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  1. She's a bit new to this, but she's getting the hang of it. This is a WIP sketch of the first in a three part image set. If you'd like to see more, follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/LordFlawn
  2. Here's a sketch of a slightly chubby dragon I made. I tried to be a bit looser with this one, I felt some of the earlier drawing were a little stiff. If you'd like to see more, follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/LordFlawn
  3. I haven't been working on this as much as I should. But I'll try to get a version up in two weeks or less. I'm planning on releasing the UNP, CBBE, and SOS versions at the same time.
  4. Right now, the female textures are mostly done, I may do some minor tweeting to them. I still need to make the male textures, the human type feet textures, and the CBBE body textures. I've been drawing more lately and that's stolen a lot of my attention.
  5. Finished the art for the anonymous user.
  6. I can only hope. I just recently made a bunch of accounts on various sites and posted some art to them. Even made a Patreon, but I haven't set up the page yet.
  7. This is a WIP sketch I made for an anonymous user.
  8. I have a DeviantArt page, but there isn't really anything on it right now. I want to start a Patreon after I improve my skills a bit, maybe even do some commission work. "https://www.deviantart.com/lordflawn"
  9. I made another picture, I even colored it in this time. There's no background though.
  10. Seems you followed both this entry and the main blog, so you'll get a notification for comments of this page and when I make a new entry. I can't really make an 8k version because I'm working with 4k base files. If I scaled those to 8k they'd just be blurry.
  11. I've done some more work on the female textures. The face hasn't changed from the last update, but I've made some more changes to the head and much of body. I'm using the texture from Bad Dog's Yiffy Age mod as a stand-in for the vanilla texture because they're fitted to the UNP body and they still show problems that the vanilla textures have. Vanilla is on the left, just in case you're blind. Face: Back of head: Top of head: Chest: Back: Tail: Hands: Something you can't see from the images is that I added texture padding to all of the textures, this will get rid of those black lines that would appear along seams when the camera was zoomed out. Edit: here's some in-game screenshots I whipped up
  12. I will be making a CBBE version and a SOS version. I might even make a SAM version if people want it.
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