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  1. There are legitimate ways to earn money in 3d space; modding a game ain't one of 'em. I make DAZ content under another name and not even my closest internet friends know what it is. My storefront at Daz3D and my SmithMicro account bring in about $400 a month. You see, those are ran like actual businesses and not whatever the fuck Bethesda.net is supposed to be; and certainly not a stupid game forum. My DAZ content is controlled and licensed BY ME. No one can say that for anything made to work with a Bethesda game. I don't have to worry about what Bethesda is going to do with modding and their next release. But if i was modding for money and pretending that's a real job I'd be very worried. If I make a set of glass display cases for FO4 and upload them publicly anywhere I surrender ownership to Bethesda. That's in their EULAs for every game now. If I submit it to their Creation Club I get limited stipend that depends on milestones. Once that runs out THEY get to keep the earnings. If I upload the glass cases to Daz3D there is no vetting, milestones of fucking me out of my money. My storefront fee never changes, I own the content and I can even do an Interactive License for the renders. That's guaranteed income that doesn't depend on the assfuckery of Bethesda and Patreon or the whim-rules of a 'because I said so' game site moderator. Uploading mods here and sticking Bethesda-owned content behind paywalls or pay tiers on Patreon ain't gonna last forever. FO76 and 'you can only get mods from us' is the new normal.
  2. I mod for that sweet-sweet Patreon cash and external validation from losers on the internet.
  3. I know I'm wasting my time posting since 'man-made climate change is real REEEEE!' but I'm doing it anyway. Maybe it will get through to the handful of sane individuals still here.
  4. That's the same group of people who say pathetic shit like "You're only hating on it to be cool". I guess in their world paying full price for a game and it not working is okay. And if anyone expects a game THEY PAID FOR to not be a buggy broken wreck....well, that makes them entitled...somehow...to the fanboys who have no dignity anyway. No wonder I don't give a fuck about companies like EA and Bethesda.
  5. 'The attacker' had a Youtube channel (now deleted by Youtube) and guess what; he's a racist black power revisionist and anti-Semite. He's one of those Black Hebrew Israelites who claim they're 'the real Jews' and 'the fake Jews' stole the religion from them. I never saw any of his videos but from what I've read on 4chan (take it for what it is) his whole focus was violence against white people, 'the Zionist controlled news' and...the Jews. If you worked for MHMR then you're aware of the scammers looking for a government check. Nothing wrong with them mentally; they take enough of the prescribed meds to pass a drug screening and that's it. Pretty sure that's what the asshole in the videos was doing. If he had enough sense to have a Youtube channel and be concerned when people started calling him out for attacking elderly people then there ain't shit wrong with him. I can guarantee when the facility staff opened the day room or called for meals he was the first one there.
  6. Pres.Trump is tweeting about it so the MSM can't ignore it...even though they will want to. This is getting a lot of attention so I doubt the Detroit police and DA's office can 'meh' their way into not doing anything. Leave it to 4chan to deep dive on something like this and ID the asshole and all his social media accounts in a few hours. I can't watch the video again. Makes my blood boil.
  7. If I did that some asshole would change the files and use it as a replacer for children. I've already had that happen to one mod I made so NOPE NOT HAPPENING.
  8. This fucking animal piece of shit really pisses me off. Read that he's been arrested and the police are 'looking into it'. This happened in Detroit so they'll be releasing him without bond and the charges will be dismissed after all the attention dies down. Luckily this DUMB-ASS videoed himself doing the assault...but wait there's more. He also videoed himself beating the fuck out of a 93 woman in the same nursing home. "It's just a prank, bruh." was what he said after people called him out for posting the videos on FACEBOOK. Yeah, he's that fucking stupid.
  9. I can't take any reaction vids seriously. They're just click bait. Any time one pops up in my recommended videos I select 'Do not recommend channel'. I do the same thing for the majority of gaming channels unless I know their reputation. Same thing for cryptids, ghosts, aliens and anything that breaks the needle on my bullshit meter.
  10. Witcher3; killing Imlerith. Not so much because he's a douche (he is) but because his boss fight was a real bitch. He won't telegraph his attacks while he uses the mace and shield combo and he won't drop the shield until his health is down by a third. Then he changes tactics and starts teleporting around and chaining power attacks. If he misses three times then he has to pause for a breather. The guy in this video makes it look easy...it isn't.
  11. This lockdown bullshit is getting old. Over it already. The media and the COVID doomsday cult need to give it a fucking rest.
  12. Randall Carlson has a Youtube channel! Holy fuck!
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