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  1. This isn't cool at all. If parents don't want to get their rug rats vaccinated for things like hepatitis b, chickenpox, etc. that's fine; if your kids survive then homeschool them. But the government stating you MUST expose your brats to a disease (the vaccine) that's only spread through sex or iv drug use (hepatitis b) then FUCK THEM. Clarification: I hate children almost as much as I hate authoritarian bullshit.
  2. "Clush your enemies. See dem driven before you. And heeuh deh lamentations of der vimen." That quote?
  3. Shuddup you pay-pig! Systemic patriarchy allows you to say that!
  4. Game companies are already doing the dirty work for them, but eventually the woke Gestapo will come for independent gaming forums. Dark0ne will go down like a Filipino tranny during Fleet Week. Ashal most likely won't buckle since the one thing activists can target (the advertisers) won't be in play here. Feminists: 'Sex work is legitimate work.' Sane People: 'Then you need to pay taxes like everyone else.' Feminists: 'UR racist against wamenz.'
  5. It's NPC clown-speak. Edit: The type of people who use the term unironically are seeking to dehumanize men; they condemn men for supposedly dehumanizing others. They behave like those they claim to be superior to. i.e. what wokeness is all about.
  6. No, I WOULD believe it. Google BuzzFeed Sims4 and look at the amount of traffic it gets. Sims4 on BuzzFeed, Sims4 on LL.
  7. Your attempted meme disproves what you're trying to assert now but...
  8. SOCIAL justice warriors. Trying to make something about politics when it isn't just because someone doesn't like what I posted...what for it...proves the point I was making. 🤡
  9. They're idiots. All coyotes are 'red wolves', all bobcats eat calves, crows carry bird flu, etc. BUT the dumbasses will still shoot feral hogs and leave the carcass wherever it drops. Feral hogs carry a passive form of rabies that won't kill them, just anything they attack or anything that eats them. So they shoot a rabid hog and then the varmints eat it...and they get rabies. I'm not certain but the rabid coon that showed up at my place a few months ago caught it from somewhere. The kids where I live run coon dogs every weekend and they haven't reported any rabid coons to the game w
  10. All those people got chased off when the 'kinder-gentler' LL pandering horseshit started. Me, you, CaptainCobra...we're just about all that's left from when the site was fun. Too much 'that might hurt someone's feelings' goin on now. God forbid some SJW hypocrite comes here for his rape mods and reads something he doesn't like. 🤡Clown world in full effect.🤡
  11. I stopped using poisons when I started finding dead dead varmints; coons, skunks, occasionally coyotes. My guess is the rats and mice were getting poisoned, wandering off to find water before they died and the varmints ate them. Cats are better anyway. They only go after what's around the barn. When I first bought my place the original wooden barn was still standing (sorta) and turkey vultures had set up shop. The whole interior was rotten and covered in years of vulture shit. I built a small fire out of cut railroad ties and the creosote smoke drove them out. The next day I used a
  12. Good Lord you're OLD. I remember the old Wolflore forum; along with Canadian Ice, Elric, etc. That was back when Nexus was TESSource. Aside from the clique-nature of those sites things really weren't as fucked up as they are now. But back then pandering to the perpetually offended didn't happen. 'Grow up' or 'Get some thicker skin' was the go-to moderator response. Really miss those days when being a pussy wasn't the norm.
  13. A great horned owl has decided that my hay barn is the perfect place to roost. The mess they make (runny bird shit any seagull would ne proud of and the waxy owl pellets they barf up) outweighs any rat/mouse catching they do. It's one owl so there's no mate BUT I don't want another one showing up; this is the time of year they pair off and they stay together for life. Anyway, making an owl leave is a pain in the ass and I'm NOT going to kill it...so that means bird repellent on every beam in the barn. So much for fishing tomorrow.
  14. Funny; actual sense of humor required.
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