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  1. Actually, no. I could've made a separate scroll that could have been cast on NPCs, but that's not necessary at the moment. The main issues with unstable enchantments on NPCs was the papyrus spam. Also papyrus events on magic effects on npcs are incredibly finicky, so I just decided to toss it, since NPC support isn't the main focus of this mod.
  2. Just updated: 1.1 (11/20/20) -Depreciated enchanted rings and some creature ingredients so they can no longer be retrieved -Can now harvest most flora (flowers, mushrooms, bird nests) with a dagger or dissection tools for fresh ingredients with experimental effects -Dissect prompt now only appears when activating bodies that can be dissected -Dissect and Harvest prompts now requires you to be holding a dagger rather than having one in your inventory, as the latter is unreliable -Can now Destabilize most enchanted armor with warped soul gem fragments, making the enchantment unstable -Unstable enchantments no longer affect npcs (couldn't fix papyrus spam) -Can now choose what to dissect (Fluids, Flesh, Organs, or All), choosing only one will make the dissection take a shorter amount of time Also, for those attempting to use this mod in SSE, I think there is an issue with some effects being reversed. A few of the sliders are inverted in LE, for instance decreasing the Breasts slider value increases the size of a characters Breasts. I think this was changed in SSE, so those sliders aren't inverted, causing the odd effects. To fix this, you just need to change the "cor" script value in the appropriate magic effects, either from positive to negative or negative to positive. The necessary effects use the Breasts, BreastsSmall, NippleSize, Arms, ShoulderWidth, Butt, ButtSmall, and Legs sliders.
  3. All updates should be safe to upgrade unless I say otherwise in the changelog.
  4. Author of Devious Lore here. I wanted to point out that two of my other mods are also applicable to put under the "Devious Tie-Ins" section. Dragonborn in Distress and its successor Peril are both combat-defeat mods that can cause the player to be bound up in devious devices. Dragonborn in Distress also has an addiction feature, so the player character can become addicted to wearing devices. This system won't be added to Peril, and is instead being added to the other successor to DiD, Corruption, which I'm currently working on.
  5. The minigame as it is currently implemented in DL should take the device difficulty into account. It should be impossible to struggle out of devices with struggle chances set to 0, same with lockpicking and cutting. It's should also be impossible to remove quest or non-generic devices. If you've found a situation where that isn't the case, please let me know in the DL thread.
  6. Awesome! I'll write up some test scripts for you to look at once DD5 is out of beta.
  7. Ok, you might think it's like a QTE, I don't think it is, so I'll just explain it here. Once the escape game starts, your character's stamina starts to drain at a certain rate. The goal is to keep her stamina from reaching zero before she escapes the device. The time it takes to escape from a device depends on the global and device difficulty multipliers. Holding down one of the four movement keys (WASD) reduces the stamina drain, but you won't know which key you need to press, and the key you need to hold down changes periodically. So, the minigame requires you to try to find the right movement key to hold to reduce the stamina drain to keep your character from exhausting herself. Also, if you try to hold down more than one key at a time, stamina drains faster. So, button mashing in this minigame will do nothing but make your character exhausted faster and fail the struggle attempt, and there is no popup and timer yelling "PUSH A". So, I don't think it's a QTE. I prefer a balance between player and character skill myself (I absolutely hate straight diceroll mechanics, which is why I almost never use Pickpocketing) but I think this minigame leans more towards character skill. Yes, the player is asked to try to struggle with the WASD keys to emulate struggling with the character's bonds, but the character's stamina is much more important. In fact, you could just not press a button, and let the character struggle on her own and see if she makes it out. We could also add an option to determine how involved the player can be in the minigame, ie how much holding down the correct movement key alleviates the stamina drain, either on the global level or on the device level. So, we can define a threshold so that a device can only be escaped from if the character has a certain amount of stamina, no matter how good the player is at the minigame. Also, I want to make it clear that I'm not asking you to include this in version 5.0, or even this version cycle. As others have pointed out the version of the minigame I've implemented in Devious Lore can be cheesed very easily, so moving it over to the framework level would require some balancing. So, it should probably be included in version 6.0, if at all, in order to make use of the beta phase.
  8. @Kimy I'm curious if you've tried the escape minigame I made in Devious Lore, and if you'd be interested in me implementing a version of it for the framework? Normally, I'd pm you this, but I thought it was worth posting it here to allow others to chime in on which escape mechanics they like.
  9. Somewhat necroing this, but I've found out the cause of the missing tentacles bug. It seems that newer versions of EstrusForSkyrim use different Animated Objects in its animations, that weren't copied over to the EstrusChaurus plugin. A simple fix that I've done is to copy over the AnimObjs from the EstrusForSkyrim plugin into its own plugin, so you don't need to load the rest of the EstrusForSkyrim mod. I've included the plugin here for anyone that needs it until BaneMaster fixes this. Estrus AnimObjs.esp
  10. Hey, so I actually tried my hand at making a slider set for the cups myself earlier today. Rather than just applying the morphs automatically I used the masking and move tools to manually adjust the cups and tubes for each of the breast-related sliders. Please take a look at it and see if you could improve it. Zaz Suction Cups.rar
  11. This looks awesome. Do you think you could also try making bodyslide files for the Zaz suction cups?
  12. Alright. Just so I'm clear, I'm thinking of a simple "Yes/No" message box prompt when devices are given to npcs through a trading menu. I'm not suggesting you add in the dialogue system I made in Devious Lore.
  13. I know, I made that mod. I just think it should be included in the framework as well.
  14. A small suggestion to add to the pile: Could you add a prompt to give the player the choice on whether or not to equip items onto npcs when trading? Sometimes I just want my companions to carry my metric ton of bondage gear without trying it on.
  15. You could just make additional armoraddons for Argonian and Khajiit texture sets and add those to the armor. This is how the game assigns textures to naked bodies. Look up "NakedHands" in the armoraddons tab of the Creation kit.
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