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Lovers Plugin Index with Direct Links

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All Hail to the Mighty Puuk for taking the time to update all the plugins and their links!!!!!!!!



Lovers Plugin Index

Main framework: LAPF


Lovers Supplemental Plugin Packs


Audio / Sounds



Female Demon/Succubus Sound Set

Using audacity i played around with audio fx and created a set of sounds for a demon girl/succubus.


Voiceset Y-Type AG3 Conversion

Another sound conversion from AG3, this time the Y-type voice.



Simple mod, of my own creation, that makes creature emit sounds when engaged. It uses the stock Oblivion sounds.


New Voiceset ns9 Japanese

My first contribution, something within my reach for now, a new voice, assigned to the slot number 9 of Lovers. I used the voice of a girl hentai video so the type of voice will be like the voices 7 and 8.


Original Oblivion character sounds

Since normal voices of the female characters in the game are different from voices provided in LoversResource, it sometimes feels a bit weird when ingame sex starts (The Dark Elf hag voice suddenly becoming the youthful standard voice, for example). So for better immersion, I created Lovers voicebanks for the female characters of the game.


Lovers Sounds: Rape-oriented voice sets project

For a more rape-focused lovers experience, one might want to use female voice sets that do not have any cries of pleasure or joy.


Sounds/Voices sets from Yushaa

those are from the heroines from an eroge from Illusion called Yushaa inagarenai (or translated is 'you cant escape the heroine')


SexyBeach3 voices

extract from SB3 only moan voices


LoversPK male Khajiit Soundset

Because I was pretty annoyed by the original sounds, I've created my own set.







Lovers Calm - Female PC only

Adds option to "calm" creatures (and by calm " I mean let them have sex with you ) All you need to do is block and then talk/press space in combat.



This is I think a very simple mod, but it covers all the basics you need, and it is fully functional, you get raped by Creatures Mod. It is simple, It has a menu script, a quest script, an item script, and a call function you get raped script. Just the basic stuff you need to get started with your own mod.


LoversBitch Gone Wild

LoversBitch adds the ability to get a canine companion, either through Rena Bruiant in Chorrol, or from a wild dog/wolf. Rena now runs a "Dog Shop" near Castle Chorrol. The companion is set up to work like one from any normal mod, except he'll get stronger/more commands through sex.

  • LoversBitchPuppyMill - This plug-in is an Add-on for LoversBitchGoneWild. It adds a Commodities Agent that specializes in Canine Livestock.


Lovers Creatures

Well, if you have been lucky enough to catch glimpses of the Infamous Donkey's videos, you would have noticed that he figured out a way to enable creatures to switch positions during sex. Something that many folks desired, but no one other than the great Donkey himself had any idea how to make happen.



A new Stable has appeared in Cyrodiil, west of Chorrol, run by the lovely (if a bit eccentric) Godiva. They have the best horses in the land, though the might be a bit of trouble to handle. They're having a bit of trouble with business lately, so if you want a horse, you might need to lend a hand.


Lovers Creature Companions

This mod is currently a very simple proof of concept mod that adds Creature followers with built in sex mechanics. Think of it like LoversBitch except stripped down to the very bare bones.







Lovers Slave Trade

The Slave Trader plugin has been stripped of many of its features (they have been moved to Bravil Underground). However it still retains the PC's ability to capture slaves and train them via having sex with them. You can "personally" do the training or have another NPC/Slave do it. After training you can sell slaves for a nice profit.


Lovers Slave Play

This mod adds dialog to NPC who was turned into a sex slave. You can now command them to follow you, demand sex, and if there is a bed nearby you can fuck them on bed.


Bravil Underground

This mod is basically a "wet dream" for slavers. There are numerous quest lines for you to enslave and train others (some "with" beasts and some without).


Player Slave Encounters

This is a player and companion slavery system with a selection of localised encounters where the player can end up enslaved or otherwise in deep trouble. Some of these encounters have a potential bad end, so watch your saves.

  • PlayerSlaveCry - Our heroine is too silent. Even when she is enslaved, you'll never get it from any sound. This plugin corrects this oversight. Now, being in captivity, the heroine will cry, weep and moan.


Conquer Towns

You are a slaver, a mad slaver but a poor slaver having nothing but the ability to enslave. So the simplier way to be rich is to get ownership of others goods by enslaving them. And as you are mad you'll try to enslave cities!







Lovers with pk extender

It is an attempt to slightly diversify game-play of original mod. Author added new feature to PC and NPC called SP or Sex Power and its Levels. Added HUD status bars for it. Changed the principle of sex stage change. During sexual activity PC gaining experience, which in turn is used to increase the sex level.


The Daedra Sutra - Lovers with PK Animation Collection

The Daedra Sutra is my project that aims to take every adult animation I can get my hands on and assemble all in 1 place for everyone.


LAPF Enhanced 1st Person Skeleton

This skeleton adds buttock bones and OP breast movement bones needed for certain clothes and armors, adds LAPF bones needed for LAPF animations, and works well with Enhanced Camera.


Lovers 3d Orgasm

I honestly don't know what the jelly beans are.....



Will change the way sperm is handled by the Lovers base package. You are able to adjust how long it lasts, and if a character covered in sperm receives any negative side effects.

Note: The linked mod pack is outdated so you only should use this plugin from there. For others please use Lovers Supplemental Plugin Pack 1 instead.


LAPF Afterglow

LAPF Afterglow Adds configurable sex duration and recovery times to LAPF.



This very simple mod adds some information from the sex diary to the Accomplishments page of the Stats menu.


Lovers Set Scale Revised

It helps to alleviate a very annoying problem many lovers users who play as a race with a non standard race scale (not 1.0 like the imperials).


Lovers Chorus - Voice Randomizer

Small mod that assigns a random Lovers voice to an NPC the first time they engage in sex if they do not already have a voice assigned.


lovers 3d milk

This is a little interesting testing mod. Make your characters squirt their breast milk like fountains during sex.







Daily Income Revised

Gives NPCs an income depending on Faction, Faction Rank, Social Class and City. Usefull for Players in the need of npcs with some money in the pockets (courtesans, pickpockets, muggers etc.).



Basicly what it does is it causes people around you to react differently to the player if he/she is roaming around in the nude. If there's a member of the opposing sex and your personality trait is high it causes some kind of charm spell that raises your disposition with them. Then of course there's others that will speak rude things to you and such because you're wandering around naked.



This plugin makes the unicorn in oblivion more lore friendly (?) Only a virgin woman i.e. having 0 sex before (read from lovers system) can ride the unicorn now. If you are not, you are going to get thrown off from its back.


The Ring of Mara

Introducing marriage to Oblivion!


Aphrodisia Realism Edition

Essentially, it drastically alters the Aphrodisia mechanics, so that rather than lowering your lust level (or gaining SP, though for explaination's sake I'll assume you're using the original mode) in one huge amount right after you've had sex, it makes it so it instead drains it slowly DURING the act itself.


Lovers Purification LITE

Basically this mod removes rape and modifies behaviors in other ways to increase immersion.


Lovers Satisfaction

I was never pleased by the way PK extender managed the sex minigame, by encouraging you to outlast your lover. This system may be adequate if you are playing a male, so you don't want to cum before your female partner. But what if you are playing female? Magically your lover becomes multiorgasmic (I know it is possible, it is just very rare... and exahusting), and if you cum before him, he will get mad and insult you. This is just wrong. So Lovers Satisfaction is here to amend this and to integrate other elements to the sex minigame.

  • Lovers Satisfaction Extender - Expands on the Lovemaking skill introduced in Lovers Satisfaction, by providing trainers, skill books, spells and potions that boost this skill.


Lovers Stripper

When your character begins dancing, and while your character continues to dance male NPCs within seeing range will run to your character to watch the dance. They will clap and cheer, and sometimes get bored and wander off, but for the most part they stay there until you’re done.




Magic / Spells



Lovers Skirt Flipper

It's small plugin that allows you to select npc which will sneak and steal skirtsfrom females in Oblivion



With the "LM: Essence Drain" you can drain Sex-Essence during sex. ( The spell toggles the drain effect on or off ) And with the "LM: Summon Succubus" you summon a Succubus/Incubus who can teach you more spells if you have enough Sex Essence.



All this mod does is allow you to temporarily hypnotize any NPC and have them follow a limited set of commands, i.e. Be a dog, be a slave, be my lover. You can make them bark like a dog, have sex with you as a slave/lover and parade around naked. They will follow or stand still on command.


Lovers Love Juice

If you drop a bomb using shift+mouse click in a crowd of female NPCs, then click on it again while standing* you get a dialogue pop-up asking to Trigger the bomb? or Cancel. It does take quite a few seconds to go off. Net result, all nearby female NPCs will be turned back into virgins.


Lovers Jealousy

It is an add-on to make jealous NPC. You can buy jealousy Rings from all merchant which have 1000+ gold. ( also bartenders, Guild merchants,...)



This mod makes 10 map markers available where sex acts are currently being played. This is a great way to quickly find lot's of action, if there are some going on around you.



Allows you to use a spell to force sex on 2 npc you can activate normal or rape. Also creature is supported by this version.



Do you want to know a character's most intimate secrets? Sure you can find out using the old-fashioned way (i.e. hokey magic spells). Well, with this mod your character gains a sexth sense, if you will. Just by glancing at someone, you'll know all their sexploits.


Lovers Orgy

This mod provides the player with a lesser power "Start Orgy" that, when cast... well, you can probably work it out.







LoversNecrophilia modified - Might be outdated

The plugin allows pc/npc whose health reached 0 to get raped by the killer.








In general, TamagoClub roughly refers to a set of mods (which also includes HiyokoClub) that simulates the female reproduction system in the world of Oblivion.

  • Hiyoko Generator Brood Mother - HGBM is a more 'standard' Hiyo plugin in that every child born is cloned from a specifically editor created entry, best-fit matched to the original creature parent.
  • Tamago Setbody Reboot - Basically this mod does 3 things: 1. Set pregnant body type to the pregnant women. 2. If a pregnant woman equips an item, attemps to find the pregnant version of the mesh. 3. If no compatible mesh is found, simply assign a random mesh.
  • Tamago Discharge - This mod adds the virgin blood, creampie, bukakke effect to you or npcs.
  • TamagoPlayerHud - This expands Maou's original TamagoPlayerHUD to show visual icons for each fertility state.
  • Hiyoko Utility Spells + Tamago Fertility Clinic - Lets you manipulate your menstrual things.
  • Hiyoko Genetics - When a Hiyoko (child) is born, HiyokoGenetics reads the ActorValues of its parents and assigns random ActorValues to the child based on the parent's values.
  • HiyokoFutureDream - Very simple plugin that changes class/combat behavior/others of hiyoko children.
  • Modified Contraception - Does it belong here? - This is my modified form of LoversContraception.esp. It eliminates the 100 Condoms and 100 Birth Control Pills the old version gave at start, and instead allows them to be purchased.
  • Maternity Wear - Just some maternity clothes I put together.








If the player is walking (ie not running, swimming, sneaking or riding), NPCs have a chance to approach the player and solicit sex for money.


Lovers Prostitute

When you get bored of killing mobs or have to much gold in your pocket you can go visit one of the girls spreaded around Tamriel and have some fun.




Public Sex



Lovers Immoral Guards

If you ever wanted little risk while having sex in public then this plugin is for you. Lovers Immoral Guards adds 18 Female Guards + modify behavior of male guards (but no only ) from now one they will not pass by when your doing Shameless things in public.


Lovers Stupid

Lovers Stupid NPC is plug-in for lovers with pk that adds lot's of new options to Oblivion game world, these new NPCs have all different functions, like the sex cult, who is mostly in Imperial City, randomly targeting NPCs, (they might even select you)




Quests and Adventures



LoversCrowningIsle - Female PC only

to start the quest, and get moving, talk with someone other than a Guard, you should get a quest update, might have to talk to more than one, but anyway they will tell you how you ought to be a SOAP Girl ( School of advanced Prostitution ) go to Anvil, The dock or Boardwalk of the little pond in the city you will find and emissary, who can transport you to Crowning Island.


Lovers Immoral Sisters

As you can guess it's "twin " plugin of Immoral Guards, but instead of Guards Immoral Sisters adds "Sisters/Nuns " in each city Chapels and new "Nine Divines " Cult.



Your hero is about to be subject to Shame and humiliation. That is the theme of this mod, Blackmailed into preforming for a Group of people that have no real interest other than profit for shaming you to the public in Tamrial. They have a contract to sully your name, and reputation through out the realm.


Lovers Dark Lessons

This is a blackmail humiliation quest for female player characters, rather similar to LoversGGBlackmail.


DarkBloodLine galgatTweaked

This plugin adds a new faction and guild, the Brotherhood of Shadows. The guild deals with catching of criminals and extermination of monsters in Tamriel (bounty hunting). The search for, capture, and execution of criminals is handled through a system of contracts and is closely connected to the work of agents of the Brotherhood.


The Violator

The Violator is a sword that allows it's wielder to rape his/her victims. The first quest is about finding the sword and the consequences of taking it.


XLovers Daedra Seed

The Daedra have found yet another way to invade, by planting their seed in their victims and spawning more Daedra.


Lovers Brutes

This mod introduces several male companions into Oblivion who will berate you, degrade you, and in general be pains in your asses (often literally).



What does this do? Well, it should add a follower in Bruma that a quest will guide you to.



Each situation is set up based on the lore already inside Oblivion. Each quest is written by hand with its own set of scripts and dialogue.


Lovers Fanged Revenge - Female PC only

This is a short quest to obtain, and then use, the Fanged Protector. If you've read Neal Stephenson's 'Snow Crash' you may remember a female character using this defensive device.


Lovers Club Cats

This plugin adds Fight Clubs in both Skingrad and Cheydinhal. Only the Skingrad location has a simple quest line (which is still very much a WIP). In either location you an bet on fights or participate yourself.


Lovers Club Cats SX

This plugin adds a strip club next to the Bravil Mages guild, accessible via a trap door.



Begin your career as a sex-fighter at the "House of Pain", win money and titles by boxing or "serving" the exquisite clientele of that fine establishment!



LoversEncounter allows sexual encounters to occur throughout Tamriel, and will inform you about them by displaying rumor that gives out details about the persons involved, and sometimes about the consequences (pregnancy, child) too.


Lovers Pay Bandit

LoversPayBandit allows you to pay bandits with your body instead of gold.






Lovers Biko - Male PC only

This plugin allows player to stalk females NPC.


Lovers True Crime Extended

This mod allows for a new variety of situations to happen to female characters, which include: Prison rape: Upon being sent to jail you will share the cell with a male prisoner that won't take a no for an answer. Bandit rape: Many new bandits are added all across the roads and now they will appear in groups. They will demand money or your body. Head hunting: Killing bandit allow you to take their heads for a reward.



Allows for roaming creatures and NPCs to rape or stalk one another based on various settings for frequency.

  • Lovers Joburg NoDelay Addon - Might be outdated - It will allow npc to rape you immediately when you get up after being raped once with joburg.



Allows NPCs to rape others during combat, also gives player a Rape spell.

  • Lovers RaperS - WappyOne's Edition - An updated combat rape mod with highly configurable settings, gangrapes, stealing of equipment/items, and more.
  • LoversRapeSGalgatVersion - Female PC only - Main thing different in my translation is that the animals, and males, and females now have there own conversation area.


LoversSurrender - Might be outdated

Allows you to Demand a Surrender from weakened opponents, or to Call a Truce if your losing



This is a light and less complex 'Joberg' type of plugin that allows configuration by ini file and in game power. If you run this with another 'Joburg' type of plugin there could be unsupported conflicts.

  • LSMN - This can be run alone or with LSM. It can redirect an LSM stalker away from player. Uses similair scanning methods but excludes the Player.


LoversHelpRapeVPlayer Updated

This is a rewrite of LoversHelpRapeVPlayer (part of the Lovers Supplemental Plugin Pack), where the player's companions were supposed to attack the rapist when the player is being raped.


LoversRapeSlave Satyrist version

An update to the version of LoversRapeSlave included in the LAPF Supplimentals pack, the included ini file is now loaded, the chance of enslavement can now be modified by various factors.




Textures / Icons / Meshes



Lovers Spell Icons

This gives several of the Lovers plugin spells custom icons.


Prison Irons Replacer DMRA

DMRA version with BBB enabled.


Creatures Replacers with Dicks

Full Vanilla Creatures Replacer with Dicks


Spunk Textures for LPK

I originally made this texture set for FONV Sexout Spunk. I found that it worked well for LPK and the LoversSpermSplashEx mod. It simulates sperm dripping on the body much as the original LPK did.


LAPF resources

I know the horse penis is longer as the default LAPF penis, so needs animation adjustment in game and can have clipping. ( but I like the length )




Transgender / Futanari



Lovers MB2 (Revision)

Modification of the LoversMB2 plugin that will allow female player characters to grow a penis and masturbate like dudes.


Lovers Futanari Tentacles (wearable)

This mod changes LoversPK futanari cocks into something similar to a tentacle strapon.




Utilities / Patches / Tweaks



LoversVimVigorFix - Might be outdated

This is just a little mod I made to deal with the incompatibility between Lovers and the Vim and Vigor realism mod.


BOSS Masterlist with PK, Tamago, BU, and BUD support

I took all of the information from this site and others and attempted to compile all the  PK, Tamago,  BU, and BUD mods into the list.


Enhanced Grabbing Lovers compatibility patch

Retains original controls and functionality while preventing grabbing and slapping during LPK sex when using Z to cycle animations.


Real High Heels Lovers Edition

If real high heels are worn during sex or set to be stripped, the character will automatically lower to preserve alignment with their partner and rise again after sex.



A tool for LAPF/LwPK to test specific animations by Pos number. For all Man/Mer animations (1-200). Not for creature animations.


















Old/Obsolete info:






Hopefully this well help folks quickly locate plugins.


Core Files (REQUIRED):

LAPF:  http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/354-lapf/

(Now includes all core files needed, as well as LoversMB2)







LAPF Supplemental Packs (contains multiple plugins):

Pack 1:   http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/355-lovers-supplemental-plugin-pack/






Male PC Only Plugins:
Lovers Biko


Female PC Only Plugins:
Lovers Crowning Isle
Pregnant Spider Eggs Crowning Isle
Lovers Calm
Lovers Hooker


Both female and Male PC:
Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP
Lovers Voice SSP Plus
Daily Income Revised
Lovers Bed (Early Version)
Lovers Slave Trade
Lovers Slave Play
Lovers Immoral Guards
Lovers Immoral Sisters
Lovers Pay Bandit
Lovers Skirt Flipper
Lovers Harvest WIP
Lovers GGBlackmail WIP
Lovers True Crime and Lovers True Crime EX
Lovers Magic
Lovers with pk extender
Lovers Prostitute
Lovers StupidNPC + Lovers H Virus + GhostFix +LoversSetFlags

Lovers Club Cats

Lovers Club Cats SX
Lovers Unicorn
Lovers Jealousy
The Ring of Mara
Lovers Masturbate 2  (now included in LAPF core file)



Creature Sex Plugins:

Bravil Underground

Bravil Underground Addon

Lovers Bitch

Lovers Bitch Gone Wild

Lovers Creatures 2.0



Joburg\LandE Versions (Do NOT use both Joburg and LandE together):

Lovers Joburg
Lovers Joburg (semi) Realistic Edition
Lovers Joburg NoDelay Addon
Lovers LandE

Modified LoversLandE



RaperS Versions:

WappyOne's RaperS

Lovers RaperS




Lovers Minor Modpack: 

NOTE:  This is now Obsolete.  See the LAPF Supplemental Pack above.






Tamago Club Plugins:

What is Tamago Club?

TamagoClub is a system meant to simulate the activity (menstruation cycle, fertilization, conception, pregnancy) of an actor's womb, ova, sperm, etc.
To blend in with the game's main UI its user interface centers on using the inventory window.
It is designed as a framework to allow external mods to easily link into it or extend its functionality.**What is this?


Tamago Club

Maternity Wear


This is a TamagoClub compatible birth mod. It makes the children appear next to their parents as ordinary actors.
Children will be born not only by the player but also between NPCs and creatures.
Separate generator plugins are required to create the child objects.
Race and looks of the children will be defined by how these these generators are implemented.
Twins are also supported.


TamagoBadEnd v1.01

This mod allows a Bad Ending scenario by forcing a game over if either the PC or companions get pregnant.
The precise form of the ending will vary slightly especially if impregnated by a creature.
Generally speaking, the endings tend to be tragic.
The purpose of this mod is to enhance the role-playing aspect of the game and to deliver some tension by emphasizing the risk of sexual activity around the dangerous day and with non-human partners thus forcing the player to actively avoid unwanted sex.

TamagoBreak v1.04
This mod adds the possibility of getting a miscarriage if the mother's body takes damage or through reckless actions during a TamagoClub pregnancy.
Hiyoko generators
Lovers Hiyoko Shooter WIP

Adds an event childbirth.

HiyokoNameList English]



Extra Plugins or Tools:

Aphrodisia 1.8 Realism Edition
whore dress for crowning isles
Lovers Spell Icon
TamagoPlayerHud +Icons
Prison Irons Replacer DMRA
Female Demon/Succubus Sound Set
Lovers no MBP patches   - most of these are outdated now.  Not recommended for use.
Voiceset Y-Type AG3 Conversion
New Voiceset ns9 Japanese
BOSS Masterlist with PK, Tamago, BU, and BUD suppor
Modified Contraception

Student Dress Crowning Isle

Female Strapon



Beta Plugins: (may or may not be very stable and\or complete)

Lovers Dark Lesson WIP

Dark Bloodline

ZMCPlayer Slave Master... ALPHA TEST



Old Plugins:  (Unsure if they work correctly with rev96v2)

Passive Females Mod and Rapist Surrender or Die Edition
Shadow's Surrender or Die

Lovers Rape Struggle WIP






Obsolete - NOT recommended to be used anymore:


Lovers PK Merged Experimental - Not recommended due to using old versions of plugins and its lack of flexibility to upgrade.

Lovers Creature - New version is Lovers Creatures 2.0

New and Improved Animation Project - This is now included in Lovers Creatures 2.0

Lovers Victims - New version is Bravil Underground

Lovers Night Arena - Very old plugin that currently only works with rev89 of Lovers with PK, which is no longer available here.

BU Dungeon - Extremely old plugin that has quite a few bugs.

Lovers plug-ins Hodoki - old versions of plugins.

Lovers Niche - old plugin that will cause breasts to grow via the scale bones (requires custom skeleton).  Not recommended as the breast grown can screw up your game.

Player Slave WIP - Discontinued.  Not recommended to use.

LoversRapers roleplaying edition LAST GBANG - Discontinued and DL removed.





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Don'w we already have a post like this ??



Why do we need 2 sticky. if this one is better remove the other sticky.


yours is pretty good too, but i didnt see it until you told me about it lol. Meh, for some reason i think that should be in the download section, easier for people to find. Also, sometimes people find it hard to read if it is a big long post.

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'clownyxx said:

Don'w we already have a post like this ??



Why do we need 2 sticky. if this one is better remove the other sticky.


yours is pretty good too' date=' but i didnt see it until you told me about it lol. Meh, for some reason i think that should be in the download section, easier for people to find. Also, sometimes people find it hard to read if it is a big long post.

I like to think of this as more of an index of the plugins available. Perhaps that is what we should rename the thread to? It is easier to use this single post to look for a particular mod than search through 6 odd pages to find it. What are your thoughts Donkey and Clownyxx?
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Don'w we already have a post like this ??



Why do we need 2 sticky. if this one is better remove the other sticky.


yours is pretty good too' date=' but i didnt see it until you told me about it lol. Meh, for some reason i think that should be in the download section, easier for people to find. Also, sometimes people find it hard to read if it is a big long post.



I like to think of this as more of an index of the plugins available. Perhaps that is what we should rename the thread to? It is easier to use this single post to look for a particular mod than search through 6 odd pages to find it.


What are your thoughts Donkey and Clownyxx?

that's fine for me

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Guest Donkey
'clownyxx said:

Don'w we already have a post like this ??



Why do we need 2 sticky. if this one is better remove the other sticky.


yours is pretty good too' date=' but i didnt see it until you told me about it lol. Meh, for some reason i think that should be in the download section, easier for people to find. Also, sometimes people find it hard to read if it is a big long post.



When i created that thread there was no download section yet, i created it so the mods on the main forum would not be burried under other posts. But it has served it's purpose.

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  • 3 weeks later...

which lovers mod adds the ability for npc's to stalk you? I had it before but I dont remeber what it was called


Well actually there are several:


Lovers stupid contains stalking scripts for perticular npc's (it is somewhat adjustable but limited to only the certain npc's).


Lovers joburg is a global modifier that you can custom set who stalks who. RaperS is needed to "turn on" combat rapes (you cast the raperS settings spell and then turn on chaos mode).

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wheres the loversSuccubus mod? Iv been looking for that mod


Ah you mean the very old loverssuccubus plugin?


I used to have it a long time ago. But that was on a different install.


As far as I know' date=' loverssuccubus is an abandoned plugin and would not work properly with the latest version of lovers.


Here's an old thread with broken links to the mod.


None of them work though as shy uploader and megaupload are gone. However it is rumored that megaupload may return and the link may work again.


I don't have a working link for you though. Sorry.

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  • 3 weeks later...
'kimict said:

In Joburg' date=' when my character is having sex in public and NPCs see it, they just stand there naked. No animation. You can hear moaning, but that's it, until they finally collapse. I must be missing some animations.


Actually that has nothing at all to do with animations, but rather a bad load order. Read this: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=6133 and open a thread in the lovers tech support area and I or someone else will help you get it figured out.

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  • 2 weeks later...

After a bit of searching I found a very old thread that was about a lovers plugin called "The curse of the sperm". It can be found here.


It isn't added on this list, but then again it's old and I have no idea if it worke or is compatible with other mods. Someone should test this (I can't since I don't have oblivion installed atm).

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  • 2 weeks later...
'WhiteFlameZero said:

I can never seem to get the animations to work perfectly from what I seen in videos' date=' during sex the npc's would be seen like in mid air and animations would clip each other, is there a perfect lovers animations?

NPC to NPC will be pretty close only if certain conditions are met: 1. That both NPC's are set to the the default height 1.0 2. That both NPC's were on even ground. 3. That both NPC's were not close to any walls, rocks, chairs or any other obstacle. Even if all the above are true, they still may be slightly off. Most of the video's you see are with the PC having sex with an NPC and using a camera mod (the video maker could line things up perfectly that way).

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  • 5 weeks later...
  • 5 weeks later...

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