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Lovers Horse Rider fejeena edition

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Lovers Horse Rider fejeena edition

( Lovers Broodmare Gone Wild )


version: 2020.11




A expanded version of Dusk_s great LoversHorseRider Mod





If you have finished the original Mod:


You must start the Mod again ! ( delete original Mod, make a clean save, install my version )




All files you need are in the folders, also the files from ZAZHorseRidesYou with my "reduced" riding gear meshes.
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Lovers Horse Rider2
A Version without ZAZHorseRidesYou.esp Master.
Nothing new ! Only merged LoversHorseRider.esp and ZAZHorseRidesYou.esp in one esp, so one esp less in your game Folder.


Download LoversHorseRider2 fejeena 2020.11.7z install the textures and meshes folder and the LoversHorseRider2.esp
Activate the LoversHorseRider2.esp in OBMM.


If you have played the original version and you update to version 2 start the Mod again, object and script IDs have changed.
So delete the old esp ( LoversHorseRider.esp, ZAZHorseRidesYou.esp) start the game and save. quit game, install/activate LoversHorseRider2.esp.







New features compared to the original Version from Dusk
Path grid and Landscape textures around the stable fixed/changed.
A lot changes in and out side the house.
2 new horses ( skeleton and Unicorn) with quest.
12 delivery quests. ( some NPCs don't have money , they pay with Sex. Depending on the gender of the player. )
about 20 pictures and two Books.
New saddles with dildos.


The Mod ends after the 4 deliveries at once.


New in version LoversHorseRider2 fejeena 2020.11.7z
A script fix (not sure if necessary)
some minor cosmetic and pathgrid fixes


New in  version LoversHorseRider2 fejeena 2020.1.7z

I add a missing texture.  If you have version 2019.10  you can download the missing texture in post 166.


New in  version LoversHorseRider2 fejeena 2019.10.7z

A bug in Betto Plotius dialogues fixed.


New in  version LoversHorseRider2 fejeena 2019.7z
-A fix in the 4x delivery quest (Khajiit and Argoian was not able to finish the quest )
-Own horse meshes and horse skeleton to make the Mod compatible with Lovers Creatures 2.5 (works still perfect with Lovers Creatures 2.0 )
 Lovers Creatures 2.5 add dicks only during sex , but Horse rider need dicks when you ride.
 And Lovers Creatures 2.5  use another Skeleton so the dick position is wrong.


Vanilla changes ( possible Mod conficts) My and original version.


Worldspace cells -21/22 ; -21/23 ; -22/22 ; -22/23 ( Godiva's Stables )
ICTalosPlaza Angelies House , x marker added
Bruma Brotch Calus House , x marker, NPC , chests , picture added
Leyawiin Betto Plotius House , x marker added
NPC Angelie , AI package added
NPC Brotch Calus , AI package added
NPC Julitta Plotius , AI package added
NPC Ernest , AI package added
NPC Mivryna Arano , AI package added



known issues ( bug) in my and original Version.
During the first quest; visit Petrine at Bruma Wildeye Stables.


After you talked to Petrine
quest entry:
"Petrine didn't react well when I mentioned Godiva. I wonder why? Her horse seems to be getting restless, I suppose I should return soon."


you leave the house and ride back to the Godiva Stable. On the way your house should fuck you ( threw you off and rapes you)
But sometimes the script does not work and the horse does not throw you off.


Solution: after you talked to Petrine and left the house save your game . Quit game. Start game and load the save. Now the script works and your horse will rape you on the way back to Godivas stable.



Dusk_ for original Version and thanks for permission to upload my Version.
ZaZ for ZaZHorseRidesYou Mod
Meshes-textures: momo, lazarus, mrsiika, ??? All those I have forgotten.
Pictures: many artists from Hentai-foundry.com
Testing and script help: mem4ob4

What's New in Version 11/11/2020 09:44 AM


in version 2020.1 only one missing textures ( a normal map )

If you have version 2019.10 and you only need the texture you can download it in post 166

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