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  1. "All generalizations are wrong, including this one".
  2. Couple of things about that, if you're not used to this sort of thing: Are you counting Fallout4.esm as zero or as one in the list. The game counts from zero so you need to do the same. Also, the number needs to be hexadecimal, and esl flagged mods don't count. If you use MO2, the easiest thing is to get it from the "Mod Index" field in the plugin list: Or you can get it from Wrye Bash in the "Indices" column Alternatively, you can use something like ESP Explorer and get it that way without faffing around with the console.
  3. That's unfinished content. There's going to be a terminal where you can load holotapes with programs to apply tattoo combinations, but that's not done yet.
  4. Well, you're not wrong. The armor item still exists in the mod, but the recipe has disappeared. I'll get a fix out sometime this week. Or you could console-add it for now. player.additem xx058d3a 1 where XX is the RRS mod index from your load order.
  5. OK. Let me have my dinner and I'll have a look
  6. Yeah. The tats swap design to "breeder" unless the slave is uo the duff. You can disable that from MCM. go into the console and type: set rrs_adopter_enable to "0" Should be buildable under the chemlab RRS menu.
  7. I don't suppose there's a non-diuscord mirror for that AAL tester app? I'm a bit discord averse.
  8. Sounds like it could be a dirty edit somewhere. I thought I'd checked the mod, but it's always possible something slipped past. I'll have a look later on.
  9. I did think about it. The trouble is, if I do a spells only release I'll never do the actual story and I'd quite like to do the story.
  10. What I'll probably do is strip out the rigging from the first model and redo it using the IK from the second. The meshes are pretty much irrelevant. That said, I do have something in mind for that second one... I did look at some soft integration with Wasteland Dairy, so probably that if anything. What does it do to Sanctuary?
  11. The graffiti comes from this mod What I did was take the "raider" posters and scale them up a bit with Place Anywhere so they fit the pillars snugly About the PA: I've kicked similar ideas around in the past, but they never quite jelled. I'll have a bit think on it.
  12. Is Whiplash covered by the mod? I'm trying to work out if my load order is messed up or not.
  13. No ETA as yet. I've been sidetracked onto Fallout for a while, while I thought about what I wanted to do with the plot. Although, I don't think it'll be too long now before I return to this project.
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