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Tentacled creatures and sentient slime now guard the piles of chaurus eggs lying in the caves of Skyrim. If you disturb them, they may turn you into their next breeding ground.



This is a very simple add-on for Estrus Chaurus+. Instead of having to suffer being a target dummy for the chaurus to get tentacled, you can now simply mess around with their eggs to have some fun.


Everytime you activate a pile of chaurus eggs, there's a 5% chance of a tentacle creature of slime creature to have its way with you. This also works with NPCs, so you can ask your followers to harvest chaurus eggs if you want to start a coven of brood mothers. If you have Devious Devices installed, and you're wearing a chastity belt, you can harvest chaurus eggs without risk of being assaulted.



This mod simply adds a script to the chaurus eggs objects, and so has to be loaded after any mod that edits them, like harvest overhauls.


This mod supports Devious Devices chastity belts, but it does not require DDI.


This mod does require Estrus Chaurus+

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