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  1. Heh. I was going to go for that joke but I'm glad you did first.
  2. I told them baby I was born this way~
  3. Wasn't the first time I was caught without my pants.
  4. I've heard the closest might actually be Batman: The Killing Joke. But even that is vague and possibly one of the Joker's many stories.
  5. Batman used to be more about fighting bad guys so no other child would have to go through what he had to go through from what I heard anyway. Dressing as bat to beat up bad guys is a bit crazy if you think about it but then again who am I to judge what a guy does in his free time? Having a child see something horrible does leave some emotional scars and it can be a good cliché if used right. I do agree that villains are generally one of two flavors, either incredibly nuanced or evil for the sake of being evil. But I will have to disagree that pure evil villains is bad writing. Pure evil villains can be used in stories correctly as something to compete against the protagonist of the story who we are generally following anyway. One generally doesn't watch a movie for the side characters kind of thing. And besides even cardboard cutouts lets say the Joker have some personality as in the Joker's case it is simply desire, desire to torture, murder and stuff but desire nonetheless. You can even find real life examples out there. I won't say which ones I am thinking of for even the scum of the earth has their fans but as I said before, pure evil villains fill in a role and isn't that what really matters?
  6. I finally got around to building my own perk trees and despite my lackluster artistic talent I might be able to handle squares.🤔
  7. I liked the Fullmetal Alchemist video you posted. Here is a wall of words: First let it be said that purely good characters are boring. Even characters written as paragons have reasons to stumble from time to time and may even have the capacity to do evil and no I'm not arguing for or against free will so I will leave that to philosophers to argue themselves to death. Sorry that was harsh😝. Add another sin to my pile next to the fact that I never watched Fullmetal Alchemist. It was totally spoiled to me anyway. But anyway as for the subject explained in the video, defying the military is hard due to the harsh punishments faced for disobeying orders. I can see why the army makes it that way though. A moments hesitation could cost many a soldiers' life. I truly do believe that orders should not be blindly followed when it comes to harming others. I remember hearing that the author of the manga was trying to write the Fullmetal Alchemist for shock value to shake up the rest of the stoic faced Japanese people to actually show some goddamn emotion. Not sure if such claims are true but that sounds about right. Take it with a grain of salt.
  8. Is ignoring bs really worth it? Small bs can turn into big BS if you aren't careful. My advice don't trust bs even if that bs is my bs but also don't forget to live your life.
  9. Government crossword puzzles... huh... A Ten letter word that means the obstructing or delaying of legislative action, especially by prolonged speechmaking. No you're right. That would suck.
  10. Tangent indeed. It would be hilarious if it actually happened which it won't. It is the job of the people making the crossword puzzles to make their product accessible but if said product is too accessible it would simply be steam rolled by another company.
  11. Too many words to explain the simple phenomenon called idiocy. Crossword puzzles cost tax payers billions... Okay then...
  12. I am interested to see what the future will be for guys given how much society gets weird about objectifying men as anything but meat heads. Men aren't always stereotypically tough mega Vikings or if they are, Darkpig will come to their house when they are sleeping and stick spiders in their- Anyways men are big softies who want to stop and sniff flowers and sometimes they act like total sluts. Whether they act like assholes about it depends on the man. Often times acting soft marks a man as a "pussy" which is a label most try to avoid when possible. It probably would be better in the long run if men and women didn't have so many expectations with their looks and behavior so their sexual needs get met instead of lashing out in anger from having the frustration build up. I don't know if people will ever have their genitals sticking out in public due to cleanliness reasons (And I have no idea why people think nipples count as genitals). Still people should probably avoid slut-shaming unless of course said person is into that.
  13. Still churning out mods so it does what it says on the tin.
  14. Me posting Miss piggy a feminist icon was more an effect than a cause if that is what you are referring to but I'm not saying that isn't the case either. I was just going for a sexy pig but female. Maybe I should have gone with the pig with lipstick and kept it simple. As for this thread maybe they were going for shock factor. It will be interesting to see what the future holds as certain words lose their kick. Anyway men cannot be pigs as they are dumb humans and thus not pigs. Men however are very much sluts with their man on man action in wrestling and football not to mention the saying that men "think with their dicks" which very much shows their horny nature. But if we're going by the 1402 Middle English word slutte meaning a dirty, untidy, or slovenly woman (Thank you wikipedia) then that just describes rednecks in general. Oh sorry generalization is bad😋. The fact that many women are trying to make slut a badge of pride rather than one of shame is something to think about. 😻 Cat boys! Whoops got a bit excited there. I've heard many good things about that series. I may have to check it out to see what the hype is about. Edit: Okay I did not see this game when it came out: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1593310/NEKOPARA__Catboys_Paradise/
  15. The recent shitty activities of the Nexus is making me reconsider putting my mods on there. If they're advertising their shitty premium services so be it but I can't shake the feeling they want to downright sell other people's mods and I don't want that. In fact I doubt anyone wants yet another site that takes others' content and sells it as their own. Being one of the biggest if not the biggest modding site to date doesn't make it any better. I know in another thread I talked about the joys of the chaos of business but at the same time this just makes me sad. Modding is just a hobby for me and as cheesy as it sounds I would rather have them be enjoyed by the community than sold. All may enjoy and none may profit!😈 Okay got carried away there. But there we go. This is what is on my mind.
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