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  1. If one is to develope long abandoned mods, it should be good news to everyone, but as you said collaborations and discussion must be preceeded.
  2. Can you get DDI and see if it works? I am getting reports that Approach doesn't work without DDI.
  3. I wonder if you took a look at Lupine's SLAX and his new factions and keywords. or https://drive.google.com/file/d/114RS5tS9B7az2i-DI6tJyyCFyQLZcYqO/view?usp=sharing If you are serious about developing the mod, could you take a look at it and add them to your mod? I and Monoman(Sexlab Survival) have been using them for years now.
  4. If I am to modify Sexlab Aroused plugin, I and Lupine discuss together and decide whether to update or not. That's why I uploaded SLAX patch version as well. On the other hand, I've never seen this Modular Edition before. This is the first time. No clue at all. I wonder if he knows Lupine is already on it.
  5. I modified Sexlab Aroused Redux plugin to add more keywords. Please refer to the pdf instruction for more details. Added Bikinifier keywords for compatibility. About Sexlab Aroused Redux Additional Keywords.pdf
  6. Do you have ASOS installed by any chance? As you can see the only difference between the two is the skeletones that I modified for compatibility with ASOS and MNC. All the SMP, CBPC settings haven't changed. What kinds of creature did you test with?
  7. I am quite careful with words and Acro(CBBE 3BBB developer)and I share things, work together if you haven't noticed. I don't care about your assumption dude. Just don't take things wrong based on the superficial guesses. If you're done, so be it. He said nothing's been changed lately. Maybe intensity value is litttle bit weak? At least CBPC handles the vagina collision.
  8. I Thought thils chaurus crash issue had been fixed a long time ago. I've had no issue on Chaurus on my end. Was it immediate crash whenever you tried to spawn Chaurus? I am gonna ask him about the matter.
  9. A clean save isn't necessary. ABC does replace MNC models and that's all ABC does. I am developing BHUNP so I can't give you an answer. The only reason I can think of is CBBE SE xmls don't support ABC anymore. Please ask Acro about this matter.
  10. The house visit event will be available in the next update.
  11. That makes sense. A replacer option for those who know what they are diong might work. Hm... Complicated. It woudln't be a problem if CF worked normal though.
  12. Maybe we should abandon CF? Unerect ABC version might work.
  13. I don't use Zaz animation anymore in my version. All the animations were replaced ones I made. So technically you don't need Zaz animation pack.
  14. Try English version not Korean version. I get what you mean. Theoretically possible but maybe bad for optimization and compatibility with SLIF. Love the idea of throwing up though. 😋
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