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  1. “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.” Trump “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” George Orwell, 1984
  2. On my mind? Right at this moment? This: Intro from an actual kids TV show from Denmark. Wft lol 😂
  3. I had a similar experience at a friend's place. His youngster was watching Deadpool. The little guy did know the Amazon Prime code for mature content (I think it was on Amazon Prime) for some reason and bragged about it to me. Now I didn't say anything and just watched the movie with him for a little while. He was joyfully watching the shishkabob scene with Deadpool jumping from the bridge inside the car with the baddies and then slaughtering them. And tbh I don't think anything bad will come of that, the movie is so over the top and comic book like in its depiction of violence that this is pr
  4. That's not how it worked when I was a kid and it certainly is not in the age of 2 income households. Parents pay attention, it's just that their kids have more free time than them. So what are they supposed to do? Lock them out of the internet while they aren't there to supervise and not buy them gaming PCs til they are ... I dunno ... 16? That supervision might be more damaging to the kid than the sickest porn they can find online. And why 16 you ask? I think waiting til 18 is a little ridiculous when it comes to exposure to fringe porn. That's something that I would say is neg
  5. In the same vein: Games that are marked as sexual content are blocked for Germans since December. Because some government agency from Hamburg finally realised that Steam's age verification process isn't robust so minors can easily access and buy these games, they just have to lie about their age when asked by Steam. Which means that the statement in the screenshot is a bold lie to shift the blame away from them and that makes me even madder than the fact itself. Right now I don't know if I will be able to actually play Subverse, a game I supported on Kickstarte
  6. You would have to edit the armor slots in the esp to make sure that doesn't happen, either in this mod or in the clothing mod. ... Here, replace the esp from my mod with this one: le666piercings.esp I replaced the armor slot that I used (slot 58, see this consensus) with the two torso slots, which means that most if not all vanilla armors and their conversions should be compatible to this. Please tell me if that does the job, didn't test it myself so I don't know if there are unwanted side effects.
  7. Still haven't bought the game because I expect them to release a few huge patches in the next months that will probably vastly improve upon the initial release, just like they did with Witcher 3. And then I'll probably wait for a 40 to 50% sale or something because why not if I already managed to hold off playing it for that long. ... It's hard though, I really want to play this right now. 😅
  8. Emotional intelligence is a real thing, long acknowledged by corporate management everywhere. Quite funny that there are still neanderthals who try to deny that this stuff matters a lot, especially if you want to make a career. 😂 How to measure it? You don't. You could roleplay situations between superiors and subordinates, with conflicts and differences that the superior has to settle. But I don't think that leads to some sort of score, just to things like "you're qualified for the job, when can you start working" or "you will hear from us". Just an example of a situation where
  9. I think you're right. That's probably also the reason why all these programs to get girls interested in science don't work. One can try to explain this away with societal expectations, sexist workplaces and peer pressure by other girls all day but it's getting less and less convincing with each new decade. They are just not that interested in dead things, period. One thing I'd like to add though. When we talk about what men and women want then of course we should never forget that in all discussions about larger groups we are always looking at normal distributions (and ot
  10. A comment posted by the Internet Watch Foundation chairman doesn't make it look like they think that harshly of Pornhub tbh. https://www.iwf.org.uk/news/pornhub-data-out-of-context-tells-us-nothing But maybe he just didn't want to say more because then Pornhub could sue him for libel? Dunno. How do you know that they didn't moderate uploads? That story about the girl and her mother finding pictures and videos of her on Pornhub is so old and gets cited so often that even I heard of it and I don't even frequent Pornhub. Except for checking let's plays of hentai games that l
  11. As far as I understood it this doesn't really matter. They seem to help them to find illegal material like child porn and actual rape videos. Still a very drastic measure, might bite them in the ass if they piss off enough unverified uploaders and consumers. And I don't get the removal of downloads. Like at all. If you only allow verified accounts why do you still care if someone might reupload the videos? Certainly not to protect children and potential rape victims. Sounds more like something they wanted to do anyway and just didn't know how to sell to their userb
  12. True. I simply didn't want to introduce another tool/program but you're right. When you measure it like this you still don't know where the bone is relative to the mesh surface though. And it seems like these vertex coordinates don't exactly align with the bone coordinates (one has the origin of coordinates above the mesh, the other below it) so you can't compare them without an extra step. Also using global coordinate differences/offsets only worked in this case and will not in many others. Depends on the local coordinate system of the bone that you want to attach the collision box to. S
  13. Dunno where you live that you never encountered them but these publications do exist. One prominent example over here would be taz. They do have journalistic standards and I guess their actual fact reporting isn't too bad but boy to they employ a lot of these weird creatures that must have graduated in one of these "gender studies" majors that produce word diarrhea every day and try to discredit and undermine actual science whenever they can. I can still remember the discussions I had with them about how the scientific method is subjective too and how our knowledge of the physical wo
  14. Now I'm worried, because this reads like you're having a stroke...
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