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  1. gregathit

    BreakArmor/Undies issues

    Moving to tech support. If you are having a problem with a mod here, please post in the thread for it as many times the answers are right there in the thread. Most of the time what you are describing is a problem with the skeleton. Also, make sure you have archive invalidated via bsa redirection. To get more help, post your load order and what skeleton you are using.
  2. gregathit


    Hey, let me know if I need to replace the MB2 with an updated version, or if you'd like to post it so you can have credit, I can pull it out of the pack and point folks in the OP to your version as the most updated. Cheers, Greg
  3. gregathit

    Are you good or evil? (rpg question)

    Both. When I feel the situation calls for it I'm evil as hell, but if someone is nice and doesn't screw me over (or try to) then I'm not just good.....I'm GREAT. LOL! Kinda also depends on what the consequences are, or if there even are any. Some games, as you pointed, out have the same red, green, blue ending, so on those I tend not to give a shit and just pick crap at random as a goof. Also depends on if the story grabs me. Lots of factors weigh in for me to give a consistent answer.
  4. gregathit

    Copied content allowed?

    No. If you don't have permission from all parties then it violates copy right.
  5. gregathit


    Yep. That is why I stuck to editing the couple of untranslated things Ashal didn't and left well enough alone. Between the massive amount of dialogue and the wonkiness of the mod tool, it is pretty much like masturbating with a cheese grater.
  6. gregathit

    Dragon age inquisition help modding

    Check the nexus. I'm pretty sure there is a mod that has done it.
  7. https://www.simfileshare.net/ Bottom of the page gives two options to get in.
  8. gregathit

    Wicked Whims on Mac not working :( Help

    Make sure the mod version matches the game. Each time the game updates, the mod must update.
  9. Every time you update your game, you MUST update all your mods. The updates normally break most mods.
  10. gregathit


    No. Sounds like a load order problem. Please post your load order.
  11. gregathit

    Oblivion made me cry

    I must have taken an arrow to knee. LOL!!!!
  12. gregathit


    The "publisher" stopped updating this mod a very, very long time ago. And was anonymous. So good luck with that.
  13. Thread clean up complete. There will be no more of this brawling. The mod is what it is and a mod author is free to do whatever the hell they please, whenever the hell they please. If you don't like the direction the mod is taking, move on and go make your own mod. Also, do not engage in back seat moderating. Hit the report button and let moderators handle things. Thanks, Greg Thread Reopened. Happy Gaming!
  14. gregathit

    Oblivion made me cry

    LOL! I've never done anything except DL mods that let me exterminate the DB. I dunno why, but they irritated me like the Morag Tong, which would also wipe out. I even killed off the DB in Skyrim. Ah well, glad you are having a good time, that is what counts!
  15. gregathit

    LoversNecrophilia modified 0.1

    Don't know what the issue is. I just checked it and it downloads fine. Try again.