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  1. If you allowed your game to be updated (which you did per the LE log) then all your mods are now broken. You must update all your mods so the versions match. If you don't like this, turn off the auto-update feature.
  2. Of course. We don't have any rules regarding where you host your files, as long as it is not beyond a paywall. When you set up the download, you will see a place to post the link to your download page on the nexus. Holler if you need help. Cheers, Greg
  3. Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant!!!
  4. No problem. Holler if you have other questions. For the consensual sex via dialogue I think you have to have a positive reputation of 80 or more. You can also seduce married women via dialogue. It takes quite a bit of seducing, so you really have to work at it. Cheers.
  5. Backseat Moderating is NOT ALLOWED here on LL. If someone is uploading mods without the permission of the mod maker, then use the report button and provide as much proof of this as possible. Understand, just because you bought a mod from someone, it does NOT give you the ability to repost that mod UNLESS the mod author specifically says that is ok. Reposting a mod, regardless of whether you bought it or modified it is PIRACY, which is against forum rules. This thread has been cleaned and is now locked until such time as we have time to straighten things out.
  6. No problem. I'm all for a dialogue and a good debate, I often learn things that I didn't know. I try not to sound off on area's I don't know much about. I really don't like the taste of crow. I've had it before and me no likie. I'm all for what works. Success settles things for me. I'm sorry for any rudeness I might have conveyed. I'm a snarky individual by nature. In person folks can see I'm just goofing around. On a forum, it doesn't translate very well. I'm working on that. I clearly still have a long way to go. Baby steps. I hate politics as well. I don't like either party. I vote for individuals based on what they have done. Beyond that, I just want them to leave me alone.
  7. Unfortunately this is another lefty and media talking point. It also is untrue. Say what you will about the Orange Mans twitter posting habits (criticism is sadly due), but he has a nose for competent people. Remember, he is a business man. He likes to surround himself with the best and brightest and doesn't give a damn about their gender or race. Look at his current press secretary. She is killing it. The media HATES her because she is smart, savvy and incredibly organized. They have been humiliated on a regular basis. His prior 2 justice picks were top notch as well. Neil Gorsuch is widely respected. Brett Kavanaugh is also a very good judge. Sadly he was subjected to the worst character assignation attempt that I can remember. If you go back and look, there was nothing but uncorroborated hearsay and lots of feel feels that they tried to pass off as evidence. No one was fooled. But we are way off in the weeds here and on the edge of taboo subjects. Cheers.
  8. Quick summary, the majority of the left has moved much further left in the last 10 years (they call it being progressive) and they embrace socialism. Before that, they were much more moderate and leaned strongly towards capitalism. The right hasn't changed much at all in its stances. It just "appears" to be more right due to how far many of the left have gone. As for talking points.......that is used car salesman speak. Don't believe or trust any of it. Instead, look at their record and what they have supported. Actions are what you have to go by over here. Both sides tell lies to get votes. Sad. But true. Yea. That is true of the moderate democrats, the old school liberals (both are left) and the right. Both believe in small Federal government and states handling things. The economist I referred you to earlier has a great deal to say about this. He was an insanely smart guy. You may not like what he has to say, but you'll find it very difficult to argue facts with him. It can make you uncomfortable. Which is a good thing sometimes, as it can mean you may need to re-examine your outlook. I know he red pilled me on several things. It isn't just Texans. Roughly 40 percent of the population in the us lives in a house that there is at least one gun in. Those that own guns tend to own multiple guns. Roughly 5 million first time gun buyers bought a gun so far in 2020. As for why the democrats want to take them away.........it is part of their long term plan to make the country socialist or communist (idiots like AOC and Bernie Sanders use both terms interchangeably, likely because they are not smart enough to know the difference between them). In order to take away the other rights and repeal the constitution you have to take away the guns of the citizens. Fortunately enough citizens of the US disagree with giving up our guns. We are a little stubborn. Ok, hell, we are a lot stubborn. We still haven't adopted the metric system. ROFL!!! Yea, creepy, sleepy Joe is pretty hard to get behind. Especially when he won't come out of the basement he is hiding in. As for the Orange Man. He is a product of the times. I find it hilarious when he trolls the other party and the media. They get so very butt hurt over it that it is just so freaking funny. While the articles are not wrong. They are not right either. The US is very large and hugely diverse. While much of what all three articles talked about is most certainly true of some of the inner city schools in the very large cities, it is equally false in other large cities as well as medium size cities down to villages. The midwest, where I primarily grew up, it really isn't true as the schools were quite diverse. I went to a junior high (6 to 9th grade) and a high school that were 50 percent black. No body cared one way or another. Now that was 20 years ago, I have nephews and nieces going to those same schools and nothing appears to have changed much. Now Chicago or Detroit inner city schools most likely will have those differences that those articles discussed. The US has subcultures that effect this as well. You can't assume that because some folks in one part of the US do one thing that others agree. It is complicated. I'm surprised and pleased to hear it. He is the father of fascism. Fascism very much is into a national identity that places large emphasis on folks working and existing for the betterment of the nationalistic society as a whole at the expense of their personal freedom. It borrows extensively from socialism. Many of the things you were talking about are very much rooted in fascism. This is also why I recommended you check out the economist I keep referring to. He can point out the dangers of allowing socialism/fascism weasel its way into your society. Socialism punishes all to provide for a few. As for starving.........that rarely happens in the US. There are so many charities and folks that freely give out money that folks rarely starve. Now those who subsist on handouts aren't likely to be eating as well as they should, but they aren't starving. As for which is better, that is purely subjective based on whether people are willing to put up with wealth redistribution or not. It also is based on their willingness to trade perceived security for freedom. Our respective countries are following what we individually want, so we are both happy.
  9. Gives a whole new meaning to being "glad handed". 🤣
  10. Of course it is. What else could we possibly be talking about.
  11. The LAPF is a framework. Other than masturbate, you can't do anything with it. Go to the supplemental pack: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/355-lovers-supplemental-plugin-pack/ and install it completely. Then go to your data folder and delete the following esp files: Lovers RapeSlave Lovers Escape Rape V Player Lovers Help Rape V Player Lovers Paybandit That will leave with a consensual sex mod that you can have consensual sex through dialogue options if you have a high enough reputation with the person. You can also go to the link I gave you earlier and browse the other mods there. Click on the spoiler and read the description for each mod to see if it something you would like.
  12. Clearly masochism makes them happy. Whatever floats their boat I guess. Would not want to kink shame or anything. ROFL!!!
  13. That is a no nonsense class act dude. He isn't about to put up with any mess. I had to laugh at how she noticed that he was filming her and pointing out she was acting foolish. You can see the light bulb coming on and then she was embarrassed and didn't know what to do. Actions have consequences. It is CRITICAL that kids learn this as early as possible. Bravo for that father.
  14. Wow. Is that the best you can do? To make an emotional nonsense vomit response and then throw up straw man arguments.? Would that be because there are no facts on your side? Ah. Poor baby. Perhaps you're just too low brow to realize that you CAN throw off the yoke of ignorance and actually learn how to research things and develop logic skills so you can be your own person. What is truly foolish is to trust feel feels over facts. That will lead to you accepting lies and getting played. If you are a masochist, maybe that is not so bad. Few would be happy with that however. And I merely mentioned race so you didn't try to use that card. But I can see now that you were not savvy enough to understand that. The report was what was important. Not the skin color of the person who posted the report. Clearly you didn't bother to read said report. I understand, it was all words and that is likely very confusing for you. Sorry about that. They don't do police reports in crayon with pictures. Don't let it trouble you. Just go back to your coloring book and let adults talk about adult stuff.
  15. Read forum rules. NO PIRACY ALLOWED: https://www.loverslab.com/guidelines/
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