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About This File

Requires: Lovers with Pk.esm


Simple Breton Sex compatible follower.



I got real motivated and worked on this hard a few days, and then I realized I could run New Vegas on this computer so... Use at your own risk.


What does this do? Well, it should add a follower in Bruma that a quest will guide you to.


There is a simple item you need to acquire for her to follow you. Figure it out; come on it ain't that hard :)


(This item will be deplenished somewhat each night at midnight.) If she runs out of it, she leaves.


You need Lovers with Pk to use this. Her sex topics are somewhat (very) undeveloped. You can, however, select the show other topics dialogue ( if she's following you) and use sex topics from other mods.


Normally I'd give as many non-spoiler hints as possible, but there is a quest that starts up and shows you right where to go. If you are lost or pissed feel free to post, but (keep in mind Im not actively developing this at the moment); and if you call me obscene names I'll probably not answer :)


That being said, this sucker seems to work fine for me, but the mod specific sex has not yet been randomised. I was starting to set up mod specific anim groups and then got bored and installed New Vegas.


This is a resource like just about anything I make.




If you do post or remake or whatever parts or components of this mod, I only ask one thing.


If you use the same id's or whatnot and there will be conflicts just let the end user know so that we both have less headaches. Good luck with this pile of mess.



I am not sober at the time of writing this readme, but I was sober when I created and used this mod for several days. If it totally fails to work, it's be cause I'm failing to list a requirement or I'm a retard, or you are. Feel free to publicly shame me and/or insult my mother.


(Actually I wouldn't insult my mother, she's scary mean.)


(Currently only one follower, and don't hold your breath about me getting back into working on this or finishing it up.)

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