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  1. Note sure if this was addressed but I noticed the same. It would be great if the mod differentiated between male and female approachers / aggressors. Also a very very minor thing: I noticed that the same word or phrase is repeated in 2 sentences in a row or even in the same sentence in a few dialogue boxes. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. Like in case of the molester dialogue 3 and the words now and pussy. But that's really nothing major, sorry for even bringing it up. Otherwise I have no complaints, great mod. Even better that it actually makes use of the sex attributes system. Wish more mods would build on that.
  2. Thx for clarifying. I'm still not sure if you have to move the bones. According to this guide you can define an offset for the collision spheres in the OCBPCollisionConfig.txt If it's anything like HDT PE then it doesn't matter at all if the collisions happen close or very far away from the bone. Only the collision sphere needs to be at the correct position. And if it's like HDT PE then eyeballing it using the global x,y,z axis in Nifscope won't do it unless the local bone coordinate system has the same orientation (unlikely). edit: I just checked the ZAZ Extended skeleton in Nifscope. Nifscope 2 actually shows local coordinate orientation. Local X axis + direction is the red dashed line, Y is the green one, Z the blue one. I would compare that to the mesh to get the necessary offset. edit: After opening the Fusion Girl body mesh and comparing the bone position to the mesh I'd say an X offset of +1 to +2 should move the collision box closer to the rear of the labia. Because X and Y directions are switched in that local coordinate system (skeleton).
  3. Won't OCBP enabled vagina collisions be kind of incompatible with animations that already have built in vagina movement? Like most of SavageCabbage for example. I'm sure you remember our little exchange about that Animated Fannies conversion I did a while ago. I would assume that there will be distortions, like exaggerated gaping that doesn't match the penetrating object. The bone being far away from the collision sphere isn't necessarily a problem if you know the translation vector ... at least it wasn't when I wrote physics xmls for HDT PE (Skyrim).
  4. Hey @Tentacus, I have 2 issues I wanted to report. First, I sometimes get a bug where AAF animations correctly finish but then things get stuck during 'unjoining'. I get back full control of my character though, it's just AAF that is acting up. Saving and Reloading kind of solves this but it's still mildly annoying because I use AAF Spectators and their AI also gets stuck. So I have to start a different animation through the AAF interface to make them stop cheering and whistling towards an empty bed. ^^ You mentioned the latest AAF test version further up. Do you think that will fix this issue? The second problem I have is not a bug but rather something immersion breaking. Menacing Raiders have male dialogues even when they are female. But I think you are aware of this, right? There's a switch in the MCM relating to female raiders. Maybe it's there because of this? I really hope that you will add female dialogue for these scenarios. Really loving that stuff otherwise.
  5. Thx, I figured that much. Earlier today I went ahead and used the ingame body morph sliders in Looksmenu to get the same shape as with the Bodyslide preset before. Worked perfectly and my character didn't have any weird shape changes afterwards. I just wished the sliders had the same name in Bodyslide and ingame. Some of them don't. One of the NPCs did change her shape though. She started out very chubby, approached my player character for sex and then, when AAF kicked in, she lost all her weight and basically turned into the zero sliders body. That was weird, I guess I will have to test more...
  6. edit: Oops, wrong thread. 😅 My FG1.75 conversions of lazman's outfits work fine for FG 1.8, nothing major changed between these versions. Also they promised that 1.8 is close to the final version, so no game changers like 3 bone bouncing that need to be added to this.
  7. Dunno, I never noticed something like that. Maybe give an example for an outfit with deformed boots.
  8. I would love to follow that advice, but it clashes with what EgoBallistic wrote in the instructions for Family Planning Enhanced and that mod is way too important to give up for me. So other than my character sometimes getting BodyGen morphs applied too (seems to get fixed after reloading the game though) what happens if I use Family Planning Enhanced with BodyGen and check the build morphs option when building outfits? I'm asking especially because you wrote something about it causing other issues. From the changelog I would assume nothing too bad: ... But I will see if I can replicate my custom preset with ingame sliders. Will give that a try.
  9. Okay, so I got a question. Choosing the 'sex' option in the dialogue with enemies that surrendered to my female main character either results in error 3 or error 4. Guess I just don't have animations installed that have the correct combination of tags. But what I'm wondering about is this here (error 3): It says FF even though this is a guy (I doublechecked by using the sexchange command on him, he grew boobies afterwards). And I get this even though I chose the treat males as male option in the MCM settings. So is the message just wrong and it works correctly under the hood? @EgoBallistic To give you the full picture: If I use the other option I get another warning that there are no animations matching the tag requirements (error 4). Not a lot of stuff out there that matches this combination of tags and excluded tags: This is unfortunate. Guess I'll just kill them in the future.
  10. If the slider disappears again after deleting the reference body and saving the project then you probably forgot to select the FusionGirl body under meshes before conforming that slider.
  11. I mean the default options of this menu that pops up after you click on 'Conform Selected': Ignore the rest of the screenshot please, that's a bullshit example.
  12. I tinkered around with this some more. Here's the final result, a slightly skimpier vanilla bathrobe. Vanilla Bathrobe slightly skimpy - Fusion Girl.7z Had to change some textures to get the seam color right. It's not perfect and the legs are clipping through the robe sometimes. I can't do anything more about that though (reduced a few weight paints for cloth bones by hand), with the added cloth bones there are just too many bones and there is some built-in limitation for how much weight paint can actually be added to mesh vertices. That's why these vanilla cloth physics are broken for at least some if not all the Fusion Girl outfit conversions that have cloth bone physics by the way. They copied the weight paints from the Fusion Girl body to these outfits and by doing that deleted the weight paints for many of the cloth bones (because the weight paint limit was exceeded). @TheBottomhoodofSteel
  13. That's easy to do. Download and load the mod you linked to and also my Fusion Girl Edit in your mod manager. Now open Bodyslide and then select either the Cute Feet Fusion girl body or my body edit (Fusion Girl - VagAnusMod) as body/outfit. Then click on the icon depicting a female body silhouette next to that field, which opens that project in Outfit Studio. Then: File -> Add project -> Under Slidersets select the other body preset, so if you did load VagAnusMod then select Cute Feet here. Now both bodies are part of the project and all the sliders are there. But the cute feet slider still isn't attached to my VagAnusMod body edit. To do that set the BaseFBody from Cute feet as reference: Rightclick on it in upper right corner (under meshes), then 'Set Reference' In the same meshes window select the FusionGirl body (this is the one with the silders I added) and then a little below that field uncheck the box next to 'De-/Select Sliders'. Then search for the Cute Feet slider and again select it. After that use the 'Conform Selected' option in the 'Sliders' tab (navigation menu at the top): Use the default option to add that slider to the FusionGirl -VagAnusMod project. Then delete the BaseFBody and save the project. Done.
  14. It's not like this really depends on Fusion Girl anyway. I'm making sure that there are no links to files outside this mod in the sliderset files. So if they again choose to rename folders or files this wouldn't affect this mod here (that's what completely broke lazman's original mod for FG 1.7). I still want this to somewhat align with the naked body and be compatible to the FG body presets that you're all using of course, but there are no problems there so far.
  15. Nope. In that screenshot I posted above the mod is actually inside data\data. The correct structure would look like this when you doubleclick the mod and check the file tree (Mod Organizer 2): To correct it rightclick the mod, open in Explorer and then move these 4 folders there one level up. After that it should look like in this screenshot here. I can't help you with Vortex or NMM, I never used Vortex and NMM has been long ago for me. But the problem might be the same there if you used the mod's Fomod installer.
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