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  1. Damn. I had that, but I thought it was something I'd broken since the last release. I've been putting off looking at it. The Fertile->Knocked Up transition catches the end of animation event from AAF. I deliberately kick the check a few seconds down the line to give all interested parties a chance to process and finish. There are some FPE events in the pipeline I believe that could make this a lot faster and more reliable. I've been hoping I might see those before trying a fix. I think it's just a timer not resetting for some reason. I'll take a look tomorrow when I'm a bit more awake.
  2. I get that. I was supporting your point.
  3. That seems a bit like calling Lego builders lazy unless they hand-carve all their own bricks.
  4. Is that the one declared as follows? If so, the "const" keyword will prevent any changes to the initial value. You only use that if you have a constant and you don't want it being changed by accident.
  5. Yeah, I've been thinking along those lines. Definitely something I want to do with this lot. I'm getting there. Sleeping seems OK, but if you leave the cell for a while, you find everyone standing around in the garden at Sanctuary (or wherever), and they all have to wander back to the furniture. I'm not sure what's to be done about that. I tried using SetRestrained, but that just leaves them all stuck in the garden in furniture pose and unable to move. It think it might be worth looking at the CRX scripts. Those subclass the workshop script and I've noticed that actors tend to say crucified. I suspect the subclass overrides whatever AI it is that makes them get down in the first place. but I've not had a chance to investigate properly. Currently, yeah. I think I'm going to have to limit some of it to actors wearing StumpZ, for obvious reasons. The rest I can make full body versions fairly easily.
  6. The adoption script adopts children rather than babies, so that might explain it. The idea is that the babies grow to children, the kids get to run around the place for a day or two, and then the script adopts them so they don't take over the settlement. Thanks. I should really split out some of the working stuff and make a release.
  7. There's no getting away from it: this isn't working as well as I'd hoped. There's too much Iron and not enough flesh on display, I think. Of course, it'll probably look better once I get it filled the rest of the way up. The alignment of everything is still a little off too. I need to work out how to position things precisely in Max. (And how to translate between all the different units involved). The cross bars don't join up on the upper levels yet, either. That said, I am not unhappy. These things will stack into rows as long and as high as you like. You can only make them two deep, but that's just because you wouldn't be able to access the interior cells otherwise. And of course, it's not done yet. I'm thinking I'd like to snap a couple of fluorescent lights onto the lateral bars, so you can see who's there without needing external spots. I'm thinking maybe a red light for that "factory farming" feel. Throw in a bit of intubation, maybe use the size sockets on the neck to add chems and harvest blood, maybe milker cups ... I have all sorts of ideas. All of which, of course, are in danger of further hiding the female forms inside the lattice. Then again, I know how to do it now. So there's always the option to redo it with glass and clear plastic. I'll see how I get on with this one.
  8. Needs work. On the bright side, I at least managed to get it in-game, so that's a kind of progress... [edit] One hour later, and a definite improvement.
  9. For anyone struggling to get their head around such things. this page on Nexus looks to have a lot of very useful info from a variety of sources.
  10. Damn, but your girls have fun. Which is more than can be said for mine, generally speaking.
  11. So, this is what all that lattice work was in aid of. It's still not quite there yet. I dummied up the height because I haven't moved the furniture node yet, and the connections aren't precise, but that'll go away when I add the socket caps. Really though, it couldn't work much better. The frame is study, the connections are in a line with the arm and leg bones And of course, she's at just the right height for sex. I'm thinking maybe the male half of Crazy's standing animation. That was designed with a static female partner, so it should work quite well. If I can make all that work, the next thing to do is look at connection points. I'd like to take the upper portion of that frame and stack it vertically, maybe see how densely I could pack the inhabitants. And if I can make it work, maybe set up an elevator platform for the male; one that would take you up in small increments, just enough to put you at the right level to have sex with the girls higher up in the frame.
  12. I've been trying to make some furniture based around existing animations. And I'm spending way way too much time going the blender->Outfit Studio->Nifscope->Game->Blender loop. It's not so bad if I can just tweak positions in nifscope, but any time I need to resize along a single axis, or rotate, I go bakc to Blender and the whole thing starts again. I'm hoping to use 3DS Max to shortcut all this ... but that's not going very well at the moment, so I thought I'd try something different. The idea here is that I have bars here to mark shoulder and arm locations in three axes. Similarly for legs and a couple of central ones as well. I can tweak the poles in nifscope until I know precisely where these points are, then export back to blender and build the rest of the object around those points.. If I do it right, it should only need doing once. I set it all up so the poles are all under a single NiNode. That means I can import the lot into new scenes and re-use the set up. 'Course, it might not work, or it might end up being more trouble than its worth. Still, it's got to be worth a shot. Still, I can't help thinking ... ... ouch!
  13. OK. So: Start 3DS Max load F4AK_Rig_Final.max Disconnect the rig by running F4AK_RigConnector_Human,ms from the MAXScript menu Import CrazyDDogF.fbx Result? Connecting back up doesn't help. I've had it better than that. Just not sure what I did. Seems to work better if I start from the biped rig that came with F4AK. Except I don't know how to connect the skeleton to that. Hmm... If I could get that pose, or a similar one (I think I'd prefer the standing doggy version) and have it wearing the StumpZ outfit - or just have the stumps outfit in the pose, I'd be very happy indeed.
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