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  1. OK: Bodyslide. You'll need a body mod like FusionGirl or CBBE. I'm using CBBE here because this is actually on Skyrim, but I'd recommend FusionGirl for RRS. You'll also need Bodyslide. Start up Bodyslide and pick a preset and a body. The preset is the general shape, the body is going to be what your girls look like naked. Use the preview button on the bottom to make sure it looks right. When you're happy, choose build. Once that's done, in the Outfit/Body dropdown, choose one of the RRS outfits and build that. Or you can batch build and build them all at once. Just watch you don't overwrite you new body with a "never nude" version, or everyone will be wearing bra and knickers. In game, you should be able to build the outfits at the chemlab. Look for a "Raiders Reform School" submenu, and they'll all be under there.
  2. Well, there is the Slaver's Spellbook. Not a lot of furniture there, but you know me... And, with a little bit of luck, I'll get soem time to work in Girl In A Jar pretty soon, which should result in some interesting furniture options :D
  3. I have a theory on the slaves spontaneously freeing themselves. What I was doing was (force of habit from many a PAH run here) training them to 60 submission and then venture our, secure in the knowledge that they wouldn't escape. What I wasn't doing was training resignation, which depending on the slave might rise along with submission or might not. Lately I started to wonder about resignation, so I've made a point of raising that over 60 along with submission before I leave slaves unsupervised. And I've not had a drop-out since. No idea if this is helpful or not, but for submitted for what it may be worth.
  4. Apologies all. I've been a little distracted lately. And when not distracted, I've been on a Skyrim jag. I'm sure I'll switch back to Fallout before too long though Can you get them to apply using LooksMenu? There's three layers to the colored ones. You want them color, then black, then white. and I used ENB Lights to add a bit extra glow to the tubes. I'm not sure what that will do in the absence of an ENB. I'll have to get my Fo4 out of mothballs and look at my settings. Instead of telling the slaves to use the equipment, assign them to the settlement, and then assign the slaves to the furniture like you were telling a settler where to work. That should work better.
  5. Resurrecting ghosts in Yngvild I have no idea why she's wearing iron cuffs and rope...
  6. I better rephrase that: the only losing conflict for DoM was with the Slaver's Spellbook.
  7. The conversational sex part is pretty solid. That's all I use from the mod. You get a menu item where you can say "hold up, there's something I want to discuss" or words to that effect. Then you can suggest sex with the other person or try and intimidate them into it.And if you get speech xp and for a successful consensual scene, there's a disposition bump. All of which I find quite useful. I don't actually use Naked Defeat, I should add. I just noticed it in the d/l section (it's been a while since my last trawl through the files) and it looked quite cool. Then I read "incompatible with Submit" so I thought I'd ask. Anyway, that's all I was asking.
  8. Out of curiosity ... how incompatible with Sexlab Submit is this? Specifically, if I turn off the "Victor" and "Victim" sections of Submit and just use the speech part?
  9. Yeah. Part of the cleanup I mentioned was moving DoM down to the end of my MO mod list. Prior to that, the only conflict was with Slaver's Spellbook overwriting your patch for same Nope. A couple of HSH errors is about as close as it gets. I'll double check when I get home.
  10. Speaking of which: I tried the new game method. I tidied out an unused mod or two and fixed a couple of load order issues. Things now seem more stable Nevertheless, the problem still happens, just not as quickly this time. I once again grabbed the Neromancer who caused all the trouble last time, and this time she seems stable ... but the Silver Hand Hunter that ambushed me around the same time is glitching the same way the Ncromancer was last time. I'm still not seeing a list of slaves in my logs, despite the log and debug boxes being ticked and numerous saves reloads and quits. An I right in looking in Papyrus.log.0 in My Games? The only User Log I can see is the Sexlab one No useful log entries as yet. I'll keep testing.
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