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  1. The mod doesn't handle every combat in entire playthrough. The mechanism starts only when certain mini events(the road enxounters from the mod) are called that require it. And every npc in the evnets have that BaboDialogueFaction. That's why.
  2. Actually I didn't create this mod for vanilla armor. But yeah, you can add them to the vanilla armor if you think it makes sense with proper armor replacer. I created the mod because I got frustrated at the fact that npcs just didn't care even when my character wore beautiful and sexy armor I got from modsites, But adding keywords to the vanilla armor can't be easy. It'll take longer than you might expect just for finding a single armor. I recommend you pick a find armor mod and give it a try first.
  3. Yes but not constantly. Only when it's necessary during mini events. 1. You've got to know if you're in the middle of the quests or not. If you don't or are not very sure, that means you are not doing the quests. All the road encounters are instant, temorary and will bet shut off automatically as soon as you get out of a place. As to other story quests, you will see if it's runnning. 2. I am kinda aware of it. It's very subjective too. Tbh, I don't see a solution to this matter. Each user has a different level design depending on their mod list. But the main purpose of the mod
  4. Both defeat(from Babodialogue and Defeat) triggers active simultaneously and go haywire. or the scene requires you to get defeated by an enemy so that it triggers the event but instead Sexlab Defeat snatches it and Defeat event starts.
  5. Add Sexlab Aroused.esm as a master plugin. It is not possible. No one could do it. The only way to detect your outfit status is to add keywords separately. Get Zaz animation pack 8 +. It's Plus. The original Sexlab Defeat doesn't go well along with the mod because of the combat system. Of course, it won't cause CTD but it may lead to weird situations.
  6. Please let me know if this will fix the issue. BaboDialogue 3.90 MCM Fix Test.7z
  7. One Clothes keyword for each armor. sla_ArmorPretty EroticArmor sla_ArmorSpandex SLA_ArmorLewdLeotard SLA_ArmorCurtain SLA_HalfNakedBikini SLA_ArmorTransparent SLA_ArmorHalfNaked SLA_ArmorRubber But other keywords can be added as many as you think it fits.
  8. in the download tab You have all the clue. 🤔 Well, here you go.
  9. Those factions will be automatically designated to Player when all the conditions are met as you play game. You don't set up factions. Just make sure you add the keywords to your armor mod.
  10. Other than combat mods, there will be no other conflicts. Because the mod doesn't use or overwrite vanilla features. No clean save is required. Thank you so much😄
  11. I didn't write it... Zaz animation pack 8+ is needed.
  12. Polishing dialogue lines is still underway. Please know that some of dialogue lines are still awkward because of machine-translation. After all it's over 5,000 dialogue lines.
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