crawled closer to her sex as she playfully lifted her leg out of the way; "I.. I.. I'm aroused, Mistress.." Serena's smile increased in size as she confidently asked; "Yes.. But why?" Sybille moaned as Serena slapped her painful pussy once; Sybille's face of arousal and pain hinted at something deeper; Serena wanted to know what it was. "I.. I.. Think I.. Enjoy pain.." Sybille reluctantly admitted as she fearfully looked into her Mistress's eyes. "I see... Something to test then, eh? We have all eternity.." Serena said before leaning towards her sex... Sybille Stentor was never seen in the court again... Despite an intensive search for her; No living person knew of her whereabouts... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That concludes: Eternal Solemates "Any feedback, suggestions or constructive criticism is most welcome - I hope you enjoyed the story." -UGNETCOS -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. View File SexLab Stories This mod is a collections of sexy stories and easter eggs that presented themselves as I am troubleshooting issues with other mods. (Yeah.. I know.. I have Skyrim modding ADHD). It includes... A Fetish system linked to Standing Stone signs - Arousal is increased depending on the perk in your sign. Now you have another reason to find the right standing stone for you. - No fetish - Default - The Apprentice Stone - Crafting / Hitting / Being a Dom - In progress - The Atronach Stone - Killing monsters - In progress - The Lady Stone - Wearing Jewelry - Done - The Lord Stone - Wearing Armor - Done - The Lover Stone - Being Nude / Sex - Done - The Mage Stone - Using magic - In progress - The Ritual Stone - Specific NPC / spouse - In progress - The Serpent Stone - Killing animals - In progress - The Shadow Stone - Killing humans - In progress - The Steed Stone - Bestiality - In progress - The Thief Stone - Stealing- In progress - The Tower Stone - Wearing leather / being hit / Being a sub - In progress - The Warrior Stone - Using weapons - Done Encounters - A victim to the Old Gods ('King in Yellow' easter egg) - Cannibalism victims in Eola's feast - Encounter with a warlock after an unfortunate ritual - Naked hunters in a hot spring Stories (see the map in downloads) - E.L.L.E the SexBot (in Stories) - talk to some vendors in Whiterun - In progress - The BroodMaiden - in the falmer cave of Chillwind Depths - Done for now - The Children - in Cradle Stone Tower - Done for now - The Twins - in Heartwood mill - In progress (barely started) - The Living Wonder - somewhere in Windhelm (find a flyer for a clue) - Done for now - The Red Wave - Solitude docks - In progress - Smaller stories and tweaks to NPCs relationships (Whiterun, Dragonsbridge) Devious Stories - Milk Farm - south of Riften - In progress - The Pet - in Rimerock Burrow cave - Done for now Requirements This mod is about augmenting the world of Skyrim with atmospheric details worthy of SexLab and as such, needs several mods to run properly. SexLab 1.59 or above (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/150-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v159-updated-0811/) SexLab Aroused (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/307-wip-sexlab-aroused-v2014-01-24/) Zaz Animation Pack 6.0 or above ( http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/156-zaz-animation-pack-2014-08-29/ ) An advanced skeleton like XP32 Maximum skeleton ( http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/26800/? ) Optional but strongly recommended: - Fuz Ro D-oh ( http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/14884/? ) The mod comes in two parts :: SexLab Stories - requires SexLab Aroused and Zaz animation Pack only :: SexLab Devious Stories - requires SexLab Aroused, Zaz animation Pack, and also Devious Devices Integration ( http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/371-devious-devices-integration-08242014/ ) You have to install SexLab Stories if you want SexLab Devious Stories to run properly. In other words, 'Stories' is always needed and 'Devious Stories' is optional. Troubleshooting These stories start as small standalone scenes, sometimes with an open ended quest. They are not finished in any way and will be improved in the future. Recommended background mods Check these mods out if you want to complement SexLab Stories with similar atmospheric content. I will not spend much time re-creating content that is already available in these mods. - hydragorgon slave girls ( http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/828-hyd-slavegirls-8107z/ ) - Immersive wenches ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51189/? ) - Prostitutes of Skyrim ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/37031/? ) Acknowledgements :: E.L.L.E - Sexy Transparent Zipsuit by nakrulz, Dwemer Cyborg BBP by Edhildil, Animated Dwarven head gear by mahty :: Cow Harness and milk bottle - Milk Economy by Oli3d (and other sources) / Updates by Haarbald :: Antlers head gear - Character Mod resource Pack by nuska :: Living Wonder body ( ACBBE - Androgynous_CBBEv3_V3.2 by otmotm ) Change history Submitter skyrimll Submitted 05/18/2014 Category Misc Sex Requires SexLab,SexLab Aroused, Zaz animation Pack, Devious Devices Assets and Integration Special Edition Compatible

    Finesse Feet

    Please note; this showcase is best experienced in 1920x1080 resolution. A mouth-watering selection of foot-fetish related pictures with some commentary/mini-story aspects. Hot Heels... Teasing Toes... Footjob for gold... The beggar's offer is quickly taken up as her foot-wraps are taken off... The customer fondles her feet; reveling at their dirty state. Her ankles and heels... Her Soles & Toes... Soon make him blow... Inside her... A captive noblewoman... The sadistic female bandit focuses her gaze on her pampered, noble feet... The heat is already felt as the noblewoman squirms... A fine, noble foot slave will she become... A slave shivers on the deck of a sinking barge... Her ankles and feet... Shackled & Bound... A new savior becomes her new master... Her submissive soles surrender her past... The master's mind is made up... He marks them as his own... A high class whore stands before the Queen. She refuses to provide her services; barefoot and bound... Her ass is taken and her bare feet are bound... A decree did the Queen sign; that all women must be barefoot at all times... In the outlying villages; the decree did not reach yet... Such exotic footwear would be missed... Though in her case; she'll be barefoot and pregnant soon... Queen Elisif wasn't the first to decree such a order... The Vampire Queen has that barefoot honor... Either way; the men of Skyrim approved of the decree... Some men found themselves in servitude to certain females... They gave their entire wealth to certain domineering females just for a chance to worship their feet... To fondle, grope and squeeze their toes... To rub their shafts against the divines soles they so desperately craved... It was like a drug to some men... Elisif's decree would have consequences throughout Skyrim... Never underestimate the power of the female feet... It's far too late for this man however... For allowing him to tribute her feet with his cum; she took his entire life savings... Though to him; it was worth it... She left him in a shuddering heap... But not before he licked her feet clean. Gold was losing it's value; feet was replacing it... Elisif's barefoot rule was absolute. No female was spared; not even amongst her court... They refused to go barefoot; now they're presented to the court; naked and barefoot... Ulfric quickly lost support as more men submitted to the females... He had lost the battle... But Elisif knew to truly win the war she would have to make him beg... She would have to break his will... Her royal soles were more than ready for the task... Display of power after display of power... Ulfric soon realized resistance to her was pointless... Her royal arches were too much for him to handle... He begged his "Queen" to cum... Victory. Elisif's prim and proper soles brought his cock to orgasm; it signaled his absolute surrender. The one proud Ulfric now kneeled before his Queen. She was truly deserving of the title; Matriarch of Skyrim... Over time males became obliged by law to clean any females feet... No matter how dirty or whom they belonged to... And over time... The males learned to love it... Rumor has it... The Emperor will be paying a visit to Skyrim soon... That concludes the showcase; hope you enjoyed it.
  7. UGNETCOS'S MODULAR FOOT FETISH SLAVETATS PACK SHOWCASE (Project is currently Work-In-Progress) What exactly is UMFF-STP? It is a large-scale, highly modular foot-fetish content related slavetats pack. I originally began development back on it during June, 2018 and I've added onto it every now and then. It's still work-in-progress during this time however this blog will be updated regularly with images of the latest additions. If you would like to be personally notified of any future edits on this blog posting; message me. (Not sure if following does it automatically if editing O_o) I started this project as most foot-fetish content I found was spread apart and lacking in some areas. I decided to create my own ST-pack; with a difference. I designed it to be modular... Mix and match as much as you would like; tattoos, dirt, cum, text, graffiti, etc... You set the style This was the idea I came up with; set designated spots on feet for tattoos whilst using Slavetat's brilliant system to layer the tattoos on. Project Goals: I aim to include a vast selection of tattoos; image and text based along with many effects such as cum, dirt, grit, bruises, whip marks, etc on most of the spots above on the image. I also aim to include revealing socks further down the line. After the initial release I will expand on it with further work as well as incorporate suggestions/requests from the community. Whilst UMFF-STP will be geared heavily towards female feet; I will also add some tattoos for male feet too; perhaps as an addon or separate release. ^_^ Here is a list of all the current tattoos in text form: Here is where the image-based showcase starts: And yes... Everything apart from the dirt textures is able to make use of ST's ink color system! That concludes the showcase; this is a on-going project so feel free to check back now and then for additional pics and additions. If you would like to see UMFF-STP in action with ENB enabled; check out my NSFW foot fetish showcase: Finesse Feet! Thanks for your interest in the project. UGNETCOS

    Chapter 5 - Barbarian Royalty

    The Ordeals of Sarah - Chapter 5 - Barbarian Royalty The swamp lay mostly dormant in the sun's bright and soothing morning rays; the thick, white fog had lifted; a brief respite for the various animals; both hunter and prey. However, the cabin in the swamps was not sharing in the cheerful, hopeful mood of the sun; it's two occupants; Sarah and Tazgul; sat inside; eating their breakfast somberly inside the dark, gloomy interior that they; until recently; called home. Tazgul and Sarah sat in silence; the mood almost somber as they ate their last breakfast in the cabin they had referred to as their home. Tazgul had appreciated the surprise duo of slaughterfish when he awoke but the struggle which they had ahead of them both had sapped his optimism for the days ahead dry. Sarah sighed as she finished her tanker of river water and set it down; she looked at Tazgul while flashing him a brief, small smile in a effort to cheer him up. Tazgul returned the gesture and spoke as he set his own tanker down; "I have to admit... I'm pretty nervous about heading out there again. Especially with you..." Sarah listened to him as she nodded her head sympathetically; speaking once he had finished in a feigned cheerful tone; "Don't worry.. I know how to use a bow.. We'll both look out for each other, Taz." A grin slowly crept along Tazgul's face as he felt reassured to a degree by her optimistic words; "How are we doing on food?" Tazgul asked. Sarah responded by setting her bow down and slowly pushing the metal pan towards him; "A small section of seared slaughterfish and a mudcrab leg... Not great... But this breakfast will keep us for a good few hours.. I suppose our priority is shelter and then food?" Tazgul's eyes focused on his tanker as he spoke; "Yeah.. I've taught you well..--" He paused before grinning; looking at her; "--Maybe we'll do alright after all..." He finished as a genuine smile slowly plastered itself along his face. Sarah nodded as the optimism ebbed upwards slowly between the duo. "I just hope that river water doesn't cloud your memory... You never did get me that pedicure you promised me yesterday..." "Funny girl.." Tazgul sarcastically joked as he finished the last few mouthfuls of the river water before setting his tanker down again; for the last time. He looked around at the cabin for a few moments before he spoke in a cheerless tone; "I thought we had it... I really did..." His gaze met with Sarah's concerned eyes as she asked him; "What do you mean?" Tazgul waved at the cabin with his right hand as he exhaled; "Our home.. I thought we would be safe and undisturbed. I.. I wanted this to be our place. I should've know better... Bandits don't settle. They're not supposed to fall in love... Neither are they supposed to marry." He finished his last three statements in a gloomy voice as he looked down; unable to meet her eyes any longer. "You're not a bandit... You're Taz. My Taz... And I love you very much." Sarah said softly. Tazgul slowly looked at her as his eyes watered; a hoarse sob left his lips before he shook his head; "I don't deserve you." He croaked before he started to cry before Sarah. Sarah gasped and quickly stood up; walking over to his side and kneeling; comforting him gently with her soft arms as she hugged him; whispering into his ear; "It's ok... Oh.. Taz... We can get through this... Together." Tazgul's body heaved as he continued to sob; his voice broke in places as he spoke; "I.. Re.. I really don't.. I.. Oh Sarah.. I raped you.."-- He hugged her back tightly; their heads rested against one another as he continued; "--I.. Is.. Is this love..? W.. Why do I feel weaker..? Oh.. Sarah.. I'm so sorry.." He broke down into fresh sobs as he added in half-wail, half-croak; "I.. I lied about the pedicure yesterday.. I just wanted to see what color you picked." Sarah kissed his cheek before gently turning placing a hand under his chin and slowly guiding his gaze to meet hers; "Shhh... Taz.." Their contrasting gazes met; one saw the other clear whilst the second gaze could only see a blurry outline. "It's alright.. Sshh... We made a fresh start.. Remember? The old Taz is gone..." Sarah reassured him. After a few seconds his heaving decreased slightly; Sarah patted his back and continued jokingly; "Taz.. Don't worry about the pedicure.. Though, I do expect a foot massage instead in the near future. My feet don't like tears but they do like something else.." Tazgul let out a small chuckle as he shook his head; a grin formed as he blinked back tears. "I.. I could give you a foot massage now if you want... Though... It'll have to be a dry one.." Tazgul said shakily; his mood slowly returning to normal. Sarah nodded her head as she beamed at him; "I would love one... I just hope you'll be able to see well enough to undo the straps on my boots..." She joked as she stood up; helping him stand up from the table's seat. He sighed as he wiped away at his teary eyes; "I.. I suppose you think less of me now..?" He retorted venomously as a brief flash of anger ran through him. Sarah stood still for a few seconds before deciding not to respond with words; but; with an action; a kiss. She leaned forward and kissed him as she gently held his shoulders; his lips didn't resist her tongue snaking inside his mouth; inside; their tongues met; meekly at first before they began to meet more eagerly; they swirled against one another as Tazgul calmed down. Sarah slowly broke the kiss and shook her head; "Quite the opposite, Taz... Quite the opposite..." "It takes a true man to show his real feelings and troubles to his woman... That's something my mother told me a few years ago.." Sarah finished as Tazgul; mostly tear-free; raised his eyebrows; "You never mentioned much about your family.. Only your father.." Sarah shook her head dismissively at him; "A story for another day." Tazgul took a-hold of her hand and slowly led her to the carpet near the bed before he kneeled down and started to untie her boots. "Thank you Taz.. I appreciate this. Most important of all... I appreciate you." Sarah cheerfully said as she stroked his head; watching his progress whilst she felt her boots loosen gradually. Tazgul beamed at her praise as he beckoned her to sit down; as Sarah slowly sat down; Tazgul carefully removed her boots; revealing her feet; his eyes fixated on her divine, sensitive soles. "Just laugh if I'm being too ticklish.." Tazgul said sarcastically in a joking manner; it had the desired effect as a mere moment later; Sarah giggled at him. "Oh.. What are you like, Taz?" She asked rhetorically before biting her lip when she felt Tazgul's hands gently gripped her feet. He blew on her feet softly his thumbs slowly and gently pressed into her soles; his other fingers lightly rubbed the sides and top of her feet; occasionally brushing against her toes. Sarah stifled a giggle and playfully flexed her toes a few times; a small, low moan emitted behind her feet as Tazgul took in the sight of her soles wrinkling briefly as she teased him with her toes. "By Malacath... If you keep teasing me like that you'll end up with sticky feet." Sarah mischievously scrunched her toes and held them there; Tazgul's eyes widened as he exhaled shakily. Sarah continued to hold her toes in their position after hearing Tazgul's exasperated breathe; an amused look on her face. Tazgul peered over her legs and watched her face; a playful frown formed over it. It soon changed to a laughing face as he started to tickle her soles roughly; They both laughed as Sarah squirmed in his grip whilst he tormented her sensitive soles; "Ahaha--St--Hahaha! Ta-Hahaha! Stop!" She begged as she laughed uncontrollably; her feet completely at his mercy. "Are you going to tease my cock more than necessary?" He asked in a low whisper as he slowed his tickling down; offering her an opportunity to answer him. Sarah chuckled as she squirmed to a lesser extent; "No-Haha.. No!" Their gaze met as he slowly returned to massaging her feet lovingly; a sigh of relief came from Sarah as she relaxed her body again. "Taz...?" Sarah asked as his fingers continued to probe and explore her feet; his fingers were tracing along her arches now; "Yeah?" He acknowledged before softly blowing on her soles. Sarah resumed speaking; "Why do you like feet so much? I.. I admit.. I find it weird but arousing in a way.. What turns you on about my feet?" Tazgul paused his massage briefly as he spoke; peering over her legs; looking down at her face again; "Your feet are perfect Sarah... Everything in your case. Tight fuckable arches... Sexy, long toes great for gripping cock... Sensitive soles perfect for a cock massage and you've got nicely formed heels too. Is it any wonder I blew my load on these beauties over those two weeks? You have the feet of a goddess.." He said in a genuine, praising tone before he leaned his head down and kissed her soles delicately. Sarah closed her eyes; relaxed and awash with praise as she concentrated on his lips gently brushing against her soles. Tazgul plastered her soles and heels with kisses before he started on her toes; kissing each one a few times as he worked his way from her left foot's small toe all the way across to her right foot's small toe; each kiss genuine; a series of subconscious coos and purrs from Sarah encouraged Tazgul to take it further. Sarah let out a small utter of surprise as he slowly pressed his tongue against her soles and licked up and down; his hands firmly keeping her feet side-by-side. "You really know how to relax a girl..." She remarked as a sense of tranquility washed over her being; courtesy of his unique massage's efforts. "Sshh.. Relax yourself.. We'll leave in due time.." He said coolly before he put his tongue back to work. Half an hour later... "--I still feel guilty..." Sarah asserted as she eyed him; lightheartedly. "For the last time... Being horny helps me focus in fights..." He responded as Sarah burst into a fresh bout of chuckles. "Oh.. Taz.. Stop.." She clutched her chest comically as she laughed at him. "Seriously." Tazgul jested. Sarah attempted to push Tazgul as a joke but after a few seconds of pushing it was clear Tazgul wasn't going to be moving. Tazgul wrapped his strong arms around Sarah and she embraced him back as she glanced over at the cabin; "I guess we'll have good memories of this place at least..." Sarah commented. Tazgul anxiously replied; "For some... Anyways... I reckon we should head east for the mountains. It's cold and usually deserted apart from the odd deer... If we're lucky we might find a cave to shelter in for the night if we make a move now." Sarah nodded at Tazgul as she mocked a sad wave at the cabin; "Sounds like a plan, Taz... Goodbye cabin..." Tazgul done the same though he kept his eyes trained on her; "Don't be too sad, Sarah. We'll find another place to call home... Listen, once we hit the mountains we should make our way towards Windhelm. I know a old sea captain who owes me a big favor, perhaps he can take us out of Skyrim or something..?" He ended his sentence in a rhetorical tone as he waited for her response. Sarah nodded her head at him and gestured at him; "I suppose it's better than waiting for necromancers to break into our home... Sorry. I.. I think going to Windhelm to see that friend of yours is a good idea. Lead the way Taz, I'll stick right behind you." Tazgul pointed towards the east; "Alright, follow me and keep an eye out for the undead." Tazgul and Sarah lightly jogged towards the east; the mountains towering over them from a distance as their eyes flicked left and right as they traveled; on the lookout for movement in the fog. After an hour of jogging to the east through the swamp; Tazgul called out to Sarah; "I see a ruin of some sort ahead!" The duo's light jog decreased to a slow walk as they both eyed the still ruins. Sarah took a few steps ahead of Tazgul as she glanced around; her sight unobstructed by a heavy helmet unlike Tazgul. "I don't see anything." Sarah said as Tazgul slowly approached her side. "Well... I've never been in this part of the swamps before... It's right in front of the mountains too... We can circle around and lose some valuable time or we could go ahead and investigate it real quick before running right past it. Your thoughts, Sarah?" Sarah shrugged as she eyed the ruins with suspicion; "I didn't see anything or anyone move when we approached it... Though...--" Sarah paused as she lifted a finger up and patted Tazgul's shoulder. A few moments of defining silence passed as Tazgul looked at Sarah with a unsure expression on his face. Sarah continued; "No birds... No crickets... Nothing. I'm sure I heard crickets before when we were running but now that we're this close... Nothing. Nothing at all. It's strange, right?" Tazgul didn't respond for a minute as he intently listened to his surroundings under Sarah's gaze. "You're right. But if we don't make a move soon we'll probably be caught out in the open tonight. Trust me, you don't want to end up on a mountain without any shelter." Tazgul said. After a moment, Sarah coincided and signaled the still ruins. "Lead the way, Taz... Just.. Be careful." She said in worried tone as she readied her bow. With a curt nod from Tazgul; he slowly moved forwards through the archway with Sarah in hot pursuit of him; their eyes both scanning the area for movement and silhouettes. As they reached the middle of the round ruins they exhaled collectively; empty. "Well... That was anti-climatic." Tazgul joked as they shared a brief, nervous smile. Sarah looked at the ruins closer and nodded to the various heads chiseled onto the pillars; "Look at the heads, Taz.. Eerie huh?" She asked as she feigned a shiver to signify her nervousness. "Don't worry, stones don't hurt you... Unless they fall on top of you." Tazgul retorted as he beckoned at her; "Let's take a look around, you take the left, I'll take the right. Shout if you find something interesting or need help..." They split up; each searching in their designated direction; as Tazgul stalked to the right of the ruins on the lookout for a hidden doorway or threats; Sarah walked to the left. She gazed at one of the head's eyes with confusion and a small amount of paranoia; "Why were you built...?" She muttered as she spoke to the head. No response. She chuckled at herself nervously whilst her eyes explored the ornate carvings on the face itself. Tazgul's loud voice booming from her right distracted her eyes; "Sarah! Come over here! I found something! Looks like a chest of some sort!" Sarah raised an eyebrow as she turned and jogged towards the wall behind her; as she crossed it from the left she saw Tazgul kneeling down; beckoning her to kneel too before he turned his attention back onto the weathered but sturdy looking chest. Sarah slowly crouched in front of it and sighed at the sight of the heavy locks holding it closed; "That's quite a few locks for a single chest. Maybe there's something valuable inside, Taz?" Tazgul grumbled as he shrugged; "I would imagine so though I doubt we'll be able to find out..." Tazgul glanced up in the sky whilst Sarah turned to look at him questioningly; "You could break the locks open surely? A strong man like yourself.." She teasingly spurred him on; hoping the offered challenge would be of interest. Tazgul groaned as he told her to step aside and unsheathed his steel sword; "All right, all right. Out of the way, Sarah. I'll try to strike the locks off with my sword... I really should be using a war hammer or something heavy duty for these locks. Let's hope my blade doesn't snap or shatter... That'll be a disaster." Sarah shuffled out of his way as she crossed her fingers; hoping the chest along with it's treasure would yield to Tazgul's brute strength. Tazgul stood up and looked at the chest from the side; he leveled his sword with the four heavy duty locks and pointed the blade downwards; he exhaled and inhaled as he performed slow, mock cuts. "All right.. I'm going for it." He informed her as he raised the sword above his head and brought it down a few seconds later; hard. Some of the heavy duty locks snapped whilst one of them shattered; in all; three of the locks were destroyed from his first swing. They grinned at each other excitedly as he raised his sword above his head again and struck. The blade combined with his brute strength was too much for the last lock to endure; it snapped; falling to the ground with a clatter next to the others. "You sure managed it, Taz.. Nicely done.." Sarah exclaimed as she crouched beside Tazgul and kissed his helmet playfully. Tazgul nodded as he regained his breathe; "It's a lot harder than it looked, believe me... Would you like to do the honors?" Tazgul asked as he tapped the closed chest. Sarah grinned as she shifted along to the left side and answered; "No... We do it together. On three..." Tazgul shrugged his shoulders as he shuffled along to the opposite side and prepared to open it; "All right, go ahead and count it..." Sarah bit her lip nervously as she imagined the various treasures which could be waiting to greet them. "One... Two...--" Both of them tensed and prepared to open the chest as Sarah counted; "--Three!" They opened the creaky lid and peered inside. The chest was mostly full of iron swords; many of them rusted. Sarah's face dropped into disappointment as Tazgul roared with laughter at the sight of her face and the iron swords; "Hahaha! Oh Malacath! Your face, Sarah! Hahaha!" Sarah slowly began to laugh alongside him as she shook her head and held out her hands in a confused manner; "Haha I know Taz.. I was expecting golden crowns, rubies and diamonds... Not.. This... Hahaha!" Their laughter echoed inside of the abandoned ruins; slowly dying down after a minute as Tazgul spoke in a amused tone; "I think this used to be a bandit or Stormcloak weapons cache... Lots of cheaply made swords... Perfect for bandit recruits or for equipping the denizens in case the Imperials came calling... Well... Whichever it was... Neither had the sense to find a good chest; all the water leaked in and rusted the blades. Such a waste..." "Yeah..." Sarah affirmed. Tazgul stood up; holding out a hand to Sarah; "Thankfully I already have a treasure..." Sarah rolled her eyes as she let out a giggle whilst his strong arm pulled her up gently to her feet. "Thanks, Taz." Sarah said as she admired him; inwardly overjoyed at his comment. Tazgul looked up at the sky and spoke; "I think we lost about half an hour here... Not too bad though overall. Let's head out of these ruins and make our way east again.--" He looked down at her as he continued speaking to a intently listening Sarah; "--Follow me closely and keep an eye out for any threats... We really need to change that hair of yours..." He finished as he stroked Sarah's hair. Sarah's eyes widened slightly in confusion; "My hair? Why?" She asked inquisitively. "Wanted posters will probably be out in full force with your last known appearance.." He gruffly replied. Sarah's eyes narrowed as she spoke; "Wait... If my bounty is very high won't I be hunted down on sight in Windhelm?" Tazgul shook his head slowly as he replied; "I doubt any true Nord would lay hands on you for murdering an Imperial noble." Sarah's face dropped as she looked away. "S.. Sarah? Did... I.. Oh.. I know it was self defence but that's the narrative they'll spin... Best you go with it when you enter Windhelm. Especially since you're an Imperial yourself." He said before asking her; "You get my drift?" Sarah gave him a silent thumbs up as she exhaled; psyching herself up as she prepared for more jogging. "Let's get going then... You're aiding and abetting one of Skyrim's most wanted... What's the worst that could happen?" She asked rhetorically; they both sniggered briefly before setting off at a jog; leaving the ruins behind. As they continued their way eastwards they both came to a stop as they were greeted with the carcasses of two giant spiders which gave off a disgusting stench; they had evidently been dead for quite some time. Tazgul covered his nose briefly before giving up and turning to Sarah; "What a fucking smell!" He shouted as he beckoned her to follow him again. As they jogged past the dead spiders she spoke; "The smell was bad... But I never believed giant spiders actually existed apart from the various books we had in the Imperial city. I think I read up on Skyrim's creatures once... Frost Titus spiders was a variant I think?" Tazgul briefly glanced over his shoulder at her before diverting his attention back to the snowy incline ahead; "Frost bite spiders..." He corrected her before adding; "And speaking of frost... We'll be entering the mountains soon." A few hours later... Sarah and Tazgul crept behind a rock as they stalked the two well-dressed, wealthy pair who had once again paused to check their map; their manner towards each other along with the loud tones suggested they were arguing over something. "Sarah, I think I see a inn up ahead. I don't see anyone else... Now's our chance." Tazgul spoke in a hushed voice as he drew his sword as quietly as he could while Sarah shakily readied her bow. Sarah shuddered from the cold for a moment before answering him; her teeth chattering as she spoke quietly; "Which one should I try for?" Tazgul answered almost immediately in the same hushed tone with a hint of urgency; "The one on the right. Go for him. He's got a sword. Take your shot now before they come closer to that inn. We didn't follow them for half an hour to watch them go into a inn." Sarah nodded as she gritted her teeth and pulled an arrow from her quiver; she realized this was her first actual act of banditry since entering Skyrim as she nocked the arrow. Steadying her shaking arms as much as she could; she took aim as she pulled the string back. Tazgul whispered as to not scare her; "Sarah... I'm going to shout out in a few moments. That should get you a frontal shot... If we're lucky enough they might even walk a bit closer to us." Sarah replied quickly in a shaky voice; "Got it... I'll do my best." Tazgul nodded as turned his head to look at her briefly; proud of how far she was progressing. As Sarah aimed for the figure on the right; Tazgul let out a loud roar; "Imperial Legion!!!" A second later the pair whirled around in confusion as the voice carried through to them via the wind; as well as the first arrow. The male looked down in surprise as he felt a pressure on his chest; his eyes widened as he realized he was staring at the tale end of an arrow shaft which had penetrated his heart. He let out a small panicked moan before another, well-aimed arrow hit him in the heart again. He gurgled blood as he tried to speak to his partner; she turned towards her partner; the strange garbled speech confusing her. She let out a scream and sprinted into the woods as her partner passed out; death would claim him quite soon. Tazgul sprinted after the fleeing woman with surprising speed whilst Sarah ran from behind the rock and quickly searched the doomed-to-die, unconscious man. She felt a stab of pity for her victim as she patted down his pockets and coat; shaking away feelings of self-disgust with thoughts of survival and Tazgul's impending praise. Sarah heard the woman scream nearby before falling silent as she plucked out a heavy coin purse from her fading victim's body. Sarah also found two pieces of parchment which appeared to be invitations to a royal wedding of some sort at Solitude. She threw them aside as she glanced at the crumpled up map in his hand; she skimmed the crudely drawn map before discarding it. She watched the wind claim it in it's icy, inhumane grip as it disappeared from view. Sarah stood up and jogged towards the barely visible stature of Tazgul; a small moving heap at his feet was visible. As she approached him she saw that the small heap was in fact the doubled-over figure of the woman; she was moaning in pain as Tazgul coldly stood over her; watching her. Sarah eventually came to a halt in front of them; "Hey, Taz." Sarah coolly said. Tazgul nodded at Sarah in quick acknowledgment before he swiftly knelt down and yanked the female's dagger off her waist; the pull was so forceful that the leather belt itself snapped; loudly. The woman cried out; "Gods! Please don't hurt me! My husband has all the money!" Tazgul threw the dagger at Sarah's feet and nodded at her before he walked behind the woman and grabbed her arms roughly; pulling them back painfully as he shouted at her; "Keep your hands like this while I tie you up! Otherwise... You won't have any hands to tie up!" The woman whimpered and kept her hands still as he reached around his belt and pulled out some leather strips before securing her wrists; painfully tight. He stepped back and growled at her; "On your knees, woman." She slowly obeyed; whimpering as she sobbed; awaiting her fate. Sarah slung her bow over her back before kneeling down to retrieve the sheathed steel dagger; breathing hard and trembling slightly as her nerves and adrenaline clashed. Her eyes observed the crying woman; mourning the murder of her husband as Tazgul walked over to Sarah's side; complimenting her coolly; "Nice shooting. Did you find anything good on that guy?" Sarah breathed deeply as she tempered her mental resolve to detach herself from the woman emotionally before answering Tazgul by reaching into one of her pockets and holding out the heavy coin-purse to him; "See for yourself..." Tazgul grinned as he threw the coin purse in the air and caught it a few times before placing it into one of his pockets; "A nice find..." Tazgul then looked at the female captive; "Not sure if I can say the same about this one..." He mumbled. The captive continued to wail as her body heave in time with her cries; Tazgul was visibly annoyed as he spoke to Sarah; his eyes locked onto the captive; "Do you think she's worth anything ransom-wise?" Tazgul loudly asked over the captive's wailing. Sarah fought back her sense of pity as she slowly nodded her head at him; "Yes, I'm pretty sure they're nobles. I found two wedding invitations to some kind of royal wedding in Solitude." Sarah loudly replied. Tazgul acknowledged Sarah with his head as he took in this information before walking forward and slapping the crying captive; "Shut the fuck up!" He roared as he clenched his fists and towered over her. The captive whimpered and stifled back her cries the best she could her eyes explored Tazgul's well-built body briefly before she bowed her head; the odd cry escaping her lips. Sarah stepped forward and crossed her arms; sternly staring down at the captive as she spoke forcefully; "You. Noble... What is your name?" The captive fearfully glanced up as a sob escaped her lips again; all the while the oppressive stature of Tazgul stood over her. The captive replied in a shaky voice; "I.. I am.. I.. R.. Rosina.. Ro.. Rosina Luxeros." Sarah and Tazgul's eyes met whilst Sarah gave a small nod to him. Tazgul grinned spitefully as he looked down at Rosina; "You're nobility aren't you?" Sarah asked from his left as he continued to observe Rosina's trembling body. Rosina glanced up at Sarah; keen to avoid looking at Tazgul out of fear; her was voice slightly less shaky as she answered Sarah again; "I.. Yes. My family is very rich. They will pay.. Very highly.. For my safe return." Rosina exhaled nervously before stifling a sob. Tazgul spoke in a booming, authoritative voice while he pulled the woman up roughly; "In that case you're coming with us. You will stay silent at all times until we say so otherwise. Oh, and Rosina...? If you scream or try to run away from us...? You'll be the first one to die. Understood?" Rosina's face was one of fear as she hastily nodded; her survival instinct overtaking her grief for the time being. Tazgul spoke softer towards his left; at Sarah; "Sarah, you walk behind her and I'll lead the front. We have to find shelter before the light fades otherwise we might not survive the night." The captive let out a stifled gasp as she listened to Tazgul in front of her. Sarah shrugged before walking behind Rosina a few steps away; "Got it Taz... Let's go ahead and find shelter." Sarah said in a cool voice as she eyed the back of Rosina's head. A few hours later... As the tired trio walked for hours through the mountains to the east; the sun slowly started to descend; the slowly fading rays glowed slightly pink against the sky. Rosina stopped suddenly as she shook her head. Sarah called out to Tazgul; he turned to see Rosina face Sarah. "Keep walking." Sarah sternly said however Rosina simply refused as she held out a trembling hand; "I can't... Look at my hand... I'm cold and hungry. I.. Need a rest." She said shakily with a hint of self-entitled arrogance in her tone. Sarah glanced over at Tazgul and saw he was observing her with seemingly no inkling to help. Sarah prepared her mind and steadied her nerves as she mustered all the authority she possessed in her voice; "Enough. Since you seem to be lacking the proper motivation to walk fast, I'll give you it... Take off your boots." A moment passed. To Sarah's surprise; the noblewoman obeyed her and kneeled down; slowly undoing her boot's laces as she shook both from the cold and the fear. Sarah shot a brief smile towards Tazgul as she noticed his discreet thumbs up whilst Rosina slowly started undoing her second boot's laces. Sarah smirked down at Rosina; "Trying to buy yourself some time for those feet of yours? I'll give you time... Ten seconds. I want both of those boots in my hand in ten seconds time..." Sarah sternly said as she held out a hand. A rush of power flowed through Sarah's mentality as she watched Rosina frantically hurry up her efforts; "One, two, three, four, five...--" The first boot came off; "--Six, seven, eight, nine..." The second boot came off while Rosina held them out to Sarah; her feet dancing almost comically as the ground's cold snow bit at her soles. Sarah eyed the woman coldly as she finished counting; "Ten." Tazgul grinned as he watched the interaction; admiring Sarah's domineering demeanour; a trait neither of them knew she had. Sarah theatrically looked at her empty hand and then back at Rosina's pained face caused by the cruel snow's caress on her rapidly cooling feet. "You're not very intelligent... Are you?" She asked rhetorically in a condescending tone before yanking the boots out of Rosina's outstretched hand. Rosina whimpered as she looked at Sarah pleadingly. "Ooh.. Oow.. Please.. I.. I took off my boots like you asked.." Sarah sneered at Rosina as she shook her head; "I also asked you to place them in my hand... Which you didn't." Sarah flashed Rosina an accusatory look as she beckoned Tazgul over. A amused Tazgul slowly approached the hopping noblewoman. Sarah clicked her fingers and pointed towards the center of the clearing; her eyes locked with Rosina's. After a moment of realization; Rosina awkwardly hobbled and hopped over to the center of the clearing whilst audibly whimpering; her soles numb from rubbing against the cold, uncaring snow. Tazgul chortled at the sight briefly while he walked up to Sarah and whispered to her; "I'm so proud of you." Sarah beamed as she looked back at him; his praise warming her cold body as she spoke loudly; "What do you think, Taz? Should we force her to go barefoot for a while?" Tazgul groaned as he closed his eyes and exhaled before opening them; his cock uncomfortably erect within the folds of his armor. "Uh.. Yeah.. Sure.. A few minutes will do fine.." He said in a hoarse voice. Sarah gave him a knowing look as she grinned widely. As they started to continue; Sarah glanced to her left and and hissed at Tazgul; "Taz, I think I found shelter." Tazgul rejoined Sarah's side as he roughly pulled Rosina by her arm. Rosina let out a whimper as his iron grip held her arm painfully whilst the snow tormented her vulnerable feet. Sarah glanced over her shoulder with a smirk before turning her attention back onto the ruins. "I haven't seen any movement around it. What do you think, Taz?" Tazgul sighed as he shook his head; "What are we going to do about this one?" He shook Rosina's arm to signify his meaning as a small yelp of pain escaped her mouth. Sarah turned away from the ruins and spoke a few seconds later; an idea forming in her mind. "Taz... You got any more of those leather strips?" Tazgul responded with a grunt; interested to see where she was leading with this. Sarah beckoned at him to let go of Rosina as she spoke; "Rosina, go over there..--" She sternly said whilst pointing at a unobstructed area of snow nearby before continuing; "--Then lie down, face front." Rosina let out a dismayed huff before hopping over to the patch of snow and laying down; a small exhale of relief escaped from her lips as she bent her knees; her feet granted a brief respite from the cruel snow. Tazgul approached Rosina whilst looking at Sarah questioningly as he waved the rest of his leather strips. "Tie her feet together then hogtie her. We'll come back for her after checking out the ruins." Sarah said half-seriously, half-teasingly as she knew what effect it would have on Tazgul. He shook his head as he knelt down and tied Rosina's feet; his cock straining to be free; he bit his lip as he began on the hogtie. "That's it Taz, nice and tight..." Sarah suggestively muttered as Tazgul let out a loud, voracious laugh while he tightly bound Rosina in a hogtie. Sarah dropped Rosina's boots near her squirming, trembling body as Tazgul finished up. "Y.. You can't leave me here like this! I.. I'm valu--" Tazgul rolled his eyes as he rubbed her exposed; numb soles. A few seconds later Rosina was squirming and laughing against her will as his rough, gloved fingers tormented her. Sarah crossed her arms and watched smugly as the noblewoman was dominated by him whilst a sense of status and power washed throughout Sarah's form. Sarah did not like the nobles of Cyrodiil; growing up she was constantly looked down upon by them whilst being urged by her father and mother to aim for the nobility status. Tazgul slowly stopped his torment; grinning. "You're too kind... I would've let the rest of the snow melt on her feet." Sarah boldly stated as she met his grin with a teasing smile of her own. Tazgul glanced down at the noblewoman's feet one more time before groaning in arousal as he shook his head. Rosina trembled as she felt the snow against her face and to a lesser degree through her clothing; her forced laughter had died down leaving her only with questions and fears. Tazgul reached down and pulled at the tight leather bindings lightly; testing them. "That'll hold here until we come back, let's go ahead and check the ruins. The sun is setting and it's going to get cold and dark pretty fast..." Tazgul said as he started walking away from Rosina. Sarah lightly chuckled at the sight of the squirming noblewoman before briskly walking beside Tazgul as they approached the ruin. Rosina shuddered from the cold as her tired and weathered body relaxed somewhat; the duo's footsteps and voices fading away behind her. She was too tired to cry for her husband's death at the hands of the two bandits; her captors. She felt sick as she her mind recalled her humiliation of being forced to walk barefoot in the snow while she wiggled her numb toes; the cold wind blowing against her cold, exposed soles. Rosina thought back to the female bandit's suggestive tone and sighed; her mind slowly forming all sorts of unwanted, lewd acts being subjected onto her by the couple. She squirmed against her bonds as she tried to escape to no avail; the leather was simply tied too tightly around her hands and feet. Rosina glanced around nervously; praying to The Eight Divines that no wolves stumbled upon her immobilized body. Tazgul and Sarah crept around the outside of the ruins; peering outside and around it for any movement. As they stalked around it in a large circle they arrived back at the first point they started their search at. "If anyone's around... It has to be inside." Sarah whispered as she peered through the gaps; looking for the slightest hint of movement from within. "You'll make less noise... Go sneak up on top and check it out. If you see anyone take the shot then call for me... Got it?" Sarah's eyes flicked to her right as she replied; "I understand. I'm going up now then..." Sarah slowly crept up the side of the abandoned ruins, her light hide boots barely making any sound as Tazgul anxiously watched her; occasionally his head glanced at their surroundings. Sarah reached the top and crouched motionless as she intently listened and watched. After a few minutes of silence save for the cool wind's occasional howling she called out to Tazgul; "Taz.." whilst beckoning with her right arm. Tazgul saw and heard her; he made his way up; his noisy, metallic armor would surely be heard by the inhabitants as he stood on the stairs and scanned the area. "Looks clear..." Sarah muttered as she stood and watched while Tazgul cautiously made his way down; his sword ready whilst he held his shield in front of him; his eyes darting around the openings. He paused as he looked to the left and called out; "Sarah, I think I see a corpse... Robed and possibly a necromancer. Come on... Let's get closer." Sarah made her way down the stairs and peered through the opening with her bow readied as Tazgul walked in; exercising extreme caution. After a few seconds of silence he relaxed his posture. He called out to a suspicious Sarah; "It's fine... Definitely dead. Killed within a few days by the looks of him." Sarah slowly entered the ruins and aimed her bow at the necromancer's corpse; an arrow nocked and ready to fire. "Are you absolutely sure? Who's to say he won't come back to life?" She asked rhetorically in a semi-fearful, semi-nervous tone. Tazgul raised an eyebrow; "Well... We could do with saving the arrows, Sarah. Take my word for it, he's dead... Sometimes they can't control what they summon. I imagine that was the case judging from his cuts to his chest ad the position of his dagger on the floor there.." He responded as he sheathed his sword and lowered his shield. Sarah reluctantly un-nocked the arrow and put it back in her quiver. "Are we going to stay here for the night, Taz? With.. Him?" Tazgul shook his head as he approached the corpse and looked down at it; "Yeah but not with the corpse... I'll dump it down the nearby hill and then go back for our captive...--" He said before pausing; "--Speaking of which... How are we going to get our message or ransom paid out?" Sarah bit her lip as she looked at him; "If you're right about Windhelm we might be able to get a message out from there..." Sarah responded nervously. Tazgul shrugged his shoulders; "Don't worry... I know a way into Windhelm which doesn't involve authorities. The captain will be able to tell us whether or not you're wanted there." Sarah slowly slung her bow over her back and walked to Tazgul; lovingly hugging him. Tazgul returned the gesture and comforted her by stroking her hair; "You really impressed me today, Sarah... Good girl..." A few minutes later... Tazgul noisily searched the ruins for hidden treasure as he knocked over jars, turned over various urns and peered over and into the many crevices. Meanwhile, Sarah stared at Rosina; unbound briefly as her wrists and ankles had began to turn blue from lack of blood circulation. "W.. Why are you doing this to me?" Rosina weakly asked as she rubbed her wrists; her gaze fixed on her wrists. "Money." Sarah stated in a emotionless tone; trying to suppress her pity as her mind recalled the look of surprise on Rosina's now-dead husband. Rosina exhaled as she glanced behind her at the back of Tazgul searching through another urn before leaning forwards; whispering an offer into Sarah's ear; "I can make you rich... You're an Imperial too by the sounds of your voice. Listen.. Help me escape and I'll make sure you're repaid in kind." Sarah raised an eyebrow as she pushed Rosina back slightly; "Repaid in kind... Two arrows in my heart you mean? Come on... I'm not foolish." Rosina bit her lip as she looked at Sarah; her eyes resting on her ring; "I noticed you and your... Companion both have the same style of rings on... Are you two married?" She asked with a spiteful tone. Sarah was slightly taken a-back by the sudden spitefulness from her captive; "N.. None of your business. Let's go..." Sarah said shakily; Rosina stood still and spoke down at Sarah arrogantly; "No true Imperial woman would allow such a beast to mount her..." Sarah felt a red, hot flash of anger at her words; she raised her hand and slapped her hard; "Tazgul! Get this bitch tied up!" Rosina moaned as she clutched her cheek; a red imprint of a hand slowly showing as Tazgul approached them. "What's going on?" He asked coolly as he roughly grabbed Rosina's left arm; a small yelp of pain sounded from her. Sarah glared at Rosina as she snapped back at Tazgul; "Tie her up. I'll tell you afterwards. I don't want to hear her voice again." Tazgul paused for a second; stunned at seeing Sarah angry but he proceeded to drag Rosina into the ruins by her arm whilst shouting at her; "Quit your whimpering! It's only going to get worse for you if you keep this up!" Rosina was sobbing as Tazgul began to tie her up again; hog-tie style. Sarah paced around the entrance to interior ruins; slowly calming herself down. She was re-joined by Tazgul who wore a fusion of confusion and concern on his face and body language; "Sarah, sweetie... What happened?" Sarah exhaled as she calmed down and started speaking in a hushed tone. "That venomous bitch tried to talk her way out of it. When that failed she tried to bribe me...--" Tazgul tilted his head slightly as he listened. "--Then... She insulted us. S.. She said something horrible.." Sarah's words died down as she bit her lip; a small sob emitted from her trembling lips. "Hey.. Hey.." Tazgul gently cooed as he moved forwards and hugged her; pushing her back slightly so both of them were out of sight of their captive. "Sshh... It's alright... Let it out..." Tazgul said as they both embraced each other; his heart dropping as he saw Sarah's tears roll down her cheeks as they looked each other in the eyes. "She.. She said that.. No true Imperial woman would.. Allow such a beast to mount her.." Sarah noisily sobbed as Tazgul groaned; shaking his head. "Ignore her. She's trying to get under your skin out of spite." Sarah sadly half-sobbed, half-sighed as she replied to his reassurances; "T.. Taz.. She's right.. I.. I'm scared of you in a way.. Y.. You're so big.. A.. And.--" Tazgul stopped her out-loud jumble of thoughts by gently placing his finger over her supple lips. "Sshh... You're under a lot of pressure. I can see that. Stay strong for us both, Sarah... Will you do that?" He gently asked. Sarah licked her lips before grimacing slightly; "I.. I'll try.. For us." Tazgul leaned forward and awkwardly kissed her; a task made difficult by the helmet he wore; Sarah let out a small snicker as a result. "Aww... My woman is already cheering up.." Tazgul sweetly commented as he wiped away her tears; her eyes remained red and bloodshot. "Let's take a rest and eat the food. We'll give the mudcrab leg to her... That'll teach her." They shared a brief giggle together. A few minutes later... Sarah admired the steel dagger's deadliness and decoration as she listened to Rosina finish off the last of the mudcrab leg; each bite crunch-filled from the softened shell. She smirked down at Rosina as she spat out the shell fragments next to the small pile from her previous mouth-fulls. "I would've taken that shell off for you had you not been a bitch..." Sarah snidely commented as she tilted her head and ran a finger gently along the dagger's sharp edge. As Sarah's uncut finger reached the end and moved away; Rosina responded to her; "Go to Oblivion." She muttered. Sarah raised an eyebrow before an idea formed in her head. "Interesting... You should know, Rosina... I'm the only woman who can stop Tazgul from defiling your holes with his cum... Imagine that, being returned with swollen belly... That would raise eyebrows." Rosina fell quite as she started to realize her situation from a new light; the only person out of the duo who had something in common with her was set against her now; by her own tongue. "I.. I'm sorry." Rosina said; her cheeks burning red as humiliation shot through her noble body; the word feeling strange on her tongue. Sarah sheathed the blade and replied; "For what?" Sarah sternly said as she walked around the captive; trying to emulate Tazgul's domineering manner. Rosina turned her head and focused her eyes on Sarah's boots which had stopped walking; Sarah had just realized her captive was blushing. Rosina glanced up before looking back down in shame as Sarah fought the urge to grin; "F.. For angering you before." Rosina genuinely said in a shaky voice as she breathed irregularly; her noble demeanour fading fast. Sarah felt another surge of power flash through her as she enjoyed the moment; she couldn't help but admire the power she wielded over her captive. Sarah decided to push her captive further; "Why is your face blushing?" Rosina bit her lip as she thought of an answer. "The truth." Sarah added sternly as she crouched down in front of her helpless captive. Rosina spoke in a small voice as her face ran crimson with shame; "I.. I've never been so helpless to another person in my life..." Rosina admitted. Sarah knew the feeling well; she thought back to her first set of encounters with Tazgul and the shame and humiliation she felt. "Well... You better get used to it while you're with us, Rosina... I might give you a chance to properly apologize tomorrow to me and Taz... Until then, I really don't think you deserve to speak another word." Rosina gasped as Sarah stood up swiftly and walked around the interior ruins; out of her sight. Sarah glanced around as she walked for the overturned urn she saw earlier. A smile crept along her face as she spotted it; she unsheathed her steel dagger and approached the urn; giving it a light push with her foot. Beside it were old, musty linen wraps intended for usage for burials. A intrigued Tazgul watched Sarah kneel down and start cutting one of the wraps carefully. Sarah determinedly cut the line with the sharp dagger as she tried to form a primitive gag of sorts for Rosina. Tazgul walked towards Sarah; his heavy armor's metallic shuffling and sliding announcing his presence. As Sarah finished up cutting it; she slowly sheathed her knife and glanced at Tazgul; "Hey, Taz.. Just making a little something for our guest..." She said playfully. "I wouldn't use that for a bandage.. W.. Wait. Did you hurt her?" Tazgul asked in a semi-concerned, semi-inquisitive manner. Sarah shook her head as she stood up and set the gag down on the table; "A gag... For that nasty mouth of hers." Tazgul stood and stared at Sarah; shocked by her ingenuity and growing dominance. "Well..--" He finally started after a pause. "--I'm certainly proud of your idea. You seem to be rather dominant with her... I admit, I peeked through the opening and saw her looking very embarrassed." Sarah's face softened as she gleefully smiled at his praise; "Thank you. I.. I tried to emulate you... I remember my first encounters with you all too well." Tazgul cheekily stuck his tongue out in response. "I'm off to give her my gift... Why don't you... Peek some more? I'll put on a show for you even..." Tazgul nodded before he went outside and stood guard; his head glancing through the fort's openings as Sarah walked towards her captive; gag in hand. Sarah crossed her arms as she disapprovingly looked down at Rosina; her body still tiredly squirming away in hopes of breaking her bonds. Sarah shook her head as she knelt down and grabbed her by the chin; forcing eye contact before speaking; "Here's what's going to happen... That naughty mouth of yours is going to get a nasty old gag placed over it.." Sarah paused as she waited for a response; Rosina began to plead in a low voice as her face began to burn crimson once again; "I.. I.. I won't do it again. P.. Please. Please.." Sarah waved her pleas away as she roughly placed the gag around her mouth and tied it up tightly as Rosina's body halfheartedly squirmed. Sarah unsheathed the steel dagger which had belonged to Rosina earlier in the day; silencing her muffled pleas and stopping her squirming almost immediately. Sarah reveled at the effect of the sharp blade's effect on Rosina. "Good girl..." Sarah repeated Tazgul's mantra in a surprisingly soft tone as she watched the captive breathe rapidly; each inhale bringing with it the rancid smell of old, musty wraps. "It's just us for now... You don't have to pretend... I know you like this." Sarah whispered as she began to feel slightly aroused at the sight of the bound and gagged captive. A multitude of thoughts flashed through Sarah's head as she looked at the woman; was she aroused at the bondage or at the thought of laying with a woman? Perhaps even both? Sarah bit her lip as she remembered; Tazgul was probably watching them both. Sarah knelt down and cut off the leather strap binding her tied hands and feet together; a muffled exhale came from behind the gag as Rosina's legs were able to straighten from their uncomfortable position. Sarah sheathed the steel dagger and helped Rosina up to her feet before guiding her against a table. "Pleeeef.. Sop! I cuff bruff!" Sarah shook her head at Rosina's muffled pleas as she slowly leaned in; placing her hands onto her captive's hips in a sexual manner; spurred on by the knowledge that Tazgul was watching and the praise it would undoubtedly bring later on. Both Sarah's and Rosina's partially concealed face burned red at the act as they awkwardly processed what was transpiring between them. Sarah felt very nervous but a part of her felt excited at the borderline-lesbian act as well as the voyeurism aspect. Sarah delicately moved the gag slightly away from Rosina's nose; allowing her nose to breathe to a much better degree. As Sarah slowly let go of Rosina's hips; she lead her back to the end section of the ruin; "You'll be sleeping here tonight... I'll make sure when you're hog-tied again it's not as tight... Though at least one of us will be on duty so don't try anything silly... Got it?" Sarah said as she exhaled; the sexual tension between them dissipating slowly. Rosina felt slightly aroused at the disguising touch she had been subjected to though she also kept wondering why she started to enjoy being tied up. Rosina nodded with a muffled "Yeff.. I god idf..." as she relaxed slightly. As Sarah walked away to get Tazgul to retie the captive she artfully whispered over her shoulder; "If he tries to grope you, just wiggle your toes... He hates feet." Rosina's eyes widened at Sarah's advice as her confused mind tried to decipher what she had just been told. Meanwhile, Sarah walked outside with a nervous grin and was met by a stunned Tazgul; "Your hog-tie skills are needed again... Tie her up, give her a quick grope and I'll see you out here.." She quietly but boldly said. Tazgul slowly nodded as his mind tried to grasp what had changed Sarah's behavior so much. As Tazgul stepped inside and leered down at Rosina; she started to per-emptively wiggle her toes up at him. It took Tazgul a second to realize what she was doing; Tazgul let out a involuntary moan before biting his lip and trying his best to ignore their hypnotic-like teasing. His balls ached as he felt two-days worth of unspilled cum shift around whilst his cock shot up against his tightly fitted iron armor. He groaned again as he saw their movement out of the corner of his eye as he knelt; his hands trembling as they hurriedly tied her hand and feet bonds together. He hurriedly stood up as and walked away briskly; glancing over his shoulder at her now-slowly wiggling toes. Rosina was confused and felt violated somehow however Sarah's advice seemed to have worked; she felt grateful in a way to her female captor and hoped to lessen her ordeal by eventually befriending her. Rosina stopped wiggling her toes and sighed as she realized she needed to urinate soon. Tazgul rounded the corner and stepped outside as he huskily spoke; "You..." Sarah smiled as she held out her left hand; beckoning him to hold it; "Me..." She playfully smiled as he stepped besides her; trembling with lust as he took a-hold of her hand. "You told her to do that...--" Tazgul shuddered before continuing in his low, gruff voice; "--Didn't you?" He asked rhetorically with an accusatory edge to his tone. Sarah looked up at the night sky as she smiled; her mind briefly remembering last night's wish as she answered him in a slow, sensual whisper; "You told me you fight better turned on." Tazgul groaned in sarcasm before gripping her hand tightly and manhandling her chin with his other hand; Sarah let out a yelp of pain as their eyes locked; "T.. Taz.. You're hurti...--" Sarah started before Taz cut in; "--Sshh.. I know if I rape her we'll get much less for her... Though the same doesn't apply to your cock-teasing ass..." He forcefully spat. Sarah realized she had pushed him a bit too far as she squirmed; "W.. Wait.. I'll get you off with my feet.. Just.. Let go, Taz..." She pleaded. Rosina lay still as she listened intently to the exchange outside whilst her insides swelled with fear and disgust; had Sarah tried to get her raped? Rosina didn't have long to dwell on this as she heard the Orc's raised voice shout at Sarah; "Get inside. You better be ready for me when I come in!" Another whimper sounded before a eerie silence took it's place; Rosina decided to stay quite; hoping the Orc didn't turn his sights on her as well. Sarah fought back a sob as she shakily crouched down; inside of the ruins opposite the captive's side and started to remove her boots; fearful of Tazgul's sudden change in character. Sarah whimpered as she moved her wrist; his finger imprints had turned into a angry, red mark on her delicate wrist. She kicked off her boots and slid off her hide gauntlets; whimpering as it passed over her painful wrist. A few minutes later... Tazgul had calmed down somewhat; he was awash with regret at his actions as he heard Sarah whimper from the other side of the ruins; he had been too rough with her wrist and chin. He sighed as he gave her some time to recover whilst he planned out his apology in his head. After a few moments he gave up; he was in need and she had teased him; she should be the one apologizing for the cock-teasing; he thought. He turned to his left and peered past the urn; seeing the still form of the captive; asleep probably; he thought. He shrugged as he turned his attentions back onto the entrance; nothing had bothered them or been heard outside since they arrived. Tazgul bit his lip as he outweighed the risks; on one hand the trio could be vulnerable whilst on the other hand he still desperately craved release from Sarah's promised foot-job. The wind howled as it scattered ice and snow over the top of the desolate ruin; there was no birds or owls to be heard in the frozen mountains. Tazgul sighed as he made his mind up; his primal desires needed to be released. He took deep breathes in a effort to calm himself down; he didn't want to hurt Sarah again with another lose of control. He glanced to his left and decided to quickly check the captive's bonds. He slowly made his way down the curved path to where Rosina was fast asleep; a part of him hoping to see her toes wiggle again whilst another part prayed the opposite; for fear of both Sarah and the captive's worth if he lost control. As he rounded the corner and saw her fast asleep; face down and soles up; he exhaled heavily; his arousal on the increase again as his swollen balls begged for sweet release. Rosina continued to feign sleep as she heard the savage Orc's armor clink over her whilst he shifted. Rosina prayed to The Eight Divines for their mercy as she heard him bend down beside her and exhale. Tazgul gently checked the trio of knots; giving them each a small tug before he prepared to stand up. He looked to his left at her now-still feet and started to breathe heavily; he resisted the urge to strip off his armor and pleasure himself to her sleeping form with great difficulty as his thoughts went to Sarah. He reluctantly forced himself to stand and walk away towards the other side of the ruins; his mind once again conflicted; should he apologize or make her apologize? Meanwhile, Rosina opened her eyes; fearful but thankful to The Eight Divines for their mercy; the Orc had decided to spare her any further injustice for now. Sarah was grimacing as she struggled to unclasp the strap on her armor; her wrist was still hurting from Tazgul's prior grip. She resisted the urge to cower as he came to a stop in front of her and stared into her eyes. Sarah stared back; her eyes red and bloodshot from her sobbing. After thirty seconds Tazgul looked away briefly and spoke; the guilt was too much for him; "I'm sorry, Sarah. I forgot myself... I have needs and it's been two long days. I.. I shouldn't have grabbed you like that... You're my woman, not my whore." He solemnly said as he beckoned for her to show him her wrist. Sarah's lip trembled slightly as she resisted the urge to grimace whilst holding out her arm. Tazgul slowly leaned down and kissed her wrist gently; "I'm so sorry, princess..." He whispered as he stood back up; looking aghast at her wrist. "I.. I think it'll bruise. I.. I'm glad in a way... It's not broken. I.. I heard you whimper a few times.." Tazgul stammered in a half-whisper as he leaned forward and gently kissed the side of her chin as well. "Y.. You need to learn to control your urges, Taz. It.. It'll take time I imagine.. B.. But I'll stick by you. I.. Love you." Sarah stuttered back as she grimaced whilst she bent her wrist slightly; undoing the strap on her armor. She slowly pulled the armor off and tossed it to the side as she stood nude before Tazgul; his erect cock shifted upwards as she put her hands on her hips. "Taz... Lie down. I.. I would like to try something different with you.. Don't worry.. It's still a foot-job..." Sarah said slightly nervously. Tazgul nodded his head as he slowly lay down; guilt running through him as he prepared for the undeserved foot-job he had hurt her for. "I.. I would like to be in charge for the footjob.." Sarah said as Tazgul opened his mouth blankly. After a moment Tazgul nodded; "Whatever you want, princess.." He said slowly as he looked up at her; surprised pleasantly while guilt still ebbed away at him; this was the least he could do for her; he thought. Sarah frowned; "Princess? I would very much prefer to be titled as Queen..." Sarah said putting on a mocking posh voice. Tazgul smiled as he looked up at her; "My apologies, your highness... Queen Sarah it is..." Sarah's expression turned nervous as she slowly and shakily moved her foot over his cock. Tazgul held his breathe as her left foot's sole approached his erect, desperate cock, closer and closer; her toes wiggling for a second as she teased him. Tazgul moaned loudly as he felt her warm sole against his shaft. Sarah bit her lip nervously as she felt his hot, erect shaft against her sensitive sole; "I can feel your heartbeat through it..." Sarah commented; Tazgul moaned as he shook his head; turned on by her comment even more. Sarah slowly began to rub her foot up and down the shaft under her soles; it was a strange sensation to her however Tazgul's moans and aroused groans confirmed she was doing well. Rosina could hear muffled male moans from the other side of the ruin occasionally; she gathered that the Orc was having his way with Sarah. "Yeah.. How do my royal soles feel on that dirty, peasant cock of yours?" Sarah seductively said as she sneered down at him whilst she pushed down slightly harder against his shaft. Tazgul groaned as he looked up at Sarah and for the first time in his life; let go and allowed another to lead him sexually. "W.. Wonderful.. It feels wonderful, my queen.." Tazgul stammered; trembling from her shaft's cock massage. She stopped rubbing her soles over his cock; her toes hanging over the edge of his shaft as she bent her back slightly and authoritatively looked down at him. "At your rightful place... Under a woman's soles..." She sternly stated as she flexed her toes and rubbed hard against his glans and upper shaft; Tazgul moaned as he cried out; "Y.. Yes!" Sarah bit her lip before slowing down and easing her pressure again as she continued to rub her soles up and down his shaft; "Mmm... Such a large shaft and well built body... You can be sure that you'll be milked on a daily basis. That strong, fertile sperm of yours will be fought over by the ladies of the court..." Sarah seductively teased before spitting on his cock. She blushed as she rubbed her foot against the spit on his shaft; feeling it's wetness against her soles; a small hint of embarrassment flowed through her at his raised eyebrows. Tazgul's grin alleviated her embarrassment somewhat as he complimented her; "Oh.. Thank you, your highness.. Your royal spit and soles feels great on my cock." The sound of lewd, wet fleshy rubbing soon followed; Tazgul groaned as his cock throbbed in pleasure at the depraved noise whilst Rosina froze mentally; disguised at the acts she pictured happening on the other side of the ruin. "Time for you to worship my feet... If I don't feel your nose breathing in deep enough or your tongue not licking hard enough then you can forget about cumming!" She shifted quickly; pushing her feet against his chest and face as her hand surrounded his shaft. Tazgul groaned pleasurably as her hand worked it's way up and down his wet shaft sensually whilst her feet rubbed against him. He gently gripped her left foot's ankle as he brought her foot up to his face; plastering her toes and soles with kisses. He then pressed his nose against her sole as he sniffed in deeply; multiple times; taking in her sweaty and vile aroma from being trapped in a day's worth of walking in her hide boots. "They smell beautiful, Sar.. My Queen.." He said; his voice slightly muffled over her sole whilst also correcting himself. Sarah however knew that was not the case as she smelt them from where she sat; "You wouldn't lie to your Queen, would you?" She replied in a forced, arrogant tone as she pushed her left foot harder against his nose as she wiggled her toes. He shook his head slightly as he continued to sniff. Sarah felt empowered as she watched Tazgul; the man who had captured, raped and fell in love with her; reducing to sniffing her sweaty foot. "I think my soles could do with a bit of cleaning, show me what that strong big Orc tongue can do!" Sarah shouted as she rubbed her foot up and down against his face with her toes curled. She stifled a giggle as his tongue flipped out of his mouth and pushed against her sole. "That's it.. Clean my soles!" Sarah added as she rubbed his chest with her other foot; her hand still jerking his throbbing, aroused cock. Tazgul felt humiliated to a degree but he enjoyed it; this was a fantasy he held for a long time and Sarah was granting it to him. A part of him wanted to re-take control of the situation and dominate her but her feet were simply far too hypnotic and powerful for him to resist. Sarah eased her pressure off his tongue as she spoke; "That's clean enough for now... Tomorrow you'll do my other foot. It'll smell even sweeter." She cheerfully said; sarcasm present in her last sentence. "Anything, My Queen.. I live to serve under you." Tazgul said as he plastered her saliva coated soles with appreciative kisses. Tazgul moaned loudly as he felt himself becoming close; his cock tensing up in preparation as his heartbeat increased. Sarah sensed this and stopped jerking him off; their eyes locked as he let out a lustful, disappointed groan. "That poor cock of yours need somewhere warmer to cum... Between my legs perhaps... With my sweet smelling royal feet over that pathetic face of yours.. Hmm?" Sarah authoritatively suggested as Tazgul nodded and thought; was she granting him her virginity at this very moment!? As Sarah shuffled onto Tazgul; his hopes seemed to be coming to fruition. He grinned before sniffing and showering her feet with kisses. He felt his cock between her thighs; his shaft rested against her pussy lips from the side. "Oh, Queen.. I'm going to be so gentle with you.." Tazgul moaned as he looked into her eyes. Sara looked back with a sly grin as she shuffled forwards; trapping his shaft further between her thighs and pussy; "Thrust that filthy peasant cock against my pussy lips and pearl!" She loudly ordered before laughing at him; "As if I would a beast mount me.." Tazgul understood what she meant now; his cock throbbed at her last comment. "A.. As you wish.." Tazgul said as he thrust upwards; moaning in pleasure as his shaft was milked by her tight thighs and massaged by her very moist pussy's lips. Tazgul grunted again loudly as he thrust again; her oppressive weight making it difficult to build up a rhythm; Tazgul grinned at her sadistic, unspoken genius. Sarah moaned as he thrust up; again and again as he visibly started sweating; Sarah bit her lip as his glans kisses her pearl on another thrust. "That's it.. Pea--.. Taz.. That's it.. Show me how badly you want me, Taz!" Sarah screamed as she abandoned her royal character roleplay and let lust overtake her. "Sarah.. I want you.. Ugh! I need you.. Ugh! I love you.. Ugh!" Tazgul shouted in time with his next trio of thrusts; Sarah moaned and squirmed as she bit her lip; enjoying his shaft massaging her lips; her leaking nectar lubricating his cock. Rosina gasped behind her gag as she heard the duo's voices scream at one another; she imagined the Orc deep inside Sarah's womanhood. Sarah quickly scooted back as she brought her feet on either side of his lubricated shaft; their eyes met as she spoke; "Hands by your side and relax, Taz.. My feet need their foot-job practice." She said alluringly as he moaned; his hands submissively dropping down as his cock throbbed; close to the edge once again. She brought her arches together and slowly moved them up and down; Tazgul let out a long sensual moan as he shuddered briefly while Sarah's feet made a familiar wet, fleshy noise; courtesy of her nectar. "Yeah.. You love that don't you..? Such a strong body, such a big cock yet so vulnerable to my pretty feet.. You love my feet don't you!? Good.. Moisturize my soles.. Cover my arches in your cum.. Do it.. Tribute me with a nasty thick load, Taz! Come on!" Sarah frantically shouted as she rubbed at her pussy. Their sexual moans and carnal groans mixed with the sound of ever increasing in speed-rhythmic, fleshy slapping as they both neared their ends; Tazgul's cock threatened to explode whilst Sarah's sex threatened to implode. Tazgul groaned; "I'm close.. So fucking close.. Finish me with your pretty toes.. Please.. Oh fuck!" Tazgul begged her. Sarah moaned as she playfully wiggled her toes; teasing him as she continued to stroke his shaft faster and faster with her pre-cum glazed feet. "Only if you promise to lick up the mess!" Sarah cried back as she felt herself enter the brink. "Yes! Fuck yes I promise!" Sarah grinned at the power she had over him; "Good boy.. Now put those strong hands of yours around my royal feet and fuck my arches hard! Imagine it's our wedding night!" Tazgul's hands grabbed her feet with a moan. Sarah giggled as Tazgul tickled her briefly before he guided her foot's arches to his liking and pulled her feet up and down; thrusting his cock upwards as he grit his teeth together; feeling his balls tighten; ready to unleash his thick, fertile cum all over Sarah's feet; his object of desire. Meanwhile, Sarah was shuddering as her eyes rolled in their sockets; her toes clenched as she furiously slapped and rubbed at her wet pussy; her body on the brink of a violent orgasm of her own. She managed to focus her eyes onto Tazgul and shriek; "I'm cumming!" before she fell back and spasmed violently; her hands shuddering as they tried to rub her sex out of instinct; her mouth open in a silent scream as the orgasm crashed upon her being. All the while, Tazgul kept thrusting away at her feet; holding them in place as he felt himself approach. Tazgul loudly roared as his cock shot a few small wads of pre-cum before his grip on her feet turned vice-like; his thrusts frantic. He violently came as his eyes rolled briefly before he shut them as his body spasmed with each built-up, thick wad of cum. It arched high in the air before it splattered down on Sarah's feet and thighs. Tazgul continued to instinctively thrust in and out of her arches much like a pussy before he slumped; a few more wads shot out violently before the two lovers became still; both of them unconscious; swept away by the overload of much needed collective pleasure. A few minutes later... Sarah and Tazgul stared at one another as they both caught their breathe; basking in the afterglow of their orgasms. Tazgul yawns as he brings a hand over his mouth. Sarah tiredly acknowledges it; "Tired? I.. I'll go on watch for a few hours, Taz.." Tazgul nodded at her as he spoke in a low voice; "T.. Thank you, Sarah... For everything.. I hope your wrist and chin is better in the morning. I.. I'll make it up to you somehow." Tazgul nodded at her before turning and crouching down; pausing for breathe before slowly donning his armor. Sarah also started putting on her armor though unlike Tazgul she wouldn't be sleeping in it for a few hours yet. "It was quite dangerous what we did, Taz.." Sarah said as she waved her hand. Tazgul lay against the wall; fully dressed in his armor; "I prefer living rather than surviving, Sarah..." He whispered. The cruel, chilling winds continued to batter against the three silent occupants of the ruins; all three yearning for morning's warmth to come... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That concludes: Chapter 5 - Barbarian Royalty "Any feedback, suggestions or constructive criticism is most welcome - I hope you enjoyed the chapter." -UGNETCOS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonus; A humorous event transpired while I was taking screenshots for the ambush scene...
  9. View File Trapped in Rubber A rubber fetish mod This mod provides: Shiny Rubber Catsuits by mxwqtkl (fully integrated), original source for reference: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41534/ More colors for the Shiny Rubber Catsuits: Cyan, light grey, dark grey, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow (the original had: black, white, red, blue, red/white and transparent versions) Ballet boots now also in "devious" variants (lockable using the Devious Devices framework) A framework that: Traps the wearer inside the catsuit when putting it on (cannot be unequipped) Fuses the gasmask with the catsuit when putting it on (cannot be unequipped either) Shows regular messages about what it feels like to be trapped in rubber Messages progress in three stage, e.g. first there's no sweating, then a bit, and then a lot. Chance for special messages when wearing a gag under the gasmask Wearing rubber increases actor arousal over time Framework currently only works for player character (but that's not a real problem, how would you know how someone else feels like anyway?) and works independantly from Devious Devices (except for the ballet boots, see above) [*]A questline/story woven around the catsuit/gasmask experience with focus on various fetishes, including rubber, of course. There are over 4400 lines of dialog. I took the time of one of my test playthroughs and it took me about 8 hours to complete the mod (already knowing where everything is and what to do and using fast travel). Donations: You are not required to donate. But if you would like to support me and my work, please feel free to do so. The more money I make, the more time I'll have to work on my mod. Every bit helps, so if you can't afford a large sum, don't worry. Just give what you can. You can send your donations via PayPal to greyspammer@gmail.com . There is also a Patreon through which you can support the mod on a more permanent basis (recurring payments). Current status: Overall, the mod is beta. The framework seems to be doing what it's supposed to and the story is complete. Future work will include bug fixing and adding features. This is my very first mod so I can not promise perfection. Rookie mistakes and all that. Requirements: ZaZ Animation Pack (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/17062-zaz-animation-pack-2014-08-29/) SexLab Framework (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16623-skyrim-sexlab-sex-animation-framework-v159b-updated-0915/) SexLab Aroused (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20193-wip-sexlab-aroused-v2014-01-24/) Devious Devices Assets (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19865-devious-devices-assets/) Devious Devices Integration (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21484-devious-devices-integration-08242014/) Devious Devices Expansion (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/35569-devious-devices-expansion-v113a/) SKSE (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/35569-devious-devices-expansion-v113a/) Fuz Roh D'oh (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14884/) HDT Highheel System (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36213/) and all subsequent requirements of the components listed above Recommendations: Player character should be a human female. I do not enforce any checks on that, but there is no male version of the catsuits (and no, I cannot change that). So I made the mod centered around women in rubber and the writing will assume you are female. Elves are theoretically possible, but elven ears tend to clip through the gasmasks. Haven't yet figured out if I can fix that. If it doesn't bother you, feel free to play an elf. Beast races are not tested and the additional colors have no armor addons for them (I was too lazy to set it up in the CK). Also, the writing does not reflect their specifics. The way I see it, beast races would require enormous work to support properly. Cats and lizards don't sweat, so a lot of writing would have to be changed. Leaving the question what else they should suffer while in rubber. Too much work for now. Apologies to all furry lovers out there. When you install the mod for the first time, starting a new save is not necessary (unless Evette San is already dead, see above). If you upgrade, you will likely need to make a clean save. While the mod is a work in progress and beta, I most likely will not take any measure to ensure you can upgrade from any version to any version without hitch. It would slow down development too much. Sorry, folks. The mod does not support followers. There comes a point early on when it will try to determine if you have followers and give you a semi-plausible reason why you cannot have them with you. I'm not sure how reliable that check is and it's only supposed to be a reminder, not a tamper-proof barrier. I'm sure there are ways around it. But the writing will always assume you are alone and ignore your followers. I strongly recommend sending them home for the duration of the mod. The catsuits and gasmask are only available for the CBBE body (again, I cannot change that due to lack of knowledge and talent). If the sudden change in body shape does not bother you, you can also play with a different body. I'm doing that myself, because I personally prefer the UNP body. So if some talented 3D artist out there wants to make an UNP variant of the catsuits, you can be damned sure I'll integrate them in my mod. The number of slotted NPCs in the Devious Devices framework should be set to 12 or higher for optimal experience. Let me know if that is too much for your system to handle. It works fine on my rig but I have absolutely no idea about what's out there. If enough people have a problem, I will try to find a way to lower it. The device hider in Devious Devices Integration should be set to avoid slot 43. Use slot 54 or 60 or disable it completely. Conflicts Mods that modify combat defeat (like Death Alternative) can cause problems. Combat in the mod is always tied into the story. If you get defeated there, it makes no sense from a story point of view that the attacker would accept your surrender in any way (rape you or put you in bondage gear or whatever). The attacker really wants to kill you. As in: Make you dead. He would not be content with anything less. Until I find a way to signal that to other mods without having to add them all as a dependency, you should deactivate them. Any mod that modifies dialogue or character behaviour on a worldwide basis (like SexLab Dialogues) has the potential to interfere. Deviously Cursed Loot (or similar mods that force-equip items) may strip the suit or mask if the item uses conflicting slots. A proper solution would, in my opinion, require a change in the DD framework. The request has been made but until then, I suggest to disable such mods. Cursed Loot can be temporarily disabled via the MCM. I suggest to use that for the time you play my mod. The mod currently needs Evette San in Solitude to be alive. If enough people complain, I'll try to find a way around it. But for now, make sure she survives. I have been told that the mod "Expanded Towns and Cities" makes one of the barrels required for a certain quest inaccessible. The barrel is normally located in Riverwood. You may need to disable the mod. See the troubleshooting section below for a possible workaround. FAQ: Is the mod for doms? Or subs? There something in there for both. I try to keep a balance between the two. Story explanation: Most content in that regard is optional, so if, for example, you don't feel like whipping a slave, there's usually another way. How do I get out of the rubber catsuit? How do I get my catsuit and start the main quest? Can I get a different color? What about my hands and feet? Why is there no forced rubber for them, too? Your English sucks! Well, it's not my native language. I tried my best, but if you spot any mistakes, please let me know. Something is wrong with the rubber stuff. I'm not wearing anything but still get the messages. Or it's not recognised correctly in dialogs. Or stuff like that. If the rubber framework goes haywire on you, there is a debug function that will strip all rubber gear, remove all effects and reset the entire framework. It can be activated from the console using: startquest tir_dbg_clearallrubber If you have to use it a second time, do a 'stopquest' with the same parameter before. You should then re-equip whatever rubber gear you should have on you at that point or it can break the story. How can I configure this mod? There is currently no MCM menu. Eventually, I'll make one, but for now you need to configure it by using global variables and the console. set tir_MessageInterval to XX This sets the interval at which the rubber messages appear. For your convenience, the value is in real-time seconds. Although there might a some jitter due to way the engine works. But setting it to 300, for instance, would give you a message roughly every 5 real-time minutes. set tir_Stage1Hours to XX Sets the number of in-game hours that the first stage will last. set tir_Stage2Hours to XX Sets the number of in-game hours that the second stage will last. Quest overview and help: A strange encounter (starting quest) Rubber Express - Wine Delivery Rubber Mail Rubber Hunt Wait for the party The Party Once the necessary satisfaction threshold has been reached, you can talk to the Mistress to end the party. There will be a little "farewell" scene and then you and the Mistress will be back in the Tower lobby. Party Aftermath: Leaving the basement: My Little Rubber Pony (Part 1) Rubber School Rubber Spy Rubber Assassin My Little Rubber Pony (Part 2) Rubber Rescue Rubber Express - Pony Girl Delivery Rubber Abduction Rubber Toy Rubber Ally Rubber Frame Job Rubber Parade Rubber Finale Rubber Epilog (Enaron) Rubber Epilog (Mistress) Rubber Boon Troubleshooting: The gasmasks do not show up on my character! There is currently a conflict between the default settings for the device hider from DDi and the gasmasks from the Shiny Catsuits mod. Open the MCM menu for DDi (Section "Devices Underneath (1)") and set the device hider to use a different slot (like 54 or 60) or disable it completely. As of version 0.5.0, the gasmask items from my mod will avoid the conflict. But the originals from the Shiny Catsuits mod will still conflict, so you might want to still change the setting. I keep loosing in the pony race You are meant to loose the first race. The second race can be won if you prepare correctly (see above). But in the end, it does not affect the rest of the mod whether you win or loose. So don't worry too much about it. I can't use the boat! It keeps complaining about followers, but I don't have any! You can bypass the follower check by opening the console and entering the command 'set tir_ignore_followers_check to 1'. Be aware that this does not make TIR follower-compatible. It just bypasses the check. A character is not where he or she is supposed to be! First, you should probably make certain that the character really should be where you expect him or her. Maybe you are mistaken. If you are sure, then you can use the console. Go to where the character should be, open the console and type 'prid <refid>' with the ref id of the character in question. Then type 'moveto player'. The character should be teleported to you. If not, try the command 'enable' as well. You can find out the ref id by loading a previous savegame and clicking on the character with the console open. His or her refid will appear in the top of the console window. For your convenience, here are the ref ids of a few important NPCs: The first two digits vary for each installation and indicate the load order index of my mod. So if "Trapped in Rubber.esp" had a load order of 0A in your installation, then you have to replace the "xx" with "0a". [*]I use "Expanded Towns and Cities" and cannot access the barrel in Riverwood! You may need to disable the mod or use the console to access it. The ref id of the barrel is 1f22b. So you could try: 'prid 1f22b', followed by 'moveto player' to teleport the barrel to where you are currently standing. [*]I cannot move my character anymore! Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 20' in the console. Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]I'm stuck in devious devices that I cannot get rid of! Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 30' in the console. Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]I have a black screen that won't go away! Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 40' in the console. Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]My character won't move anymore Try 'setstage tir_dbg_restoregameplay 50' in the console. Warning: Use this only as last resort. It might break things later on. [*]I have some other problem! Check your papyrus log. Disable all non-essential mods and try again with a fresh savegame. License and Credits: For the catsuits I integrated, mxwqtkl has described the license as: "Please modify and distribute this as you like." Sound samples were taken from SoundBible.com (Wooden Thump by Mike Koenig and Brushing Wood by Caroline Ford) and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. Mistress' eye glasses worn during class are from Dwiss (http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1609-dwiss-eyewear-version/) and used with express permission (detailed license can be found on the mod's homepage). For my own work, I say the same as mxwqtkl (do whatever you want with it). Just give credit and release your own work under the same license, so that others can build upon your work as you did on mine and as I did on others. Submitter greyspammer Submitted 10/02/2014 Category WIP / Beta Requires Zaz Animation Pack, SexLab Framework, SexLab Aroused, DDa, DDi, DDx, SKSE, Fuz Roh D'oh, HTD Highheel System Special Edition Compatible
  10. Min

    Devious Skyrim

    The following is an overview of all works related to the 'Devious Devices' mod family for Skyrim. - Last updated: 22nd February 2015 - Support for each mod is provided by the respective mod author, so please don't post any mod-specific issues in this thread. Devious Framework Overview The following infographic explains the interaction of the various mods that make up the Devices Devices family. Devious Essentials These mods form the base of Devious Devices and are required for most if not all of the other Devious Devices mods to work properly. Devious Devices - Assets by Zadil Devious Devices - Expansion by Coopervane Devious Devices - Integration by Min Devious Add-Ons Mods that are based on the Devious Devices framework. Keep in mind that some of these mods may have additional dependencies and/or be based on outdated versions of the base mods. Alternate Start: Live a Deviant Life by Aelie Angrim's Apprentice by stobor Aradia's Devious Outift by Aradia/Gameplayer DD Restrained by irquih Devious Captures by Ms Leeches' Devious Cidhna by stobor Devious Devices - Captured Dreams Shop by Veladarius Devious Devices for Him by Wasps Devious Devices - For the Masses II by Veladarius Devious Devices - Gags+ by jbezorg Devious Devices Gags Mod Overhaul by zenetx Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy Deviously Enchanted Chests by Bane_Master Deviously Helpless by Srende Devious Interactions by Veladarius Devious Loading Screens by Zadil Devious Regulations by Srende Devious Traps by aqqh GagSFX by volfin ImmerSlave - Life a Slave's Life by arbiter Sacrificial Spriggan by stobor Sanguine's Debauchery Enhanced by skyrimll SexLab Stories by skyrimll Sexlab Submit+Devious Devices by Aelie Skyrim Bound by Srende Submit + Devious Devices + Follower Friendly by zacko Submit + Devious Devices Progression Mod by MixedupJim Devious Keyholders by Kalarr More Devious Quest by Versh Deviously Enslaved by Chase Roxand Quick As You Like! by DocClox Devious Conversions Modifications or additions to the devices that add support for additional bodies, races or genders. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/51563-the-devious-corner/ by Gameplayer Devious Devices Bodyslide CBBE CT77 Body TBBP by Aensland_src Devious Devices + Devious Expansion for Bodyslide2 HDT + preg by RustyXXL Devious Devices for Bodyslide2 by Skeuomorph Devious Devices - Males Addon by KestrelSky Devious Devices Assets for UNPB PB TBBP by uglykidcyd Devious Devices Expansion for UNPB PB TBBP by uglykidcyd MIC - Make It Compatible by Heromaster Piercing Meshes for UNPB TBBP HDT preg (link) by circ SevenBase Conversion by Shocky Xarathos Armor Workshop for 7Base (O)ppai by Xarathos DD + DDX for bodyslide 2.2d CBBE HDT by toptoper Devious Stories Literary works inspired by, or based on the contents of these mods. A Recounting of Devices Most Devious by UrbanSniper Abduction for Beginners by Thulas (also part of 'Books of Skyrim') The Female Legionnaire Quandary by UrbanSniper The Order of Immaculate Chastity by UrbanSniper Kafrid's Diary by Thulas (also part of 'Books of Skyrim') Devious Videos "Devious Deviants: Forbidden Tome" quest walkthrough by Kronnos44 Part 1 of 4 part 2 of 4 Part 3 of 4 Part 4 of 4 Note: Until Zadil returns to activity, I have assumed stewardship of this thread. If I'm missing any mods from this list, please let me know.
  11. View File This is a compilation of every single successful (Sims 4 gallery) lot I converted into a Ghetto trap house or a fence dealing in stolen goods. All Unethical adult oriented lots. Basically all the lots I wish to save and offer up to the community to download (If you so choose.) Expect updates every now and then as I do this often. This is my thieves trove, My gems, They can be yours too. Enjoy the spoils! <3 BIMBOTECH Sex Shop: West Side Whore House: The Black Market: Shady Sands Market Stand: Credits and Special Thanks: Submitter USSdrusilla Submitted 05/09/2018 Category The Sims 4 Requires Sims4, All expansions, WickedWhims, Nisa's Wicked Perversions, Basemental Drugs.
  12. Otakadelic's fetish, obscene, weird, experimental and hopefully sometime funny MODs,Tutorials, English translations. Since I use many Osiri's base models, his restrictions also apply to my MODs. - You can't use any MODs here for any kind of commercial purposes(entirely or partially). - Can't ask any kind of donations, commissions(real money, crpyt money or any sort of points). - Absolutely NO to use these materials with Patreon.com,like 'NSFW version is available for Patrons.' Never. - You can get these MODs for free and you can't earn any money from these. Simple rule. As long as keep free and includes above message then you can use any part of these MODs for free, can convert to any formats. No need to credit my name. If you can't/won't include above four lines then better to stay away from my materials. * Characters from DOA5LR are original property of Team Ninja & TECMO/KOEI. Contents of this topic are fan made arts for fans, not for commercial purpose. for Modders: See this post includes updated Harry's RNM and full translation of ENG instructions of Mr.Dotoku's texts. Recent updates: Hitomi Exclusive Denimless pack v1.1 released. 100% complete game save data and instruction added. Marie Pantyless pack added. MODs: Hitomi Exclusive Denimless Pack 1.1: Hitomi opened New World. (7/June/2018 Hitomi ver1.1) 4k/8k sized images also available. Marie Pantyless Pack 1.0: Third pack released with Eight Costumes. (21/May/2018 Marie ver1.0) Hitomi Pantyless Pack 1.0: Your best resource of Pantyless World. (10/May/2018 Hitomi ver1.0) Preview images updated. 4k sized images added. Wettable-Destroyable Honoka (6/May/2018 WD combo Honoka) Kasumi Pantyless Pack 1.1: Your best resource of Pantyless World. (2/May/2018 Kasumi ver1.1) Barefoot Paradise 5.0 : For Barefoot Lovers (25/Apr/2018 ver5.0) Barefoot Paradise 5.0 Reinforcement : Four Barefoot girls joined for foot lovers (3/May/2018) Enslaved Beauties (21/Apr/2018 ver0.1 : Early Release1.) Added 8K sized image. Nude Bunny (16/Apr/2018 ver1.0) Nude Maid (8/Nov/2017 ver1.01) KASUMI on Fire : Stunning Animated Fire Effect (11/Apr/2018 ver1.0) HITOMI on Fire : TOP Karate fighter needs no BOTTOM (11/Apr/2018 ver1.0) AYANE as next leader: Advanced Animated Effect (11/Apr/2018 ver1.0) Marie The Busty Bunny : introduction for TimmyC's CTT (4/Apr/2018 ver1.0) This MOD is dedicated to all my ex-girlfriends who were excellent when we met then transformed. WIP mods: Two Pantyless Packs released. Wettable and Destroyable Honoka released. Few WIPs added.
  13. So, for about 2 years I was asking people about feet fetish in skyrim mods and speaking some ideas I had but seems like nothing worked, anyone got any update in this fetish in any mod ? I don't seem to find any, only a footjob action in josh's mod, but that's all. Anyone knows about anything ? I'm not a modder but doesn't seem so hard to make foot based animation + some script and quotes to make a properly submission mod for this...sorry if i'm offending any modder (i couldn't do better than you) but really ? Such a popular thing and no mod yet.
  14. I would like to request a fetish themed plugin for Osex, even though the mod is awesome and a must have for adult modders, it lacks the fun and kinky.
  15. View File Here's some fun for the (bisexual) feet lovers. In the download section, you will find : Animations These are my first animations ever, so don't expect something perfect. There are only 3 for the moment, but I'll add some in the future (a three and foursome are on the way) massage & footjob mutual footjob Lesbian domination footfuck FFF Triangle MFFF feet orgy Requires : Sexlab Animation Loader Cum textures This adds cum on soles and toes to be consistant with my anims. Requires : Sexlab 1.61b + Idles replacer Replaces some vanilla NPC idles with something a bit more foot-centric. SAM Feet meshes and textures replacer Replaces Shape of Atlas for Men's feet with better looking (in my opinion) and with more vertices. New version can be downloaded from the SAM forum Requires : SAM, obviously How to install ? Unpack the mods in your game folder or use your mod manager. For the animations, don't forget to run FNIS for the users and to register the animations through SLAL MCM menu. Have fun, more to come soon... Submitter mojito817 Submitted 02/25/2016 Category Misc Sex Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  16. TTTSR's mods for the ass-man Welcome to this side of the Internet where I, thethingthatshootsrockets, release mods that are simply skimpier versions of the outfits in the game. You can modify these mods anyway you want, but don't sell it or I'll find you and I'll... have a normal discussion about how you are a bad person for selling them. Mods: Naotora Skimpy Nurse (24/Jun/18): Marie's broken suspenders (21/Jun/18): Thank yous: Otakadelic: The realest of the G, helping me with making mods and just being real AF. Pay him a visit! Raz': For creating the body I use for my mod and doing good mods. Visit him too! Any bugs or problems you encounter on one of my mods, tell me so I can fix them! Thank you!
  17. View File Kinky Karen (Standalone Follower) Hey Guys! I decided to share xD, hopefully this mod gonna be downloaded alot cuz she's damn fetish and horny. Simple Nord Follower inside Breezehome (Whiterun) Custom Skin, Appearance and look Custom KK Body derived from UUNP with conformed gear (Armors included in file) Vampiric spells which make her prolly Dhampir Uses Mehrunes Daggers with higher chance to stagger things Wanted Requirments for more realistic outcome XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE HDT Physics Extensions HDT Breast And Butt Physics - TBBP BBP Supported * MUST HAVE DAWNGUARD DLC Though Skyrim is getting old now, with many other new games arround still credits to all guys that did the content that i used in this little mod for conforming to fit KK body, might have been real hotfile if i published her year ago xD BIG Thanks to Authors of Zaz Devious Devices Gatti Yumiko Outfit Aradia kato Outfit SGHairs pack Aradia Naughty Lingerie Nails UNP Culort leggings from Osare Culort Outfit UUNP and related SGskin version Bodyslide 2 great deal if u dont have SGHairs mod, this mod will install only relevant files from SGHairs mod Version 1.1 changes eye glow fix different more colored skin and seamless with head changed custom body normal map to smooth version Added bikini and pants ( Top bikini and NaughtyTop has same body slot so u can use only one at time) she can go to max lvl 100 Edited face a bit from previous version GET HER GEAR in SPERMILF CHEST in BREEZEHOME UPPER FLOOR !!! Version 1.2 changes new edited (vagina shaved) skin new customized femalebody_msn (normal map) no undereyes black makeup old texture files are still there with [optional] in their filenames the boob cuffs gonna be in next version ******** Probably for more options i will add much more fetish style clothes in next updates. Have fun! TBA.. Submitter 0mn1m0n Submitted 08/05/2016 Category Companions Requires Special Edition Compatible  
  18. View File *UPDATE* REMESH Penthouse's Savannah Knee High Boots Credits are owned by Dopesims for this mesh Can be worn for everyday, formal, sleepwear, athletic, outerwear, swimwear and naked Available for teen and adult female sim This update brings a colorable base boot with colorable sole too (yeeeey) after many hours spent to find the correct map texture Will lift your sim 15 units above ground Please contact me if you find glitches or issues with them P.S. This won't affect the actual one you have, but my advice is to delete the first ones (I deleted the first ones from the site either) Submitter rauul995 Submitted 06/08/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires The Sims 3 Base Game  
  19. Version


    Credits are owned by Dopesims for this mesh Can be worn for everyday, formal, sleepwear, athletic, outerwear, swimwear and naked Available for teen and adult female sim This update brings a colorable base boot with colorable sole too (yeeeey) after many hours spent to find the correct map texture Will lift your sim 15 units above ground Please contact me if you find glitches or issues with them P.S. This won't affect the actual one you have, but my advice is to delete the first ones (I deleted the first ones from the site either)
  20. rauul995

    Irene Platform Stiletto Boots

    Version 1.0.1


    These are an edit after my 'Christian Louboutin Bianca' boots and I gave them a 'little' platform Adult and teen female sim will love wearing them at any outfit you desire Will lift your sim 12, respectively 16 units above ground Two colorable channels: base boot and sole If you find any bugs, glitches or issues with them, please PM me
  21. View File Irene Platform Stiletto Boots These are an edit after my 'Christian Louboutin Bianca' boots and I gave them a 'little' platform Adult and teen female sim will love wearing them at any outfit you desire Will lift your sim 12, respectively 16 units above ground Two colorable channels: base boot and sole If you find any bugs, glitches or issues with them, please PM me Submitter rauul995 Submitted 06/04/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires  
  22. rauul995

    Leather Short Dress

    View File Leather Short Dress Tried my best to bring a cute (almost) leather style dress with a decent cleavage Wearable for adult and teen female sim for any outfit category I made a little modification to the base body so I hope the bones assignment is good because this paid some time to match it Anything found wrong with it please let me know with a PM Submitter rauul995 Submitted 06/04/2018 Category The Sims 3 Requires  
  23. rauul995

    Leather Short Dress



    Tried my best to bring a cute (almost) leather style dress with a decent cleavage Wearable for adult and teen female sim for any outfit category I made a little modification to the base body so I hope the bones assignment is good because this paid some time to match it Anything found wrong with it please let me know with a PM
  24. View File TS Girl: Lilith Vatore CONTENTS: 1 Sim replacer, Her tray files, Supported mods ported with sims 4 tray importer. DESCRIPTION: A while back I made a vladislaus replacer, So not to long ago I found it prudent to make a Lilith Vatore Replacer. Mainly because I wanted to. Made her a transsexual/ Futa girl Dominatrix, I mean the vanilla version was nice and all. But I wanted to add moar traps to my game so I converted her with some alterations, If you have road to fame mod she is a model celeberty. If this is your cup of tea then I hope she fits whatever role you have her in your game, If not, please move on. Installation: Extract tray files to: You>MyDocuments>ElectronicArts>Sims4>Tray folder. Extract Mods to: You>MyDocuments>ElectronicArts>Sims4>Mods folder. Play game, Wash rinse repeat. Credits: Sstormyy For the futa girl clothes, This would not be possible without it. NisaK for black widow trait Wickedwhims, Nior Darksims for the penis models/textures All other respective authors to which the trays are supported. Submitter USSdrusilla Submitted 05/28/2018 Category The Sims 4 Requires Sims4, All expansion, Nisa's wicked perversions, Wicked Whims.  
  25. USSdrusilla

    TS Girl: Lilith Vatore

    Version 1.0.0


    CONTENTS: 1 Sim replacer, Her tray files, Supported mods ported with sims 4 tray importer. DESCRIPTION: A while back I made a vladislaus replacer, So not to long ago I found it prudent to make a Lilith Vatore Replacer. Mainly because I wanted to. Made her a transsexual/ Futa girl Dominatrix, I mean the vanilla version was nice and all. But I wanted to add moar traps to my game so I converted her with some alterations, If you have road to fame mod she is a model celeberty. If this is your cup of tea then I hope she fits whatever role you have her in your game, If not, please move on. Installation: Extract tray files to: You>MyDocuments>ElectronicArts>Sims4>Tray folder. Extract Mods to: You>MyDocuments>ElectronicArts>Sims4>Mods folder. Play game, Wash rinse repeat. Credits: Sstormyy For the futa girl clothes, This would not be possible without it. NisaK for black widow trait Wickedwhims, Nior Darksims for the penis models/textures All other respective authors to which the trays are supported.