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  1. Not at all. It's the internet. I walk away for 5 minutes and then it doesn't matter.
  2. NOT a conspiracy; unless you're going to try a make the case that the person arrested (7 times) isn't a rioting trans Muslim Antifa member (which they are). You're mad because I posted a verifiable news link of a psycho and you internalzed it. My post wasn't about you and neither was the article, but you're acting like they are. Says a lot about you. 🤡 ***in your head rent-free*** 🤡
  3. I don't see how THE TRUTH is creating bullshit out of nothing. That 'thing' is a documented felony arrest; the last one of seven to be precise. Just goes to show how unhinged some people are.
  4. Try this normal map and see if the seam is still there. If it is; your UV map might be scaled wrong for that section of the mesh. If is isn't; your normal map is borked. flat_n.dds
  5. Yes...this is real. Rifle-carrying trans Muslim Antifa arrested at riot in Phoenix
  6. Yeah, bone weight copying and painting weights by hand are hit-and-miss sometimes. Q: Are you using a vanilla normal map or one you made?
  7. Why are you using bodyslide if you know how to navigate in Blender and Nifscope?
  8. Project Vertitas has a high ranking Google Exec on camera saying they give secret ad credits to Team A while censoring Team B. He thinks it's funny and a-okay. Aaaand Twitter is censoring it of course.
  9. The Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google for abuse of power.
  10. YEAH, ya did. "...the Chinese are just being better capitalists than you and the rest of America." You can't follow what was said from one post to the next, including this shit YOU'VE POSTED.
  11. Your reading comprehension is SHIT. Go back and reread my post. The Chinese in no way outcompeted my company; I cut them off, not the other way around.
  12. More like the 1920's. Tube technology, cellulose, canned food with a 1 month shelf life, etc. We'd have to turn the whole U.S. into one continent-sized farm just to feed everyone, but good luck getting a harvest since there won't be any pesticides, ground sealers or powered farm equipment. And say goodbye to microchips and advanced medicine.
  13. The 2011 Fukushima Daiichi melt down has already killed us all. In a few decades when people start dying from liver and stomach cancer there won't be a common thread the medical 'experts' can identify. And the Japanese are ready to poison us all again. Fukushima: Japan 'to release contaminated water into sea'
  14. Current tech for long-life batteries means cobalt13 or lithium. Both of those KILL the people mining it and processing it. Luckily it's child slaves in the Congo doing all the work so woke douches can bloviate about how morally superior they are. 'A few black kids dying of cancer is okay as long as I can drive a Prius and virtue signal on Twitter.' The decay rates advance over time. It gets to the point where no amount of water can cool the reaction because of the silicon, zircon and other trash that starts to accumulate. There are much better ways to boil water to drive steam turbines.
  15. It's easily replaceable....yeah....suuuuure it is. We'll all ride unicorns to work.
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