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LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix

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LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix


Modification of LoversBitch 5b -- Original by Chase Roxand
Version 1.51 BB fix
By fejeena and WappyOne


You don't need the Original Mod. ( It is advisable to delete original LB, make a clean save, then install LB Gone Wild)
You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z, and Version 1.51 BB fix esp and readme.7z
No clean save needed for LB Gone Wild updates.




LBGW 1.51 BB fix
Special is, all dogs and wolves have dicks.
I add dicks (dogd.nif) to all city dogs and vanilla dogs/wolves. And "xLoversBitchNoDogdToken" to all SkinnedHounds(so no flickering double dicks in game)
I did that to avoid the CTDs when the script add dick to a dog/wolf. See also script changes in "script work by WappyOne!!!!"


Oblivion.esm (Shivering Isles version)
Lovers with PK.esm
Lovers with PK.esp
OBSE v20
You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z
and Version 1.51 BB fix esp and readme.7z


New in LB Gone Wild
Extreme (many dog sex pictures) and normal version in one esp, can be changed with the setting menu (the bag on Rena's table)


WappyOne aditions: summon wild wolf spell. Wolf type summoned depends on player level and location. (you can get it from Meara after first training lesson)
! You must tame the wolf! In some regions are no wild wolves, e.g.Cities.


Old and new
Rena's shop and Maera's house with 50+ pictures, statues, tapestries, Bitch throne, shelf with dog statues, store sign .....(dog sex)
new Bitchthrone mesh (extreme Version)
Wolf cave UL compatible.(Unique Landscapes - Chorrol Hinterland)
Bigger kennels, 8 kennels, only normal dogs.
All "special" dogs are only player-dogs.
Bigger player kennel room
15 new player-dogs.(available with console)
faction rank icons.
"The Book of Canines" text is corrected = the Bloodhound text ( corrected Doberman too Bloodhound )
You can buy "The Book of Canines 2"
Renas diary ( her first dog sex. Not my text/work ! I found a free story in the net and modify it a Little)
9 Eastereggs (real eggs, totaly useless)
Decorative egg holders added to case in shop, activate to place/reclaim found Easter eggs.
new egg textures (If you do not like the new textures, the old textures are in the "Old egg textures" Folder)
3 Teddys (useless but nice. female,male and shemale Teddy)
2 possibilities to place your Teddies ( one in sex positions, other next to each other)
Wild Wolf summon spell.
Options menu reworked for clarity.
Hold parties in the kennel room! Invite your best friends (or worst enemies). A Switch behind the Bitch throne.
Slave bitch key can now be set independently of main all fours key. If not set Ctrl or Alt+player mount all fours key = slave bitch key.
-Reworked Training quest. You or your slave can do the quest.

When you talk to Maera in her house after the wolf cave quest:
Dialog choise"Bitch Training" -> She Explains she can train you or companion if you buy collar and place it.
"Just train me" -> Trains player like previous version.
"Buy collar for 250g" -> Adds collar to player inventory, closes dialog to allow player to place collar on slave via dialog.
"No thanks" -> Aborts training dialog to allow player to think it over/get 250g/acquire slave.
"Bitch Training" after buying collar: If player has collar in inventory but not applied to slave, trains player. If collar applied to slave via dialog, trains slave.
To give the collar to the slave use the Dialog "Put on this collar", NOT the slave inventory.
After training, or for games with that have previously completed training "Bitch Collar" dialog option added to buy collar, but no further training.
-You can also play the second training quest (mounted by 10 dogs) and the Leyawiin Party quest with a slave or the player. And you can train your dogs with the slave.
-And your companion dogs "paws the leg" or "try to mount" a slave with Bitch collar.
-You get the collar back if your slave dies or is to far away from the dog for 120+ seconds.
! Ctrl+mount-key or Alt+mount-key works for your slave if he/she wears the Bitch collar, or you can choose a separate slave-mount-key.
To change the mount-keys or see player-statistics press Shift+mount-key .

Quest (! by WappyOne !) available after mounted by 20 or more unique dogs. Some nasty rumors have been flying around Chorrol.! reward is the Southlander Wolf !
The player dogs/wolves: you can buy or get as quest reward: dog, wolf, collie, doberman, mutt, german shepherd, hellhound, bloodhound, Southlander wolf.
Only available with console: wolf statue, tundra wolf, shadow wolf, spectral wolf, brown collie, spotted dog, hyena, damn dog, armored battle dog, rune dog, teddy dog, order dog, madness dog, amber dog, skinned dog, brown werewolf, golden werewolf, grey(black/white)werewolf.


Other things can not be seen.(they are all in the wolf temple, which is not yet in use. Statures,new cell,new NPC, flying bone and beef,....You can cheat and unlock the door to see it)
script work by WappyOne!!!!
From the activate menu (not bitch bone) can return to kennel/send away kennel/wild canines.
Re-tamed wild or summoned canines (not if killed, but sent away then re-summoned) retain their stats.
Watching your canine companion mount someone else raises your lust. Likewise, your companion watching you have sex with someone else raises their lust.
Tamago In Heat crossover fixed. Was toggling itself on/off every 10 seconds. Lust gain was based on frames per second instead of time. Now shuts itself off after bitch has been thoroughly bred (>25 sperm present). Messages added to warn player of what is happening to them.
Different canines now gain lust at different rates. The more tame canines will now not rape the player at lust > 95, losing ability points instead. When those are exhausted they will rape.
Canines now have differing lust gains and ease/difficulty to tame.
Specific warnings are now given as your companion's lust rises before a forced mounting occurs.


Trapped in Oblivion" quest startup routine (strip, slave, remove all possesions) broken into 3 parts, done once per frame update to prevent CTDs.


In Heats "fix": If Player is forced to all fours by high lust, he will attract some attention after a minute if not otherwise serviced.( A dog is summoned by the script.) Problem was: When the player was forced in position and there were no dogs/wolves near by, he had to crawl till he found a dog/wolf.He can not use spells in mount posion(like "Call Wild Canine")


Added check for dogs becoming invalid while knotted (disappearing summons).
Removed dynamic adding of dog penises due to CTD issues.
Script effect spells no longer forced to use Burden Icon.
Fixed: Player forced to all fours due to rising lust no longer causes slave bitch to strip.
Fixed: In some locations the attract/invite to mount internal spell would fail to work.
Fix for mounting while forced to all fours not working if slave with Bitch collar is far away.


script change (At the request of mem4ob4)
To make the mod more compatible with other mods.(other mod makers can use the "onAllFours" command, without add LB as master).That does not change anything to LB !


new in VERSION 1.51


---WappyOne's work---
XXX- New setting available "All Fours Strip". If one of the slots options is chosen those slots are the only ones that will remain stripped when mounting starts. Clothing is re-equipped when standing up. Four choices:
XXX- As per Lovers (default): When getting on all fours an actor is stripped as if Lovers sex had started.
XXX- Upper+Lower: Only upper and lower slots are stripped.
XXX- Lower: Only lower slot is stripped.
XXX- Nothing: Clothing is left as is when getting on all fours.
- Dog behavior during attraction phase has been cleaned up:
- Dogs not eligible for sex will not start chasing.
- All dogs chasing a target will stop once that target is no longer eligible for sex, be it by mounting, standing up, death, etc.
- First dog to reach chase target will immediately mount instead of waiting a few seconds.
- The player's dog will resume following the player after a chase is finished.
- New dogs now become available for sale in Rena's shop after a certain number of unique dog mountings.And and you can gain two more ranks.
- Fix: After losing a tamed wild companion the player is no longer automatically friendly to all future members of that type of canine.
- Fix: Some dogs that are already loyal pets are no longer tamable.


-player room: the store garret,a store with no comfort. Available after the Chorrol nasty rumors quest.
-loading screens(7). If you do not like, there is a extra esp without loading screens.
new in Version 1.51 BB (Better Bruno)


- CTD fix: removed the strip function because of CTDs. see the XXX marked lines in "new in Version 1.51"( if you don't like/need the playerroom and have no CTDs with Version 1.51 you can use 1.51 with the strip function)
- more playerroom ( Dog Filters cigaretts, a chest with the kennel Irons, CTD and many more )
- more pictures
To have music in the playerroom you must add your own music wav file in the folder data\Sound\fx\LoversBitch
There are only "silent voice" placeholder files in the folder.
CTD1.wav to CTD9.wav


Version 1.51 BB fix
nothing new, only "strip clothes when on allfours" fixed.
You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and Version 1.51 BB fix esp and readme.7z


Version 1.51 BB fix3
Test Version for all those who have CTDs with far away Dogs try to mount/reach the Player on all fours. And dog/wolf Sound correction.
Nothing new !
You need meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and Version 1.51 BB fix3 esp and readme.7z


New Oct. 2016
if you have the old 1.51 BB LC3 version you don't need it !!! Nothing new !!!
Only for easier installation the animations from the Creatures Overhaul-Workshop in the file.
Version 1.51a BB LC3
For animated penis animations/Skeleton from Creatures Overhaul - Workshop
All you need: meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and LBGW 1.51a BB LC3 esp and readme.7z
Install LBGW 1.51a BB LC3 esp and readme.7z last and let overwrite ! Read the Readme !!!


YOU DON'T NEED THE FILE FROM THE CREATURES OVERHAUL _ WORKSHOP ! animations and skeleton are in my file.
DO NOT INSTALL "Creatures Overhaul - Workshop LBGWDogs.7z" !!


All dog and wolf meshes with animated dick.
All Mods that use vanilla dog,wolf,SkinnedHound meshes now have a dick.
There is also a Folder with some dog meshes from other Mods with added animated dicks.


You don't need the "Creatures Overhaul - Workshop LBGWDogs.7z" it is for the older LoversBitch versions, if you want animated dicks.


Player room Pictures and things you can do or activate in the Player room.
http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15876-loversbitch-gone-wild-151-bb/page-33?do=findComment&comment=582870 Shit, the pictures does not work anymore.
Here the "What you can do and activate in the player-room" Pics



All + the secrets


Difference between Normal version and extreme version.

Normal version
Rena's store: 2 pictures and the shelf in the store, and 1 poster in the basement.
Maera's house: 3 pictures and 2 statues. In the basement 1 tapestriy and 5 pictures (4 dog-dick pictures).
extra in the Extreme version
Rena's store: a lot of pictures, 2 tapestries, "get pregnant" handbills and Bitch-throne.
Maera's house: a lot of pictures, 1 tapestry and a "get pregnant" handbill. In the basement +3 pictures.
Pictures in the Leyawiin-Party-room
1 Picture in Guard House (ICElvenGardens)
1 Picture in Ra'jhan's (HouseICElvenGardens)
1 Picture in Jair's Shack (ICWaterfront)
1 Picture in Rena's house (not the dog store)



See pictures below in the download thread. http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/128-loversbitch-gone-wild/


Dog meshes replacer: file "Creatures Overhaul - Workshop LBGWDogs.7z"
for animated penis animations/Skeleton from Creatures Overhaul - Workshop http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21315-creatures-overhaul-workshop/
Rune dog variations: 4 Rune dog color variations (see last screenshot at the bottom of the download thread. The blue is the original)
Old egg and Picture textures: the old egg textures and one old Picture. see Pictures download side or in the download file.
Kennel Irons replacer:DMRA ( 2 versions Glossiness 10 and Glossiness 300)
Default Kennel Irons(Larger Breasts) = from H cup to DMRA
GSB Kennel Irons = from H cup to DMRA
not changed
Default Kennel Irons (D cup)
Uriel Kennel Irons (H cup)
Credits: Chase Roxand, GSBmodders(for GSB kennel irons), mem4ob4 (for change tattoos to DMRA), Ark of Truth and Mailamea (for DMRA seamless)


Other replacers:
Lovers Bitch Gone Wild Art Replacer . by QLee NEW 10.2015


A picture replacer: some pictures, handbill and Trainer wanted poster.


A picture replacer, "Manga style" by QLee


"beware of wolves" poster(put it in folder textures\k9\art\ )
freshly printed.


Other Mods:
If you play with Tamago you can sell your creature and human children


Some extra stuff: Bitch tattoos, collars, tail-plugs
Update Version5 my Bitch Tattoo chest.
Some pictues and download are here http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/280-wearable-tattoos-and-body-writings/


Oh shit.....
To make it short
meshes and textures:All modders in the world
Bitch throne mesh by KOBJ (SurrealRoom mod)
pictures:All artists in the world (all pictures are changed more or less by me, I downloaded the originals from "hentai foundry".)
Maigrets Battle Dogs(Waalx for the meshes and textures)
Werewolf creatures designed by jcarl904


And special thanks to Chase Roxand (original LoversBitch mod) and WappyOne for all the fixes and the wild-wolf summon spell.
Poontank for the lector work (Renas diary and all other books)


Some cheats and tip. And quests and things you can do.

For better/quicker knotting.
open console: set xLoversBitchQuest.alwaysKnot to 1


or you can use the "Ring of Knotting"
open console: player.additem xx005A3C 1
xx is your loadorder number.
With the ring it is easier,(put it on, take it off)
Both did not give you a 100% knotting chance, but nearly.
If you want to use the Bitch-collar with a companion, and do not want to enslave him/her and break the slave (SlaveTrader-BravilUnderground or LoversRapeSlave or ...? ) you can add the Lovers PK slave token to the companion.
Open console, click on the companion, write in the console: additem xx00080D 1, press enter, Close console. (xx must be the load order number of Lovers with PK.esm)
Now your companion has the Dialog Option "put on this collar"
If you use a BashedPatch and loaded after LoversBitch ! Open the Bashed Patch with CS or Tes4Edit and delete Rena or she will use original AI and goes to church every day instead to her dog shop.
If you ever lose your mount key, maybe a other Mod use the same key, so you can not choose a new key ( normally you can press shift and Mount key and the Bitch menu opens with your statistics " mounted by Dogs and times knotted and the buttom to choose/change the Mount key" )
You can use the console
Player.additem xx022C03 1
xx = the LoversBitch.esp load order ID
Then the choose-key-menu pops up and you can select your key and the slave key.
Console commands for LoversBitch
!!!after useing the commonds leave the shop, type PCB in console (cell buffer cleaning), then enter shop again.!!!!


All dogs you can buy or get in quests(so don't use, or you mess up the quests)
set xLoversBitchStore.dogUnlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.wolfUnlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.collieUnlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.muttUnlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.dobermanUnlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.gShepUnlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.bloodhoundUnlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.hellhoundUnlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.SouthWolfunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.spotteddogunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.browncollieunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.damndogunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.BattleDogunlocked to 1
All Dogs you can't buy or get as quest reward.
set xLoversBitchStore.stoneWolfunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.tundraWolfunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.shadowWolfunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.spectralWolfunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.hyenaunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.werewolfunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.werewolfgunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.werewolfbwunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.TeddyDogunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.RuneDogunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.SkinnedDogunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.OrderDogunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.AmberDogunlocked to 1
set xLoversBitchStore.MadnessDogunlocked to 1


The Oblivion quest CTD
To prevent the CTD: Get undressed, also unequip weapon, rings etc before you go near the Oblivion gate! Should be fixed with new script.


Quests and things you can do.
Start the game/quests: Visit Rena in her Dog Shop in Chorrol. Talk to her and read the books in the shop. (And there is the Setting bag on her table )
-Buy dogs from Rena. You or a slave with special Bitch collar can Train the Dogs.
-Train dogs in the basement kennels or sent NPCs in the kennel and get money for training from Rena.
-Get raped by wild wolfs and get them as companion (if they knot you get a bitch-bone !only if you don't have a "active" dog/wolf companion) These wild wolves can't be taken in towns or in a kennel. (You can disable wild wolves companions in the setting-menu)
-Train Renas Bloodhound and you get a Bloodhound in your kennel-room. ( the Bloodhound Dialog you get after you helped Rena with training her Dogs in the Basement)
-Find and help Meara and you get a Doberman.
-Buy a special Bitch collar and you can train your Dogs with a slave.
-For finish your Bitch-Training Maera gives you German Shepherd. (you need the training to train your dogs)
-The training: 1.in Maeras basement you learn to invite canines to mount you or a slave with a secial Bitch collar.
2. find 10 different dogs/wolves and let them mount you or your slave with collar(you can use your dogs/wolves and wild wolves)
3.Dog-show in Leyawiin; you or your slave with collar(you get money for the show and this quest part is repeatable)
-After the first training part you can get a "Call Wild Canine"spell from Maera if you ask her.
-The Oblivion-gate quest near Kvatch, you get a Hellhound.
-You can get pregnant if you have the Tamago mod. (see setting menu)
-You can collect eggs with dog/wolf pictures (total useless just for fun)
-You can collect 3 Teddys (total useless just for fun)
After mounted by 20 or more unique Dogs a new quest about nasty rumors. For those who wants to cheat the 3 ingredients for the Dog-staff.
Player.additem 00033664 1
Player.additem 0003367D 1
Player.additem 000A792C 1
-Hold parties in the kennel room! Look behind the Bitch-throne.
After mounted by 50 unique Dogs, Rena sells two new Dogs and you gain new rank.
After mounted by 100 unique Dogs, Rena sells two new Dogs and you gain new rank.


For those who do not want to search: all eggs and teddies Locations

1. Wolf cave
2. Maera Sirius's Basement
3. Renas store Breeding Kennels
4. Leyawiin Castle Party Room
5. ICElvenGardens RajhansHouse
6. ICWaterfront JairsShack
7. ICElvenGardens GuardHouse
8. ICMarketDistrict DivineElegance
9. Skingrad TwoSistersLodge
male and female: Maera Sirius's House
Futa(shemale): Leyawiin Castle throne room

A test spell. It summons 1 dog for every two NPCs forced to the ground (Summoned once at start, not continuous like before). Not given out as quest reward, but it could be fun to play with. You can cheats the spell. (player.addspell xx05ccc7)


'In Heat' Tamago Crossover: Script modification to shorten the "in heat" phase.
Unimportant Explanation.

Human Menstrual Phase average length 28 days.(ranging from 21 to 35 days)
-Early Follicular Phase (Menstruation) ; usually 3 to 5 days, but anywhere from 2 to 7 days is considered normal.
-Late Follicular Phase
-Ovulation Phase ; starts in the middle of the cycle(day 14) and may last 48 hours.
-Luteal Phase


The human "in heat" hormone level is high arround day 12 to 14 (high estrogen)
The "In Heat Tamago Crossover" is set to the whole Late Follicular and Ovulation phase.So begins immediately after menstruation.
To get a realistic "in heat" phase there must be add changes in the Tamago Mod: a estrogen level phase; the last 2-3 days of the Late Follicular Phase and one day of the (or whole) Ovulation Phase.(But no one will do it)


So I think it is more realistic if the in heat phase is only during the Ovulation Phase.

To set the "in heat" time only to the Ovulation Phase ( not, as by default, to the Early Follicular and the Ovulation Phase) you must change the script "xLoversBitchModTrackerScript"
If you have not changed your TamagoClub.ini the Tamago Menstrual cycle lasts a week (7 days) and the Ovulation Phase is only day 4 ( default "in heat" was 3 days; day 2 to 4)


You must use Construction Set with OBSE (or CS extender with OBSE)
How to use CS/CSE with OBSE see http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbbmod-sorting-and-cleaningcs-cse/


The script modification:

Change the two green lines as below.
scn xLoversBitchModTrackerScript
float fQuestDelayTime
ref wombState
ref rSperm
short hasPK
short disableInHeat
ref questScript
float test
begin GameMode
set xLoversBitchQuest.hasTamago to IsModLoaded "TamagoClub.esm"
set xLoversBitchQuest.hasEstrus to IsModLoaded "zzEstrus.esp"
set hasPK to IsModLoaded "Lovers with PK.esp"
set fQuestDelayTime to 10
set wombState to GetFormFromMod "TamagoClub.esm" 002500
set rSperm to GetFormFromMod "TamagoClub.esm" 002000
if playerRef.isSpellTarget xLoversBitchInHeatAbility
if player.GetItemCount wombState < 20 || player.GetItemCount wombState >= 30
Message "My body has calmed down, I'm no longer in heat."
player.RemoveSpellNS xLoversBitchInHeatAbility
elseif player.GetItemCount rSperm >= 25
Message "My heat has calmed down after that thorough breeding."
player.RemoveSpellNS xLoversBitchInHeatAbility
if ( player.GetItemCount xLoversBitchCanineSlutToken && xLoversBitchModTracker.disableInHeat == 0 )
if player.GetItemCount wombState >= 20 && player.GetItemCount wombState < 30 && player.GetItemCount rSperm < 25
Message "So flushed... I've gone into heat!"
player.AddSpellNS xLoversBitchInHeatAbility
player.removeSpellNS xLoversBitchInHeatAbility


player.AddSpell xLoversBitchDebugAddBreederT
player.AddSpell xLoversBitchDebugAddBreederS
set xLoversBitchQuest.DebugMode to 2

My other stuff:
BravilUnderground addon
different stuff