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Lovers Satisfaction Extender





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Expands on the Lovemaking skill introduced in Lovers Satisfaction, by providing trainers, skill books, spells and potions that boost this skill.


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Trevaria (Chapel of Dibella)

Engorm (Shrine of Sanguine)

Sontare (Shivering Isles)

Selene Duronia (Chapel of Dibella after Knights of the Nine)


Skill Books:

The Lusty Argonian Maid

Thief of Virtue (was Security)

The Real Barenziah Uncensored (requires RealBarenziahUncensored.esp)

The Taste of Treason (was Speechcraft, requires The Maeva Scribonia Collection 1.esp)

In the Tower of the Crescent Moon (was Blade, requires The Maeva Scribonia Collection 2.esp)

Boethiah's Pillow Book (requires Slof's Oblivion Pillow Book.esp)

My Life in Six Acts (was Speechcraft, requires UnexpurgatedBarenziah.esp)


Adds new spells to:

Calindil (Mystic Emporium)

Edgar Vautrine (Edgar's Discount Spells)

Trevaia (Chapel of Dibella)

Ungarion (A Warlock's Luck)

Uravasa Othrelas (Great Chapel of Mara)

Volanaro (Bruma Mages Guild)

Selene Duronia (after Knights of the Nine)


Add new scrolls to:

Calindil (Mystic Emporium)

Edgar Vautrine (Edgar's Discount Spells)

Seed-Neeus (Northern Goods and Trade)

Leveled Lists


Add new potions to:

Falanu Hlaalu (All Things Alchemical)

Shady Sam (Imperial City)

Leveled lists


Add new rings and necklaces to:

Calndil (Mystic Emporium)

Palonirya (Divine Elegance)

Leveled Lists




Adds a fortify Lovemaking ability to the Lover birthsign.

Changes the image used for the Lover birthsign.

Adds a fortify Lovemaking ability to the Lover doomstone.

[Change Log]

0.1 preliminary version

0.2 added spells & items







[Known issues and bugs]






[Tools Used]

Construction Set

Construction Set Extender





[Manual Installation]

Copy the files into Oblivion\Data

Place LoversSatisfactionExtender.esp below LoversSatisfaction.esp in Load Order


[Manual Uninstallation]

Deactivate and remove LoversSatisfactionExtender.esp

Remove replacement icons from Oblivion\Data\Textures\Menus, Oblivion\Data\Textures\Menus50 and Oblivion\Data\Textures\Menus80

[FOMM Installation]


[FOMM Uninstallation]


[OMM Installatiion]


[OMM Uninstallation]


[sMM Installation]


[sMM Uninstallation]






[Future Updates]

Make it more user-configerable

Make items work properly

Try and see if there is any way to use Custom skills as class skills.

Add master trainer & quest


[Mods Required]

LAPF with all requirements

Lovers MB2 (needed for Lovers Satisfaction)

Lovers Satisfaction

[Recomended Mods]



[Frequently asked Questions]




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What's New in Version 0.2


  • 0.1 preliminary version
  • 0.2 added spells & items

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