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  1. This would only cause T-Posing Characters, but not a CTD.
  2. This isn´t unique to Win 10. Win 7 does this as well. Not sure how it works in 10, but in 7 you can disable this behavior via the Power Options. "Time until hard drive deactivation..." something...
  3. Is she dead or Alive? Did this happen upon initial entering or upon save load / reentering Cell ? Are you on LE or SE? Also, whats that skin texture?
  4. This is interesting to know, but I don't think that´s the issue here. I do see this weapon draw glitch on my own game more often than i would like, and I´m not running any follower overhauls. I believe its connected to the "Use Weapon" AI-package, but this needs more testing.
  5. This is a known issue and I'm looking into it. dirty workaround for now is to remove their regular weapons before tasking people to spank you.
  6. As Far as I know, SL Defeat has the option to knock out downed enemies, restrain them and Rape them.
  7. That Line suggest that the game.getPlayer() fuction doesn't work anymore after the player has died. try using "self.getRef()" or a variable that has the player-refernce cached.
  8. I wanted to take a a look at the NiOverride issue related to the Guillotine and the Chopping Block. might be interesting for those who want to use slave-tats or wetFunctions. After that, i´m not sure yet. Maybe An Impaler. this could be quite neat since i now know how to animate corpses. Another option(probably my preferred one) would be to finally get started with the Bad End´s Mod. I dont know how Far @Delzaron has gotten with the Fortress until now, but i could start writing a universal Scene Handler which could be used on smaller locations as well.
  9. This wouldn't affect other stuff in the victims inventory like weapons/Gold/.... Those would still reset every time. I went for a piece by piece detection, so people can equip some of the kinky stuff from DD or Zap and it wont just Vanish every time they come back. Also, i Just had this " 2 days Later" Event i prophesied earlier. 🤪 Randomly got the notification: Quest Failed: in my time of Need And i was like, right, i tested this on Saadia a while back. 😬
  10. I have to admit that i had my doubts at first, but this is actually a really nice-to-have.
  11. I think its a bit of a stretch to kill questtargets that way. I´m just imaginig to hook up someone on a cross and than get the quest Notification 2 Days laster when you have already forgotten about it, lol. But i did a complete rewrite and this is actually a lot more feasible than i originally thought. The only "inconvenience" is the resetting inventory on resurrect. The equipped items (or lack thereof) can be reapplied on every reload, but other inventory items cannot feasible be tracked, so its up to personal discipline to not farm stuff that way. But i guess this is an acce
  12. Would be an option, but the only visible difference would be the interaction prompt. and the current fake death method is easier to handle, so ill leave it that way.
  13. Just as Devious Devices, this mod is actually a modders ressource, which means you need the console or the CK to make use of it. And Yes, this IS mentioned on the goddam frontpage -.-
  14. Nothing tangible unfortunately. The Cruxification stuff is currently being tested by my supporters, but it wont be finished this year, since I´m currently away from my Desktop Computer and wont return before January. But i can share something interesting i stumbled across while working on the Crux: a way to truly kill an Actor without breaking his animation. This does somewhat work with furniture animations as you can see above. All actors here are actually dead. No trickery involved. (this wont survive a game or cell Reload, so i´m not using it for the final
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