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BOSS Masterlist with PK, Tamago, BU, and BUD support 03AUG2011

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I took all of the information from this site and others and attempted to compile all the  PK, Tamago,  BU, and BUD mods into the list.  I have tested this and so far I have no problems.  Considering that I am running a full FCOM setup with XEO, MPB 2ch and Colourwheels Overhaul.  I consider it a miracle.  I included my mod list so that anyone can see what I am running.  If anyone finds any problems let me know so that I can change it.  I will eventually submit this as a permanent addition for BOSS updates once I am sure that it works.


Last Update 03AUG2011 08:00 pm


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?37c17d99kl97la8

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So we replace the masterlist in our install directory with this one and it will reorder things the way that xLovers needs to have them?


How do we disable the "Masterlist update" feature of BOSS that downloads a new masterlist when the application is run? I wouldn't want to lose the masterlist you have provided...

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Thanks Old Book I updated for VTOY.esp and related by putting it prebash (just before the patch) but I put it before Deadly Reflex 6 and Unecessary Violence since it will likely cause them not to function.


Thanks Iron Jack I added those too

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Nice job, but why don't you write userlist? it's more convenient, imho.


Edit..posting userlist, need more tests



ADD: LoversSetScale.esp

AFTER: LoversSetBody.esp

ADD: LoversClubCats.esp

AFTER: LoversBCMSounds.esp

ADD: LoversClubCatsSx.esp

AFTER: LoversClubCats.esp

ADD: LoversDRader.esp

AFTER: LoversFSE.esp

ADD: LoversVoiceSSPplus.esp

AFTER: LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp

ADD: LoversRaperSGalgat.esp

AFTER: LoversRaperS.esp

ADD: LoversRaperSRussian.esp

AFTER: LoversRaperS.esp

ADD: LoversJoburgNoDelay.esp

AFTER: LoversJoburgCustomizer.esp

ADD: LoversJoburgNoDelay.esp

AFTER: LoversJoburgNoDelay.esp

ADD: LoversJealousy.esp

AFTER: LoversJoburgNoDelay.esp

ADD: LoversSlavePlay.esp

AFTER: LoversJealousy.esp

ADD: ZMCPlayerSlave.esp

AFTER: LoversJealousy.esp

ADD: LoversLoveJuice.esp

AFTER: LoversBed.esp

ADD: LoversLoveMucus.esp

AFTER: LoversLoveJuice.esp

ADD: LoversMagicEx_0_1.esp

AFTER: LoversLoveMucus.esp

ADD: LoversNecrophilia.esp

AFTER: LoversMagicEx_0_1.esp

ADD: LoversPower.esp

AFTER: LoversPayBandit.esp

ADD: LoversContraception.esp

AFTER: LoversPower.esp

ADD: LoversLandEv2.esp

AFTER: LoversLandE_AddRandomDialogues.esp

ADD: LoversLandE_hud.esp

AFTER: LoversLandEv2.esp

ADD: LoversBitch.esp

AFTER: Lovers with PK.esp

ADD: LoversCreature_SexualOrgans.esp

AFTER: LoversCreatureExtender.esp

ADD: LoversBackup2.esp

BEFORE: LoversStopCombatEx.esp

ADD: LoversTrueCrime.esp

AFTER: LoversLight.esp

ADD: LoversTrueCrimeEx.esp

AFTER: LoversTrueCrime.esp

ADD: LoversStupidNpc.esp

AFTER: LoversTrueCrimeEx.esp

ADD: LoversSurrender.esp

AFTER: LoversStupidNpc.esp

ADD: LoversHVirus.esp

AFTER: LoversSurrender.esp

ADD: LoversSoundVolumeDown.esp

AFTER: LoversHideMenus.esp

ADD: LoversMB2.esp

BEFORE: LoversIdleForceReset.esp


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Nice job' date=' but why don't you write userlist? it's more convenient, imho.



No, it's not (imo). As soon as you want to cope for uninstalled mods, the userlist either falls apart or spams the report with error messages that can mask real errors.


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Nice job' date=' but why don't you write userlist? it's more convenient, imho.



No, it's not (imo). As soon as you want to cope for uninstalled mods, the userlist either falls apart or spams the report with error messages that can mask real errors.



Thats because the userlist was used incorrectly.


Go here: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=4457


I ran into the same issues until I found the correct way to separate and order the mods. The reason most people have had trouble with BOSS is a misunderstanding of how the actual sorting works. BEFORE/AFTER does not mean the plugin will be placed directly b4 or after the plugin you specify. It will still be some-what sorted within the overall group or a subgroup unless you take control of it.


The above post will clear up any past issues and explain the better method. It's easy, accurate, and totally avoids issues with adding new mods in 3 easy steps.


Try it. I have added over 20 mods (not lovers) in the last two days, run boss at least 25 times, updated my masterlist each time, and never affected my list order for my lovers mods once.


If I cant say this is bullet proof now, give me some input. It will be.


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I seem to be haveing a problem.

( sorry if i sound like a n00b, i am totally not familliar with doing stuff non CS related :blush: )

when i replaced the masterlist and launch BOSS it says "Masterlist Parsing Error: Expected a at:

("Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm") SET: OOO

IF (

Masterlist parsing aborted. Utility will end now."

I dont have OOO installed, so thats kinda weird :huh:

Any help is much appriciated, as this looks epicly useful to me.

Thanks :D

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I just wanted to say this for anyone who came looking for the master list just in case. When I installed BOSS and used it's original master list it sorted a lot of my Lovers mods, granted not all of them were in the right place, but I think BOSS is adding lovers support or something...

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