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Update 22 Nov 19: All my mods for Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 are up for adoptions. All their source code is included in the download packages and can be used in whatever way any other modders see fit - no need to ask me for permission. I have retired from Bethesda games' modding to focus on my own indie game project LifePlay (check it out here, it's an life simulation RPG on Unreal Engine. It's also moddable and open-source, and completely free.).



MCM options to disable drunk visual effect, stumbling animation, change timeout between approaches and set forced chance. NPC will now approach asking for sex directly.


Drink to make friends and get laid. Drink too quickly and get wild or get taken advantage of.
Suitable for characters of all gender orientations. Dominant or submissive.


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To begin the fun, just use any alcoholic item. Or choose the “Have a drink on me” dialogue with a drink in your inventory. As long as alcohol is in your system, NPCs will also approach you to share a drink with them. Any location would work, both the best are taverns (obviously!), Jorrvaskr, guardhouses, etc


Chatting with NPCs over a drink has a chance (depending on your Speech skill) to improve your relationship, which in turns allows you to take certain items from the NPC’s home, receive gifts and advance towards the Thane’s quests. You can even drink your way to a potential follower’s allegiance/ a potential spouse’s heart.


Pick Up Girls/ Boys Or Be Picked Up
You can be cheeky and ask for sex while sharing a drink with a NPC. Chance of success depends on your existing relationship, the NPC’s morality and how drunk he/ she is.
NPCs will now also approach you asking for sex directly


Get Drunk
Drinking too much in quick succession, either from your inventory or through a NPC’s invitation, will result in you getting drunk. The alcohol’s value will determine its strength. Your vision will blur; your movement will be affected, and:

  • While in conversation with NPCs, you will always act flirty and no longer behave properly.
  • Male NPCs might take advantage of you.
  • You might violate nearby female NPCs

To move while stumbling, you may need to ‘jump forward’ first (Space + W).
Easiest way to get out of your drunkenness is to sleep for a few hours.


SexLab Framework – that’s it! This will remain the only hard dependency.


With Mod Organizer or extract content into Data folder.


I recommend NOT upgrading from version to version, but if you do, then at least use Save Cleaner .


Possible Future Content

  • Various blackout scenarios
  • “The Hangover”-style quests for the morning after
  • NPC vs NPC/ group sex / orgy
  • Drugs/ spiked drinks
  • Optional integration into SexLab Kidnapped and its wide range of scenarios, which include optional bestiality and devious stuffs
  • Optional picking of drunk and sleep animations from FunnyBiz
  • Other optional integration: SlaveTats, SkoomaWhore, etc
  • The great suggestions from this thread
  • YOUR suggestions, please comment below. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions so far, please do keep them coming by replying below.


What's New in Version 1.1


  • 21 Jul - Not a new version. Just reuploaded 1.1 as a FOMOD installer with German and Spanish translation options, courtesy of CGi. (I'll update Drunk on another day)
  • MCM options to disable drunk visual effect, stumbling animation, change timeout between approaches and set forced chance.
  • NPC will now approach asking for sex directly.
  • No more looping approaches
  • No more offering drinks to children
  • Bug and stability fixes

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