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  1. Fill Her Up Baka Edition - improper bloating


  2. You guys need to stick to PE or CBPC not SMP. Although I added SMP option, it is not recommendable. It has nothing to do with your body type. Just choose either one that suits your taste. Animal SOS is SOS, nothing more. Nothing complicated. You know how it works, right? ABC is focused on overall improvement. It's not just about dicks. I also added tongues, eggs, even invisible magic collision meshes.
  3. There is no fixed period interval for public version release. It's because simply I do so so so many things and can't simply keep up with things. I do when I remember or when I think it's time. You can see the latest version from previews on my blog
  4. Seriously, Wonderful motions. You are on the right path. What a good job. Though you need a lot of improvments on quality, I felt your passion and your lewdness😍 Keep up the good work. I hope you won't be overwhelmed with so much time-consuming animation works. Looking forward to your animations. I love your motions.
  5. Well-made mods make it possible. The biggest problem is these enforcers have no ways to figure out magically what you are carrying in a bag. I think it's little bit tougher than it was supposed to be. Well, it's me just thinking for better experiences with your mod, of course. It's not a big deal actually but I reckon you are with me. I see you want to make Skyrim real medieval Skyrim it meant to be and sexier especially when you play a female character. I do love this license system cause it has so much potential and makes Skyrim immersive than ever(A rough life for a girl. That's a real world out there). Well, considering you having to mess with the codes, I should just turn off clothes licence. And I didn't notice the licence was in my inventory, lol. Sorry about that. Just forget about what I said. 😅 Anyway thank you for the hardwork once again. It's just a suggestion though. Look forward to your upcoming updates.
  6. Monoman, thank you for your hard work and intersting ideas. I am enjoying it now. A really awesome mod I can tell you. But there are several things that didn't make sense to me about License System. This is my suggestions. 1. The feature that Not equipping armor, just carrying armor items is prohibited is somewhat annoying. It blocks so many variant play styles, like merchant play. I thought equipping was prohibited but the enforcers just took them all away. It would be quite easy to tweak some of mechanisms to make them block you only when you equip armor without license. 2. The thing that Wearing clothing type outfits is not allowed is kinda stupid to me. I wore a normal clothes to act like a normal citizen but they even took my clothes away. It wasn't armor. It really bugs me because without armor license, you're just a slave or less. It's almost obligatory. Then what's the point of buying a armor license.... I hope you will change it so that only light and heavy armor trigger the enforcers.(Edited: Sorry for the confusion, there was a clothing license. But even so, normal farmer clothes should be excluded from the list. I mean vanilla clothings. Can you do that?) 3. I love this Magic License. But I felt it was unfair when I never cast a single spell and they just came to me and chained me with magic seal curse. I want them to enforce obedience only when you perform magic illegally. Will you change it for me? [Edited] 4. How about the license can be stolen? And you are in a hugh trouble. Mods like Sexlab Defeat can steal your items from your inventory, right? So it would be cool if you can lose your license during the adventure. Well, tearing it apart would be awesome. It sounds so lewd.
  7. Both CBPCMasterConfig and CBPCollision Config if I recall correctly.
  8. That should do. Anub and Billy were doing your way too. Good luck with animating! Just make sure link dick bones to pelvis bones.
  9. Welcome my new fellow animator! I recommend you to search for Biped tutorial on Youtube. It'll be worth it! Some of creatures use CAT rig but, if you aren't that familiar with this rig you can use the old rig from other animators. I am not sure they have them though....
  10. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/31126 It's already on SSE. It is no UUNP. It is BHUNP and it covers UUNP, which means I do not need permission from Ous. It is indeed high poly cause it has more polygons even than CBBE SE. Just see the comparison. I don't mind if you want to do it.
  11. 'since this is essentially a UUNP remake' - Yes it's a remake. And you can use UUNP armor with it without having to converting every piece of your armor to BHUNP reference. BHUNP covers all the UUNP slides so you can batch build together. Just run nifoptimizer for your old LE UUNP and you are good to go. Of course if you want to use high-poly body in UUNP shapes, follow my pdf guide to replace the old low poly UUNP with BHUNP. Otherwise, just use the old UUNP armor mods. Acro, who is the author of CBBE 3BBB and CBBE 3BBB advanced, asked my permission to use a vagina shape from BHUNP and I allowed it. That is CBBE 3BBB Advanced. All the collisions will work if you have proper HDT xml settings. Neck seam issues are no longer seen in the latest version. Be sure to update the mod.
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