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  1. I created a poll on how I should treat dialogue in the future of this mod. There are some more details on the next major update as well: Dragonborn in Distress: Dialogue Poll and Punishment Suggestions Thread
  2. I'm still working on an update for Devious Lore, but in the meantime I thought I would make a poll and thread for you all to voice your opinions on the next update for Dragonborn in Distress. I have used vanilla voice lines for the entire mod up to this point, and I think I will be able to continue that with the updates I have planned. However, the generic lines sacrifice nuance for sound, and the dialogue often comes off as clunky. I could change this and write custom dialogue for the whole mod, though that would take a lot of time, and they would of course be silent. Let me know which you would prefer in the poll above. In the next major update (I may do a few bug-fix updates before I get to this) I will be re-implementing a custom prison system, similar to what I had in 1.x versions, and I will start implementing punishments that can occur both in prisons, when captured by the guards; and in dungeons, when captured by bandits and other enemies. These punishments can be triggered through enough time passing; by mouthing off at your captors; after trying to escape; after trying to steal from your captors; and through starting combat. The type of 'trigger' event will determine what punishments are used. Additionally, I will add 'Threat' and 'Weakness' thresholds to certain punishments. 'Threat' is how dangerous your captors see you, based on your level and how many times you try to attack them. 'Weakness' is how weak-willed your captors see you, based on your addictions and how many times you surrender after being caught. This will prevent low-leveled characters from being punished too severely, and will create a dynamic where your actions while captured will have consequences for your character. Here is a list of the punishments I have come up with. Please comment any ideas you have. Include a link if your idea would require an external mod. Fair warning, a lot of these are very dark, and might not be everyone's thing. I will try to include options for each punishment, so they can be enabled and disabled at will, and their thresholds and triggers will be configurable. The markers described above will be added to vanilla locations by me. I will try to make it possible to have non-vanilla locations supported externally.
  3. I've double checked the plugin, and I accidentally deleted and replaced a road near Thelia's stables, but no new issues near Aldmeri Imports. However, I do remember fixing some navmesh errors around there some time ago, but I forget if I've uploaded the fixed version yet.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. This will be fixed next time I update the mod. I'm thinking of uploading a bug fix update soon, as the next 'story/dialogue' update still seems pretty far away.
  5. It looks like your Racemenu install in borked, and that might be causing papyrus to break down. I'm seeing no papyrus errors for my mods.
  6. Crashing around modded areas is likely due to bad navmesh editing; if more than one mod edits the same navmesh, and one of those mods 'deletes' the navmesh, then the area can cause the game to crash. I thought I set mine up properly, but I'll double check. You should check your modlist with TES5edit for other mods that edit those same areas.
  7. Then I really need the papyrus logs. Or I can't do anything to help you.
  8. Did you update your game from versions 1.x to 2.x? If so, did you update using a clean save?
  9. I really need to get in contact with the Simple Slavery guy so I can figure out how to connect Dragonborn in Distress to it.
  10. I'll look into purging active effects from NPCs when captured. If it's too tough, you can either turn it off or make withdrawal and addiction decay faster. I'll look into adding more options to addictions in the future.
  11. There are gay chance sliders in the MCM. You can set these to zero.
  12. The keys should be in your friend's inventory. I'll add some MCM options to customize the dom experience.
  13. If your character is addicted to lactation, then yes, they should milk themselves periodically at high withdrawal. I must've forgotten to put that in the description.
  14. A lot of detailed info here. Thanks! I'll get this system implemented in Dragonborn in Distress next time I update it.
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