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  1. i used my playtrough char to test them and she wear the KD Traveler smp and i have no issues
  2. there is actually no way to fix is unless u create own textures. or u just wait a bit own textures alrdy in work
  3. maybe soon actually not working on this mod cuz i first want to decide how the future of it will look. thinking about to convert it to a DLL-Plugin for skse
  4. the skin tats are dark if u dont set the skin color in mcm because default is black for the different scales the most are not made by me exept for the curse tats this ones are from me converted from google pictures
  5. actually only player but with the spells in the next version it will support tf npc too
  6. maybe u fogot to build the mesh in bodyslide btw i have a LE version in fomod
  7. maybe cuz some changes try this disable cursed bodies and leave mcm wait 2-3 seconds and activate it again. also open evry slider and accept u dont need to change the number to just to safe the current number btw i'm native german
  8. @lucakro, @Pristbeast, @RookieKing1890 to be clear be sure nothing change the display name and that they are english if not i would have to make a patch i never made something with attack so get cursed by wolf bite or attack is IMPOSSIBLE Cursed Loot us a similar way its also check the display name but its also checking for way more stuff Pls quote me if ur game is not english then i will make a patch for some common languages or make the curse script public so other can make a patch Ohh and pls all time write down if u using the SE or LE
  9. same to u if u have a mod which changes the display name my mod wont work i used english names to query
  10. thats impossible i didnt changed anything on attacks of npc's u can get the curse by looting the specific bodys its going for the display name that means if u use ANY MOD that CHANGE the DISPLAY NAME my system wont work i used english names to write the display names so if u use a other language lets say german sabre cat = säbelzahn then the mod obvious cant work cuz the display name dont match the scripted input
  11. i solved it more or less i started new game waited until all messages run trough and drunk the potion (nothing configured or something) its worked without ctd so its look like something is messed up in my save (i updated from 0.5xx)
  12. @Corsayr if i use the mysterious potion in se its cause a CTD i cant find something importent in papyrus log. i drink it wait 1 hour all fine, i waited another hours CTD just in case i missed something i post my log here i use xp32 skeleton and 3bbb amazing body (i think its using a wrong bone/slider) *edit before u complain dont drink cheated potions i wanted to test it and this is the result Papyrus.0.log
  13. i never said i dont want corperate i only said i dont ask anyone for help cuz all time i asked before noone answerd or they sended me a link to google *edit and as u guys can see i dont rly need help the most stuff i learned by myself and from a other site members. there a plenty of stuff i can do by myself: mesh editing hdt conversion and new smp creation scripting handle ck bodyslide there is actually only one thing i still have to learn and thats animations if he is interested to help me with my mod he can pm me then i will
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