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  1. Excellent! I'll take a look (for personal use) and get them added tomorrow. Updated the list now laying down xP
  2. Ahhh might be. The client very needs to match the server version. What exactly is it doing?
  3. What program are you currently using to manage your mods/game?
  4. Absolutely! What mods are you trying to use?
  5. It should download them when attempting to join the server, incase it doesn't it's not a bad idea to download them manually. Let me know if it still gives you issues after trying that route.
  6. Adult Conan Exiles Mod/Server Index I made this as the other listing seems to have been abandoned by the OP. I did post in it and message them directly in hopes to see if they were still active, alas, that seems not to be the case. So, I am making the thread anew to keep a current listing. Adult CE Servers (Up To Date) WPGN - Captured Lands 18+ | Isle of Siptah | Modded | WPGN Site | Click To Join (Will updated between work shifts) Ault Oriented CE Mods (Up To Date) IQOL BBJigglePhysics LitMan Boobs & Dongs Aquilonian Females Aquilonian Passion Body Passion Body Shaved Patch Shaved and Oiled Shaved Female (Will update between work shifts) Addition of Servers and Mods If you would like a mod or server added here, please either PM me or comment here with the mod name and workshop/LL/Nexus link, or your server info. (Include steam-join link if possible). This was recreated in light of Chekists' list that has gone unmaintained. If you no longer see your server here, it is because the community was inactive or I couldn't connect to the server. If you believe this to be in error, please PM me.
  7. Game Name: Conan Exiles - Isle of Siptah Server Name: WPGN - Captured Lands - 18+ Server Address: (Server) (Query) Description: An adult (18+) themed server, backed by a fast server with good hardware. 40 slots. Modded to facilitate body and fashion change, with plenty of craftable RP items. Server economy and kits. WPGN as the host network, with dedicated staff to show up on the spot if needed. (Save for the we ehours of th emorning until we accrue more staff for individual servers.) Server is set up for PVP, capture and Roleplay is encouraged. Other Modifications: Slightly increased XP gain Slightly increased harvest gain Mods: iQOL Fashionist Shaved and Oiled Thrall War Dungeon Mod Savage Steel 1 & 2 75% more women WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain High Heels System SlaverMod Sexy Silent Legion Armor Dancer Dance Change Emberlight Stacksize Plus Pippi Server.User Management WPGN SIte: http://wpgnetwork.com
  8. Well, I'll post the info anyhow, just incase people still come to the thread looking for it, and if I don't hear back from the OP, I could create a new thread and keep it maintained myself. Cause it's pretty lonely on the server xS
  9. Rats. I just started a server and was going to have it added to the list if the OP still maintained it.
  10. Ahhh. Does he still update the three listings though?
  11. Is this listing still maintained and kept up to date?
  12. Didn't know if this was the correct are to put this, feel free to move if need be of course. WPGN has hosted an adult oriented ARK server. Running the island map. Mods include: Amazonia 2 No Clothes Ultra stacks Dino Bars Better Beacons 2 Eco Trees Lite Eco's RP Decor Death Helper Human NPCs Increased EXP, Harvesting Yield and Tame speed. PVP is On and RP capture is encouraged. Details & Connection here: https://toparkservers.com/server/ Being hosted by Host Havoc on a dedicated box.
  13. Post images either you yourself have done, or others have done that you enjoy of bondage, slavery, all that good stuff! Here are a few to get us started that I have done.
  14. Post screenshots of your bondage and/or slavery in Skyrim, can be your character, your followers, whatever it is you have going on, we wanna know! xP Here are some to get us started
  15. I have created this club not only to house my Skyrim related mods so they are easier to find, but to provide a gathering place for Skyrim bondage and slavery fans. A place where we can discuss it and share our stories and images throughout our devious adventures in Skyrim. If you'd like, take a moment to say hi and introduce yourself. I am Ankahet, I create mods and love bondage. I am 36 and live in the middle of a corn field known as Iowa xD
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