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  1. 2.0.3 (2-7-21) -Reverted change from previous version that caused defeat to end prematurely. -Halved the distance needed between the player and enemies to stop defeat. -Fixed some papyrus spam caused by theft punishments. -Added another faction used during defeat that hopefully stops combat more reliably. -Fixed a UI bug with the defeat search perk.
  2. Quick script update. I'm still working on updating Corruption's visuals. 2.0.2 (2-2-21) -Defeat will now end if nearby enemies aren't in combat with the player. -Can now talk to followers during defeat if they aren't downed.
  3. No, the transformations will be gradual, but the textures won't transition from normal to corrupted, like you see with the transformation on the mod page.
  4. Short update. I already have the code implemented, I just need to remake the transformation files. With this new system, I can't have gradual transitions, but I think it still works.
  5. Some news: I think I've figured out a way to implement the creature transformations in a way that allows them to be applied to non-vanilla races, allow the transformations to work with any skin texture, make it easier for me to make CBBE versions, and have multiple transformations active at the same time. If any of you are curious about the process, I found out about it on this thread. This will be a major rework of part of this mod, so don't expect this to drop today or tomorrow, but I'm going to focus on getting this implemented over working on other aspects of the mo
  6. MCM stands for Mod Configuration Menu. If you're just starting to mod Skyrim, you should look up some tutorials on getting the basic mods set up.
  7. Sorry to necro a thread, but I did some testing on this myself, and I found out that increasing the number of overlays (iNumOverlays in nioverride.ini, I used 20) allows you to use any layer for this.
  8. Forgot to compile the MCM script. Fuck. Should now be fixed.
  9. Looks like either the download was corrupted, or your game is running out of memory.
  10. I found this thread that details how to apply textures sets with normal maps. The process works for me. Might be worth looking into.
  11. Probably, though I didn't test it explicitly. As long as you aren't currently in combat, there shouldn't be any issues.
  12. That's probably because you were equipped with a ball and chain.
  13. 1.0.7 (1-23-21) -Fixed a bug in the MCM with the Craft Penalty option. -Fixed not getting addiction or corruption when having sex with a creature that's in combat. -Fixed the corruption calculation due to some old code. Corruption should now increase 100 times as rapidly.
  14. I suppose you could say that. I think of the chances more as "How often do I want this to happen every time it can happen?", than "How often do I want this to be chosen as the outcome?" The default outcome, if no scenarios can be used or they all fail the random check, is to simply let the player go. So, it's a good idea to set at least one simple outcome to 100% chance, by default this is the Gold Theft.
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