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  1. A few notes on the New V3.0 update: The update doesn't change how the Gallow functions, it just alters the behavior/animation data to avoid potential future compatibility issues with other mods that make use of Zap assets. That means: If you don't experience these issues: -a select few Zap animations not working (kennel bondage, buried, ...) -FNIS log errors when the mod is installed you DON'T need to upgrade to V3.0, but new users should of course useV3.0 regardless For those who want to upgrade from V2.0 to V3.0: Unin
  2. @kurokurokurokuro, Just like @LD5 and @Deadly Kitten already pointed out, the devices can be spawned via the console. If you need a detailed description, its on the Frontpage of the mod. Jaxtons positioner is optional if wou want to fine-tune the position of the devices, but not required. The devices will straighten themselves after spawning. A spell for spawning is not available yet (my cruxification mod has one). But i will probably copy it over into PDF(S) soon.
  3. Oh well, that would be great help to me, thank you. I agree that the current Idea looks a bit cobbled together, but its the best thing i could do with the vanilla assets. I would of course prefer an actual furniture, but creating new nif assets is something that still eludes me. And You seemed to be busy with Zap9, so i didn't want to bother you with a selfish request 😅. going by gut Feeling, the mini-platforms Idea sounds like the most interesting to me, but I will of course be grateful for anything you can come up with.
  4. After seeing this pop up in the feed, i also gave it a quick try. (mainly the punishing scenes, I know, shocker...) First of, I really like the writing on this one. Not everyday that i can enjoy a text heavy mod like this. But some technical observations: -Scenes generally require a high degree of cooperation from the player and a very easy to break ( even when not actively trying). It might worth a thought to put the PC under AI control and force him around using AI-packages. -As someone in the thread has already noted, there is a certain subset o
  5. Im sorry, but thats impractical (at least for me). I don't have the tools to animate creatures. The Blender setup I´m using barely works for humans. And besides that, animating in general is a bit out of my domain, so i try to avoid it wherever i can.
  6. I can´t say for sure, but if i remember correctly, Skyrim souls is extremely papyrus heavy. The Error thats causing the beater to remain inactive is indeed caused by skriptlag, so this might be the explanation.
  7. If you really want to go full pro with this, you´ll have to use an external 3D-software to get the head into a proper shape. Getting human faces too look proper is not an easy thing to achieve. I had a go at this with blender and it took me a year to produce something semi-decent looking. If you are lazy, Racemenus´s Vertex editor offers a basic shaping functionality, but this is of course inferior. Also, you obviously wont get normal maps out of this. And if you don't know the principles of head sculpting, this is a try and error thing. In short: -get Blender
  8. The mod just uses the .nif Files for the Crosses from Zap. I don't think they are included in Zap7, but you can just try this yourself. Use the construction Spell and see if the Crosses appear. If they don't, you need to upgrade to Zap8. Zap8+ is an extension of Zap8, therefore using Zap8+ is preferable For this mod, making a clean save after upgrading Zap is not required, but you might have other mods installed which are more sensitive to this, so i cant give you a definitive answer. Usually, I only do a clean save if stuff doesn't work.
  9. Ok, found it. This is the one i used for Lydia: Custom_Thick_godess.xml keep in mind that this is a very old Preset and doesn't work on more modern bodies like the 3BBB ones. Carlotta and Ysolda are using the default body which comes with the Bijin series mod. If you want that preset, you´ll have to ask their Autor.
  10. Just as anyone else, i can only speculate on this, but Im pretty sure this is a purely artistic thing used by modern artists. Since there is very limited consent on what exactly a succubus even is, I don't think there is not much point in trying to assign any meaning to it. My best guess is, that it serves the same purpose as stockings or arm-gloves. which is to create some contrast and thereby increase visual appeal.
  11. Youd´d have to specify. Everyone in the screenshots uses a different one.
  12. You´d have to resurrect her to make her do anything. There is no way in this game to pose a dead actor, unfortunately.
  13. @elekszid This is in no way related to Musje´s HSH. And even if this had any chance of interfering which another mod, it wouldn't be capable of causing a crash. its way to simple for that. There is likely some deeper rooted problem in your mod setup or the savegame. please don't go around making claims like that without testing it first.
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