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  1. I don't think you break any rule by claiming your Nexus upload to be a modders resource and then uploading a mod to LL which uses this resource. Just personally I'd probably find it rather annoying to have to download a mod from two different sites.
  2. Not sure if this actually works, I copy pasted it together from the Dark Souls Pack (which is a bit to big to upload it here). Sunless.zip
  3. IsPluginInstalled is an SKSE function. You need to run the SKSE installer again after installing the CK because it overwrites the source scripts with the vanilla ones.
  4. Are you talking about BodySlide sliders? Because merging those two wouldn't solve that issue. You have to convert the paws to BodySlide for that. Best look up a tutorial on google or something. There's hundreds already out there which probably explain it a lot better than I could.
  5. Merging them together would require all of the vertices on the edges to be at the exact same spot as the vertices of the other. Then you'd have to recreate the texture as those probably use two different textures. I hardly doubt Outfit Studio has a feature so complex. What exactly is the disadvantage of leaving it as is? I mean you can simply have both objects in your mesh and both will get loaded.
  6. If they don't replace vanilla outfits you still need to write a mod to add them as items. Vortex should install it into your Skyrims data folder, which is exactly where it should be.
  7. That's because of the 9Damao and Baidu Download Request Thread, there is a follower in there where these images are from, but the follower mod doesn't contain the armors.
  8. Reverse google image search lead me here: So don't get your hopes up.
  9. That's on Patreon, though. They force paywalled all posts with links in them. You can still get the DL for free on the discord that is linked in Melodics signature.
  10. I think you are confusing charge time for cooldown. Charge time means how long you have to hold down the button before releasing it will actually cast the spell.
  11. That's a script from SkyUI, you can get the SDK for that here: https://github.com/schlangster/skyui/wiki
  12. You are free to do to whatever you like with the mod as long as it keeps this license (which it inherited from Frostfire btw).
  13. Easy, just add the shouts to their list of spells and they will use it. AI just sees it as another spell. Greybeards for example are already using them. Also not that hard. Just modify the MQKillDragonScript to play the effects on someone else. (requires basic scripting knowledge, though)
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