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Author: Galgat version 1.04.00
requires : LoversPK REV 89 or 90, 91,94,96
[i have been playing it with REV 96 and found no problems.]
Requires : Beautiful people 2ch-Ed.esm > I used [ MBP1.4aFull&MBP++0.90&x117++0.76a (Japanese Text was here) 1.0 ] I used OMOD Version
Requires : The chocoloate elf addon for MBP
Requires : shivering isle
Requires : HGEC Body mod
Requires : OBSE latest stable version
Requires : Or should have Elys universal silent voice
Requires : Pluggy 125 or better I would think, I am running 132
Requires : New and improved animation project version 2.4 -By Donkey Get it Here : http://www.loverslab...ead.php?tid=184

( Removed Motions 1-195 from Donkey pack so will not conflict with LAPF) for version Crowning Isle 1.04.00
This is a must have, many creature animations will not work with out. Mainly needed in {id}'s Domain. I have been told that this is no longer available there, so I have Uploaded it to the downloads area. I think it is all there. I unpacked it, and re packed it, and it went from 130 Meg to just a little over 12 meg. I hope this was just the newer 7z compression algorithm doing a better job of compression.


[ for the most part anything you need to play LoversPK you need here ]
Requires : Must be playing a FEMALE CHARACTER


Recommend:: Loverslight, not needed though.


fejeena :: Has some things she has Made useable in LoversCrowningIsle. You might want to check them out Here>> http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14613-fejeenas-stuff/?do=findComment&comment=322908


I have not personally tried them, [ I have to avoid dependency in my Mod as much as possible ] but many of them look very nice. I think she has some items fixed up for the mermaid as well as for the school dresses, and other items, that should be useable with this mod.


Another thing you My wish to get :: FastTravelDoubleFaceFix.esp
If you have ever seen the NPC or companian come to you and have like 2 faces on them. This is a fast travel bug, and Update3D is needed to fix
this little mod takes care of that for you.
It can be placed most anywhere in your load order, and functions just fine.


*****************THINGS TO CONSIDER******************
Avoid playing if you just have to have mods like Joburg, landE, running


they will probably muck up the quests big time.( Or don't have them on if your doing and Island Quest )when your away from the Island quest line, should be no problem.( but avoid getting NPC killed with these mod's..Might mess up a quest line.)Those mods can mess up anyone's quest mod including Bethesda s.


LoversRapeSGalgat, or LoversRapeS do not cause any problems,( if not in


chaos mode or set for extremely high aggression ) I keep LoversRapeSGalgat running all the time.


avoid having LoversMagic type mods running, they might get you killed,


and I don't run lovers extended..I can get My exp the old fashion way. if


your Character is tough enough these will not be a problem, I had lovers


magic running through large parts of this mod. but it was nip, and tuck


sometimes during testing.
INSTALLATION : Just drop the files in the package folder into you Data folder inside your Oblivion Folder.
[ Oblivion\Data ] let it write its self in, this mod should not over write any main game files.


THESE IN OBLIVION/DATA FOLDER: Meshes,Sound,Textures,LoversCrowningIsle.esp.


and the CrowningIsleDoc1.04.00.txt or PatchDoc where ever you want to read it.


Maybe this will help you with the load Order, It is generalized, Not set in stone.
But very close to always being right for LoversPK mods


at the top of load order
00 Oblivion.esm << This one always top
01 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm << this one above the other 4
02 x117race.esm <<This one above the other 3
03 Lovers with PK.esm << above the other 2
04 LoversCreature.esm << above the other 1
05 BreakUndies.esm
this area below here is where your lovers PK Mods will go
and for the most part all your other mods
New mods like mine go right above setbody Or most any new mod your are testing
for the first time, latter you may move it up, and also check if doc file informs you of
any Mod it should be above or below, but be aware that many modders because they aways want
there mod to work will tell you place it at bottom, its a cheap shot, but a lot do it
I don't know how many times i have seen that I suppose every mod ever made for Oblivion
has to be Placed at the bottom of your load order, "" Now how it that going to work ??""


Please understand LoversPK, and it's components are not a mod, they are a Game
Engine with functions { A child Engine of the Master Oblivion Engine}, just like UDK or dooms engine
you can not put your Engine in the back seat, and expect to drive off with out a lot of Bailing wire,
The load order is extremely important.
32 SetBody.esp
[these are all MBP]
33 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp
34 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp
35 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp
36 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp
37 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp
38 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Cute Elves.esp
39 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp
3A Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp
3B Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp
3C Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
3D x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
3E Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp
3F Real_Mannequin.esp << this not actually MBP, but normally comes with the OMOD
[i very, very seldom ever place any mod of any kind here]
[it defeat's MBP's ability to fix the Look of the People in that mod]
40 Lovers with PK.esp [Version 96]
41 LoversCreature.esp
42 LoversMB2.esp
43 Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp
44 LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
45 LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp
46 Lovers3dorgasm.esp
nothing below here these 7 ESP always at bottom


Then Activate the .ESP


For the most part this is pretty much always right, but there are exceptions,
And for those you will have a lot of trial and error.


to start the quest, and get moving, talk with someone other than a Guard,
you should get a quest update, might have to talk to more than one, but
anyway they will tell you how you ought to be a SOAP Girl ( School of advanced
Prostitution ) go to Anvil, The dock or Boardwalk of the little pond in the city you
will find and emissary, who can transport you to Crowning Island.
It is to be and Island Mod, I will be adding Much more to it, At least
this Lovers Mod will not have to be Translated to English, as all was
done in English, however I know very bad English, but English none the
It is early in development, but I think if any of you would care to try
it, I would like a little Beta testing... At the very least it adds more
land to Oblivion, and I think it is a very UN-obtrusive mod, adding only
the emissary to the Tamriel area of the game, everything else I have built
and added. And is outside the normal playing area of the game.
Let me know what ya think...Flamers just make me give up though, so if
you have nothing good to say..Don't..LOL


I mean it is free, and it is a Mod.. It may break your system.. Don't blame me..


**********Patch ESP>> 1.03.06D fixes, and additions************
0. Some of this fixed in other 2 patches, but felt I would group them all here


1.Fixed crawling animation problem


2.fixed taboo sex problem with Classmates and siren if used "A make Me Slave spell" I think


3. fixed key disabled bindings on reload I think


4. added ability to hold "V" key for a moment if used "A make Me Slave spell" to free self.


5. this adds some options the owner may randomly do when you use the "a Make me a slave spell"


6. added re worked Motion 64, INI, and .Ks files. You must manually install them. I did not wish to force them on you. but if not used, the dialog will be stupid.{{{ This is not Applicable Now}}} Check farther down for way not to install them. Also a read me comes with the Download telling you how not to install them if you do not want them.


7. also during slave sale Gag is removed for sex now, or should be."A make me a slave spell"


8. added another abuse that your owner may place on you while you are enslaved by the "A make me a slave spell"


9. Tried to streamline, and shorten some of the sale's Pitch for "A make me a slave spell".


10. Found some holes I had to plug in some area's to keep Script from crashing, I will try to catch them as I find them.


11. Fix some errors in the creature is your master if used the "A make me a slave spell", forgot to Stop loop action while LoversPK action was going. Which would led to script shut down. Seems more stable now.


12. Many dialog changes


13."A make me a slave spell"::if you get stuck, as in spinning around, because master is on the next level up or down from you. Holding "NumPad 9" for a moment will take you to your master. I would use this sparingly though.


14."A make me a slave spell"::If you master drops your lease or die's, My scripts will attempt to find you a new master, failing this you should be released in approx 3 min.


15. "A make me a slave spell":: Made some script adjustments that should keep things from trying to kill your PC are from calling Guards if you are trespassing.


Keep in mind Many Radiant AI Packages have "Must complete", and "Continue if player Present", and even though I have stopped them from sounding alarms for the most part, or attacking you. They still may do unusual, or repetitive things because of there AI package.


I am testing some stuff to stop this, but for now it is just a problems that you have to deal with either by 1. Holding the "V" key for a moment to release your self, and exiting the area fast because once free all alarms will once again be available for activation. OR 2. exiting the game, and reloading a save prior to your enslavement. OR 3. waiting, sometimes a long time for there package to finally clear, and for some packages this is never.


16. "A make me a slave spell":: I have had pretty good luck with [ Crowned Bruma, Crowned Cheydinhal, Crowded Skingrad, and Crowded Chorrel .esp's ] These are Plugin's that add more people to those cities, but these programs have some very buggy AI packages, and there not mine, so I don't mod them for public use.]


[ Crowded Roads.esp's ] I tried very hard to make it compatible with these, but the makers scripted NPC's make really strange things happen. I wish they had used stable NPC's and gave them a bed roll, to drop at night, and sleep instead of (disabling them and killing) them, and just made them re-spawn if they died. Which is what screws everything up.
So [ Crowded Roads.esp's ] do not play well at all with My "A make me a slave spell". Any Mod that scripts disable, and kill, or strangely scripts there added NPC's will not function well with mine.
Mods with stable, never disabled NPC's that remain in the game full time should for the most part do alright, but some of them have very odd scripting, and will fail as well.
For the most part when they fail with my mod, as in drop your lease even if another NPC picks it up, it may not re attach it's self to them, leaving you still wandering free. or culling the follow routine's, and just teleporting you from spot to spot as they move. Is best to quit, and restart an old save then, sometimes it will finally re attach it's self, but it is not trustworthy.


17. "A make me a slave spell"::If your Owner dies, you will still be stuck to there dead body, but if no one else picks up your lease in approx 3 Min's you should be released.


18."A make me a slave spell":: if the "V" key fails to release you after holding it for a little while, my script may have failed, and shut down. This "V" key release only works for the "A make me a slave spell", it does not work for the other enslavement's that may happen in My Mod, they are quest oriented, and have nothing to do with voluntary enslavement, and there is no built in release for them.


19. I have added the 5 motions [there are others, but I don't have time to chase them all down] I use regularly in the mod [because there is a lot of Motion changing Modding being done]. There is a Note [Motion Note Read This] in the Package explaining how not to use them if you do not wish to change your motions.
But they are really needed to make the Dialog, and actions during the mod make sense. I use these same Motions at there original Location in LoversBlackmail too, so having them will help there as well.


20. fejeena:: helped me to find some dirty edit's I had left in, and I really appreciate that. I tend to miss these quite often.


21. There are other things I have added, or changed but you probably won't notice them.


This has been, because of personal Problems testy to work on, I wish I could spend more time on it, It has become very large for me alone to test, and I am sure I missed many things that could happen. I count on much help from all the other good people here to help, and they have been many that have.
Because many things you may have happen, I am unable to repeat, and so fixing them is sometimes just not possible.
I run mod's I like, and you run mods you like, and there will always be problems with other mods, and mine. I just don't have time to adjust my mod to be compatible with everyone Else's.


It is mostly little distance checks, and reset options if Customer is dead, disabled, to far, sitting, sleeping what ever I keep having to stumble onto in order to fix, I have to get this solid before I can move on with main stream Quests. Because these spells [Or rather there functions] are planed for use with other Missions I have in mind.




I long ago finished all the main quest's in Oblivion, so I can not
mess up My game, It would have been finished long ago if not for all the
many modder, helping me to find new places to explore, and new ways to
enhance the game play.
Most of my stuff is modded differently than the original modders
Idea anyway. If I like a mod, I try very hard to make it more likable for
me. you should see the joburg ( or the landE, I went wild on it.. :) ) I
play...LOL, or my Loversadultplay or paybandit...I have tweaked so many
Oblivion mods to my own taste's.
Sometimes it's not really my taste's but more of how much I can piss
off the Prude's out there that think every mod should be save the
princess, and ride off into the sunset with the comic relief following
close behind.
Every one speaks proper, and no one ever say's fuck, or shit, or
Bitch or bastard, or picks there nose, or farts or cleans the wax from
there ears with there finger. That would not be right..LOL
They are the book burner's, the censor's with all the right ways for
you to think, and act. As long as you think like they do, and act in
there appointed way's.
That is what I like about Bethesda Game's, if you do not like them,
make them in a way that you do... I am sure others do this too.
Why did the Oblivion modder's make a man with a penis, and a fully
anatomically correct female body, shackle's, and hand cuff's galore, and
skimpy out fits, and Sex animations for every character, and creature in
the game, and oodles and gob's of Cum shot's, urine stream's, and torture
We all want our fantasy's...our escape,


********************************A little Help **************************


[i use timers a lot to start things happening, sometimes the timer's
don't kick in at the exact time I wish them too. this can be caused by
some ones system being a little slow to update, it can be by design, I
wanted the player to wonder what the heck is going on, nothing is
happening. And some is just my being clumsy with the scripting... wait a
bit, see if time helps, don't be so fast to suddenly say...Crap it is a
bug... it may just take a little bit for the script to kick in ]
SOME HELP : After you are enrolled in the school, get your uniform ( I
made the uniforms required for Prostitution, so you could take it off,
and get rid of the extra dialog ), go free love for awhile, you should
get and update that school has started soon...
go to class, I plan the schedule to be correct latter, you can actually
right now go to class at almost any time.
Warning: Once you finally reach the quest to board the Pirate ship.. stay
on board until you finally finish the job with the pirates..if you use a
devise that Booty makes for you to leave... you will never finish that
one, as returning to the ship at that time would not be possible.
[i could have made Bootys devise not usable there, but I wanted to save
some people a step latter when they needed to return to the Pirate ship.]
So save before entering the Pirate ship on the right Island. the person
near that ship you have to talk to is Narwal. but no reason to talk to
them until you get the quest.
After you finish the Pirate Courtesan job you can go back most
anytime. But you must finish the laborious task there.. I might shorten
that one latter..


I have not added much graphics as I am trying to keep the mods size very
small. By using mostly just default game graphics.
this is and ongoing thing, I will be working on for some time, as I have
said at least for now it gives you some extra area to explore.
One bug I know of, sometimes there is a token (Grrr. this Bitch is mine)I
place on the Player during sex acts that can get stuck there..
if that happens you could just throw it away, but that tends to make a
lot of clutter in your game.
I set up a fail safe, just go swimming until you see Grrr this bitch
is mine removed.
this is also the way you will remove some of the pheromone creams you
might get from your body as well.But they are intended to be removed this
explore, do quests let me know what your think.


To the people who made OBLIVION


to the many great Scriptwriters that made LoversPK such a mostly great and


functional way to place sex animations in Oblivion...Really Super Work.


to the makers of OBMM, and Wrye Bash, both are like impossible to be with




to all the great animators who did those wonderful animations..


Ode to HGEC Body maker...


to Slof who has always be a good friend, and does such beautiful work


with male character....!, though I have not been able to chat with her


sense way back at the original funky's Forum.


to the people who have made OBSE a Must have addition to Oblivion Plug


in's..Yes, Yes, Yes, !


to Nifskope maker, maker's..it is a main stay of all modders, and the


Nice people that put together Blender, and gave the poor people a chance


to do some really good stuff with models.


I almost forgot Gimp 2, yes I have photo shop, but for many thing's I


much prefer Gimp 2.


Cha0s_lord for his excellent "Chainit" mod, I have used one of his


shackles in this mod, and may use more as I continue to work on this. In


his doc all he asked was a little credit..and it is and excellent


resource for good bondage type items.


To thomthom for allowing me to play with his scripts and .nif files I


just love this stuff..and every one should stay up on his progress with


his Mod ZMCPlayerSlave.. It's going to be Great.


I have taken a creature from the creatures Mod...Textured it, and modified its original usage, so it should not conflict.. Credit for it goes to the wonderful Creatures mod maker, Makers.


Credit to Growlf for his Mermaid Tail which I have re shaped, and re Textured for my Needs. He does some very Wonderful stuff. He use to come into Funkies Old Web sight long ago, and chat some. I always loved his Morrowind stuff, it was very good, and what he does now is even better.


And Donkey's New and improved animation project version 2.4 -By Donkey Get it Here : http://www.loverslab...ead.php?tid=184
This is some really good work..You should all be proud of the things that Donkey has accomplished with these animations... I am..


And a Very Big Thank You to Ashal for giving us a place to share Our fantasy's with others.


so Many others, I probably missed...Thank you all.




This is a Quest story, I have written it, and attempted to make it as such.
Because it is a story I would not want anyone re writing it because some of the
text in it offended them, get another mod..


Please H. G. Wells would not want you re writing war of the worlds, Tom sawyer
would hardly be the same if someone else decided to re write it because of the use
of Ethnic Slang, Mary Shelley would not want someone re writting Frankenstein
because they cut up dead people to make him, and that was gross...


Point is Books are written in a certain way, I like to think Quests are that way
as well.
As far as translating it, or removing dependency's I have no problems
with that. but the story or stories are as is, and I would prefer that to
be left alone.


if you find something useful in here for your mod, use it..just make
sure you make it so there is no conflict between my mod and yours. that's
just good practice. [With the exception to ThomThoms scripts, I have edited them a lot, but they are his Idea, and his work. I have commented at the top of these so you will know which ones have his stuff in them, even though I have modded them a lot for my needs]


A little credit if you feel like it would be nice.



What's New in Version 1.04.00


  • ***** Just a helper file Update***DonkeyLoversAnimationProject2.4************

  • Just replaced Donkey animation pack it had Motions from 1 - 195 old style which would effect LAPF, I actually use a very tiny part of that for a creature, I don't think the removed motions will effect anything, and It was needed when entering {id} domain late in the Quests. Did not want it to overwrite any LAPF files.


  • **********1.04.00****Main fixed for LAPF************

    1. Updated I believe to work well with LAPF. I hope I have everything included. By animation Update I mean animations updated to work with LAPF
    2. I did a few, very few text edits.

    3.Minor changes to Crowning Isle, added a little sidewalk in a few places.

    4. Nothing really major was just trying to get it to play well with LAPF mainly, and for the most part I think it does. A few places the animations do not quite match the text, but over all is pretty close match.

    5. Added animations 42 through 49, needed for text match, these were blank area's in LAPF so I don't think there should be any problem with them. Not great animations but ones I needed.

  • 6. I may have added some stuff from Blackmail as well, some I could not truly remember if needed or not, I just did not want to miss anything. Should not be a bother as if play Blackmail it will just be over written again. They both play well together so I don't see it as a problem.

  • 7. Only thing I did not test was the prison event if got thrown in Crowning Isle or dirty bay or Siren prison, but I don't think there should be any problems there.  I played it from start to finish, and completed every quest, except Mrs Femdom, That quest has been buggy for awhile, and I don't feel like dicking with it.  It may work, and it may not, but is just a filler quest.

  • 8. The lust armor quest is laborious I know but that is how I made it.  You have to do one harvest, and fill desire to 4 or better before booty will get you headed in the right direction Quest update to get siren help.  This one works well, but is testy to get everything just right when talking to Mother siren.

  • *****Special Fix 1.03.6K SpecialFix****
  • I forgot I had moved my Special animations to there own folder (To make easier for me to find, and edit when I needed too), and forgot to upload the folder. this is 1.03.06K with special animations fixed.. sorry I just neglected to include them in the download. You will need this or the slave functions will fail. No new doc, wanted to get this up fast when I realized my Mistake. Download CrowningIsle1.03.06K_Animation_update
  • Did a full upload, as i think would be best.
  • **********Patch ESP>> 1.03.06K fixes, and additions************
  • 1. Fixed not standing up when meet the speaker after the dog's or clannifer abuse in {id}'s domain. Also added a little extra info if you happen to go back and see the speaker in {id}'s Domain a second time.
  • 2. There was a bug that caused the dog's to hang up when doing the love armor 9 quest. I think I have solved this. I hope, It seemed to have something to do with the fact that I made 2 dog's for the island, and used the same script on both. Also I had a variable that was not in the right place in the script, I removed those troublesome dog's, and replaced them with the other one.
  • I think this will solve it, I can not swear that your save won't be messed up, and you have to start quest with a Clean save, But I believe you will be okay with your old save. (My saves seemed to be Okay.)
  • 3. The love armor could possibly be swapped out by the Transformation to a mermaid when swimming. I have made it so when the love armor is on, the mermaid tale will not be placed on the Player. This had to be done for quest reasons. When love armor is removed mermaid tail is back to normal.
  • 4. there is a quest I have started that only reaches to a staff seller in Dirty bay at this time. I did not want to remove what I have done in it so far ( and I needed to get the Patch up ), so just know it is not finished yet. The Staff seller will tell you this also in there dialog. You won't see this quest until I think the Gluttony bay first quest is finished.. just ignore it for now, I have a long way to go on it.
  • 5.A few more NPC have been added to the Island, and a little Path editing, and some minor graphics work here and there, you probably will not notice it.
  • 6. main reason for this update was the Dog problem. I will leave the 1.03.06J esp up in case have problems with this for awhile, but to use the 1,03,06J version ESP you will need the latest version for texture's, and meshes, and what not also. But I think 1.03.06K is Best I played from start to finish testing it, and found no major problems, and the dogs never messed up for me, which was the main reason for the Update.
  • 7. Left change log for last few update's for reference reasons, but all that was in them is in 1.03.06K
  • ********************************************************************************************************
  • LoversCrowningIsle.esp Patch 1.06J Version [ This is only the ESP You still need "SirenTailUpdate", and 1.6E full download ] N/A
  • ********************************************************************************************************
  • 1. this Patch fixes Problem when in {id} realm working your way up the tower to the speaker.
  • The Master might not start conversation at the right time, leaving you enslaved, and on hands, and knees.
  • I did not do a continuing "startconversation" function, and this could cause them not to start the conversation to take you farther up the tower. [ Hell dog's, and clanifers ]
  • This patch should fix that problem.
  • 2. also should have fixed a problem with the speaker having no dialog, if you went back to {id} realm to see the speaker a second time. At this time there is no reason to return to the speaker in the tower, but some do, and they did get a "I have no dialog" bug.
  • Has nothing to do with any other "no dialog bug" only effects these two speakers in {id} realm
  • ********************************************************************************************************
  • LoversCrowningIsle.esp Patch 1.06H Version [ This is only the ESP You still need "SirenTailUpdate", and 1.6E full download ] N/A
  • ********************************************************************************************************
  • I am not trying to wear you out, these little updates should not effect your save game, they just add some little extra's
  • This adds the ability once you have the ability to change into a Mermaid while in the water you may change your chest piece, and Gloves.
  • and when you leave the water, you will change to what ever you were wearing before entering the water when you have leg's which I already had happening.
  • But now when you re-enter the water your land clothing will leave, and you will re don your water chest, and Gloves.
  • If people like it I may add the helmet, and necklace, latter.
  • It is not a needed Update, I think it just adds a little to the transformation.
  • Installing :: Just replace the existing LoversCrowningIsle.esp with this one. everything in Ver 1.03.06F,and G are in this one.
  • But you must have the 1.03.06E full with all textures, and meshes, and sound installed first. Also if you wish, you may install the Optional "SirenTailUpdate". I like it myself, but many may not.
  • Some have told me they like the shorter fins I had on the original. I can redo the color on it if People wish, changing to have skin like the updated version, and up load it as and optional update as well, if I receive enough people that desire it in the forum.
  • ********************************************************************************************************
  • LoversCrowningIsle.esp Patch 1.06G Version [ This is only the ESP You still need "SirenTailUpdate", and 1.6E full download ] N/A
  • ********************************************************************************************************
  • 1. Tweaked a few things, Minor Stuff
  • 2. I always ment to give you the ability to ask sitting Patrons if they wanted sex, and then have the stand up, and ask you what you wanted. I know how to do it, but I refused to do the Make a token, make a follow package, get everything in order, and hope the package changed right, and the token was not left on the NPC, and then hope the Package got removed. That is the standard bullshit way most people do it.
  • I have tweaked the scripts to allow you to ask Horse rider to have sex also, and they will dismount, and ask you what you wanted, I have tested it quite a Bit I believe it is functioning alright.
  • I wanted to do it simpler, and smoother. I think I have managed that, I am still tweaking it, but it seems solid, and I wanted to send it your way.
  • This is not a needed, or have to have Patch if you are okay like it is, but I think it will make some event's seem more natural.
  • Now if you ask a sitting NPC if they want sex, they of course say, wait a moment, they stand up or dismount, but unlike most where you click them again, these go right ahead, and ask you "what is it you wanted". then you tell them your request.
  • I know simular things have been done, but My way does not need a package, nor does it need a token. and so far in all my tests It has been very smooth. I will stream line it more latter, but for now it is ready to test some.
  • I have found some AI with Bad AI routines that do not want to stand, but only once, and it was from someone Else's Mod, not standard Oblivion AI's so far It has done very well for me, and I wanted to share it, for your testing, and see how it goes.
  • Sorry to have to use you all as sometime's beta testers, but I am only one very small person, and It is hard to catch everything.
  • Note:: There are some NPC I believe it is because they are preforming two Packages at once, such as eating, and sitting, or reading a book, and sitting. That will not stand up for you..sorry, But I do like my way better even if this does happen sometimes, because mine adds Nothing to the game that has to be removed [ as in tokens, and clothing and such ], and does not add any Packages to the game that also have to be removed. It is clean, and simple.
  • Installing :: Just replace the existing LoversCrowningIsle.esp with this one.
  • ***********************************N/A******************************************************************
  • [[[ About "SirenTailUpdate" ]]] after downloading "LoversCrowningIsle.7z", and "SirenTailUpdate.7z" Un-zip and Install the main "LoversCrowningIsle" Mod first, and then unzip the "SireTailUpdate" drop the "Data" Folder inside the "SirenTailUpdate" folder into your main Oblivion folder, and allow it to over write the Older file.
  • I re did my coloring, and re-shaped the fins a little, and widened the tail, and flattened it a little at the end, I think this Makes the tail much better. and improves the look.
  • ********************************************************************************************************

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