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  1. WTF? what happened to my comment? @Cloud (Dont answer!) - What did you reply to my comment that got both of our comments removed? It most of been hella bad bro!
  2. this mod Author is putting out some good stuff https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/83662418
  3. At minimum that mod had invisible lightning rune bug. i reported it to MA and they lied to me, 2 times! I was the throwing the 411 at em, told him they had the incorrect lightning rune placed in one of their cells and was told that NO lightning runes, correct one or not, was used in mod but if I could tell them where it was used they would swap out the wrong rune with the correct one, Well it took a half n hour or so to find where they had 100% used a lighting rune, the incorrect one, and when I reported it dude never replied or fixed it. Mod also dorked my Winterhold up, but that was conflict with Big mod that had no invisible lightning rune bug. 3 years later and shit still bothers me.
  4. Race related? go to male lizard and switch to female, maybe you can rule something out.
  5. Good point. For OP, I would start slow and test thoroughly along the way. Get your npcs and PC looking good and any fix mods and utilities, then do either graphics or sex stuff, one at a time preferably while testing along the way. This is quickest/shortest route.
  6. Female char, female vendor, Sadly i have to pay for it. I find it immersive, for starters my char cant make stuff at the forge at lvl 1 or at low lvl's period. That would be too non-immersive. I like the idea of char buying the stuff too, gives her something to work(oldest profession) for whilst being low lvl char which in my game PlayerChar stays low level for a while(I adjusted lvl'ing in my end, you know like mod supporting it)
  7. So I watched some of the video on youtubes of astronauts/cosmonauts up in ISS. They snuck a totally hot Blonde Bomb up there, wow. Turns out she is a Russian actress that went into orbit to do some filming for an upcoming movie. Her name is Yuila Peresild, I think she resembles Jennifer Lawrence, Not going lie, when I seen her beautiful blonde hair doing its thing in zero G my dirty mind wandered I thought it would be tits(pun intended) to see her tits doing them things in zero G, sadly we will probably never see zero G titties.
  8. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/2478619-can-i-change-a-followers-starting-location-with-tesvedit/
  9. The long time sucks, so does having to go through the quadrillion possibly items that can be crafted. My solution was to go into merged armor mod in xedit and delete constructible items from it, i did all of it. In my merged armor mod there was a store in solitude that got added with a vendor, I opened up her merchants chest and dumped all items from merge mod into it so I would have access to be able to buy all armors and clothings that are in mod. - I have never heard of mod that you are asking about it, sounds like it would be good mod though.
  10. All I could find in nifskope was the .dds that it used for the hair and it is Valkyria.dds I dont see that dds in KS Hair mod, I looked over 1 of the apachii hairs and didnt see valkyrie.dds, but there are a few version of that mod I think. Maybe someone knows what hair mod has a Valkyria.dds in it?
  11. the bsa is going to contain the meshes in it. What is the name of the npc?
  12. I would look in xedit, look at non player characters, find that particular npc by name, look at editor number associated with that npc and that number should mirror head .nif file found in meshes from that mod. Load that nif file into nifskope and you can probably find which hair it is and or at least get more info. you could load particular head nif file into post and someone(probably me) can load it into nifskope for you if you have never been in nifskope.
  13. I do mod support dumb dumb. When I want new content in my game I make/add it. Also, i only read your last sentence, thats all! -This really should be moved to SE as it has nothing to do with LE,
  14. "they get away with it because people like you" seriously, go blow yourself. You allowed to be ignorant AF, just keep it to yourself and or at least dont try to project that onto someone that had nothing to do with AE coming into existence? Truth is, SE lead to AE. us LE'ers blame YOU! Ship jumping SE'ers. You jerks have ruined my LE mod google search, like adding LE to the search words doesnt even work half the time anymore. And you guys are so smart that you went to SE like good little wankers, but you wont stay out of our Forums!(Totally inappropriate,but it stays! Love you SE'ers) Seriously, give it a few weeks, its not that bad, there were options to take and there are still options for you, far from the end of the world. 100% has nothing to do with "people" like Just Dont. Say your sorry and move along now please.
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