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About This File

MemPoserPlug v2.0


A tool for LAPF/LwPK to test specific animations by Pos number.

For all Man/Mer animations (1-200). Not for creature animations.


Working on an animation and want a quick way to test it in game?

Want to run through all your animations to check/adjust alignment?


You will be given a touch spell (you must be done with chargen quest).

Cast it on an NPC and you will be presented with Menu options.

There are prechecks for InCombat, riding a horse, etc.


The Menu option:

PoseNumber #

Click to go to menu to change the pose number. pick 0 for a random pose.

It will let you know if the Pos number choosen is not installed.

NPC is offence/Player is offence

Toggle for choice

This is consentual/This is rape

Toggle for choice


To move to summery with options to reset/do it/abort


There is aprox a 4 sec. delay then animation will start.


Install: put the esp in your data file and let the modhandler of your choice

know you want to use it (OBMM,Wrye,etc).

Tested while placed just above LoverswPK esp. Your mileage may vary.


Contents of esp: A scripted touch spell, quest and associated scripts.



Use it, abuse it. Just give credit where credit is due.

Much of the methods used were learned from WappyOne. (A huge Thanks)

Do not upload this esp to any other site. It is to stay on LoversLab.

What's New in Version 2


  • V2.1
  • made lesserpower version

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