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Misc Adult Mods

Misc adult mods, patches, or plugins for other games not listed.

195 files

  1. dancers refactored

    Leghorn's dancers.rar mod, except I refactored it to make a gameplay-friendly strip club.
    Changes made to Leghorn's mod:
    - Added research starting at tech level 2.
    - Changed most included furniture to work more like a chair than a bed so you can have characters automatically operate them.
    - Separated the stripper poles, dancer tables, and hanging swings into 2 different versions for player characters and for prisoners (So that player characters dont starve to death if left on them. Prisoner versions still work like a normal prisoner cage.)
    - Player-character versions of dancer furniture train stats depending on the furniture.
    - Added a second "Wall Sex" for wooden interior walls.
    - Implemented Posing Pillow as a mine so the operator can "collect tips from patrons" (generates a small amount of Cats over time when operated because NPC's dont buy player shop goods even with mods)
    - Added Tip Jar and Cat Barrel for the Posing Pillow operator to auto-haul collected money.
    - Prisoner Pole (Posed) left unchanged from original
    - All craftables moved from STRIPPER STUFF to CLUBHOUSE
    Recommended mods:
    - Any nude female mods
    - 256 or more character limit mod
    - Dread Bindings
    - Random Furniture
    If youre reading this in the future and someone figured out a workaround for the following mods get them:
    - AI using player-made chairs
    - Prisoners eat food
    - Anything to fix the game economy so NPCs buy goods from player-made shops



  2. Woman Different Bodies to Witcher 3

    Mod allows a greater variety of nudity of the girls in the game, most of the main and secondary npcs have their own bodies, with models, breasts and vaginas differentiated
    I don't recommend using the mod for those who haven't finished the game and all the quests, including the two great expansions, as there were some important changes in the models, appearances and templates of some characters and are part of the quests, seriously! Use it as roleplay and optional relaxation. PLS BE WARNED!
    PRE-REQUISITES: Yes it is extremely necessary FIRST on the list!
    * Mod Limit Fix: 
    if you don't use this tool by sedmelluq in your game and you don't break the mod limit set by CDPR, your savegame will not load, and it will have eternal loading.
    * Optional: Witcher script merger, it is recommended if you use other mods that modify the BODY of characters Yen, Ciri, Triss, Shani, Syanna, Priscila, etc.
    and want to try compatibility, however, it's not always recommended and maybe it won't work, here's a tip, just test my mod first one, it will always have first priority over all mods, and remove the others that change characters, and then it goes gradually adding the others, such as mods that only change FACE AND HAIR
    in Witcher script merger, gives you the option of creating priorities, feel free
    Installation: copy both files into the Mods Folder
    Uninstall: delete them or remove them



  3. Horganorgs Lewd Emoticons

    This is a pack of animations for the Emoticons Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2.

    Currently the animations included are:
    -Cowgirl [Male/Female]
    -Missionary [Male/Female]
    -Doggy [Male/Female]
    -Masturbation [Male/Female]
    -Standing Handjob
    -Standing Blowjob



  4. [Planet Zoo] Porn Clips for Screens/Billboards etc...

    These are clips re-encoded to the right format and ratio for people to use in the TV Screens, Projection Screens, Conservation Education Board and Screen panels! There are 3 screen ratios for files fitted to specific screens: Vertical, Square and Wide
    There are currently 84 clips separated in 4 sections, clips length range from 2 to 8 minutes long:
    HC* - M/F scenes - 31 clips - 4 Square, 27 Wide
    Solo - F scenes - 9 clips - 2 Vertical clips, 7 Wide
    Trans - HC and solo scenes - 38 clips - 22 Vertical, 16 Wide
    3D - HC and solo scenes - 6 clips - 6 Wide
    *HC is separated in two files because of its size, you don't need both files to extract it, but you need both files to get the 31 clips.
    Each section has its own download tab so you get whatever of those you want.
     Just download and extract the files (the files, not the folders!!) into Users\youruser\Documents\Frontier Developments\Planet Zoo\UserMedia and they will be accessible in game trough the objects menu
    a few examples:

    Planet Zoo 2021.07.09 - Planet Zoo 2021.07.09 - Planet Zoo 2021.07.09 - Planet Zoo 2021.07.09 - Planet Zoo 2021.07.11 -  



  5. [HOI4] Hearts of Desire [Without GFX]

    No images are available for this mod, sorry. Please prepare the images individually or wait for the lovely Hentai gentleman to appear. I am not an English speaker, so the sentence would be unnatural.  
    Sexual manpower Abilities Laws Units Commander's sexual status Commander events Traits  
    "Hearts_of_Desire.zip" - This is all you need to install this mod. "Loading_screen_template.zip" - It comes with templates for creating Lewd loading screens and UI files for 100% loading screen enjoyment. This is Modder Resources.           ( In Vanilla, even the best art was hidden by the UI on the top and bottom. Oh, my God! I can't see the boobs!!!! So I decided to eliminate the grief of many gentlemen by making the UI transparent. )
    Unpack the stuff inside the zip into a seaparate folder inside "C:/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/mod/" Open "Hearts_of_Desire.mod" in this MOD folder and replace "YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE" with your user name. Move "Hearts_of_Desire.mod" to "C:/Users/YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/mod/" Add this mod to your playset.  
    Basically, it is compatible with most mods, but when used in combination with mods that change the "ledger UI" or "state UI", display problems occur.
    About GFX replacement:
    This mod can be played as-is, but you can enjoy it more by replacing the image file in "mod/Hearts_of_Desire/gfx/hearts_of_desire/" with a sexy one.
    This uses texticons to display an image in the unit leader event. To replace the image in the unit leader event, edit the image file in "mod/Hearts_of_Desire/gfx/hearts_of_desire/texticons/unit_leader_event/".
    If you have any problems with GFX editing, please refer to Wiki.
    About this mod:
    I love "HOI4". I love "Hentai MOD". However, there are few Hentai mods for "HOI4", which made me sad.
    So I made this mod to be a resource for everyone to make a "HOI4 Hentai MOD". Feel free to modify, redistribute, etc.
    I will not be modding any more enthusiastically.



  6. Morrowind Drow City Denizens plus addon (Lost Mod)

    The Elder Scrolls III
    ‘Drow City Denizens’ 
    By Mr. Dave who did all the great work
    & Faylynn who wanted it so badly
    1. Installation
    2. Playing the Plugin
    3. Notes on the Plugin
    4. Credits
    5. EUGA Usage
    6. Special Presentation

    No expansions are required to use this plugin.
    To install the plugin, unzip the:
    - esp file into the Morrowind/Data Files folder
    - Meshes/ddrow folder into the Data Files/Meshes folder
    - Textures/ddrow into the Data Files/Textures Folder


    From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box 
    next to the Drow Race.esp file.

    This plugin adds the Darker Drow race as a playable race to the game of Morrowind. 
    For:        Male    Female
    Strength    30    30
    Intelligence    50    50
    Willpower    40    40
    Agility        45    45
    Speed        45    45
    Endurance    40    40
    Personality    20    20
    Luck        40    40
    Fortify sneak skill as spell ability
    Drow Abilities:
    Night Eye        15
    Resist Magic        10
    Resist Common Disease    25

    The mod should not conflict with any mods because it is a race plugin.
    All IDs are unique to this file.
    If you don't like the coloring or something, feel free to change it.
    4. CREDITS  (Alphabetically)

    Aleanne- For the use of her custom face.
    Genox- For the demonic, tattooed male head.
    Golgotha- For the use of some of his original face textures.
    Kalikut- For the use of some of her original face textures
    Leeloo- For her hair models.
    Mr. Dave- For 2 hair models and a few face, hair+body textures.
    PDS & Better Bodies Team- for the Better Bodies models and textures.
    Qarl- For the hair pack resource.
    Rhedd- Most head models.
    Silaria- For her long hair model.
    UQForgotten- For the use of some of his original face textures.

    5. EUGA
    You may use this mod freely, as long as you respect Bethesda's rules and don't charge money for it.
    If you want to alter or add to it, you may do so, as long as you attain permission from the respective creators.
    You can upload this in its original, unedited form, or swap it with other users without asking.
    Please keep the file intact with the readme.
    If you alter or add to the mod, please mention in your readme which bits you altered, who the original was by and where people can contact you with any questions.
    These requests and permissions cover only this mod and not the game itself.
    REARDING HAIR MESH 'MyDrowHair.nif': You have permission to use this hair only for player characters in any public release. You DO NOT have permission whatsoever, to use this particular hair mesh in ANY NPC hair replacement facility for public release, ever. This mesh is huge. Adding it to several NPCs will completely kill gameplay.
    In plain English, please do not use 'MyDrowHair.nif' as an NPC hair replacement for any publically released mod. There are no exceptions. If it is ever found in an NPC hair replacement mod, the site admin will be asked to remove the mod. It has just too much of an adverse effect on FPS.

    If any problems occur, please contact Mr. Dave or Faylynn via email or PM at the ES, make it nice and we'll try to help you to the best of our abilities.
    Project overseer- Faylynn
    Texture monkey- Mr. Dave
    Most of the content in this mod is previously existing items which have been converted to fit this particular Drow race by Mr. Dave, according to the wishes of Faylynn. It originally started out as a private request for Faylynn, but seemed to be the perfect, ready-made race for the WIP called 'Drow City', which is being directed by Boba Spam, hence the release name of the mod. Several requests for specific heads from others were also included.
    To make life easier for all when creating a new Drow character, we proudly present you with a link to the coolest thing since Guinness.
    This is a Drow Name generator based on the article from Dragon Magazine. All you need to do is run the .exe and select your character's sex. The generator will randomly create a proper and house name for you.
    For those of you who would prefer to have more control over your character's name creation, the entire article is in the second text file included with this download titled 'Drow Names'.



  7. [WIP] Primae Noctis for Bannerlord

    You should download the version which matches your game's version
    1.6.0 - Working version uploaded, but mostly untested
    1.5.10 - Working version uploaded, but VERY untested
    1.5.xx - Working version uploaded
    Hi this is a test version of some mod. It is very unfinished and lacking in certain areas so I wouldn't recommended playing it right now.
    This is a M -> F focused text-based mod. There basically isn't any support at all in it for anything other than that.
    Dunno lol
    Pookie for writing most of the text
    BadListener & CE team for showing how the hell to hack the game
    Ambrothos for some images



  8. Minecraft titties mod + Blockbench modeling DYI kit/tutorial

    There are 2 files, the minecraft sex resource pack and the blockbench kit.
    inside the blockbench kit is a whole resource pack template for 1.16.5 
    with all of the default 1.16.5 mob textures, as well as instructions on how
    to make or edit models and implement them into the game. so you can
    use this to edit my resource pack, or make your very own! have fun with it. 

    I dont ask of you to credit me in the models, or resourcepacks you create
    because, I gave you the tools, not the initiative. you have the initiative.             

    Contact me for info or help with my discord tag (Rock#1428)
    my discord tag will never change, so if that tag doesnt work
    i have been banned from discord, or my account was deleted.



  9. Your Essential 'Baseline' Morrowind Mods pack Morrowind Mods DVD 2009

    Your Essential 'Baseline' Morrowind Mods pack.  Released December 2008.  833Mb.

    This pack stays as close as possible to the game's original vision and style. This is meant as a complete pack, ready for a fresh install of the game. This installation order and combination of mods has been fully tested during a new installation of the game on MS Vista.  All mods are the latest versions currently available.
    This is _not_ a "pick and mix" selection, since some mods are dependent on each other.  That is why it is packaged as a single RAR, which also retains the directory structure.  The only really "optional" mods are clearly labelled as those in folder "0026-Optional-Tweak-Mods".  
    I assume you will _not_ use the Distant Lands feature of the Morrowind Graphics Extender.
    Levelling/balancing mods are not included.  Those are a personal choice.
    See folder 000-Read-me for the main instructions.

    12-page Instructions and Guide.

    Morrowind Graphics Extender 3.7 (includes Morrowind Script Extender).
    Official MS Vista Patch for Nvidia bug (Sept 2008).
    Empty folder for your dowload of the latest graphics drivers.
    Morrowind Mod Manager 1.2
    Latest Unofficial Patch 1.6.4 beta
    Unofficial Code Patch 1.2

    Visual Pack 3.0
    9 vital texture fix mods inc. seams fixes for use with hi-res textures
    Bloodmoon landscape overhaul and weather fix

    Tamriel Rebuild Map 1 and Map 2 + integration mod
    Annastia 3.3 + fix
    Siligrad Tower full + repackaged fix
    Thumbplug TGA for Vista (for removing the Siligrad Tower load screens)

    Better Bodies 2.2
    Better Beasts (beast bodies) 1.2
    Vvardenfell Visages Vol 1 (better heads and faces)
    Oblivion Hair for Morrowind
    Better Clothes + Robe Replacer

    Weathered Signs
    Bottle Replacer
    Better Books and Jackets (complete packs)
    Illuminated Windows
    Misc Items Replacer
    Morrowind Library

    Grass mod
    Aracadian Isles speed-tree mod
    Bitter Coast speed-tree mod

    Morrowind Comes Alive 5.1 and patch
    Televannis Comes Alive Second Edition
    Living Cities of Vvardenfell
    Travelling Merchants 2.2
    Less Lore
    Wanderers of Solsthiem
    Less Generic NPCs (all packs)
    Reduced Commentary
    VGreetings (does not conflict with latest Unofficial patch)
    MW Inhabitants Freeform + patch
    Light the way
    Excuse me

    Real Wildlife 2a + Bloodmoon 2a-B and Tribunal 2t packs
    MW Ecology 
    Water Life 1.12 + Water Seraphs (seems to be needed for Water Life)
    Where are all the birds going 1.12 + A Flock of Seagulls
    Better Solsthiem Creatures 1.2

    Atmospheric Sound Effects 3.0 + all update packs 
    Indoor Weather sounds

    Fleeting fletchers 
    Faster walk
    Protective guards
    Darknuts's Greater Dwemer Ruins Volume 1 (Expanded Main Quest ending with voice files)
    Julan Ashlander Comanion 1.3 (Sophisticated companion for later stages of the main quest)
    (**Warning** - these two have plot-spoilers in their read-me files!)
    FPS Optimizer (for changing Field of View to 90 or above).
    Minor optional mods
    The four official quest mods




  10. Morrowind Mr Cellophane's Lovers and Legends Repository

    The Elder Scrolls III
    Mr Cellophane's Lovers And Legends addon by Jac and Axel

    1. Warning & disclaimer
    2. Summary
    3. Requirements
    4. Installation
    5. Running the mod for the first time
    6. Known issues
    7. Use in other mods
    8. Credits
    9. Contact & further info

    This mod contains sexually oriented adult material and is strictly intended for adults only. If you are:
    - Under the age of 18 (or 21 depending on your location)
    - Offended by adult material
    - Using this mod in a country or locale where adult material is specifically prohibited by law
    then you should NOT have or use this mod so delete it NOW!!! Viewing material that is intended for adults when you are a minor only does you harm in the long run so do yourself a favour and keep your mind as pure as possible for as long as possible. I (Mr. Cellophane) do not accept any responsibility for the actions or behaviour of users of this mod and as it is the responsibility of users of this mod (i.e. YOU!) to ensure that minors, or people who would find the content of this mod offensive, are prevented from seeing or using the mod.

    2. SUMMARY
    This mod allows you to have sex with NPC's in Morrowind. You can choose any NPC of the opposite sex to be your "lover" (provided that they like you enough) and sleep with them anywhere as often as you like (provided that they still like you). You can change your lover as often as you wish but you can only have one lover at any given time. Your lover's disposition towards you will change based on your sexual performance meaning that is it possible to make friends and influence people by sleeping with them (provided that you do a good job of course).
    When you are sleeping with your lover, you directly control the action, the camera, you/your lover's attire and sexual position. Different positions will stimulate you/your lover at different rates so you must make sure that they enjoy themselves as much as you do to avoid getting labelled as a bad lover. Detailed information about each of the positions is provided in the mod to help you make your decisions.
    This is a preliminary (but fully functional) version of the mod and is mainly intended as a "proof of concept" to demonstrate the core features of the mod. Due to this, there are only three sexual positions to choose from. The mod is compatible with the standard human races from Morrowind and it should also work with most custom races. However, beast races are not and cannot be supported due to differences between the humanoid and beast animation bipeds.

    This mod requires Morrowind Script Extender.

    To install the mod, unzip all of the files and CAREFULLY place them in their corresponding Morrowind folder (i.e., put everything in the unzipped Meshes folder into the "Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes" folder, textures into the Textures folder etc.). Make sure that the EXEs and the "Cello LAL Files" folder are in the "Morrowind" folder (i.e. the same folder that "Morrowind.exe" is in) and NOT in the "Data Files" folder. Also make sure that the "Cello LAL Files" folder contains two folders called "Mesh Lists" and "NPC Lists"
    1) Ensure that MWSE has been correctly installed
    2) Back up your current/most recent save game
    3) Make a copy of your current/most recent save game in the "Morrowind/Saves" folder and rename the save game copy to "Cello.ess"
    4) Run "Create Data File List.exe" and wait until it finishes (i.e. when it says "Done!"). Close the window when it does finish.
    5) Run "Cello Create Race Lists.exe" and wait until it finishes (i.e. when it says "Done!"). Close the window when it does finish.
    6) Run "Cello Customise For Player.exe" and wait until it finishes (i.e. when it says "Done!"). Close the window when it does finish.
    7) Run "Create NPC Lists.exe" and wait until it finishes (i.e. when it says "Done!"). Close the window when it does finish.
    8) Run "Cello Create Mesh Lists.exe" and wait until it finishes (i.e. when it says "Done!"). Note that this may take some time so be patient and wait for it to finish. When it does finish, close the window.
    9) Ensure that "Mr Cellophane's Lovers and Legends V0.esp" has been added to Morrowind’s start up Data Files and start Morrowind using MWSE (i.e. double click on MWSE.exe and it should automatically start up Morrowind). Load your save game as normal and find an NPC of the opposite sex that you would like to be your lover. Make sure that their disposition is 80 or above and use the "Fancy a shag?" topic from the dialogue window whilst talking to them. You should be informed that your lover has been changed and that you should save and re-load to update. Save your game at this point (PREFERABLY AS A NEW FILE) and QUIT Morrowind (do not just re-load).
    10) When Morrowind has quit, start up "Cello LAL Controller.exe" and leave it running in the background (e.g. minimise it if you like). 
    11) Start up Morrowind again using MWSE and load up the save game- the mod is now ready for full use.
    Note that this procedure only has to be carried out the first time that you use the mod and NOT every time that you want to run the mod- see section 6 below for details of how to use the mod normally.
    NB: If you change your player character significantly (i.e. use the "enableracemenu" command in game to change your character's sex and/or head & hair) then you should run "Cello Customise For Player.exe" once to update the relevant mod files. 

    To run the mod normally (i.e. after you've completed the steps in section 5 above) you must do the following:
    1) Start up "Cello LAL Controller.exe" and leave it running in the background
    2) Start up Morrowind through MWSE
    It is possible to start up "Cello LAL Controller.exe" when Morrowind & MWSE are running but, if you do this you must re-load a save game for the mod to initialise properly.

    To change your lover, simply find an NPC of the opposite sex whose disposition is 80 or above and use the "Fancy a shag?" topic. If you try to use the topic with an NPC whose disposition is below 80 or who is not of the opposite sex, then you'll just be turned down (i.e. nothing bad will happen). Assuming that your chosen lover agrees, you will be prompted to save and reload to update your lover.
    When the game has reloaded, place the "Red Rose of Passion" wherever you would like to sleep with your lover. Do this by opening your inventory window and dragging the Rose from your inventory window onto the location. Once the Rose is on the location, make sure that the player crosshairs are looking at the Rose and press the "G" key on the keyboard- you will then be asked if you would like to give your lover a "booty call". If you do not want to make a booty call then click the "Cancel" button- HOWEVER!!! if you do this then make sure to take the Rose and place it back in your inventory before you leave.
    Assuming that you'd like to sleep with your lover, click the "Make a booty call" button and your lover will appear on the location that you have selected when the screen fades back in. Talk to your lover and you will be able to change their attire by selecting the "Companion Share" topic. Don't bother changing your own attire as all of your clothing, armour etc. will be automatically removed when the session starts.
    When you are ready to begin, click the "Lets get it on!" topic. When the screen fades in again, the session will be active and the controls are as follows:
    - "X" key: Thrust (Press and release to make you/your lover thrust in/out. Hold down to hold the thrust in)
    - "Z" key: Toggles between manual and auto thrust
    - Mouse and normal movement keys (w,a,s & d): Moves the camera around the environment
    - Activate (Space bar) on you/your lover: Brings up the change position & attire menu. Left click to select options.
    The menus are self explanatory. However, note that to change attire you must use the "Companion Share" topic from your lover's dialogue box- do NOT just right click and change your appearance using the player inventory window as it will not work. Make sure to click the "Lets get it on!" topic to finish changing the attire. Please see the warnings below for further instructions about correctly using the menus.
    You will notice two bars above you/your lover’s head- these are your pleasure bars. When they become full (red) you/your lover will orgasm. To be a good lover, you must make your partner orgasm as many times as possible before you do by carefully using the positions available.
    Male players: You can only orgasm a total of two times in one session whereas your lover can orgasm as many times as she likes.
    Female players: Your lover can only orgasm a total of two times in one session whereas you can orgasm as many times as you like.
    Note that when the male orgasms, the female's pleasure bar will drop to zero (due to the time that it takes for him to get "ready for action" again). Female orgasms will not negatively affect the male's pleasure bar.
    When the session ends, your performance will be rated and your lover's disposition will change accordingly. 
    When you wake up afterwards, you can retrieve any of your belongings from your lover using the "Companion Share" topic. Please make sure to leave any of their belongings back with them (i.e. in the room- you don't have to place them back in their inventory). You will not be able to call your lover for a booty call until you change your location (cell). If your disposition with your lover drops below 60 then they will turn you down for booty calls- you will have to use your powers of persuasion to get them back into bed with you.
    One final thing to note is that there is a special use of the Rose with beds. If you would like to sleep with your lover in a bed then place the "Red Rose of Passion" on top of the bed. Do this by opening your inventory window and dragging the Rose from your inventory window onto the bed (the exact position of the rose on the bed doesn't matter- just make sure that it's on the surface of the bed). If you are having difficulty getting the Rose onto the bed (i.e. it keep's on getting dropped to the ground) then move closer to the bed and drag & drop the Rose as close to you as possible (i.e. don't stand at the end of the bed and try to place the Rose at the top of the bed). Once the Rose is on the bed, make sure that the player crosshairs are looking at the bed (NOT THE ROSE!) and press the "G" key on the keyboard- you will then be asked if you would like to give your lover a "booty call" as normal. When your lover appears, they will be aligned to and in the centre of the bed.

    - Do not click the yellow "goodbye" button in the bottom right of a dialogue box at any time when a session is active. Click the red "goodbye" if it is displayed in the dialogue text area to end dialogue. If the red goodbye is not displayed, then click on the "Lets get it on!" topic to end dialogue. This is vitally important and the mod will mess up if you just click on the yellow "Goodbye" button in the bottom right of dialogue boxes. Note that this does NOT apply when you are setting up your lover up for the session- (i.e. before you have pressed the "Let's get it on!" topic for the first time after booty calling your lover).
    - Do not left click when a session is active (with the exception of clicking on menu or dialogue choices)
    - Do not call your lover if you do not intend on sleeping with them. The mod will mess up if you call them and leave them standing there while you go off adventuring.
    - Do not attempt to bring up any game menus when a session is active (i.e. don't press the "Esc" or "¬" keys). If you accidentally do, then press the key again once to continue. You will have to wait until the session is finished before saving/loading/quitting Morrowind.
    - When changing positions or attire when a session is active, only change one thing at a time- i.e. if you want to change positions and attire then bring up the menu, change the position and click on "Done". Bring up the menu again, change the attire and click "Done" again. If you change attire/position immediately after changing position/attire (i.e. without having pressed "Done" in between and closing the menu) then the mod will most likely mess up. 
    - When changing attire, make sure to click on the correct box (i.e. "your attire" or "your lover's attire"). Clicking on the wrong button (e.g. clicking "your attire" and then changing your lover's attire") will not work correctly and you'll get confused. If this does happen, then go through the changing attire process again for both you and your lover to correctly update the attire. 
    - Do not steal items from your lover... it's just rude and is technically cheating

    Saving & reloading when changing lover:
    Note that you only have to save & reload when you CHANGE your lover. The mod will always remember who your last lover was and you can sleep with them over and over again without having to save and reload. Even if it's been 6 months since you last slept with your lover, if you make a booty call then they'll appear (provided that their disposition is high enough)- no saving & reloading will be required. 

    - Lovers may look taller/smaller than usual or slightly distorted. This is because the height of you and your lover must be made equal for the animations to work correctly and is unavoidable.
    - Flickering occurs during animations. This is due to the Morrowind game engine and cannot be fixed.
    - If you are using Better Bodies, the vagina mesh will look distorted while in the "Doggy Style" position. This is due to the physiquing of the mesh and a new, more flexible, mesh for the mod will be made as soon as possible.



  11. TAF Faction Mod (full)

    The Androcratic Federation Faction Mod For Galactic Civilizations 3
    What is this mod about? 
    This mod installs 9 custom made factions to the game Galactic Civ 3
    1. The Androcratic Federation (TAF) is essentially a maledom themed Star Trek fan fiction faction, centered around the use and enforcement of female sex slavery and mindcontrol.
    2. The Apemen faction is a fan fiction faction based off the works of Cagri's Lost in an Apeworld.
    3. Toms Faction is a tribute to an adoring fan of mine.  
    4. Three Star Wars Factions
    5. A futa Faction
    6. A Wonder Woman femdom faction
    7. And a Stepford faction.
    The whole package includes nearly 100 girls from anime/games/other crossover into a star trek theme.

    What is required and how do I install?
    Download both files, override? YES.
    Too use this mod, you will need to buy and install https://store.steampowered.com/app/226860/Galactic_Civilizations_III/ 
    To install, copy all the files from the Factions folder to your mydocuments/mygames/GC3Crusade/Factions
    Afterwhich you are done, load up the game and enjoy 
    Im not a modder, Im an artist. So this mod is a first for me.
    And do I hereby grant permission for others to reuse my art assets however they like. I only ask for the briefest of mentions. ❤️
    Please support me at https://www.patreon.com/Daloknight



  12. Terraria - Nude Harpy Mod

    Terraria 1.4 Nude Texture Pack for Harpies
    This is a retexture for the Harpy NPC to remove their clothes.
    There are several versions that can be found within the folder;
    To sum it up, there are different levels of 'Breast Bounciness' (How much the breasts move when walking)
    As well as having two versions of the breasts (I made two for testing so I figure I may as well give you both)
    Different Breast Bounciness Levels

    Small Non-Bouncy:  Small Bouncy:
    Large Non-Bouncy: Large Bouncy:
    Installation -
    1. Decide which version of the texture pack you want and copy the folder.
    2. Go to C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ResourcePacks
              2a. You can alternatively open Terraria and click "Texture Packs" on the main menu, then click "Open Folder"
    3. Either right click inside the folder and select "Paste" or press "Ctrl+V"

    You can then activate and deactivate the texture pack in game



  13. Lustiest Lair

    Currently works with Darkest Dungeon Build# 25688
    Want to stay up to date & access early content?
    Follow Lustiest Lair on Patreon.
    What is Lustiest Lair?
    Lustiest Lair is an overhaul mod that aims to keep Darkest Dungeon's dark, hopeless and eldritch themes while adding lewder, erotic elements to its depraved world. Lustiest Lair achieves this by revamping the world, story and heroes within this world.
    Lustiest Lair takes place in an alternate reality which follows the events after the heroes have rebuffed the Cosmic Entity behind the strangeness surrounding the Hamlet. Once the world is "reset" by this Being, something changes in this world and only women are answering the call of the Hamlet. With this, The Entity decides to take a slightly different approach to bring upon The End. The Cosmic Entity, with the help of the Ancestor decides that they will build a much stronger and larger army in order to bring upon The End -- and they've determined that best way to do this is to capture these women and use their bodies to help them to build their armies while allowing their minions to use these women to satisfy their depraved desires.
    In Lustiest Lair, you command a roster of women who have answered the call and seek to face these beasts on the battlefield the way they know how, sexually. Your women can become pregnant, awaken strange fetishes within themselves upon their adventures. As you acquire gold to rebuild your estate, you may purchase sex toys, revealing clothes, sensualities and improve upon the sexual techniques of your ladies. As the sexual tension of their expeditions raises your ladies' lust, you may relieve their accumulated desire within the Hamlet by having them engage in sexual downtime activities such as exhibitionism, prostitution, serving as a sperm dump within the glory holes and providing sexual relief to the devotees of the church.
    What does Lustiest Lair add?
    Lustiest Lair turns the world into an entirely erotic experience by revamping many of the game's dialogue and vanilla features:
    All of the town activities for "stress" relief are changed to allow the heroes to relieve themselves in lewder ways. Heroes can also work in the Brothel to earn gold or enjoy the other in-town activities to receive unique fetishes and sensualities -- descriptions and names of buildings within the Hamlet have been changed to reflect their new erotic theme. Over 5000 lines of text and dialogue have been changed to be more erotic. Over 1000 lines added of new text and dialogue. The sanitarium has been changed as well, quirks are now fetishes and they can be removed or made permanent via "questionable" methods and diseases have been removed and replaced with pregnancies. UI elements, UI text, curios and their interactions have been changed to be naughtier. Added new monsters, trinkets, bosses, mini-bosses, journals and changed all of the vanilla journals to be more erotic. Combat, stress, affliction, virtue, activity, and walking dialogue has been changed to be lewder. Hero class names, ability names, camping skill names and provision item names have been changed to be more adult-themed. And more...  
    **IMPORTANT** Lustiest Lair is meant to be played with an all-female roster of heroes. It's recommended you download some of the many female skin replacers for the vanilla heroes and use only those. You can find these skins on this site, Nexus Mods and Steam Workshop -- otherwise most of the changes that Lustiest Lair won't make sense on your male heroes.
    After you've replaced your roster with a women's only cast, simply drag Lustiest Lair into your ".../DarkestDungeon/mods" folder, activate it on a save and enjoy!
    If you wish to install a custom skin for the vestal, crusader and occultist bosses, you will need to follow my Skin Installation Guide here.
    Recommended Files
    The following files aren't required, but highly recommended if you want to maximize your erotic playthrough.
    Any of the many NSFW female hero skin replacers, it's recommended you ONLY use female skin replacers. Bloodstained Decadence Myconidae plus Crystalline (apprentice) Crystalline (champion) plus Doomsday replacer Myconidae The Cult of Depravity Pelagic Gang KotBasil's Lusty Trinkets: Occultist, Highwayman, Leper, Abomination, Shieldbreaker, Houndmaster, Plague Doctor, Crusader, Hellion, Grave Robber, Vestal jefuty's Town Skin Replacers:  Abbey,  Blacksmith, Town speaker (crier), Guild, Sanitarium, Wagon LW- Cute Slime Girl Monster Girl Brigand 1 Monster Girl Warrens 1 Monster Girl Warrens 2  
    If you find any bugs or if there are any crashes with this mod, please post them on the mod page and share your list of mods (if any). I'd like to get a list of any potential conflicts.

    Additionally, any mods that change how the town activities work are likely to cause a conflict (such as adding additional slots to stress relief activities, etc.) -- I haven't tested Lustiest Lairs with these mods, but looking at the way Lustiest Lair is structured, I'd expect conflicts to arise with other mods that change town activities, so you've been warned!



  14. Rouge In Sonic 3 A.I.R. (TOPLESS VERSION)

    Made some special animations for her victory pose, as well as the part where Knuckles would be panting. Go check them out!
    Also, the sprites in the special stages are new and original! Apparently no one had decided to create them yet.
    There's only a couple sprites I didn't edit, but they're pretty minor. Let me know what you guys think!
    Go here to find out how to play Sonic 3 A.I.R., as well as use mods! https://gamebanana.com/games/6878



  15. Monster Girl Island patch to alter Ara and Faranne sex scenes to look like original characters

    Monster Girl Island Halloween Ara and Faranne patch
    Monster Girl Island Halloween build is a bonus set of three sex scenes with Faranne, Ara, and Eris. In the official
    release of the halloween build, the characters are in halloween costumes and don't look like their original
    characters. This mod fixes that to make them look like their original characters.
    1. Download and install the official Halloween Build V2 of Monster Girl Island:
    Official download link from Discord is currently: https://mega.nz/file/EEZ0lSgB#N7IOFDTftd2b8b-L67n0-a0pH7oUZfXYmwjOctHtAsY
    2. Save copies of these two files in the install directory to save backups of them:
    3. Replace the above two files with the two files in this ZIP.



  16. cock shaped potions

    hello everyone
    at first, I did not make health potions, I changed the potions  so that was  for mana
    Description: This is a sprite for a mana and health potion in the form of a dick
    if you need more sprite then here you go https://www.loverslab.com/topic/165436-lewdrraria-an-nsfw-terraria-discord-server-sharing-resource-and-texture-packs/



  17. lost item...

    This ia a mod for Enlit3d's Heroine Rescue Team (HRT) 
    For how to get the game and how to use the mod see here : How to mod Enlit3d's HRT
    Have a look to all the other mods for HRT: Overview of mods for Heroine Rescue Team
    If you are not able to get a Mod item (weapon, cloth, accessories , hair...) because the mod provides no map and the item can not be bought in the shop or you do not want to wait until it appears in the shop ... try to load this map (or visit it like a dungeon). Maybe you find your item. This mod is mainly intended for older mods that had not yet provided maps.
    How to use this mod:
    Install the mod(s) that does not give you the item you expect and in addition install this mod (file "SX_LostItems0_4.7z"). This mod can be use as a new dungeon, try to find the item. You will get a lot of warnings for each supported mod that is not in place. But you can ignore the warnings as long as the mod you are interested in is in place. If you use my zip file "All Mods part of Lost Items.7z" be sure if one of these mods maybe already exists on your disk (you will get a warning).
    the following mods are supported (you need these mods installed see file "All Mods part of Lost Items.7z"):
    Earrings V1.0 (by Splikstick) new Weapons - Scimitar and Great Scimitar (by MikeW)
    Cloth Clothing (by MikeW)
    Collar Necklaces v2.0 (by Splikstick)
    Beaty Stick (SarcasticVassal)
    Bunny Tail (by MikeW)
    The Goddess Armor (by MikeW)
    Pubic Hair (by MikeW)
    Ursa Mod pack (by Ursa)
    Have fun 🙂
    ... and have a look to my Skyrim mods:

    SurverX floppy settings                Dancing Penis



  18. Lightning Returns FF XIII Nude Mod

    Replace Garbs
    Rhapsody in Rose
    Buy 5.000Gil > Aryas Village
    Amazon Warrior
    Gift in Ark day 7
    PS: to mod work, don't customize color
    LightningReturnsNudeMod FF13 by mcdyn
    Install: use with texmod the .tpf file
    your game is Version steam? google it! (youtube etc) tutorial how use texmod in games steam



  19. Nude Leia Jedi Skimpy Appearances

    Nude Leia with Skimpy Appearances replacing Anakin and regular Leia.
    Credit for nude model goes to ImsorryHan.
    I modified Anakin appearances to fit Nude Leia body.There is clipping but I tried my best to reduce it and fit the nude body.None the less I think it is still enjoyable to play with.This mod is not compatible with other leia mods.Comes with a online version and a offline only version with some recolors as optional.
    Offline version swaps Leia's animations to rey's animations and give her luke's force powers with rey's lightsaber.
    Thank you to my Patreon supporters for their support and patience.
    I now have a patreon and would appreciate any support I get.Please check it out.



  20. Trails of Cold Steel IV - Nude Textures

    This pack will (a strong emphasize on will) modify as many female clothes to more revealing ones as possible.
    The mod includes a loader with easier selection and install. It comes with backup functionality.
    I try to aim for diversity, so there will be more options for every character, and I don't want to just copy-paste all the juicy details either, I want them to be unique to every character, but that takes time. I'll plan to update this mod regularly, so feel free to follow to it.
    What's included? - Well right now, not so much:
    Juna Active Red swimmsuit: Changed to transparent. Three options available: with only pubes, with genitals with pubes and with genitals without pubes. Juna Shirt - Full skirt removal Juna Magical - Removed the leaves on the back, for better view Juna Lloyd - Removed skirt Juna Casual - Full skirt removal Altina Shirt - Full Skirt removal Altina Swimsuit - Removed the frills from the swimsuit Altina Kitty Noir - Removed the frills from the swimsuit Musse Shirt - Full Skirt removal Musse Swimsuit - Removed the frills from the swimsuit Emma Swimsuit - Removed the veil around her waist, for a better view Emma Magical - Full skirt removal Fia Ninja - Deeper cleavage, by removing the fishnet area Laura Princess - Deeper Cleveage, by removing the accessories Sara Swimsuit - Removed the shirt for better view  
    Hope you'll enjoy them, as I was certainly enjoyed doing them. If you might run into any problems, feel free to reach me.



  21. Kitana (18+)

    Nothing Special..
    Kitana Nude.pk3 file copy in to your  Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy game Base folder.
    Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy\GameData\base
    Start New game..
    😉 enjoy..!



  22. Male Used Clothes (Stardew Valley)

    Used Clothes!  (for male npcs)
    About :
    This will make 1 to 3 used (Sweaty, dirty, filthy ) clothes pieces appear on The bachelors rooms
    On weekends (Days 7, 14, 21 and 28)
    This mod supports clothes for :
    (These 4 npcs for this initial release.
    Any item ideas AND descriptions for them are welcome!)
    -The pieces appear as forage items in their room and dont despawn
    -They´ll disapear i an npc NEEDS to walk through that space
    -Every piece has an unique and spicy item description (Feel free to suggest more  )
    -You can sell or collect them.
    Extra note :
    IF YOU WANT just some items for "X" Npc.. just go inside this mod folder and Delete/remove the folder with the npc name you dont want.
    Installation :
    First, install these mods :
    Content Patcher
    Json Assets
    Unpack/Unrar/Unzip this file inside your StardewValley/mods folder

    have fun! ❤️ 



  23. Terraria - Nude Zoologist Mod

    Terraria 1.4 Nude Texture Pack for Zoologist
    This is just a retexture for the Zoologist to remove her clothes in both her 'Human' form and her 'Werefox' form.
    The werefox form can only be traditionally seen when there is a Blood Moon or a Full Moon in Terraria
    There are several versions that can be found within the folder; 
    To sum it up, there are different levels of 'Breast Bounciness' (How much the breasts move when walking)
    There's also a variation for the beast form having nipples or just fur on the breast
    Different Breast Bounciness Levels

    Non Transformed
    Normal:  Bouncy Breasts:  Very Bouncy Breasts:
    Transformed - Nipples
    Normal:  Bouncy Breasts:  Very Bouncy Breasts:
    Transformed - Fur
    Normal:  Bouncy Breasts:  Very Bouncy Breasts:
    (Note - Normal and Bouncy for 'Transformed - Fur' are the same, but the Non Transformed will be different)
    Installation -
    1. Decide which version of the texture pack you want and copy the folder.
    2. Go to C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ResourcePacks
              2a. You can alternatively open Terraria and click "Texture Packs" on the main menu, then click "Open Folder"
    3. Either right click inside the folder and select "Paste" or press "Ctrl+V"

    You can then activate and deactivate the texture pack in game



  24. Terraria - Nude Dryad Mod

    Terraria 1.4 Nude Texture Pack for the Dryad
    This is a retexture for the Dryad to remove her clothes.
    There are several versions that can be found within the folder;
    To sum it up, there are different levels of 'Breast Bounciness' (How much the breasts move when walking)
    Different Breast Bounciness Levels

    Normal:  Bouncy Breasts:  Very Bouncy Breasts:
    Installation -
    1. Decide which version of the texture pack you want and copy the folder.
    2. Go to C:\Users\owner\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ResourcePacks
              2a. You can alternatively open Terraria and click "Texture Packs" on the main menu, then click "Open Folder"
    3. Either right click inside the folder and select "Paste" or press "Ctrl+V"

    You can then activate and deactivate the texture pack in game



  25. SurverX seduce moves for HRT

    This is a mod for Enlit3d's Heroine Rescue Team (HRT) 
    For how to get the game and how to use the mod see here : How to mod Enlit3d's HRT
    Have a look to all the other mods for HRT: Overview of mods for Heroine Rescue Team
    ... and have a look to this forum were i post some very nice and funny HRT pictures 🙂: Showroom
    This mod provides 3 new seduce moves that you can use in parallel with the original seduce move. To learn the new moves you need the given manuals (see UIDs below).
    You findd this manuals in my modding mall (version >= V3.2) in the Auxillary section.
    To run this moves in parallel you need the game extension from DMC500 (see link below).
    In my "Fist Fight" demo dungeon version 0.9 you can see how these moves look like: Fist Fight
    The UId's are:
    - manual_seduce_taunt (this is the original seduce move from Enlit)
    - manual_seduce_taunt2 (the "provoce" move)
    - manual_seduce_taunt3 (the "doggy" move)
    - manual_seduce_taunt4 (the "crouch" move)
    For a fast and comfortable access to the items (no console and cheats needed) use the "Surver X Modding Mall" Mod: The Mall
    - K-library extension (DMC500 aka Buerakus) K-Library
    Of course you can use all the seduce moves for your custom mods by editing the unit_data.json file:

    Have Fun 🙂
    all 4 seduce moves available due to the Klib extension...

    ... and have a look to my Skyrim mods:

    SurverX floppy settings                Dancing Penis



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