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  1. So if you are a chick and punch yourself in the tummy, which kills the fetus, by your twisted logic that is not murder. Okay Dokey. Way to miss the entire point. My point, which was clear, is that killing a fetus can be murder: https://www.nytimes.com/1994/05/20/us/when-the-death-of-a-fetus-is-murder.html You can't give me a scientific or biological difference between a fetus that is about to be born and a baby that has just been born and you whine that my logic is distorted. Wow. Just Wow. ROFL!!!! Please stop. You are either unable to understand due to a transla
  2. A pure vegan diet is hard to pull off without supplements. You have to have access to a broad variety of things that folks outside of the "west" would not have the means or money to acquire. Also, age makes this more and more difficult: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/7-supplements-for-vegans and https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325283. So doable, but only for limited parts of the human population and difficult even for them. Heck, a balanced diet without supplements is damned hard as we get older. 🤕
  3. Um.....the part where you took it to an absurd end? But hey.....details right? Stab or punch a pregnant woman in the belly killing the baby but not the woman and see if you don't wind up getting a murder charge for the baby. Funny the hypocrisy in that. Except you can't prove that a fetus doesn't have feelings. Going down that road, a baby just out of womb suddenly develops those feel feels do they? That rap on the ass makes that ball drop? Or does the baby not have feelings so tossing them in the dumpster when your having a bad day is just peachy? Sorry, the only debun
  4. Sadly it is rewarded. Also sadly, the west doesn't have the corner of the market. It is being done the world over.
  5. Context my friend, context. My point was that you can't walk away from either. The 12 week old is dependent on the parent the same as the 4 year old. Abandonment of one is both morally and ethically wrong. However only one of these actions is illegal. Which to me is weird. Also, what is the biological difference between a baby/fetus in the womb and a new born? It just seems a bit unscientific to me that a slap on the ass or a change in location makes one a person and the other a blob of cells that can be disposed of at will. What? How is that even remotely a connectable dot to
  6. And here is the first landmine to step on. While I applaud foster care, it should be voluntary and the irresponsible parents (yes both) should be forced to pay upkeep for the child until they are 18. They did the fucking and had the kid, their wages should be garnished. If you incur a debt, YOU should pay for it. Perhaps the payment can be low depending on the circumstances. It could even be traded as labor. These are details that should be worked out on a case by case business. If this is not done, then this irresponsibility will increase exponentially. Why behave responsibly if there
  7. LOL! I like how you say I'm doing mental gymnastics and then promptly dive clear off the deep end by comparing child abandonment to eating cows? I think you you are the one going for the joke.......or is it maybe a distraction........hmmmmm.........talking about cows so we won't think about eating pigs maybe? No....no......that is too simple and could not possible be it. 🤣
  8. My point is that you are trying to compare an apple with a hand grenade and insist that because both "appear" to look the same that they are. A 4 year old child that you created is dependent upon you. Don't like that responsibility, well, should have thought about that before doing the boom boom. A 12 week old child/fetus is no different. The location is the only thing that is different. You are still responsible for them. Don't want that, don't go boom boom. You can't walk away from the 4 year old or the 12 week old. To do so is irresponsible morally and ethically. Wh
  9. Wait....what? Surely you are trolling here. Who in the west is forcing folks to get pregnant? Sorry, but this is just nonsense. I just love the logic wanting to have sex but then not wanting to put up with the consequences. Stop having sex with things that have dicks that can bred with you. It is so simple it is just mind boggling. But no, let's continue to belly ache because this particular action has consequences. Like it should be different than all the other actions that have consequences in life. Wait......Now you want to others to pay for someone to fuck around and fin
  10. So your time is valuable but the time of others, especially those who made the mods in the first place is not? You can't even spare the time to go to their mod page, read their instructions and download their mod (with or without giving them a thanks or rep boost if you enjoy it) and you want to call someone who points that out an ass? YOU are the problem and YES! You are being LAZY. Oh, and by the way, talking about folks or files that bundle mods together WITHOUT those mod makers permission is considered theft and is against forum rules: https://www.loverslab.com
  11. First, narrow your search by looking at a specific game. Then things become much easier to find: https://www.loverslab.com/files/
  12. Hella good write up and to be honest, I feel the same way.
  13. Yes, your load order is a complete mess. Nothing is going to work with that. You need to run BOSS first and then hand sort your lovers mods (which should be at the bottom of your load order) like this (click on the spoiler at the bottom of the 1st post): https://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/ Also, you need to pay a bit closer attention when you install things. You were supposed to pick one of these three: Cosmetic Compilation - No JPeepers or NPC Changes.esp Cosmetic Compilation - No JPeepers.esp Cosmetic Compilation - No NPC Changes.esp
  14. There is no "esp" that summons creatures. It is a spell. All files needed are contained in this mod for creature sex. This mod requires the LAPF. If you have no spell, then you either didn't enable the esm/esp's that come with this mod or you don't have obse working properly. The problems are on your end, and we can't help you as you have not provided any information to help you with. See here for troubleshooting: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/
  15. Look, I don't mean to be harsh here, but this is the "mods that are not compatible" thread. It is NOT the "mods we think might not be compatible" thread. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but stick to what is proven and known. Sword and scabbard, to the best of my knowledge IS compatible. Just because a mod has animations, even sex animations, doesn't automatically make it incompatible. If a mod introduces a required skeleton (that isn't growlf's) THEN you can assume it is incompatible. As for DR6 (and even 5) it IS compatible with the LAPF. You just don't install the skeletons
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