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  1. correct i will pick up a game i started back in 2016 made with rpg maker but this time i will make it in unreal engine and 3d but i will try to keep all features i had before
  2. I just wanted to inform u guys that i maybe will stop devoloping this mod after the texture update because i started devoloping a own game in unreal engine. Dont be sad i said maybe if i have decided anything i will post it here again.
  3. u can add me in discord if u want Geehral#8632 but the next 3 days i'm on nightshift i work from 22 to 6am germany time zone
  4. The first script is atached to npc this is the time event The 2nd script removes the first script but ad said then 2 scripts at the same time running on a good amount of npc means it like to ctd
  5. No once equipded it stays equipped until its removed from my mod But i would need a 2nd script to unregister the time effect on npc after 100%
  6. all my stuff actually are "fake armors" in this way i dont have to mesh with the body itself and equip and unequip it a easy and safe way they are also locked and invisible in inventory, that means noone not even a other mod is able to remove stuff from my mod which is applied with my script. at last thats what i noticed with devious devices it try to give me gloves but i alrdy had cat hands so the dd was only applied to the inventory but not equiped basicly yes after 100% tf i could delete information but this would on other site add more impact to the engine as it would
  7. npc support is more then able to implementd the problem is that i need to find a way to store various information. example for curse i have to save a actor id, timer and the race from the curse comes. so the problem is this i can store it in quest aliases but that would limit it to 250 npc maximum (if i'm not wrong). that means i have to find a other way to store this information to avoid limit issues i know 250 is a lot of npcs but u all know as longer a games run as more will happen and npc's meet. its might possible to store it in a json file but this would add a new master
  8. Thanks but as i alrdy said own textures will come soon alrdy in work But if anyone here want to use them feel free
  9. Ohhh wait maybe u forgot a master all my stuff need xp32 skeleton to work On original mod site where i posted it it should be listed
  10. i used my playtrough char to test them and she wear the KD Traveler smp and i have no issues
  11. there is actually no way to fix is unless u create own textures. or u just wait a bit own textures alrdy in work
  12. maybe soon actually not working on this mod cuz i first want to decide how the future of it will look. thinking about to convert it to a DLL-Plugin for skse
  13. the skin tats are dark if u dont set the skin color in mcm because default is black for the different scales the most are not made by me exept for the curse tats this ones are from me converted from google pictures
  14. actually only player but with the spells in the next version it will support tf npc too
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