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  1. Same Skyrim your playing... "My" Skyrim. What I am referring to is when PC talks to an npc that has a -1 relationship rank. You hit action key to initiate conversation and before dialogue options come up the npc is rude. My pc gets robbed and raped. as soon as she tries to talk to Harrald afterwards he is(vanilla voiced)rude.
  2. This is the funniest stuff. I have used/played with dialogue that scripts in a change with relationship with player,setting it -1. Lately I have been playing with a file where female pc can offer pussy or blowjob for coin. Sometimes npc takes either,or for free, and the relationship rank changes to -1 so when female pc goes back up to npc to plead for some coin for services they use vanilla voiced dialogue that is rude, so funny. I really wish I had more incline to play with voice synthesizer mod on SE. It would be so fun to have new rude comments. Right now,most users,dont encounter many neg
  3. Personal file, Couple Gangbang scenarios for female pc. Dialogue right now is easily scheduled to be changed some, mostly filler now to get a feel of things, This scenario is little tough on player character, thinking about making it a little worse. Making some little changes, garbage mod but Im sure I'll end up uploading it in a week or so. Just for fun.
  4. Sounds right, plus you would know. too me, my thought would be if SL aborted animation than PC would ragdoll too?
  5. never heard of em' big deal though, same animation doesnt mean same skeleton.
  6. no, draugr have their own skeleton, assigned through race. Skeletons use a skeleton found in same file location but is different skeleton.
  7. Only a few things unique to the draugr, and they all come from its race. Of course you have race, all draugr are draugr race, you get the skeleton from race and you get 2 keywords from race(undead, creature- keywords) What does xedit say when you load all mods up and click draugr race in skyrim.esm/race. If you use MO and xpmse skeleton look with MO open in left pane and see if anything is overwriting your draugr skeleton.
  8. rough sex with the critters,sheesh. dont recall ever having this problem, to me I think skeleton for the critters. what skeleton do you have and is anything other than updated MoreNastyCritters overwriting your creature skeletons? For fun, put skeleton at bottom LO, if you have Newer more nasty critters mod move it underneath that. Maybe post LO
  9. I use a modified version of a SL script, got code from someone here on LL over a year ago. Works good on my end. Gives more/better variation to scenes that are selected. of course backup the script you have somewhere safe first....... sslAnimationSlots.pex sslAnimationSlots.psc
  10. UNP Spice Gear https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68028
  11. There is a Nexus version of mod as well. Xtudo did the upload. I was in quick conversation with them and that version is the same in the sense that it was not cleaned with xedit. The merge itself had literally 3 itm's or something leftover, for reasons unknown cleaning mod has negative effect where you have wall segments in caves that get goofy as in they temporarily disappear depending on pov. When i encountered this problem after seeing it work right prior to cleaning and seeing it get goofed after cleaning I went to post section in original Bleak Falls mod by Cooleoj and seen where Nexus us
  12. death and taxes, just cant get away from that shit. Surely it is coming from a script. What mod manager you playing with? And have you tried running a save file through a save cleaner mod?
  13. almost. Hopefully next gen will be better but at least we have a start.
  14. Dialoque Topics: Anything with "pound" or "the whole pound" "If she comes home with me tonight, she's gonna get "the whole pound". Hey,girl!You looking for that pound" "you can't handle the pound!I've got the whole pound!" "I want to get to know the up in her"
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