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  1. where do I place the files?? maybe state how to how to install?
  2. just changed her style her elemental guardian
  3. just tried it, marked and tried to summon but nothing Edit: changed Lena's class and tried again, was able to summon
  4. is this being looked at cause I cant summon lai anna for the kings treasure quest
  5. I wasn't really meaning her body, I was using a Queen's Body CBBE, I was really meaning her race, was she changed to a nord? breton?
  6. I do like Jenny's design and Linda's but is Sasha suppose to be like this? wasn't she a redguard also?
  7. Iv got both Leito's animation pack and the fix but the fix cancels out the animations from appear in the AFF menu
  8. not sure if it has been thought but the peeping sims that were added, I play a male character so I tend to get Tina Peeping, the few times she gets some snaps then runs when seen, it be interesting to see like after a day or two you get a text from an unknown stating they'll leak the images of you unless you do something sexually to other sims or if you catch the peeper you're given a choice either to turn them in or they beg they'll do anything, basically blackmail on both sides
  9. I am most likely really late but can someone pass me a copy of the mod plz??
  10. Tina Peeping, that's her name when you play a male character, shes a cutie
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