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About This File

Simple and easy Sex for everyone!


What is this Mod?

A simple matchmaker which randomly matches nearby Actors (not creatures, not the Player) together for Sexlab Scenes.

Perfect for those who just want to see some occasional fucking without any additional baggage.




Special Features

-extremely Performance friendly. Next to no papyrus impact while active. Zero papyrus impact when paused.

-High performance. Can easily keep an entire city in a perpetual state of orgy if you are into that.

-Non Intrusive. It wont touch any actors who are currently involved in some other mods scene, or in a vanilla scene.

-Perfectly save to use alongside Prison alternative or any other Prison mod.

-Frequency and randomness of Sex-Events is configurable.

-Filters for Genders / Followers are present.




Requirements and Installation



This mod works for both LE and SE.

make sure you have the correct version of sexlab installed for your game.


This mod can safely be uninstalled at any point.





-While i did take precautions to avoid it, it is still possible that this mod might interfere with some other mods event if the timing is bad. Sou you might consider disabling it in its MCM if you are doing something Exceedingly important.




Special Thanks

-I want to extend my very special thanks and Gratitude to NOOBIVwho generously commissioned this mod and also did a lot of testing.

-And of course Ashal, for making Sexlab Idiot-friendly.





If you got some Fun out of this, you might get even more fun with some of my other Stuff.


What's New in Version 1.1


Mannequins will no longer be affected.

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