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  1. I always seem to mess up story driven RPGs. Me: *Gives my character the ability poison* Game: *your character is an honorable knight that never uses poison* Me: Oops
  2. Here it is if you still want to try it out. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71081
  3. Old people who think they're woke by getting angry at a younger generation for things they didn't do. Could this be a loneliness problem? That is what makes me happy is that I am bringing out all the lonely people into the spotlight.
  4. There is an option to make yourself immune to sunlight with better vampires. The RNG in LOTD always puts museum junk in places requiring certain quests to enter. And as the cat said mindless fetch quests. There are other home mods with auto sort chests. I could show you one if you want. As for Sacrosanct lucky you. Lag or no I still like mine better😛
  5. I recently learned the DLCs for classic Skyrim have been removed. Soon all that will be left is Skyrim gib me money edition. So sad.
  6. I agree. Having to repeat the vanilla quests for a set of armor for a museum is a no go for me thanks. Also sacrosanct is more complicated than it should be and it made my Skyrim lag like 100 year old balls. However the vampire immunity to sunlight was a nice touch though which was partly why I created my own mod instead. I think I'll add a link to my signature for those that want it.
  7. Ah yes. The so called "porn addiction". Many people who complain about porn spend their majority of time on porn. If you watch porn that is your choice. There is no chemical dependency on it and there is no person holding a gun to your head making you watch it. If you think you are watching too much porn then either start regulating the time you spend on porn or seek help because I am willing to bet that 9 out of 10 of those people have issues outside of said porn.
  8. I will admit there is some risk when it comes to finding reliable babysitters but I can't help but laugh at terrible parents or really anything terrible. Watching some ten year old enter a movie theater with their parents to see Deadpool shishkabob people is fucking hilarious. Nothing bad will ever come of that. Nope. It is pretty easy to find 18+ content on the internet but some people are so daft it is just funny. Yeah sure steam is lazy and everybody knows it but laughing at sloths is well. You know what sure we'll go with sure. Steam needs to step up its business to compete wit
  9. I thought Germany only hated the penetration of minors in media. If parents are so worried about their BABIES watching porn they should really pay attention to what their kids watch and not the store in question.😛 That said good parental controls is standard business practice but some of it is going to slip regardless which it has for eons. I would like to say I have no stakes in this but I have the opposite problem where steam won't stop asking me whether I want to see 18+ content. I thought I turned that "feature" off dammit!🤬
  10. Dwemer did mostly keep to themselves when they weren't experimenting on other races e.g. falmer. Or at least I think they did. Maybe FudgeMuppet has the answer to that. But keeping to themselves for safety of others? I doubt it due to their nature as unethical scientists. I'd say it was quite the opposite. Keeping the machines away from hazardous terrain and battle axe wielding nords. But at the same time I gotta wonder. Were the dwarves cautious of races above ground? Surely sphere automatons are more than fancy hedge trimmers.
  11. Yeah you're right. #neverdisrespectcheese
  12. I just noticed how much I've posted on this thread and wow. That is a lot of posts. Should I continue as is or should I wait for others to catch up?
  13. Thanks Jerry I feel like shit.(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
  14. Long time ago I turned off the amber alert on my phone only because the beeping and ringing can really add up to be annoying not because I'm an insensitive bastard. I mean I am but that is besides the point. I got an amber alert anyway and I'm thinking seriously? Checked my settings. Amber alert off. Bullshit! I wonder if this would still happen if it were an app you can delete. Guess we may never know.
  15. The year of the simp is over. The year of the thot has just began. Do I know what I'm talking about? No I don't.
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