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LoversRapeSGalgatVersion 0.01

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About This File

Many have asked about My version of loversRapes, I tweaked much, and added a lot text wise mostly to it.. anyway here it is if you wish to try it, be sure to uncheck your other RapeS lovers mod..Uncheck this one latter and recheck yours again if is not to your liking.





Loverpk Plugin: Redone by Galgat.This version done 12-18-2010


Many people including myself have worked on the translation of the mods for LoversPK. at http://wolflore.enmesharra.com/.


I have done some re translating on this, and utilized some translations that others at wolflore have done.


Main thing different in my translation is that the animals, and males, and females now have there own conversation area.

These are rapist, not nice people, they do not talk nicely, and they are evil..They do mean, and unruly things. Talk to any Girl who was ever Raped, and ask how nice the Rapist were..


the normal Rapes mod starts and ends sex like this


starts:The witch doctor caught you off guard, and begins to rape your arse.

*****************Blank area

*****************Blank area

*****************Blank area

*****************Blank area

*****************Blank area

*****************Blank area

*****************Blank area

*****************Blank area

*****************Blank area

*****************Blank area

End: you pull away and orgasm


I have tried to give a lot of randomization to this version. By adding 10 conversation area' that can happen during the actual sex act. So you end up maybe with something like this.


This No Longer functions quite right with Creatures, One of the

Lovers Updates Messed it up

The Text, and dialog works fine with Playable races


starts:The Orge has placed you in nasty position, and begins to Rape you.


Off.Orge like fuk Purdy Girls in Butt hole...Poop, Poop, Poo..Little Girl...Har, Har...!


Def.No, No, No..! Don't put that big thing in my Butt, Stop..Aaargh !


Off.Dose Purty Girl like Big Orge cock in Butt...Har, de, Har...!


Def. Oh God ! so Big, stop your ripping me apart....!


Off. I like you Butt...it so tight...Umm..is getting looser now..Hee, Hee !


Def. God stop it !...Please, your tearing me apart...Uggh ! Ommph !


Off. Awe ! Purty Girl not want me should have her Butt...Tisk, Tisk !


Def. Ouch ! ow, ow, ow...Yes..Please stop..its toO big...Ulp...!


Off. Okay Orge stop when Orge get through..Must get funny feeling first..Har, Har !


Def. Oh My god, its Flooding My gut with it's Cum...I may explode..UgggH !


End: You fall to the ground, cum pouring from you over streached Booty..



I have added some other randomization,and extra variables to the Quest script, that can be used to identify Male, female, creature, vaginal Rape, or Butt rape, another variable I added to stop the latent text messages after the sex event was over. and may add more in time..


would like to know if it is still worth continuing or not.


I have done it in other mods, I like having more diverse context in the dialog.




1.OBSE 19b,


2.LoversPK version 1.4 rev 77 or better. full with all the data folders


3.Universal Silent voice by Elys (http://tesnexus.com/...le.php?id=16622)


4.PLACE LoversrapeSGalgat data folder in your Oblivion folder.


LoversPK is tough for some people to get installed right..if you have never done it then expect lots of trial and error getting it up and running.


However if you manage to get it working. It is very Erotic, and way over the top in many areas. And can be a lot of fun for ADULT's.

What's New in Version 0.01


  • I did this many years ago, but I feel it is still a very viable Version, and perhaps worth a try for some.
  • I did the Original translation of LoversRapeS, and Joburg, and many others from Japanese. and After I Translated This one, I modded it some to my Liking, I still run mine, I don't have a need for My stuff getting taken, or my gold being stolen, so I never implemented this in my mod. I still use this one, although I have modded My version a bit differently. Some day I may Upload The version I have running for my self now, But that will be some time off.
  • I added Variables that keep track of if your attacker attacks you from the back, or front to implement dialog accordingly, so if you get raped from the back, the attackers percentage of chance to succeed is increased, and my dialog will read mostly as anal attack, if attacked from the front then the dialog will read as vaginal attack, percentage of chance to succeed is less from the front so you will probably see more anal attacks than vaginal. I added a variable to know it was a creature attacking, and this was used for Creature dialog, when it did work, but one of the loversPK update's made this one redundant now [ I have been looking at ways to get this back working, but for now the creature attacks have quit using dialog ]. This was and early LoversPK coding for me, and much of the code was trial and error, and some of the code is Useless, be cause I did not understand LoversPK Functions exactly back then [Still much of it I do not fully understand], but the extra code does not effect anything.
  • This was a mod to get you raped, or allow you to rape, and that was all it was for. What I added was dialog during the rape, and some extra's that you may never actually see or even realize are there, I don't have things taken from you as That cause's to much trouble for many people, but some people like that.
  • I did not add Prison rape to it, that should be in my opinion and entirely different mod, and I did not add Bandit rape or pay with your body for the same reason, and actually checking if the player is being raped, and having random Items stolen or taken could be a single Plugin as well, with Lovers PK it is easy to check when the Player is being raped.
  • I don't like my sound systems to be combined with Tape player, CD, dvd, TV, 8 track, record player, casset all in one box. I would rather buy each piece single, and combine them to make my sound system, and in LoversPK I like to have single application Plugin's as well, for the same reason, ease of changing them out, except for RPG's they are different, and do sometimes have to cover many different events. I do have prison rapes in My loverscrowning Isle mod, but only in my Prison's on my Island's, not in Oblivions Prison's I leave that to someone Else's Plugin.

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