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UPDATE: A new version of Fairies of Skyrim will soon be available for Skyrim Special Edition!

PrincessMely is remaking the mod for SE, and it will be available on PC and Xbox One soon




>( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ Fairies Of Skyrim (゚ー゚ヽ)<


This mod adds Fairies to the Wilderness of Skyrim

  • They can be killed and looted for fairy-wings and fairy dust
  • They make an excellent Light Source at night
  • An Obelisk is added that lets you turn into a fairy
  • A follower Fairy called Navi can be found in a hive near the Obelisk

There are 3 versions

JUMBO --- 2000+ Fairies

Medium --- 250+ Fairies

light --- 100+ Fairies


There are also Peaceful option for each version, fairies will not fight with wild animals like wolves and mudcrabs in peaceful version. In The default version they will, so pick which one you like.


>( ^ω^)THANK YOU (^ω^ )<






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