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  1. Random Guard Dialogues, nice mod that uses xVA-Synth, Voice Synthesizer. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/44378 This mod also uses xVA-Synth and is really good sounding mod. Positive Undressed Reactions. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/44334
  2. There is an SE mod that is compatible with LE that adds voiced dialogue that is actually really good. It uses vsync thingy. I'll post more info when back at desktop, I know it's not the mod ur asking about but I think it's the mod you want!
  3. Work around for that is to put "3P+ animations" in the requirements? Maybe recommend Billyy Animation Pack. I want to see something with the 2 male helpers Aeri has at Anga's Mill, maybe female PC gets invited to come spend the night and when she does she gets handled, a few times. "Oh,ah..I cant talk right now, but if you want to come over tonight me and such and such are really fun guys. You would enjoy yourself"
  4. Somehow there is very little interest in 3P,3P+ scenes? Easily could be more of that content.
  5. Concubine material,maybe. "Thank you for returning the claw for me and my brother" who I think is also hitting it.
  6. Thats funny. Vanilla? Can you kill him? Im guessing there is no dialogue for Camilla after seeing wifefucker..... Still funny though.
  7. Running speed or walking speed? I might look, few mods on nexus specific to changing running speeds and controller users had problems with them, I had used 1 and indeed on my end the transition from running and sprinting was dorked.
  8. Idk, I think u afking weirdo even prior to being a confessed mouse keyboard user? But maybe this helps you find problems. There is at least 1 difference that I have seen info on. This is for controller users, we cant use mods that alter running/sprint speeds, in game we use same joystick to run and sprint,it's a sensitivity on stick thing that dicktates speed. Outside of that it mostly the same, you can look in skyrim mcm to see which buttons do what. ---1 other point of contention, I use controller, but I still use keyboard on some LL stuff. Sexlab I can use keyboard advan
  9. The first clip in video, looks like a cat running up the tree
  10. Im like, fuck this dog!
  11. What about active effects. Open consule in game with tilde key and click on 3rd person PC and use tab key for additional info, you'll see active effects in pop up menu, use shift key to click on it or any info when consule is open.
  12. Does it happen on new game? I only know Mod Organizer, if that's what you use deactivate all mods left window minus alt start and make sure it's outside of base(coming from a mod) This is a weird one. I have followers tell me that,in fact I can hear Lydia's voice,clear as day saying it right noe. When you say you can't ragdoll, 1st thing I thought was no animation file, but you can fight. In game, have you tried instructing a follower to do things you can't do? If followers can do the shit, I would look at active magic effects on pla
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