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  1. DocClox  it is REALLY goo and super!!!!Thank you!!!!

    when the update?what with all stuff on the "photos"?

    open brain,"bottle/glass tube/container",bondevices?

    and a little info/feedback:

    production frame/production wall frame and glass cuffs-inverted -works not fine
    when i use it i disappears.
    rrs laying cross-is only a texture (see the screen shot fl4.jpg) i can no use it ((((

    but in all i love your work!!!!wait for up date!!!!
    with regard Dasha.


  2. Not much. I'm surprised I never thought of it. I might see about doing a hotfix for that. Workshop menu, somewhere after the vanilla entries
  3. Well, I had a go at sorting out the CBBE versions of the skyhook and StumpZ, but I must have messed up the sliders because the stumpz clipped horribly and the skyhook distorted wit h every step the wearer took. So that needs to be redone. Also ... I have to say, I'm struggling a bit here. I'm a bit burnout prone at the best of times, and I can feel that point approaching fast. It doesn't help that I no longer have the ample free time I had during the Covid-19 lockdown. So I'm going to try and get the current stuff stable, and then take a break and play something else. Master of Magic from 1994 is looking oddly appealing at the moment.
  4. It's kind of on Hiatus at the moment. I burned out on Skyrim and ended up doing something similar for Fallout 4. The mod should be usable as-is though. (Bit of a late reply, I know. Didn't see the notification for some reason).
  5. I cheerfully admit to not really knowing what I'm doing regarding worshop menus. I just copied a formlist from a working example and added a script to add it in. What do I have to do to give it a base category? First time you place a stand, you should get a hidden perk added. After that, pointing the cursor at the stand should give you a "configure" option as well as a "use" one. It might not work if you have another perk that adds an activation option while pointing at furniture. Yeah, I can see the appeal of wanting to light them yourself.
  6. I'm not proposing it as a long term solution. The problem is already fixed in the next release. You could have it now, except I want to find some time to sort out the CBBE versions of the StumpZ and Skyhook.
  7. The chain bikini thing is fixed in the next release. I've been a bit slower getting that out the door than I wanted. RL is starting pick up after Covid, and dev time has been a little thin on the ground. The mod is at https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42366. It's just used for some of the FG versions of the outfits, so you can safely install it and ignore it. If rrs_cbbe is causing problems, it's probably because you're missing F-Me Shoes. Again, you can install these and ignore them. Then again, all rrs_cbbe does at the moment is add a flag to to keep the shoes on during sex. The idea was that you could use them to build a body for the tops, since the tops don't have bodies of their own. If you build everything to the same preset, it doesn't matter and you can ignore the addon. Content: there should be a Raider Reform School menu added to the workshop base list, and some signs under the decorations->wall-signs section. And a flag in the decorations->wall->flag. You're the second person to report them not showing up. I'm not sure what could cause that. The menu is added by a script, so if something is causing scripts to fail, that could be it. There's also a pile of outfits and tats craftable at the chemlab. If nothing else, you should be able to find the tats under the Looksmenu add overlay UI.
  8. I've been looking into this recently. The deal with havoc2fbx is that it needs 32bit hkx files and the game uses 64 bit ones. So what you need to do is use the havoc tools to re-export the animation in 32 bit format,. and then convert it. to fbx, Trouble is, you need 3DS Max to run havoc tools, which sort of defeats the point of using Blender. That said, I've been using Max to get static poses, and then importing them into Blender and making furniture around them. I can get bones out of Max and into blender. but I've yet to try re-attaching them to a body mesh.
  9. Yeah, that might do it. I'll have a look.
  10. OK. That shouldn't happen. The biggest problem I had in testing was the hook distorting to follow spine bones. Which body are you using?
  11. Already done. Or at least, it's ready for the next release. I'm not sure what you want it to do. Is it detaching from the body? I would like to give it proper jet-back functionality at some point, but right now it;s just an item of clothing.
  12. I made a few improvements to the spitroaster I worked out how to make Bender make knobby rubber grip surfaces, and I added them to the cross bars at both ends. Just so you can get a good grip when ramming home. Then, since I was thinking about rubber and non-slip surfaces, I thought I'd add some traction mats for the feet. I added painted footprints, just so it's clear why they're there. It's as much for the benefit of the girl in the frame as anything: you want her to understand the function of the frame before she's locked into it. It'll give her something to think about while she's waiting I also lengthened the base a bit for the second traction mat, and extended the low bars to give a bit more stability. The collar was off center, so I adjusted that. That's going to mean tweaking the pose, but that needs doing anyway. Putting that gold paint outfit onto her shows that 24 Karat brand that's supposed to be on the outside of her arm is in the inside, so I messed that up somewhere. And that collar needs to be bigger, and probably to move back a bit. The hair in the 3DS Max rigs is all very well, but what I wouldn't give for a version with a back of head and no hair. As it is, fitting collars is a matter of guesswork, with much trial and error.
  13. Awkward, that. OK. I hope to get some debug time this weekend; it's been a bit thin on the ground this last week, Should be a simple enough fix.
  14. Thre's a lot I don't understand about snapping. I'll have a look and see if I can tighten it up a bit. Pretty much. There's a fair range in how high off the ground an interaction point can be before the girls stop being able to use it, so you just need to give them some height. I tend to use DDProductions' stackable 1x1 foundation blocks and glass balcony floor tiles, but anything they can pathfind over will work. Only caveat is that, unlike the MkV StumpZ stands, the frames haven't been calculated to match up with the wall/storey hight, so you may need to be a little creative in places.
  15. How cute is this? It's two half-hearts joined together, plus heart shaped base. The animation is @Vader666's incredibly useful x-cross animation. For those who like a little romance with their bondage and domination You're the second person to recommend Wood's Wasteland Stuff. I'll admit I was a bit put off by the nexus screenshots which seemed to be mainly chimney stacks and pre-war furniture, but maybe I should take a closer look. That does sound like stuff I could make use of That's the spirit!
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