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  1. Hi, I just installed the Approach and babo dialogues but i realized the mods are nor working properly... like no MCM for Dialogues or no NPC Except Guards and Hunters will make approach to PC no matter how many times i reset the mod and activate all the option and wear fucking sexy armor and motherfucking register them all in slaxx and before you ask Yes i have all the requirements installed... and i can't say anything more because I so got to have to take piss right now or im done for :P

  2. Not directly required for now, but yes it is. I am planning to expand options and support Arousal mechanism in the near future. No reason not to support SLA Aroused. SLIF put all the inflation mods into the system and controls them and make them compatible each other. That's the advantage and the only reason I use it. To avoid conflicts. I am not sure what differences are between you and me. I tested with Beeing Female SE and it worked fine for me. Someone uploaded Beeing Female SE Hotfix version on the thread btw.
  3. Yeah I checked it. Absorption didn't work for me either. I'll fix it. Regarding Beeing Female, I checked it myself and it worked for me. Wait 'n' hours will skip the event trigger so if you want to see if it works, wait one hour and check.
  4. Male inflation...!? Ugh... the mod doesn't support male actors... sorry.
  5. hello, for several hours I have been trying to download your version of "SexLabAroused Redux V28b LE Modified by baka factory" but google drive tells me that the quota has been reached, and to try again in a while, I have tried several times, but nothing , kindly is there another way to be able to download it?
    thank you

  6. Currently SMP physics doesn't work for some creatures such as Lurkers, Bears. The reason why hasn't been discovered, although everything seems right to me. If you have any clue, please let me know so that I could fix it. Or it's sjust SMP doesn't support some of species maybe.🤔
  7. Boars had had an issue with bone weights so I fixed it. Chaurus too. They probably used old versions I assume. Did you have the same issue?
  8. I wish I had infinite versions of me for answering qeustions here and there... 😪
  9. I hate to bother you bakafactory, but your edit of sl arousal.
    In your off time could you make a patch for it to be used with

  10. If one is to develope long abandoned mods, it should be good news to everyone, but as you said collaborations and discussion must be preceeded.
  11. Can you get DDI and see if it works? I am getting reports that Approach doesn't work without DDI.
  12. I wonder if you took a look at Lupine's SLAX and his new factions and keywords. or https://drive.google.com/file/d/114RS5tS9B7az2i-DI6tJyyCFyQLZcYqO/view?usp=sharing If you are serious about developing the mod, could you take a look at it and add them to your mod? I and Monoman(Sexlab Survival) have been using them for years now.
  13. If I am to modify Sexlab Aroused plugin, I and Lupine discuss together and decide whether to update or not. That's why I uploaded SLAX patch version as well. On the other hand, I've never seen this Modular Edition before. This is the first time. No clue at all. I wonder if he knows Lupine is already on it.
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