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Misc adult mods, patches, or plugins for other games not listed.

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  1. Submitted

  2. Layla's Ripped Clothes

    About this File:
    Additional clothes for Heroine Rumble 2.
    Now You can find me on discord. Drop by to say hello.
    Ripped Others Stuff:
    My First mode. It add's broken versions of clothes made by other modders. I do not intend to keep on working on this. To install follow intructions on the folder, replace if asked.
    Requirements for this mod: 
    Mike W - Outfits 3 - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/25263-mike-w-outfits/
    Queen Kelly's Mod - https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/26070-catc-latex-gloves-boots-and-scuffed-vampire-fangs-extras/ 
    My Own Clothes: 
    Mod I'm working on at the moment. It addes some clothes and acessories to the game. To install simple put 'layla clothes folder' inside 'data' folder. (Standard for any mod).
    Deleting older versions of this is a strongly recommended because I'm a demon and as a demon I tend to change names of stuff all the time.
    About Requests:
    Sadly I'm not taking requests yet.
    I opened blender for the first time a month ago, I'm still at potato level and taking on big projects might push me down. Sorry for that.



  3. Arabian set for Enlit3D's Scuffed Rumble, etc

    This is an update to the Arabian dancer set I made for the original HRT.
    Most items are within the clothing section, with the exception of the "Arabian thong" which is in attachments.



  4. Styled Reborn - original release NSFW

    uncensored / NSFW version of the mod Styled Reborn - team regins. this was the original version that was going to be released but i had to censor it to make it more "friendly" to everyone. this version doesn't include the michael addon



  5. Outfits Volume 2 for Enlit3D's Scuffed Rumble, etc

    Some more additional outfits made for CATC & SR
    Strappy Top
    Strappy Bottoms (These are under waist attachments, so they can be mixed with other items)
    Pussy Pattie (These are under waist attachments, so they can be mixed with other items)
    5 Face masks



  6. SurverX Futa Pack for Enlit3d's HR2 and CAT

    *** 03.Dec.2023 V3.2: New curved penis/futa model "StraitUp" (see last image above) ***
    *** 16.Nov.2023 V3.1: Two new penis/futa models ***
    *** 04.Nov.2023 V3.0: I finally made the balls jiggle for all human futa/penis ***
    *** 30.Oct.2023 V2.7: You now can configure which penis models you want to use and which you do not want to see. For details see below ***
    This is my Penis/Futa Package for Enlit3d's new games HR2 and CAT (the mod works also for the SR game...).
    All penis models work for females as well as for males.
    The mod provides hard and dangling futas for the characters of the game.
    I will add more Penis/Futa types in the next versions...
    Have a look to oher mods for Enlit's games: Overview of mods for Enlit's games
    For HR2 i have a mod that provides 6 Futa Fighters  that you can directly use.


    How to get the games:
    Both of these games are currently in development by Enlit...
    You can get the games via Enlit3d's patreon site here: Enlit3d Patreon
    Download the mod, unzip it and move the mod folder into the game folder ...\data.
    It should look like this: ..\data\SurverX_FutaPack2_0
    How to deactivate certain penis models:
    If you do not want to see a certain penis you can deactivate it in the "outfits_SXFutaPack.json" file. e.G.: if you do not want the game to use the dog cock you must set the hidden parameter for the dog cock to "true". It should look like this:

    If the hidden parameter is set to "true" the game will not show that penis in the dresser room and will not use it for random characters. The default value for the hidden parameter is "false" for all penis, that means all penis are shows and used in the game. You maybe have to play one Exhibition before the filter works. After editing the "outfits_SXFutaPack.json" file you have to restart the game.
    Penis stain: It seems that Version HR2 V1.5 has no longer an issue with the penis stain function, so we do not need a workaround any longer.
    How to use the mod:
    Hard Futas:
    The hard futas now support the new penis grow feature, that means they start limp unless the lust level increase. You need the version CAT V4.11 or higher for this feature.
    For your characters you can equip the futas via the dressing room:

    If you want my Futas for other game characters you have to defined the penis in the unitdata_.json file of the game. So e.g. to give Nera the Hyper futa you have to edit the file ...\data}_base\unitdatas_.json and add the futa to the character "outfit" section (add a new line):

    Dangling Futas:
    With the new penis grow feature (Version 4.11 and higher) you maybe do not need these any longer. But i leave them because they still look funny)
    For your characters you can equip the dangling futas via the dressing room. The dangling futas are handled like a "Bottom Cloth". The idea is to define a hard futa for the character (in the unitdata_.json file) and than put a danglich futa above. So if the dangling futa is ripped off the hard futa will appear :-).

    For all the other characters in the game you have to edit the unidata_.json file like for the hard futas (see above).
    Provided Penis/Futas (unique uid's):
    hard Futas:
    These penis have the new growing feature for version 4.11 and higher.
    - SXF_SmallFuta (NEW) a small, human like cock
    - SXF_NormalFuta  this futa has about the same size of the standard futa (could be used for males ?)
    - SXF_HyperFuta a huge, curvy cock
    - SXF_UeberFuta ...maybe too much 🙂
    - SXF_UnCutFuta a human like, normal uncut penis with big balls
    - SXF_CutPenis (NEW) a human like, normal cut penis with big balls
    - SXF_BigPenis (NEW) this is a more "comical", thick penis with big balls
    - SXF_StraitUpPenis (NEW) curved, midsized penis/futa with small balls
    - SXF_SmallFutaNoBall (NEW)
    - SXF_NormalFutaNoBall        This futa has about the same size of the standard futa (but looks better ?
    - SXF_HyperFutaNoBall
    - SXF_UeberFutaNoBall
    Dangling Futas (handled as "Bottom clothes"):
    With the new penis grow feature (Version 4.11 and higher) you maybe do not need these any longer. But i leave them because they still look funny)
    - SXF_NormalFutaDang    could be used for males...
    - SXF_HyperFutaDang
    - SXF_UeberFutaDang
    - SXF_UeberXXLFutaDang
    - SXF_NormalFutaNoBallDang    
    - SXF_HyperFutaNoBallDang
    - SXF_UeberFutaNoBallDang
    - SXF_UeberXXLFutaNoBallDang
    Clothes for the Futas:
    - SXF_NormalFutaNoBallDangWithSkirt    Futa with cloth 
    - SXF_HyperFutaNoBallDangWithSkirt      Futa with cloth 
    - SXF_HyperFutaWithBoxer   Boxershorts with futa hanging out
    - SXF_BonerBlanket   nice boner under the blanket
    - SXF_NormalFutaNoBallHardSkirt   boner beside the skirt
    Dog Cocks:
    - SXF_DogCock
    - SXF_DogCockNoBall
    Horse Cocks:
    - SXF_HorseCock
    - SXF_HorseCockNoBall
    - SXF_HorseCockDang   dangling horsecock as "Bottom clothes"
    - SXF_HorseCockNoBallDang   dangling horsecock as "Bottom clothes"
    - SXF_HorseCocklHidden   hidden horsecock as "Bottom clothes"
    - SXF_HorseCockNoBallHidden   hidden horsecock as "Bottom clothes"
    The "boner Blanket"...

    ... "futa skirts" in action ...


    ... and have a look to my Skyrim mods:

    SurverX floppy settings                Dancing Penis



  7. Napier's Maiden Depravation Animated Events + Sounds For Badlistener's Captivity Events

    Made for Mount and Blade Bannerlord 1.1.5 with Captivity Events
    Have you ever wanted to have more immersion when pillaging and raiding village like a true warrior on bannerlord? Now you can.
    This mod add events focused on Male Captor and Female Captive Non Con events for prisoners and raiding villages.
    Animated images and Sounds are from medieval movies and tv shows. 
    I added some AI Images for events background. 
    6 Unique Events with Animated Images + Sounds*
    6 Animated Events + Sounds for Interaction with Female Captives (Overwriting the default events from Captivity Events) + Pregnancy Risk
    *Most events require you to have at least 5 troops and/or some female prisoners
    1 - Download the two files (.zip and .z01). 
    2 - Extract .zip (The .z01 file will be used automatically) and copy the  zMaidenDepravation folder into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules
    3 - Run the game, check the mod on the launcher and play:

     - You can adjust the occurrence on Event Wait between occurrences while Captor option on the settings
    -->>>> TESTED WITH VERSION 1.1.5 (Might work for 1.1.6)
    Feel free to distribute, copy or whatever, just credit me.



  8. Barotrauma Sex Mod

    This is a WIP sex mod for the game "barotrauma"
    currently features fully functional but unfinished sex between humans, along with buggy and very unfinished sex between humans and mudraptors.
    Mudraptors come as male and female, with females being much more common.
    Women can have sex with male mudraptors for mudraptor semen, while men can have sex with female mudraptors for a stat boost.
    options for same-sex intercourse are planned, but not a priority.
    current future plans:
    -more variable/complex sex system, as currently it's a very basic system.
    -support for sex with other creatures like crawlers and husks, as well as anything else I can manage to make work.
    -what I can best describe as "head mode". basically a thing you wear (maybe a special headset?) that moves the limb your thrust "attack" comes from to an invisible one in your mouth, which makes others cum very quickly but doesn't give you any pleasure.



  9. [Voices of the Void] CurvyΩKerfur

    CurvyΩKerfur is a mod for Voices of the Void that gives the Kerfur Omega robots from said game wider hips and, to some, an optional bulge.
    1) Decide which version of the mod you want. Each .pak file in the archive you just downloaded is a different version of the same mod. They include:
        a. (Red+Pink-bulge) - the "default" version which gives the Pink and Red Kerfur Omega robots not just wider hips, but also a penile bulge.
        b. (Pink-bulge) - in this version on the Pink Kerfur gets a bulge.
        c. (no-bulge) - no bulges at all.
    2) Put the version of you choice into "[VotV folder]\WindowsNoEditor\VotV\Content\Paks". Use only one.
    3) Launch the game and enjoy :).



  10. Primae Noctis for Bannerlord

    - Versions -
    You should download the version which matches your game's version
    1.2.1/3 - Hot Butter doesn't work right now so added alternate way to import Hot Butter's scenes. Just DL HotButter, take the SceneObj folder and put it in the PrimaeNoctisBLord folder, final destination should be next to bin, Config, GUI, Images, etc. Added an alternate way to reroll stats at level 1.
    1.2.0 - Played for awhile and it seemed to work 
    1.1.6 Release - Use 1.1.0, everything seems to be the same.
    1.1.3/4 Release - Use 1.1.0, everything seems to be the same.
    1.1.1/2 Release - Use 1.1.0, everything seems to be the same.
    1.1.0 Release - Not tested beyond loading and saving once. Also there aren't new features since 1.0.2, so don't look for any.
    1.0.3 Release - Same as below, Same file as 1.0.2
    1.0.2 Release - Same as below, but I am adding all lords without a clan to the Neutral clan now, and I don't know if that will have some weird side effects after 20 years of game or something
    1.0.1 Release - Seems stable
    1.0.0 Release - Haven't tested much but not much changed since 1.9.0. To get this, go to steam properties and select Betas -> None, and you will download the "official" game release.
    - Requirements (NEW) -
    Harmony https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2006
    - Features -
    I'm not a fan of spoilers / marketing / huge lists of features and I have more enjoyment when I go and discover things on my own, and I extend that notion to others as well, which is why I didn't bother to write a list of features. But if you really want to spoil yourself...
    - Latest Changes -
    - FAQ -
    Hot Butter doesn't work right now so added alternate way to import Hot Butter's scenes. Just DL HotButter, take the SceneObj folder and put it in the PrimaeNoctisBLord folder, final destination should be next to bin, Config, GUI, Images, etc.
    - Description -
    This is a Bannerlord mod, mostly text based, focused around playing as a male character in long campaigns. There is almost no content for playing as a female so I recommend using CE for that. I'm aiming for balance, immersion, and a very long and slow buildup playing as a male character. 
    Since the focus is on a long serious campaign of Bannerlord, I don't recommend combining with mods that are too powerful. For instance, it's pretty overpowered being able to steal tier 6 armor from your victims as they are worth 100k+, so you can't really have a balanced campaign with that around. Likewise, starting out with powerful slavery options makes all other mechanics kind of pointless. After all, you can just enslave anyone; there's no point to wives, lovers, or anything, and since you can take apart enemy kingdoms with slavery, war becomes pretty trivial as well. So decide beforehand whether you're up for a long campaign or rather you want a "quick fix" and choose the correct mods for maximum immersion and enjoyment.
    - Config -
    For now, you can configure some settings in a text file: The config file will be generated when you run the mod the first time and you can change the settings in \Modules\PrimaeNoctisBLord\Config\config.txt
    You can also go to any town and change them in the "Settings house"
    - Requirements -
    Mouse Wheel: You may get stuck in some menus if you can't scroll down.
    - Compatibility -
    Modules overwritten by Primae Noctis: CharacterStatsModel, PartySpeedModel, DiplomacyModel, AgentApplyDamageModel, MarriageModel
    HotButter Support: Some limited support for hotbutter scenes (after successful events / flirting / war wife rental).
    - Thanks -
    Pookie for writing most of the text/events
    BadListener & CE team for showing how the hell to hack the game
    Ambrothos for some images
    Foonix for pointing out some code that needed updating



  11. YHL's Faceride

    Adds a faceriding tease grab to CATC, Scuffed Brawler or Heroine Rumble 2



  12. Lingerie set for Enlit3D's Scuffed Rumble, etc

    Been working on this set of a bit and finally got it to a good point. Hope you like it.
    There's two sets, one lace and one sheer, with a variation of top for both. The collar, patties and suspenders are in "Attachments" under torso and waist.



  13. Glasses for Enlit3D's Scuffed Rumble, etc

    Adds 5 different pairs of glasses.



  14. Expanded Moves MF

    This is a mod for Enlit3d's Heroine Rumble 2
    Extract the contents of the .zip folder into the data folder of the game as shown below:

    Mod that adds 37 new moves involving a female and male that can be used in Heroine Rumble 2.
    Check the spoiler below to see a showcase of all the moves added.



  15. [Minecraft] Models for Figura!

    Once I came upon this and left heavily inspired (and with heavily heated up head) I created a few models for nude female skin. Then I shared pictures of my creations and eventually I was asked to share the model. I did share, but not all the models. So I thought a bit, and now I release it fully and with a small bonus.
    There are models of:
    Futanari with humanish erect penis Futanari with humanish flaccid penis Futanari with horse penis Female features The textures for models are matching the skin included in archive. Use it!
    "How to" is said in instruction.
    How to install:
    1. Download the archive
    2. Open "read me.txt"
    3. Follow it!
    Also, there is my suggestion in addition to play with my models: a cool resource pack
    Minimal Armour! - to show that villagers what you have!



  16. Victor's Dead by Daylight lewd character portraits & Perk pack


    Adds lewd portraits for nearly all characters. This excludes:
    Nicolas Cage Vittorio
      This is because there is no porn of these characters that would fit the theme of my pack. (Heterosexual, SFM/Blender artstyle.) You will also notice the quality of less popular characters is at stark contrast to others like the resident evil girls. For instance Laurie strode, who has very little SFM art. The market is fresh out on those girls, even when I went trawling through some DBD patreons for content. If something pops up for those characters that fits the theme and holds a higher quality, you can bet I will update the pack. NOTE For two characters who have no SFM porn, and I doubt they ever will, I took liberties with them just to have something in the pack for them: 
    Singularity The Twins
    NOTE: Female characters are always solo, while male characters will always have a 'guest' to keep them company. (With the only exception being Laurie, due to limited choices.) This is done in part due to there being very little options for some, but also since some characters appear as 'guests' for other characters, you can easily find the female character you're looking for if they are standing alone.

    Adds assorted porn for all perks. The icons have been made bigger than the standard ones for better visibility, making them appear blockier than standard DBD perks. If you are looking for a clean UI, this may not be the pack for you.

    NOTE: These are characters from all corners of the internet: Cartoons, video games, OCs, etc. These will NOT be related to DBD, but they will try to remain on theme for the perk they are replacing- Either by looking like the original icon, or being related to it's name. (E.G. Thwack being an ass being slapped rather than a close up of a face.) All characters depicted, or are aged up to 18+

    The perk pack does contain content including beasts, insects, BDSM, Furry, and other odd fetishes. You have been warned.
    BHVR basically said "It's not bannable, but if you get banned because EAC picked it up as cheating, we can't help you"
    --->I've never heard of it happened before and some streamers use customizable UI, but if you have bad luck, don't blame me.
    Unzip inside your steam folder: "Steam\steamapps\common\Dead by Daylight\DeadByDaylight\Content\UI\Icons\CharPortraits"

    (Thank you to Clinya for this little warning text that I lifted from their mod. Check theirs out too, you might like some of their picks instead!)

    And remember, Praise Sigmar.



  17. Huge Ass and Thighs Pkmn Sword&Shield

    Maybe it's a trivial mod, but I couldn't find it on the internet so I thought I'd make it, it works for all pants of this type, so don't worry about the color. I reccomend you to use this with "No default bag" mod (https://gamebanana.com/mods/download/251068#FileInfo_440541).

    For any problem don't hesitate to write to me!



  18. 7 days to die NSFW posters v4

    The last of the series. 25 more hentai poster nsfw, craftables in workbench. Once placed u can pick up them.
    With this last 25, the full series have 100 posters.
    I hope ppl enjoy them.
    U can give this man a tip here :  https://www.buymeacoffee.com/taringarca5  Thnks for the support!



  19. 100% Naked- 100% Orange Juice Mod

    Become a Supporter!
    Installation :
    Locate your mods folder [Steam library  > right click 100% Orange Juice > Properties > Local Files > Browse > mod folder]
    Drag and drop mod into folder and open game as normal



  20. Roll-chan 7 FC

    Become a Supporter!
    Drag'n drop Overwrite images ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Follow us on our main post for more information



  21. Toshin Toshi Girls Gift RPG - 3DS Citra Only

    Become a Supporter!
    Open Citra ( Emulation>Configure>Graphics ) Enable Use Custom Textures & Preload Custom Texture Right click Toshin Toshi Girls Gift RPG Open Custom Texture Location Place files directly into it ----------
    Install optional character sprite: repeat same 5 steps as above
    Follow us on our main post for more information



  22. Stella Glow

    Become a Supporter!
    Open Citra ( Emulation>Configure>Graphics ) Enable Use Custom Textures & Preload Custom Texture Right click Stella Glow Open Custom Texture Location Place files directly into it ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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  23. PokeMe

    Want the newest update? Become a Supporter!
    Aquire or dump your own game. Aquire our IPS Use this and patch rom https://www.romhacking.net/patch Additional Info:
    If using RetroArch.
    Rename the IPS exactly the same name as your rom. Launch the game (this is a patch on the fly method and does not require patching roms directly every time). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Follow us on our main post for more information



  24. Gotta Protectors - 3DS

    Want the newest update? Become a Supporter!
    Delete old files first Place the folder into the /luma/titles/ on your SD card ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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  25. Fire Emblem IF/Fates - 3DS

    Want the newest update? Become a Supporter!
    Place the folder into the /luma/titles/ on your SD card
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