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Completed Savegames for Main quest with dawnguard and dragonborn 1.0.0

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About This File

These are just some save files that I use to test my own personal mods.  
Thought I would put them up here in case someone else would find them as useful.

Adds several Skyrim LE save games from around the whiterun area.

Imperial Side

All of the DLC's have been completed with the exception of hearthfires.  
(hearthfires included, no houses built or kids adopted)

Start Locations included: 
  Bannered Mare
  Dragonsreach Great Porch
  Drunken Huntsman
  Hall of the Dead

Married to sylgja, she is at home in Shor's stone.
These are also good for testing mods, especially throughout various Whiterun locations.
The re-occurring side quest for the dark brotherhood is active.
Several broken quests were completed using the console commands. 

No Mods,  ENBs or SKSE type stuff were used in creating these saves.

Should be compatible with Skyrim SE (Tested - Works with my setup)
Should be able to use without any DLCs. (Tested - Works with my setup)
Cleaned and scanned

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