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This plugin adds Fight Clubs in both Skingrad and Cheydinhal. Only the Skingrad location has a simple quest line (which is still very much a WIP). In either location you an bet on fights or participate yourself. The clubs are accessible through trap doors in inns (Skingrad - Two Sisters Lodge).


In order to see the combatants fight AND fuck (yes occasionally they will "get it on during the battles") - you have to have RaperS.esp enabled. RaperS will also allow you to rape your opponent during the match and you can were anything you like. You can even customize what the opponents will wear by putting different armors\clothes in the chests.


V1.02a adds more support for combatants equipment with template support going from 5 to 12 chests.


V1.02a also adds support for a new plugin by this same author called Lively Cities by spawning more of an audience. Lively Cities is much like Crowded Cities (do not use both together). One major difference is that Lively Cities is configurable via an ini file. Lively Cites can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2218-livelycities-v100/


Made by: KZS
Original Japanese Untranslated version available here: http://www.4shared.com/dir/NaHTfIRF/Mod_for_Oblivion.html

What's New in Version Version 1.02a


  • v1.01a - initial release by Hodoki and posted by Donkey
  • v1.01b - translation and update (still a WIP) by gregathit
  • v1.02 - translation update by Fejeena
  • v1.02a - translation update by Fejeena

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