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  1. Shit... Try this. I must've forgotten it. I'll add it in the next update. FrostAtronach.txt
  2. skeleton meshes need improvement for the mesh from the scratch. Draugrs and Skeletons share the same bone structure but they use different meshes. I am thinking about adding some of penis-shaped attachment to them.
  3. Hello. I just try to understand. What names of these animations?


    1. Zennzo


      Not only that, the physics thou and the body. Can someone link them please.

  4. Okay I gave it a test but for some reason SendModEvent didn't work. Any argument didn't work beside Event name(String). It looks like SendModEvent only works with specific arguments. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=SendModEvent SendModEvent(string eventName, string strArg = "", float numArg = 0.0) So I used ModEvent and the script was successfully compiled. Function FertilityEventGo(string eventname, Form akactor, string fatherName) int handle = ModEvent.Create(eventname) if (handle) ModEvent.Pushform(handle, akactor) ModEvent.PushString(handle, fatherName) ModEvent.Send(handle) endIf EndFunction
  5. SendModEvent("OnFertilityModeAddSperm", Actor, "None") This will work I guess. Thank you. One more request though, if you add additional argument for manipulating SpermCount int, it would be very helpful. Ah, and one more thing. a simple creature support would be awesome.😋 But if you add a support for creatures, then string fatherName from the mod events should be replaced with formID rather than string?
  6. Hello Narue, thanks for the great mod. I've been waiting for this for a long time in SE Are you planning on adding sendmodevents for developers? Like modifying fertility possibility, adding cum, change phases? I want to make a patch for Fill Her Up to integrate your mod.
  7. BTW, Isn't SLA_ArmorPartTop the same as SLA_Brabikini? I created this SLA_Brabikini keyword as Toparmor without bottom actually. Well, considering what Bikinifier does, maybe it's okay to leave them. Good thing you added SLA_Stockings and SLA_HasLeggings Another note frome me: can you change the name of SLA_ThongLowleg to SLA-ThongGString? I think it would make more sense to me. I didn't know how many types of thong out there the time I made these keywords. 😅 If you have any idea of new underwear types, please add new keywords for me.
  8. Oh.. I didn't know he made a new mod. I guees I am gonna have to add keywords to the SLA SE as a temporary solution.
  9. Bikinifier keywords: Also I am really curious what kind of bikini keywords are going to be added. Any hints?
  10. A quick question, I see a number of xxxLover factions. Do you have any plan on making it stack itself automatically soon after detecting a sex partner? I am thinking about using some of factions in my mods. As far as I know there is no mod that use the factions in SLAX right now. These are the faction I am giong to use. NakedLover Submissive Broken SexAddict SkommaAddict BeastSexLover MonsterSexLover FalmerLover DraugrLover SprigganLover
  11. ummmm hey Factorlclose, do you think you can make a patch that allows the usage of Sunjeong's remaster cbbe for your bikiniquest? or should it work out of the box?

  12. I'll check it out! Thanks. After I complete my ABC work for all the creatures that exist in Skyrim, I'll make replacer version so that you don't need to install Creature Framework, whatnot. Only CBPC and SMP is available for now. I am working on HDT-PE. So it's normal.
  13. Please help me with your mod.

  14. This is both interesting and promising...
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