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  1. Not all of them are trash...just most of them. Hexbolt8's rework of Submissive Lola is pretty fucking good. I'd give that a try.
  2. Q: Why are there so many "player gets enslaved mods"? A: They are the easiest to make. Think of them as the LL equivalent of YouTube reaction videos.
  3. New reality show; Celebrity Shakedown.
  4. The only thing he's going to be taking behind the gym is a nap.
  5. This thread is starting to look a lot like Veladarius' old Captured Dreams Shop thread. 'I want what I want and there's no reason you can't take the time to do it for me.'
  6. Listen to this black kid stand up against critical race theory indoctrination.
  7. Create this file folder path in your Data folder, if they are not already present. textures\furniture\prisonercarriage Now MANUALLY copy and paste the PrisonerCarriage01.dds and PrisonerCarriage01_n.dds textures into the prisonercarriage folder. In whatever mod management program you use toggle archive invalidation on and off and then leave it on. Launch the game and see what happens.
  8. Please let it be so. And if it is...CYA bitch.
  9. Missing textures textures\furniture\prisonercarriage\PrisonerCarriage01.dds textures\furniture\prisonercarriage\PrisonerCarriage01_n.dds You can extract them from the Textures bsa in your data folder.
  10. The mod's races use default face settings of the vanilla races. So if you wanted to make Cass or Veronica a sissy it would work with some minor tweaking. This is a good starting point for modding: https://geckwiki.com/index.php?title=Main_Page
  11. There is a vanilla game bug to where if you ever had a follower with a high Aggression (the Stray Dog, Meeko, any hireling, etc.) certain NPCs will become hostile to you. It doesn't matter if the Aggressive follower is still with you or not. The only way to fix this is to get away from the hostile NPCs, sleep for 24 hrs, make a new save and restart the game. I had all of Riverwood attacking me as well as Uthgerd the Unbroken when I entered the Bannered Mare. Running away, sleeping and saving was the only way to fix it.
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