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  1. I nearly blew a snot bubble from laughing while reading the OP!!! Good stuff!
  2. gregathit

    General Discussion

    Follow the directions that are clearly spelled out in the LAPF and reinstall the skeleton that comes with the LAPF. The LAPF will ONLY work correctly with the proper skeleton and Coronerras ain't it.
  3. gregathit

    you are prejudiced?

    I'm horribly biased against anything mechanical that doesn't work. Yep. I've been known to pound small mechanical devices flat when they fail to do what they are supposed to do. I'm currently seeking mechanical patience counseling.......but apparently there is a shortage of folks who take on this type of counseling. Who knew.............
  4. Make sure you disabled all lovers esm and esp files and then rebuild your bashed patch. This is important if you messed with your load order as you could have a bunch of conflicts if you don't. Also, as Fejeena states, start a new game after changing your load order.
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  6. gregathit


    While the theory is sound there is just one hole in it.......The brass and lead I'll be carrying will ensure that all the food, water and shiny gold I want will be mine for the taking. LOL!!!
  7. gregathit

    Do you believe in people changing?

    Under normal circumstances folks don't change much. The school yard bully is going to continue to pound folks his whole life all things being equal. No one likes change after all. However radical changes based on the changing circumstances, obstacles or the like happen all the time. A bigger bully comes along and pounds the first one into submission and the first one becomes a normal person. Or someone the bully picked on just got tired of it and whipped their butt. Suddenly the bully is a rational normal dude. I could list tons of examples of folks forced to change for myriads of reasons. It is hard to blame folks for not wanting to change. Change can be scary. It is uncertain territory. I'm not touching the whole physiological side of things, as Grim took care of that. That aspect can be one more forced circumstance or obstacle one may have to confront.
  8. gregathit

    What you think about site and staff

    I wear my age well.........
  9. gregathit

    What you think about site and staff

    Yep. That has to be it. LOL!!!
  10. gregathit

    What you think about site and staff

    Specific constructive criticism can be very helpful. General BS opinion "you suck" posts are not. Those type of posts will get purged. We have been very specific and very consistent about it. As to the letting things slide before comments. Yes, it is true to a degree. However, if you look at the growth the site has had from then till now, you start to understand why we just can't be quite as laid back. Small brawls that occurred before, now turn into massive civil wars. I'd rather someone be annoyed with me for removing a borderline post than having to hand out 20-30 warnings because a war exploded on the forum. Yes, it has happened. Yes, it was absolutely horrifying to have to clean up. The worst part was having to hand out warnings to folks that I know for a fact are really good folks. They just lost it in the heat of the moment and broke forum rules like a sharp knife going through a wet paper bag. I've heard complaints of censorship (which does make me chuckle considering this is a private website after all) and the like for us taking swift action, but frankly it is better than the alternative. I've been here since here was wolflore and I don't see that anything drastic other than our size has really changed. This is still by far the friendliest site with the coolest members I've ever come across. And the talent and creativity here.........you just have to get used to saying WOW one heck of a lot!
  11. gregathit

    What you think about site and staff

    Ashal has chosen each of the moderators past and present. Because of the broad power that a moderator has, Ashal needs to be satisfied that they are what has in mind for a moderator. This vetting takes time. Time to see how they interact with others. Keep in mind, some have been approached and they flat out didn't want the burden. Is there serious discussion of adding more folks to the team, you bet, we do indeed talk about it. It will happen when it happens. Until it does, the present moderators will continue to cover the bases as best they can.
  12. gregathit

    What you think about site and staff

    Keep in mind, the moderation team is a very small group of volunteers and is only able to put a few minutes towards moderating per day. We just simply don't have time to document things in the way that you are wanting. Sure it would be nice, but it probably isn't ever going to happen. As to ignoring illegal mods........that we don't do. We just don't have time to patrol all the uploads and threads to catch things. We depend greatly on fellow members to help us spot those who break forum rules and hit that report button.
  13. gregathit

    What you think about site and staff

    There is no reason for a private poll. We don't punish folks for constructive criticism. We may or may not make changes based on that criticism, but that is life. If folks aren't happy, then they need to post their issue(s). There are ways to do this without attacking others. If they don't wish post their issue, then as CPU pointed out, nothing is ever going to change. That or the issue really is them and not the site. Face it, some folks are never going to be happy no matter what. This also is just how life is.
  14. gregathit


    Age=experience. That experience can be a good or bad thing or a bit of both. As to the whole sky is falling stuff.........war, racism, hate mongering and general stupidity has existed as long as man has been around. Probably always will. While I think everyone should try to be as kind to one another as we can and leave the world in better shape than we inherited it..........I'm old enough to know that for most, it won't happen. However, just because most won't do this isn't a good excuse to not do it ourselves.
  15. As TDA stated, you need the skeleton and not just the mesh or it will look like that.