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NOTE: If you have issues with the concept of selling livestock that you breed, then delete the plugin. You may voice your concerns on that subject in a seperate thread if you desire to do so.

This plug-in is an Add-on for LoversBitchGoneWild.

It adds a Commodities Agent that specializes in Canine Livestock.

He will buy any livestock that can physically trace a bloodline to the Player and a canine. (Generally up to 3 generations)

The Agents office is near Maeras' house (east of Chorral). Direct dialog is strictly business only. You may get more information from his occasional 'comments' (is it a lie or truth?). Read the book.


The value of Livestock is based on the breed of the canine blood.

Three bonuses may apply:

1. The LoversBitch faction rank of the Player. (LBGW)

2. Any breeding experience of the Livestock. (LwPK)

3. Any experience in 'slave training' (LoversSlaveTrader/BravilUnderground)


It recognizes all vanilla canines (guild dogs, etc.) and those added by LBGW, including werewolves.

It will not recognize the breed of a leveled list canine (wolf in the wild).

If you sell a second generation Livestock that sired a third generation, that third generation may

not be able to trace bloodline (Pedegree). So keep your bloodline and breeding stock alive.

(At this time, all canines are assumed to be male)


This plug-in is mastered only to Oblivion.esm

The scripts call a4hccGetHiyokoData in Hiyokoclub so we will say the Tamigo/Hiyoko system is required.

Using this with out LwPk is useless.

Using this with out LBGW is untested and possibly quite boring.

LoversSlaveTrader is not needed but will allow for higher bonuses.

If you have released revisions of any of the above plugins that may affect this mod please contact the Authors.

NOTE: this was built and tested on NON-MBP systems.



LoversLab exclusive. Do not repost to any other site without expressed written consent of the Authors.

Resources may not be used without expressed written consent of Fejeena.

Script concepts may be used in any way desired (short of monetary gain), just give credit where credit is due.



Visuals (including setting up the office and decorating it)- Fejeena

pictures: All artists in the world (all pictures are changed more or less by me (Fejeena),

I downloaded the originals from "hentai foundry".)

Code- Memrosh

Thanks to those I have learned from. short list that does not include all:

Goranga, Galgat, WappyOne, Gaebrial, Movomo, Chase Roxand, LwPK originators.

Special thanks to: Ashal (without whom we have no voice) and Gregathit.




There is a touch spell that can show Pedegree. Use console- XX0090e6

Quest variable to multiply final value: LBpupmillQ.sEnhanceValue set it to 2 to double value, 3 to triple.

Quest variable to set breeding bitch default value(25): LBpupmillQ.sBaseBitchvalue



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