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About This File


This mod prevents progressing skills at certain levels unless you visit a skill trainer. It is a modified version of the Experience Multiplier mod by skepmanmods. I removed the MCM and instead added a script which automatically changes your experience gain rate to 0 at certain levels.


I created this mod to combine it with SexLab Demanding Trainers by HexBolt8. The whole puropse is to add a reason for visiting a trainer even if you are short of money.



Install this mod like any other by adding the files to your Skyrim data directory.


You can check if the mod is working by using the console command "incPCS restoration". You should get a notifycation when you exit the console.



The default version prevents your progress at levels 24, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89. I also added an alternate version with fewer levels: 24, 49, 74, 89


You can also set your values by using Tes5Edit and changing the MaTr_PresistentScript Quest-Script properties "XpLockedLevels" and "SkillTierNames". Both properties have to contain the same number of entries.

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