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  1. There are 3 versions of the game. Oldrim (Skyrim LE) Skyrim SE Skyrim VR Most mods only function correctly in one or the other. You have to read the OP and pay attention to what section you are in.
  2. When you are requesting something you don't get the right to be pushy. Thread Locked.
  3. Correct if you do NOT include these resources or assets in your mod (I assume that is what you are saying, just making sure everyone is clear). If you do want to include them, you must have permission to do so unless the mod maker already declared free use. Unfortunately this is really the grey area and it is sad that no one can agree. There are lots of mods that have been abandoned that could be salvaged if there was a standard that everyone accepted. Unfortunately, we'll have to continue to make decisions on a case by case basis.
  4. If you don't like this mod, or this mod maker, that certainly is your right. It is not your right to leave comments or complaints in their thread. If you don't like this mod then move along.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/app/601150/discussions/0/1839063537795159803/
  6. gregathit

    Gut Feelings

    You can read more about Display port cables here: https://www.displayport.org/cables/how-to-choose-a-displayport-cable-and-not-get-a-bad-one/ You can also read about DP vs HDMI here: https://www.pcgamer.com/displayport-vs-hdmi-which-display-cable-should-i-use-for-my-monitor/ As 27X stated, the best one for the situation will be dependent on your setup. I can't say whether the cable solved your issue or something else did. You may never figure out what solved the problem. I'd guess it doesn't matter much as long as the problem stays solved. If it comes back, try only changing one thing at a time and then testing. Also, sometimes a particular game may require a particular setting to work right. An example is SWKOTOR 1 has a bug that requires vsync be enabled or it gets stuck. I don't use vsync usually due to my high end setup and that I have gsync. But I googled why I kept having the bug and found that I had to enable vsync in order to play the game. Sometimes games are just weird like that. DX12 is like any other new tech, it will have issues crop up and as it becomes wide spread, those issues will most likely be resolved. Hope that helps.
  7. gregathit

    Gut Feelings

    I just got a gaming monitor that runs at 200 hertz. The difference between it and a 4k monitor running at 60 hertz is huge. I know because my previous monitor was a sony 43" 4k monitor that would only do 60 hertz. But hey, go with whatever you like.
  8. gregathit

    Gut Feelings

    DP has better throughput than HDMI typically (read your cables specs). DP is what is required for the higher frame rate gaming monitors (144 to 250 hertz). You can get a high end DP 5' cable for 15 bucks on amazon. Vsync is a display option found in some 3-D computer games that allow the gamer to synchronize the frame rate of the game with the monitor refresh rate for better stability. If the Vsync is turned off, gamers might obtain a higher frame rate but this action may introduce artifacts/tears in the game. To read more about it and whether you should use it read this: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/what-is-vsync/ Your 4k monitor is not really a gaming monitor as 60 hertz isn't enough for newer games. It will work fine, but you are going to be locked to that refresh rate no matter what cables you buy or what your video card will allow. Whether this matters much depends on what type of games you play.
  9. Well, not to be rude, but if you updated your game, then well.........it was you. Sorry. Take your game offline and you won't have this issue anymore. If you don't, your mods will be broken each and every time the game updates. Generally the mod makers issue new versions in a few days, so unfortunately, you'll have to wait a bit.
  10. Do not come into a mod makers thread and demand they do anything. And don't even think about getting pissy if they turn down a request. Either of those actions will get you banned in a heartbeat. Learn how to appreciate what mod makers offer or go elsewhere.
  11. Due to spam bots you need to wait one week after joining to upload. At least I think that is what Ashal has it set for right now.
  12. Every time you update your game you break all your mods. You will need to get the updated version of WW and all your other mods. It is best to not update your game until you are sure the mods you use have been updated as well, or you won't be able to play your game with your chosen mods.
  13. Is auto complete enabled? Try some of the things here: https://www.howtogeek.com/62980/how-to-force-your-browser-to-remember-passwords/
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