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  1. Why does anything at Shearpoint always turn into a complete clusterfuck? I mean, I'm at Cronvangr Cave, minding my own business, collecting soul gems and re-fertilizing the cattle, and I realize that Growl's Call of the Wild as a 40% chance of me wolfing up tonight. No problem, I'm just about done with the Cronvangr girls. Best thing is probably to change now and get it done with. So that's what I do. A first it all goes fairly well. I kill the sabrecat at the Riverside Shack, munch on a few mudcrabs at Mara's Eye Pond, kill the sentries at Gallows Rock (not go
  2. It never has. It has a spell to apply tats and ones that equip glowing transparent cuffs, but it doesn't touch the outfits. Excepting maybe for that one spell, Mandate Nudity, which I think re-applied a naked outfit if the slave somehow got clothing applied on them. I think. I'll have to take a look at the code.
  3. OK, It triggered again in Riverwood. I have 19 slaves total (2 following). no guards in Riverwood yet, and the only mod added NPC is the self-insert guy from the bikini armor mods. It didn't need a clothing change, fast traveling was enough to set it off. No non-slave followers. Possibly a couple of Hydra slavegirls NPCs in range. It doesn't seem like a lot.
  4. Trouble is it's pretty intermittent, so reproducing it to order will be a pain. I don't tend to have a lot of followers on the whole. On the other hand, I have had cells with 5x5 grids of kneeling slavegirls for mass training sessions. Last time, I think, was in Forsaken Cave where I only had two girls in the dungeon with me, and those freshly caught. I'll keep a watch out and make a note the next few times it happens.
  5. I'm having an odd glitch when every so often, I change a slave's outfit and they turn invisible. They're still there and if I can find them, I can talk to them, but I can't see them. They don't show up on predator vision either if that's helpful. Not a major issue: quitting and reloading seems to clear it, and it only happens from time to time, but it can fire when a slave is redressing after sex, and if that happens when you're not watching, figuring out what happened can be a pain. Anyone else found this?
  6. One option for the tats would be to set up a json file for the livery tats. Cast the spell, read the json for the tats to be applied, and then everyone can customize their branding as they wish. I did just this in the Slaver's Spellbook for the brand spell. If you don't like the default brand, edit the file and you cna change the tats applied, as well as glow and color if the tats are designed to support recoloring. @Scrab - if you;re interested, fall free to use the code. It should lift pretty cleanly if I remember right.
  7. I found a set of Daedric Reaper armor on an assailant.
  8. There's something about that screenshot that reminds me of "bodice ripper" paperbacks...
  9. This is Vori. She keeps watch at night to make sure nothing nasty attacks Castle Dawnguard while everyone is asleep. This also is Vori. She;s probably wishing she'd done a better job of keeping watch. Me, I'd been down to Broken Helm Hollow to do a job of work. Client Confidentiality means I can't tell you a lot abut the job ... ... but those of you who know me can probably make some informed guesses on the subject. Anyway, I'd been at Broken Helm conducting a ... let's call it a "Training Seminar" ... for a couple of d
  10. I mean, I'm not asking that much, am I? All I'm going to do is leave them, naked, bound and kneeling in the swamps north of Morthal, while I jump down a previously unexplored sinkhole to see what's down there. Admittedly, there were quite a lot of zombies wandering around earlier, but I'm pretty sure I got the last of them. Still, best if they try not to draw attention to themselves. I mean if they scream really loud, it might carry as far as Morthal, but after the Morvath's Lair business, I wouldnt put too much faith in the intrepid townsfolk coming to rescue. And zombies or not, you never k
  11. If I create a blog entry, but mark it not to be immediately published, it doesn't show up in my blog posts. This only seems to affect new posts, I've got unpublished ones from before the site change and I can see them fine. But I created one just now and that doesn't show up, so I don't know if it didn't get created or if it's just hidden from me like it is from everyone else. [edit] Just to try and avoid any confusion: I've pulled the entry from the editor buffer and submitted the post successfully. If it turns out that there's another one, hidden, I'd be g
  12. That's very decent of you. I've tried it out and it seems to work. Didn't realize it was doing anything at all, until I noticed there was no momentary lockout when reporting impregnation. I haven't have a case yet where I have several NPCs all reporting childbirth at once, but I imagine that's going to be a lot easier. Thanks for that! [edit] Attaching the same file, but formatted so it can be installed as an override with MO2 or similar. SexLabHentaiPregnancy_SlaveTats_Silent.7z
  13. So, I'm in Redwater den again, playing my usual game of "Gotta Catch 'Em All". The lady in the foreground is Salonia Caelia, one of the two vamps who try to murder you on the way out. This is her as made over by Metalsaber's Beautiful Vampires, and I have to say: I love that face. Reminds me of a young Ashley Renee
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