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  1. Well, Gunslicer has also made a SLAL pack, so they might be able to package it for you.
  2. Do you have NiOverride/RaceMenu installed?
  3. Hey, I noticed Gunslicer made an egg birthing animation. I think it's file 'GS333.hkx' in their pose mod. You should probably ask them if you can use it.
  4. I really hate the retextured vanilla execution hood used as the normal rubber hood, so I've taken one of the other hood models already in the mod files (old_leather_hood.nif) and I've tweaked it's texture paths to replace the execution hood. Please consider implementing this in the next version. Old Rubber Hood Replacer.rar
  5. You'd have to remake the face mesh for that. I just whipped it up in Bodyslide/Outfit Studio, so if you have any experience with that you could probably make your own.
  6. Honestly, the main reason I use UUNP for my setup is the Book of UUNP armor mashup compilation by GameFever. That's a constant in my load order.
  7. Are there any errors in your papyrus log while trying this? Yes.
  8. You'll need to make a copy of the race's head HDPT (headpart), then change it's model to Corruption\Heads\femaleheadlips.nif Then you'll want to add the original head to the CorruptionListHeadsLipsVanillaCorruption formlist, and the new head to CorruptionListHeadsLips. You should be able to do this easily in TES5edit or xEdit.
  9. 1.2.2 (7-21-21) -Added global mult and decay options for Corruption,Withdrawal, and Addiction. -Changed addiction increase from sex events. It is now random, but the floor is determined by the enemies' levels. -Changed addiction decay, it now decays much slower at higher addiction. Addiction still decays faster at higher addiction than at lower addiction. -Fixed addiction increasing much slower than it should be. Addiction increases should be at least equal to withdrawal decreases when performing an addictive action. -Fixed spriggan horns not appearing for most of the transformation. -Fixed a few withdrawal effects not marked as 'detrimental'.
  10. Are these the milk pumps placed by my mod? Or are you talking about pumps added by ZAP, not MME?
  11. Well, I actually joined twitter to start following some NSFW artists that migrated there after purges on other art sites. So, it seems safe enough for them. Honestly, I just wanted a casual place to show off my mods and discuss horny game development, and twitter seems to have a pretty big community around that. I totally get if no one else wants to touch that site with a 20 foot pole, and if that's the case, you won't be missing out on anything important. If I make any ground-breaking announcements there, I'll make them here as well.
  12. So, I finally decided to make a twitter account. I'll likely be terrible at interacting with people, but I will be posting some images showcasing my mods there, and possibly talking about what I'm working on, so I won't be spamming this page with updates unnecessarily. Give it a follow if you're at all interested.
  13. Thanks for pointing this out. This will be fixed in the next update.
  14. This should be fixed in the latest update.
  15. So, for the issue of VRIK fighting with player animations, like in Horrible Harassment, MME, and Devious Devices, I think it would be worth making a framework mod that updates VRIK's arms, body, and camera through mod events. An example would be functions like this: AddVRIKRestriction(string modkey, bool arms, bool body, bool camera) RemoveVRIKRestriction(string modkey) This function would be attached to a mod event that other mods could send without having VRIK installed, without even being a special edition mod. The 'modkey' parameter would also prevent different mods from overwriting their changes to VRIK. As an example, say MME and Devious Devices both had VRIK implemented. DD adds an armbinder to a player, and their VRIK implementation un-VR's their arms so they use the DD animation, but the player's camera and body are still using VR animations. Then, a player gets in a MME milk pump, and their VRIK implementation un-VR's their arms and body, and locks the headset inside the player's head. Then, for some reason, DD removes the armbinder, and their implemention re-VR's their arms, so now the player's arms are unlocked while in the milk pump. A framework mod could prevent this. Each time the mod events are called, the options are either recorded under the modkey string in some dataset, or the options under the string are removed. The framework then looks through all the recorded restrictions and if any mod un-VR's any part of VRIK, the framework applies it; if not the framework restores the VRIK settings.
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