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Misc Adult Mods

Misc adult mods, patches, or plugins for other games not listed.

231 files

  1. Wolcen Nude Patch

    This is my attempt at making a nude patch for Wolcen, it is not perfect, but its a start.
    To use, simply place the folder "Objects" in your "...\common\Wolcen\Game" folder.



  2. Kitsune-Nude

    A female nude sprite support for Kitsune Race. Are you tired of empty boobs and genitals? Want a realistic game?(or a help with you know... THAT!). Then you come to the right place. Hope you can enjoy of the wild freedom for you character feels more "confortable".
    - Male nude sprite support



  3. Body texture collection

    A collection of body texture mods from Loverslab, updated for Rimworld 1.1.
    unpack folders into Rimworld/Mods
    Load Order:
    Doesn't matter, the texture mod loaded last will override all the previous texture mods, so you only need one which cover every bodytype.
    Bodies by feliperiod op

    load one full pack before this one (or your fat, hulky and slim pawns get vanilla textures)
    Get Naked! by shark510 op

    Nude Textures by Underfall00 op

    Nude Textures BBCL by bandon op



  4. Stardew Valley Kingguys Addon's

    Kingguys More Items
    kingguys more items is a mod that add Male machines, and some items to sell or use,
    machines use some materials to produce one drink (1-5 materials), intended to use with Manly Prostitution by undare,
    you can make Beer, Vodka , Liquor and Milkshakes.
    For SDV 1.4.3
    Requeriments :

    PPJA - Fruits and Veggies : https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1598
    PPJA - More Trees : https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1671
    Milk for Milk by Undare
    Custom Farming Redux : https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/991
    Json Assets : https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/mods/1720
    SDV Manly Prostitution by Undare
    Muscular Male Body by Undare
    SDV JUNK by Undare
    Paste all folders to you mod folder (Stardew valley directory)
    Undare for letting use his machines and items from Fratvalley
    CFR have some bugs so expect machines stopping working from nothing
    warning me if you see anything wrong



  5. [Pathfinder: Kingmaker] Lewd Portrait Pack

    Contains 127 portraits. The party bar icons are faces with an occasional nip slip, the other two (conversation, character sheets) feature nudity and sex.
    I also highly recommend you go and get this mod from Nexus, along with the prerequisite mod manager for it. It will allow you to set portraits of your choice (and many other options) for anyone in your party. There's also this mod that is supposed to allow you to change other NPC portraits, as well. I have not used it much, though it would be neat to have all the major NPCs lewded. It would be a matter of populating the folders, I think, not too difficult.
    To just install the portraits, unzip the file into your game's portrait directory. For me, that looks like so: C:\Users\PutYourOwnUserNameHere\AppData\LocalLow\Owlcat Games\Pathfinder Kingmaker\Portraits
    All the current portraits are for female characters. I might grab some out of the bunch later and do a handful of male versions with sexy action in the zoomed out bits. Done.



  6. BTF Terraphilia x SXB Defeat Support

    ( Note: This is extremely early in development so there's some things that needs to be tweaked here and there. )
    This adds the monster support for Sexbound Deafeat mod. This also comes with the monster support for 
    Sexbound itself. Download this and not the BTF Sexbound Terreaphilia mod if you want Blake's Terramons to be 
    support with Sexbound Defeat. Again, this is very early in it's stage and I do expect some bugs, if you could,
    please alert me on anything that goes array.
    Google Drive link for those whom can get it from Loverslab. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pRIAIlGxT-2bnMs3NxQX8xOT7uDiirN8

    You'll need these mods



  7. Sirin sex/romance mod for Tyranny

    its a sex/romance mod for the character Sirin for the game Tyranny.
    now why i putted it here well because the owners of nexus are shit heads and they ban me from the nexus claiming that Siren is actually under 18 years old!
    well what can i say apparently doing sex with Siren is wrong in the same way Yuffie from ff7 is wrong but fuck nexus this Tyranny have zero romance and sex with only prostitutes
    and that sucks and need to be fixed so i did it who knows maybe in the future ill add more characters to my sex/romance project of Tyranny like Abe or Verus.



  8. Naked Farmer [Stardew Valley] [CP]

    Allows your farmer to be naked! Works well with my Horny Bachelors Mod. Choose from 12 skin tones (see photos), and cut status in the config. 
    Choose your clothes as normal... and then simply drag your clothes off! You can go completely nude, just take your shirt off, or even Porky Pig it!
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns don't hesitate to let me know!
    You can join my discord server here: discord.gg/FXrdqUj
    And if you'd like, you can support me on patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/girafarig
    Check me out on Nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/users/34349595
    Please do NOT use, modify, or reupload my assets under any circumstances.



  9. Horny Bachelors [CP] [Stardew Valley]

    This mod makes the bachelors, and a few others, jerk off. It also gives the option to make the entire male population naked! There are a few fun little hidden secrets here and there too
    This is a SMAPI/Content Patcher mod, you'll need both of em to use this!
    In your config file you'll find a whole slew of options! Here are all of them:
    A switch to turn on/off whether the bachelors jerk off A switch to make the townspeople naked A switch to give the villagers new dialogue Options to make Shane shave, Harvey shave, Alex put on a shirt, Sebastian quit smoking, and Elliott cut his hair.  If the farmer is male you have two options, if you play as a girl, leave these as they are. Are you using my Naked Farmer mod? (found here) There's a switch that tells the game you're using that! A switch for whether the farmer has a cut or uncut penis. Options to give Kent, Demetrius, and Elliott pubic hair  
    See the basic jerk times below
    Harvey also has a notepad in his office.. you might want to check that
    I think thats all of it! Let me know any questions, concerns, improvements, everything!
    You can join my discord server here: discord.gg/FXrdqUj
    And if you'd like, you can support me on patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/girafarig
    Check me out on Nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/users/34349595
    Please do NOT use, modify, or reupload my assets under any circumstances.



  10. Sexbound Race Extension - Merrkin

    A small race extension for Sexbound 3.0+! Considering it isn't a bipedal race (doesn't have 2 legs), I had to take some liberties, including with the butterfly position (check the screenshots). But I still hope y'all like it!
    A few bugs to take notice of - they only say the lines given to them, even though there isn't anything in the files that rejects default sextalk; and when giving birth, they'll be given standard Protectorate clothing. You know, the one with the pants? They don't look right.
    I'll (probably) update later to smoothen the animations, since they're a little stiff right now. But here it is! Mermaid sex is now available!
    Race link: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1694719307



  11. [Starbound] Star Whores

    This mod adds 29 mostly animated decorations to populate the seediest of space brothels. Craft a brothel mistress at an iron anvil to buy the rest of them.



  12. [Starbound] Aphrodite's Bow (Legacy)

    Aphrodite's Bow (Legacy) installs a version of Aphrodite's Bow that is compatible with Sexbound Legacy. The resurgence of this legacy version is for nostalgia, and it may be spawned by using the command: /spawnitem aphroditesbowlegacy
    Important: Sexbound (Legacy) v1 killed NPCs before transforming them into "sex node" furniture objects, so be aware that shooting an NPC with the legacy version of Aphrodite's Bow will kill it. A duplicate of the NPC is respawned after the sex node breaks.



  13. [Starbound] Sexbound Legacy

    Sexbound Legacy installs the Legacy Version of Sexbound. This mod package contains Sexbound v1.16, but it has been modified so as to prevent file path conflicts with later versions of Sexbound.
    Please be patient while the legacy species support mods and other support mods make changes to be compatible.
    Aphrodite's Bow (Legacy):



  14. Sexbound Lamia support

    Adds SxB Support for the Lamia race, the long waited snake tubes

    -Does not include Custom dialogue
    -Does not include Custom sounds

    Disclaimer for permission: This race got not express allowance from its Original creator, but we tried multiple times to contact them with no response whatsoever, also the mod didnt got updated in over two years,

    If the Original author shows up and wants it removed i of course remove it without question and hesitation

    Thanks a lot to my good friend @red3dred for helping me with the race support and using my brain for once and also shoving my head out of my own pitty ass, love ya dude :3



  15. Yakuza Kiwami Pornstar Card Swap Mod

    Back again with a card swap mod for Kiwami this time. A little late, I know, but I'm lazy.
    What is this?
    It's a mod that swaps the in-game collectable cards for a more lewd alternative. This paticular mod swaps them out for random pornstars and lesbian scenes for the skill cards/super skill cards. (See "pornstar list")
    I left the stats as they were and built two different templates so I could edit everything in a non-destructive way. First template was the normal cards. There are 30 of these and the other template was for the skill cards (29). I changed around the placement of the stats, but did not change any of the stats themselves so you could still play the minigame. Cards are readable, but compression is a bitch and I have no idea how Sega do it. 😡
    Each normal card with the same super attack uses a lesbian scene featuring the two normal card pornstars on the skill card.
    Alex Tanner and Dani Jensen both have super attack "Omni Choke" which is a skill card. That skill card is them in a lesbian scene/image. (See below)
    Some skill cards have "super" variants and for that, both models are desplayed with a load on their face.
    Example of a "super" variant skill card. (Note: This will also have two normal card versions with the models and a common skill card like above. I added the foil look to the sides to show these are the rarer versions of the common skill cards.)
    Whereas some skill cards are not used as a super attack. These are:
    Finish Breaker
    Last Resort
    Tie Breaker
    Finish Time
    Counter Heal
    Mystic Heal
    For these, I added different lesbian groups in various poses/undress. (These pornstars are not included in the pornstar list as I selected images randomly and forgot to write names down, but some may be in there by a happy accident.)
    As you can see in the picture, when you pickup a card it says "Obtained Insect Card: Pornstars name" this use to be the original cards name (Kuwama's Ladybug, for example) I changed it to display the pornstars names instead. Sadly had to revert this back as you'd CTD(crash to desktop) sometimes when playing the mini-game. So when you pickup a card, it'll say the original cards name instead of the pornstars name, but at least the mini-game will not CTD on you.🤞 Merry Chrstmas!! 🎄
    Simple and easy drag&drop mod;
    Open the .rar file, drag&drop the data folder into your main games directory (Where the .exe is located.) and overwrite when asked.
    Pornstar List

    This is exlusivly for LL (LoversLab). This mod should not be re-uploaded to any other site. If you wish to share it, please link to this page.



  16. Licentia Labs

    Licentia Labs:
     An addition to RimJobWorld adding various serums and extra mechanics.
    What it adds:
    Licentia Labs adds various serums to alter the body. These serums are crafted at the drug lab using a base item made from psychoid, neutroamine, and humpshroom. These serums cause various effects:
    -Hormonal Serum - Base serum used to craft other serums.
    -Alteration Serums - Used to increase/decrease breast/penis/vagina size where applicable.
    -Genderbend Serums - Swaps genitalia and adds/removes breasts. Also gives a temporary mood boost to counter the "furious at transgender surgery" mood malaise.
    -Futa Serums - Makes the user a futa.
    -Mutagenic Serums - Gives the user a set of genitalia (and breasts/anus where applicable) matching the type of serum (canine, demon, etc).
    -Reverter Serum - Reverts the user to average parts.
    -Production Serum - Causes the user to produce hormonal serum.
    -Psyche Serums - Alter the user's psyche, adding or removing traits (masochist, zoophile, etc).
    -Enlarging/Diminishing Serums - Affects stretch chances (alongside other things.) 
    -Elasticising Serum - Prevents stretching.
    Licentia Labs adds a stretching mechanic. Vaginal or anal sex involving a large penis and a small orifice may result in temporary or permanent stretching.
    This can be disabled or adjusted in the mod settings.
    Stretching will cause a mood malaise (with some exceptions) and add a hediff decreasing movement and sex ability.
    Permanent stretching will increase the size of the orifice (where applicable).
    Stretch Injuries:
    Licentia Labs adds certain stretch related injures. These are disabled by default but can be enabled in the settings.
    Licentia Labs adds a (currently basic) cumflation mechanic. Cumflation amount is determined by genitalia size and other data when provided.
    Cumflation affects mood, movement speed, and consciousness.
    This can be disabled in the mod settings.
    Unpack Licentia Labs in your Rimworld mod folder. Load after RJW.
    Requirements: RJW 3.0.1+ (LL might work with earlier versions, but not tested).
    Rimjobworld Questionable Ethics Support:
    Rimjobworld Questionable Ethics Support is now included.



  17. [StarSector] Image Replacer Mod

    This mod replaces the 50ish images in StarSector with art and hentai ranging from alluring to lewd. An attempt was made to keep the images as on-topic as possible while adding some sex appeal.



  18. Code Vein Horse Cock

    A horse cock mod for CodeVein.
    What else?
    Replaces CanBadges accessories 02 & 03 (see screens - second one is animated, if you like it)
    Meshes and textures originaly made by EvilReFlex for Skyrim.
    See the original skyrim mod here :
    Please, don't publicly remod it, as the original artist don't wish so.

    if some of you need more balls, maybe i'll add a version with balls. but i think balls & CodeVein Physics dont go together well. Personal choices. Tell me.



  19. Sexbound Thaumoth Race Support

    This patch adds SexboundAPI support for the Thaumoth Race.
    Unzip the content in the starbound mod folder
    [Sexbound API]
    Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/
    [ Saturnian Core Race Links ]
    = Non-Steam Version =
    = Steam Version =
    [ Thaumoth Race Links ]
    = Steam Version only =
    Please Note that pregnancy will only work if the pregnancy.config code for "enableCompatibleMates" is set to "true". The config is located on the Sexbound Unpak Version: SexboundAPI\scripts\sexbound\plugins\pregnancy.config.
    Race Compatible to Pregnancy:
    Thaumoth Saturnian Ningen Human Apex Neko ??? "Feel free to suggest any human-like race or bug-like races."  
    Asset Note:
    The assets used for this patch was borrowed from the Saturnian patch and was edited to fit with the directives of the race mod by Rylasasin to make the support patch faster towards completion.
    Changelog :
    1.0 - First release of the Race Support.
    Credits to the File Maker:
    = Rylasasin =
    Credits to the Original Race Author:
    = Window Novakid =
    Credits to the Core Race Author:
    = Cyan Sky Knight =
    Be Advised:
    = For those who wants to edit this support, please ask for permission from the author of this support first before you make changes, and reposting this support and changing the author of the support will be reported, Original Race Author/Retexture Author has also have the rights of taking this down if by request has been given.
    = If you're going to make a modpak, please notify the authors first before you do so
    = Permission/Consent no longer needed in relation of a friend and a long requester race author Window Novakid. =
    UNAUTHORIZED EDITS without Consent:
    Slot 2 Slot 2 Slot etc...  



  20. Human Nude Body for Regular breast animations

    I leave this body for the human race also serves to regular breast for sexbound animations my other creation.



  21. Regular Breast for sexbound animations

    Yesterday I did this I leave it here in case anyone wants it
    You know this needs Sexbound Api
    It only affects the human race. It only affects actor 2 if someone wants actor 1 just say it and I do it, also if someone wants another race just say and I'll try.



  22. Animated Tentacle Plant

    An interactable animated tentacle plant where you watch the victim as theyre ravaged by the plant. while also drowning in pleasure
    victim include:
    - Vanilla Races (Human, Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Hylotl, Novakid)
    - Fenerox
    - Nuru
    ingredient only require 5 plant fibres
    all victim varies by colour like hair, skin and feathers
    this mod was long gone some how and im not sure why, and i still happened to have this mod on my starbound mod. i also see a forum post talking about this mod too about it being deleted i think?
    and also, this mod does not belong to me. originally belonged to someone else and i upload it again so people can use it again



  23. RJW Race Support

    What does this file do ?
    It causes supported races to spawn with the assigned RJW parts.
    This is a purely optional file which adds more immersion to races body parts.
    For example that giant spider lady eyeing your females actually spawns with an ovipositor and will proceed to implant eggs and cocoon the victim when conditions are met.
    Other scenarios exist.
    Place in
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods
    Or where ever your RimWorld mods folder is.

    Load After
    HumanoidAlienRaces (should be using this) GenderBalancer (if you use it) RJW (have to be using this)  
    Load Before
    LostForest Gender Patch (this is unneeded as my mod already addresses this) RJW RBSE Patch (just to be safe)
      Requires the game rimworld and the mod RJW and all its dependencies to do anything.
    RJW can be found here : 
    Non necessary but recommended:
    Gender balancer:
    Currently I am still adding support to more races but I am also seeing about expanding the RJW hediffs to choose from.
    Later I might link all the supported mods.

    Important when updating please erase all loose files or the entire mod folder before adding new versions

    If you see errors I would prefer you contact me on the RJW discord, look for Abraxas.
    Link : 

    Supported Mods :

    This mod is not dead I am just waiting and seeing what direction RJW takes hediffs to, so I don't have to repeatedly redo all the race supports and custom hediffs.
    Recommend RJW Related Mods 



  24. RimFlix - addon Ramina

    adds a show to Rimworld TV screens 
    Requires RimFlix to function which can be found 
    On steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1685381492
    On GitHub : https://github.com/ritsu/RimFlix

    *Load this file after RimFlix* 
    This file adds a show of 9 images per screen size, this is not an animation so there are gaps between positions 
    If you hate Anime or tentacles this is not for you
    art was drawn by OXBallore
    Recommended mods to use with this file : Camera+
    On steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=867467808
    On GitHub : https://github.com/pardeike/CameraPlus

    This was my first RimFlix Project and will not be as high quality as my other seamless uploads 

    Extract the file and place the contents in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods or where ever your RimWorld mod folder is 



  25. RimFlix - addon Eco

    adds a show to Rimworld TV screens 
    Requires RimFlix to function which can be found 
    On steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1685381492
    On GitHub : https://github.com/ritsu/RimFlix

    *Load this file after RimFlix* 
    This file adds a show of approximately 27 Seconds and is almost seamless
    If you hate Anime or tentacles this is not for you

    Recommended mods to use with this file : Camera+
    On steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=867467808
    On GitHub : https://github.com/pardeike/CameraPlus

    Extract the file and place the contents in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods or where ever your RimWorld mod folder is 



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