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Lovers Club Cats Sx:


This plugin adds a strip club next to the Bravil Mages guild, accessible via a trap door. You can customize the music that plays via the ini file (any mp3 file should work) with up to 5 songs of your choice. While Depeche Mode is exactly lore friendly, it is pretty funny to hear it playing while the male and female strippers are performing on stage. Pick songs that you want to hear according to your taste.


This plugin does NOT conflict at all with Lovers Club Cats so feel free to enable one or both.


NOTE: You MUST enter an alternate music path (mp3's only) in the ini files!!!! I have set up a sample path but this will only work if you have your game on the D drive and oblivion installed to a "Games" folder. The chances of you having the game installed in the same place I do are remote so program in a song into the 5 ini files or you will probably have the game crash on you.


You can change all 5 to use the same or different songs for each of them. If they are different songs in each ini file then the music "should" randomly rotate.

What's New in Version Version 1.00c


  • v1.00-Beta1
  • 1. Renamed the trap door and cell reset bottom.
  • 2. Renamed club and Madam.
  • 3. Misc translations and cleanup.
  • v1.0c - translation update by Fejeena

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