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  1. I don't know much about Starwars but I just gotta ask. Was Starwars ever that good to begin with? When Lucas owned the Starwars franchise half of the movies were considered "bad" even by fans. I'm not counting the Christmas special since Lucas at least had enough sense to keep that from being released. So that just leaves the prequels that nobody liked. Right? Well I know about the gigatrillion dollar deathstar blondie blew up instead of say taking it for the rebels or how Vader never found Luke despite his bullshit mind powers and empire resources and the fact that jedi can't hide worth shit.
  2. I love Apples to Hand Grenades. This however was more like mental gymnastics. Or Metaphors are a more accurate term. People kill animals just because they hate eating vegetables so I don't see where they get their morals from. Now here is the flaw in your argument. Cows aren't even four when they get butchered. Ban slaughterhouse abortionsūü§£ I highly doubt this discussion will go anywhere or change anything so I'll end my... is it an argument or is it a joke? but I'm up for sterilizing stupid people. I mean why not?
  3. This conversation is getting deep. Hold on my brain is making popcorn.
  4. So like a build a baby? Technology is meant to be used by those in possession of it. It would be used by women as well as men. Less pregnancy complications and is an option for women who for some reason or another can't give birth. It would be more likely that there are cult reasons blocking said research and manufacture.
  5. Um. I feel like I'm caught up in another pointless battle of the sexes. Lets get the obvious out of the way. The way dating worked back then will not work now duh! Put that stupid horse drawn carriage away you nincompoop! For starters women need to start taking initiative and lo and behold some of them have. Don't get left behind ladies~ If people want a stable relationship both parties will have to share responsibilities. If you want a lasting relationship talk it out and for fucks sake do not go to war with each other! If you are going to argue leave it at that. People get seriously injured
  6. Not gonna lie skimmed the video. I kind of get the gist of it. Evil races are bad writing. Having an entire race be evil without at least one thinking "hey this is wrong" Is very improbable. There are exceptions to this rule like Scott Ridley's Aliens who are evil for the sake of surviving as a species. They were probably talking about an evil for evil's sake villain which isn't dumb by itself but a whole race of them? This sounds like a very specific niche that would be hard to find an example of. I don't know if I am playing devil's advocate with this but this is my takeaway.
  7. What have you done?! I'm so proud of you. But what have you done?! You created a monster!
  8. Fuck that guy! Zazu is an asshole. Simba was right to ignore the bird. Demanding the future king marry one lioness was a dumb idea anywho. Simba gets to inherit the whole damn pride meaning pick of the litter fuck marriage and fuck any lioness that suits your fancy.
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