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  1. Oh boy, seems you really did some stress testing there. since it uses an alias to handle the dupe, its not really designed to handle multiple executions simultaneously. using a slotting system to make that possible wouldn't be impossible, but i thought i would be a bit of a fringe case when used normally. But in general, many of the visual problems on display here are caused by script lag. seems i have to increase the tolerances... thank you again for going trough the trouble of doing this. this is one of those system specific problems that simply don't occur for me, so im glad i have someone who can get me a detailed report like this
  2. @Erholung Thank you for your testing: 1. the collision Bug and stuck corpses. This is caused by the collision geometry of the Blade part, and therefore is out of my control. t.ara knows about this and will hopefully make some changes in the final version 2. visible dupes and missing cut-section. those seem to be caused by a race condition when the dupe´s 3D isn't loaded fast enough. This problem didn't happen to me during testing, since i only use the default cbbe body with the relatively small textures. But using larger textures or more complex meshes will increase the likelihood of this error occurring. But i think i know a workaround for this. 3. disappearing Blade: small oversight, already fixed People reacting to invisible corpse: yeah, not sure about that . i have to dump it somewhere, usually i would select a fixed point when placing it in the CK, but for the spawnable ones i have to assume they could be placed somewhere confined, so i have to dump it close by.
  3. This problem came up in one of my threads and one very kind user had the solution: tried that and it worked. problem is of course that you have to correct this for every single hairstyle manually.
  4. @t.ara keep in mind that characters have a relatively wide stance if you don't have any Idle replacer mod installed. And this would look bad with any form of restrains equipped to the Ankles. Therefore doing this freeform without any form of furniture-like animation is not realistic. also: having the ropes end accurately follow the characters neck comes with an enormous script load. Using an animation greatly reduces the Range of that tracking and brings scriptload down to a manageable level. But having a physics enabled stool as the centerpiece of this entire setup is good Idea. If you would be so kind to make one, i would need it to be usable as an activator (visible "Activate" prompt) The climbing/kicking away is something i know how to handle, so no problems there. a small personal stylistic request: i had something in mind that resembles a barstool (1.0m - 1.5m height, small surface area, no back support)
  5. Nah, i dont know... as you and z3r0 already mentioned, the maximum achievable quality would be sub-par. And since there are a lot of other devices in the game which could be realized in a much more satisfying way, i think my time is better spent doing just that. (I still want to make that enhanced "Bad Ends" at some point, but there are only so many hours in a day 😑)
  6. Well, the name is actually derived from a relative´s electronics company, so, close enough
  7. The stool/barrel approach is actually what i had in mind for this. i was also thinking about using an marker, instead of an visible Gallow, so it looks like the rope is fixed to a tree /beam.
  8. well, t.ara is pretty much right on this one. there is no practical way of doing it. a "fake" approach would have some resemblance to Deadly mutilations, but anything that involves partitioning the torso in any way whatsoever would be an absolute nightmare to do. you would have to create nifs of the individual bodyparts and create bodyslide data for them, so they match the actual bodytype of the actor. Problem with that is, that you will likely have different body-types / body-textures in your game, so you are almost guaranteed to have terrible mismatches when trying this (and this is of course ignoring the fact that it wouldn't work with any type of clothing / restraints / accessories, unless . And this is something even AAA-Games struggle with. For example: have you ever played Witcher3 ? there is a killmove that cuts straight through the torso. this will make one bodyhalf invisible and equip a bloody rim (this could be realistically reproduced). BUT: for the "cut off" half, it will always spawn in the same assets, which often leads to some horrible visual mismatches. the reason for this is of course that they didn't want to account for the different body's/clothing. And if a Giant company like them thinks its not worth the effort, I´m sure as hell not taking on the nightmare of doing it on my own, sorry. 😬
  9. the stuff included in my deadly furnitures mod (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/12508-pama´s-deadly-furniture-scripts/) is already spawnable with the console. The Gallow in this specific configuration wont be spawnable, because the inclusion of the Platform necessitates it to adjust the navmesh accordingly, otherwise NPC´s wont be able to reach it. And Navmesh cannot be edited outside the creation kit. But i was planning on doing a slightly smaller version at some point, which could be spawned.
  10. Thats odd usually, the vanilla decapitation works just fine when you trigger the victims Animation, even without an executioner or Guard present. thats what the Guiloitine does and there are no problems whatsoever. Also, the example i described earlier used the unaltered vanilla animation (directly extracted from the bsa). which further convinces me that there is something missing within the behavior, rather than the animation itself. (still no idea though, why the guard has those lined within his animation. Probably a leftover?)
  11. that's actually something a new save (or waitung 30 ingame days) should solve.
  12. problem with that is, that FNIS doesn't set those flags in the behavior files. I tried the following; -got the Vanilla .hkx file of the chopping block animation -used FNIS to create a new animation with this exact .hkx file -tried to play it ingame result: -the animation plays just fine, but the head wont come of (neither will the sounds be played or the actor be killed) -(the sounds and actor dying can be achieved by adding some flags into the FNIS_List, but it cannot set thje flag for decapitations) So i think think the most promising way to do it would be: -trying to isolate the memory address of the dismember/decap Function -write an SKSE Plugin to make that Function available to papyrus. of course, writing SKSE plugins is pretty much the ultimate thing you can do in terms of skyrim modding, therefore its not exactly easy. BUT: I have seen a discussion on Nexus on how someone managed to do this exact thing with the SGTM function (which is usually a console-only function) its something i definitively want to try at some point, but i dont think this will produce usable results anytime soon.
  13. From what i can see, i highly doubt that Deadly mutilation does "real" dismemberment. I cannot know for sure since the current downloadable version doesn't include the source files, but it doesnt have an SKSE plugin, and that means that its limited to the normal papyrus functions provided by SKSE. And what that means is: It cannot have a dismember Function. there is such a function present within the creation engine, but its a fallout exclusive function as of now, because the skyrim version hasn't been decoded by the SKSE team yet. what i THINK deadly mutilation does (speculation incoming): i think it uses equippables to hide bodyparts and equip stumps, and spawns in arm/leg/torso like looking objects (which arent actually part of the actor). this theory is supported by the Fact that it has tons of arm/leg/gore .nifs included and doesn't work on custom armor. (No need to be afraid of sounding lecturing i´m quite grateful to have some useful input on this topic here)
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