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About This File

Well without further ado here is:




Bravil Underground v0.96v2

Made by VICN

Original Japanese Untranslated version availible here: http://www.4shared.com/folder/RSdj43o8/ForGentleman.html

Previously known as Lovers Victims.



A HUGE THANKS to TheFlex for rewriting all the books, handbills and notes for the plugin.

You should not have any issues upgrading to this new version. It should not need a clean save or any other jiggery pokey. Just drop it in to the data folder and say yes to the overwrite prompt.






PLEASE NOTE: I think I now have taken all of the machine translations that still remained and turned them into plain English..... :P




· OBSE 20 or higher

· Oblivion.esm

· Shivering Isles.esp

· Lovers with PK v1.4.1-6 rev91 or higher

· LoversSlaveTrade 1.0

· MBP 1.4a and MBP++ v98

· Lovers Creatures 2.0

· Lovers bitch meshes\textures - the esp file is not needed.


Highly recommended but not required:

Budongs Narcolepsy Spell: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/9983

This spell will enable you to knockout any NPC, at any time, without incurring a bounty or pissing anyone off. It does present a bit of a cheat, but honestly you can head cannon that to you as a slaver being prepared. Once the NPC is knocked out just cast the enslavement spell on them and BANG you have a new slave. :P

























A huge credit to HanPL!! I could not have done anything on this without his massive contribution!!



Ok, now to the nuts and bolts: Yes, you get a hand bill to start the ball rolling just read it. Then after entering the "city" go straight to the arena. Once you go past the two Khajit guards turn right and go through the door. I shall leave the rest for you to figure out......... :P


This mod is basically a "wet dream" for slavers. There are numerous quest lines for you to enslave and train others (some "with" beasts and some without). There is also a skooma delivery feature for those who need to earn some quick cash and don't mind a little bit of risk. There are MANY other small tasks/quests that you can discover by talking to the residents of the city. There literally is hours worth of content in this mod so quit reading and download/install/play this sucker!!!! :P




Latest Update: At this point all dialogue and quest updates should be in plain English. I have tweaked some of the dialogue and quest updates to give the player more clues on what to do and where to go so things are not quite so frustrating.


At this time all the AI packages should be functioning correctly. and I am hoping Uriel now has a working premium club :P


I want to give a huge shout out to all those who have stepped up to aid me in the massive translation effort. I could not have completed this without your help and support! Those who aided me in this quest were: HanPL, fejeena (what a great help you have been!), Donkey, Justinof, GSBmodders, Sparlimb, WindShadow75 and icecold29. If I missed anyone I apologize! Just holler and I will add you to the list!


Quest Spoiler: Help for the hiding in Madam Simza's attic:




The only thing that I found finicky, is when you are supposed to hide in Madam Simza's attic. It seems you have to be in the "perfect" spot for the dialogue to happen. I recommend getting into the attic at about 8:30 in the evening and then hit the console key (make sure that you have this quest active) and type movetoqt. Then just wait for a bit and you should get the update around 9ish. I am not very talented with manipulating AI packages, so fixing things further is beyond my skill set. :blush:




Holler if you find anything broken and I will try to get it fixed.



Full Quest list and some tips - made by Fejeena is available here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16354-bravilunderground-add-on/

What's New in Version v2


  • v1 - final translation complete
  • v2 - added rewrite of all books by TheFlex

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