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  1. Been awhile since I coded papyrus, but does while i return false once it hits 0 or negative int? Could try while i > 0 just to be explicit so it isn't trying to logic 'if this int exists', which would make your while loop go forever.
  2. Perhaps not as useful if you want to share with other people, but for your own game it would work.
  3. I don't mind, you'll probably want to remove the scripts then. I'm not sure how many furnitures I placed in that mod, probably several hundred. For placing furniture, there's not much to it, just drop them down in the CK viewport window and they'll show up in game. A few things to keep in mind as you're doing it are NPC pathing, other mods object placement, and object clippings (I.E. wall shackles need to be placed so they're not too deep into a wall where users would get stuck). Also placed furniture should only be rotated on 1 axis (should be no tilt or yaw for animat
  4. You could create a simple ESP with all the furnitures placed in CK (Like in bondage furniture world). The other option would be to x-fer your save files (but that would transfer everything in your game save files, not just furniture).
  5. I am playing Skyrim Se. I am using modmanager 2. Nodmanager is giving me an error message for TreasureHunterWhore. The error message is The failed plugin are =couldn't load TreasureHunterWhore.DLL A DLL is invalid code 193. Please let me know how to correct this problem.

    Thank You

  6. If you add the objects in via console they will adopt the angle of the player, and if there is any tilt or yaw on x or z eulers, characters won't align with furniture since animations are designed at x0, z0 rotation.
  7. When creatures get out of a certain radius, the mod won't track them, so with bunnies etc. Bunnies have no combat animations in the base game so there is no way for them to even attack, if they try it would just freeze the creature/npc. As for giants killing the player, this is a Beth bug. Damage is turned off, but they will still sometimes kill the player anyway randomly. This one can't really be fixed by a modder afaik because it's an issue with the engine.
  8. Yes, well what you're saying is definitely possible to do. And you wouldn't really need a trigger box, could just use a get distance check from player that fills aliases using a broad condition (= isNPC or something similar). Then the NPCs would adopt AI from the aliases and give you a wide berth or whatever you want. A funny mod to me would be to have all the surrounding NPCs get 'sex crazed' and when you're having sex, all NPCs in proximity would start having sex too and it turns into a giant orgy... lol... But you know, I'm slightly crazy. Vector 3 just means x,y,z p
  9. Have an ontriggerenter that adds an alias/faction with AI that makes the NPC run away from the player that gets applied to all NPCs that are != sex actors, then a hook at the end of the sexlab event that clears the aliases. Or you could just teleport them away, I assume there's a way to store the vector 3 coordinate for returning them to original spot?
  10. Hey sir on ur TreasureHunter whore, it never loads up when i im supposed to be kidnapped. it usually crashes my game. would u happen too know why?

  11. This mod only has scripts, so there is no need to worry about meshes, textures, animations, etc. for conversion to SSE.
  12. I'm wondering how come I didn't learn to make homemade tortillas earlier, I don't think I'll buy them from the store again.
  13. Thanks, yeah, it was done in Blender with some post-work in PS. I don't know if it would be possible to get something to look like that in Skyrim, maybe a few too many polygons. 😉 The table that she is on however is a modified ZAP sacrificial altar, I changed the textures and reworked the geometry some, but it might still count as being a little Skyrim-y. If you're curious about where the pose idea came from, let me know and I'll send you a PM.
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