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  1. Well, I got the bot reskinned, and with a bit of messing around with keywords, managed to mount the damn thing on the frame. Problem now is I can't assign anyone to it. I get the prompt, but hitting enter does nothing. I'm not sure if this is an engine limitation or just me missing a keyword. So what I might try is creating the bot/ring when the frame is placed and have a second item of furniture to assign to the prisoner. Once the prisoner enters the furniture, I can use the workshop function to re-assign them to the ring Oh yeah, I also spent a ridiculous amount of ti
  2. Well, on the one hand, I managed to get an rideable eyebot, and better yet the riding animation is Vader's XCross pose. So I rotate the bot with the helper and that'll rotate the bot's rider. Problem I have now is that when the girl rides the bot, she exits the furniture, which means my scripting dismounts her from the bot. Then the workshop tried to get her to get back on the furniture, which mounts her on the bot with causes her to exit the furniture which causes her to dismount the bot and so on ad infinitum. I could turn the ring mesh into armor and use it as the bot's skin and
  3. Can definitely confirm that alt-tabbinig does not help in the least. Still no idea what causes the problem.
  4. No, but if you're doing it anyway, I can think of ways I'd like to use it You're making great progress here! I'm really looking forward to having a play with all this.
  5. Trouble is, it's the actor that needs to be created. The helper will work on Clutch just fine, because she gets placed in Back Street Apparel at run time. But Piper is placed in the editor before the game starts, so she can't be rotated like that. (I just tried). I can solve the walk-away problem by deleting the helper and making a new one, although I think that might freeze the wheel - I need to test that a bit more. What I might try is to place an invisible eyebot there, and mount the prisoner as a passenger, like on the vertibirds. Then I can attach the bot to the he
  6. OK. I found an easy way to do this. 2021-04-11 00-04-29.mp4 Turns out you can attach actors to helper objects. I tried it, not really expecting it to work, but as you can see, it works just fine. Click the button for a 90 degree rotation. Shift click it and rotate back the other way. Couple of caveats here: the wiki says AttachTo only works on created objects, so unique NPCs like Piper might not attach. There's also an issue with actors not being able to walk after being released because they're still attached to the helper. I can probably clear that by
  7. You need two functions. function foo RegisterForModEvent("AnimationEnd", "OnSexLabEnd") ; do stuff ; return from function when you need to wait endfunction event OnSexLabEnd ; now do the stuff you'd have done after the "while" game.disablePlayerControls(etc etc) endevent
  8. About that frame: 2021-04-10 20-26-49.mp4 Build the base, snap the ring onto it. and then plant a button to activate it. Activate the button and the ring rotates to horizontal where the subject can be tattooed by some moving machinery that I've yet to create. The trick of course is going to be to get the girl to move with the frame. So that's next. The big win from this bit has been discovering helper activators. They're used in-game to move lift platforms, and to open the gates at Big John's Scrapyard. And it turns out I can just spawn one on-the-fly,
  9. Kind of stalled on the ring animation. You can't use TranslateTo on an activator apparently. It just sits there doing nothing until the translation would have ended, and then snaps into the new position. So I'm going to need to animate the sucker, which means I will probably need to make the ring rideable, which means it needs to be an actor, which means it needs a root behavior project ... which is where I stalled out. I know it's doable, I just don't have a clue how. The alternative is to take a vertibird, change the mesh, remove all the packages and add behavior based on a new keyword. But
  10. I shall have the Quality Assurance team flogged.
  11. Glad you like it! No problem. Bit of news: Progress on the tat frame front. The cuffs all line up now and, out of consideration to @strykernoscope I've tried to grunge it up a little. Everything is a bit on the shiny side, but I think I'm finally getting a handle on how specular maps work in Fo4. And the support posts have this weird pixelated effect on them, but I'm beginning to think that's just from the grunge brush I used to apply the rust. Not that the rust is greatly visible, mind. Call it a work in progress.
  12. You need Max to make new poses and animations, but you can do a lot with Blender to make the furniture and cannibalizing existing poses and idles. Half the stuff in Raider Reform School was made that way.
  13. Ooh! Would that let me import facial expressions for models? That would take a lot of the guesswork out of ball gags and the like.
  14. You are indeed awesome. Any thoughts on a timeframe for a possible release? I'm keen to have a play with this gizmo
  15. What happened to bad end #1?
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