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  1. Alright, I'll look into getting this implemented in the next update. Not sure when that will be, unfortunately.
  2. If you have a mod that gives argonians and khajiit humanoid heads, then it should work fine. If you don't, then there's going to be texture issues that I can't solve.
  3. Yup, that's what I was thinking of. Hopefully the physics thing won't get in the way of using it in an animation.
  4. This is one hell of a first try at scripting! You should take this over to the slavetats dev to see if they can implement the changes. If they do, I'll incorporate your changes into the main mod.
  5. The first thing that comes to mind would be to use horse hide model scaled up.
  6. I'd recommend you leave those mods installed, but just disable player defeat for both of them through their MCMs.
  7. That should be easy to add. Honestly, I didn't think anyone was using that portion of the mod. It's pretty barebones. Adding a slider and an "instant dom" option should be easy enough.
  8. What I mean is I'm not going to download the mod to test the mod event. Because that mod never worked for me anyway.
  9. Sorry, I've wrestled with that mod for far too many hours and days already. I'm not about to start doing that again.
  10. If you mean the player being captured, that is planned. Though, it will likely come after I implement a new jail system. If you mean the player capturing enemies, then no. That's not within the scope of this mod. Yet, I might get around to making a separate mod that covers that.
  11. Small update: 2.1.1 (4-9-21) -Added an option for the defeat notifications. Disabled by default. -Quadrupled the distance required to flee to escape defeat. -Successfully fleeing from enemies stops combat with them. -Made defeat start more reliably, especially if transitioning from one combat encounter to another.
  12. Alright, know that I would enjoy those if you decided to make them. Also, another request, could we get a laying animation similar to Gwynevere from Dark Souls?
  13. You won't be able to get the training if the training devices can't be equipped. It should be common sense that any 'permanent restraints' mods like the ones you listed would conflict with devious devices quests. I did. That dialogue condition is intentional.
  14. I've been talking about some more interesting updates once I released Peril and Corruption. Here's the first one: 2.1.0 (4/5/21) Added the first "Devious Training". After you gain Hjorni's Favor by retrieving and opening one of the urns she's looking for, without being bound, and after asking about practical uses of the restraints she collects, she will offer a simple training regiment: raise your weapon skills 5 times while wearing a full chastity set. Doing so will give you a buff that increases damage done with weapons while chaste and aroused. Three more trainings are plan
  15. The quest is working fine on my end. I'm not able to reproduce what you're talking about.
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