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  1. Skyrims Scene Handling has a tendency to missbehave when mods like this are used on existing saves. Try using a new one.
  2. Another small preview for the upcoming Riften Events. Preliminary patreon version will be up this weekend. Will include a non-lethal butthole-widening outcome as well.
  3. Good to know. cant have An important whipping task be interrupted by a lowly skewer. I´ll give the Jailors a bit of bonus damage against these critters in the next update so he can just fucking nuke them and proceed with whipping.
  4. probably somewhere next month. its not even finished yet. yeah, lets you pop of heads at will I know the animation you are talking about, but it has this big pedestal as part of the animation, which makes it poorly suited to be integrated in any working device. Yes, I know how to remove animObjects, but I´d still have to correct the offsets of the Actors to have the stay on the ground. And doing that would be more effort than just redoing the animations from scratch.
  5. When you get the SS++ outcome, the players inventory will be returned before the SS event is called. What happens after that, I dont know. Youd have to ask Hexbolt for that.
  6. Im not entirely sure if this approach would hold up when the cell unloads. In fact, I really doubt it. I wouldnt waste any effort on this Idea. Just out of curiosity, whtas the problem with ai-packages?
  7. you mean something like the nevernude body replacers? that already exists.
  8. As long as these cages a re placed on Navmesh, the will see a valid path to walk away. And if not, the game will eventually reset them onto a navmeshed place. So in short, No. without ai packages, it wont work.
  9. I didn't make any changes to the scripts or the esp. If functionality changed for you, there is some other reason. I not a big fan of NFF, so im not entirely sure how it works, but since the chopping block checks for the Vanilla follower, I dont think NFF managed NPC´s wouldnt even be considered followers Notes: -The Thing prefers Guards over regular NPC´s, but other than that, the selection is random. -Assigning keywords with SSedit or whatever wont designate NPC´s for specific Roles. If you are referring to this One: Thats not related to the Animation. Its a regular weapon from "Immersive Weapons". I just had my char stand there without using the Block. Easiest way to switch out the Axe within the Animation would be to switch out the actual .nif for the Executioners Axe. (Or the corresponding AnimObject)
  10. Its used as an Alias Keyword by the preSelector quest. (Which is part of the 2-Stage Actor Filter) If you assign this to anything, it will always be considered a valid actor, completely ignoring any settings. @stillnofunnylogin, Other than that detail, pinkfluff is spot on. Using the "setPlayerTeammate 1" command on the follower will make him visible as a follower.
  11. Not even remotely. Run FNIS, that should do the trick. If that doesn't work, you placed the cross on a non-navmeshed position. Try putting it somewhere where NPC can reach.
  12. @donttouchmethere, I kinda have to agree here. I mean, without a mod that actually DOES something with a locked player, I don't see much point in having this feature. You walk up to a random zap furniture, get locked, and then... ? Do you see the Problem?
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